OUR camp consisted of four tents placed perpendicular to each other. We kept small fires burning continuously at the entrance of each tent to keep us warm in the bitter cold night and to frighten away the small but rather vicious animals which infest this area. Clara remarked that the sky was beautiful.

Focusing my attention to the variable altrimeter, I took careful measurements. Readings of 1.03388 and 1.033692 were obtained at this time. It was indeed. Clara was accurate as is quite usual in her case. She is beyond reproach. A graduate of M.C.I.T. ahead of her class and fully measurable. At all costs I confessed to her my love of the experiencible, the tangible, the REAL, so long left us and therefore a rare treat in these times. The moon, yellow, shown down on the camp intersecting at oblique angles a warmth of natural passion. At sunrise I was severely shocked and retched profusely.

We left camp at 7:30 with full provisions for a week's reconnaissance. Jerry, always equipped, grinned sheepishly at Clara. She smiled. I did my best to control the heavy Hudson in the muddy ruts. Jerry remained in critical condition as we left him on the savannah. The work of the UMM without a doubt.

The porters grew restless and complained frequently about the wisdom of science as we neared UMM territory. This territory covers the entire state. It is well marked by indigo and white striped poles along the approximately 11 mile perimeter.

A full year had followed, and I too, had forgotten. The warmth of the fire in the center of the club room was, at times, comforting but the sight of Clifford pushing still another pensioner into the blaze rather non-plussed me. The skin of the UMM, however, hung magnificently on the south wall. Clara and Jerry complemented either side. I said, "Thus an age of anxiety has been put to bed along with dreams of relevant data. Other things matter but we shall keep our heads as the bloody freeway accident draws closer.." Clifford resting leisurely on the divan remarked, "That is indeed a fitting end for chapter 1. I am at once reminded of Lewis' The The Man.."


And he went

And he got

And he flew

And he saw


Yes, you're quite right, I said, for I thoroughly agreed.

"Do you smoke", Cliff asked.



Cliff, his hearting beating fast, managed quite well