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Astrological meaning of "One Way"
Restoring EL as God Most High
The Christ Aquarian Revelation
Astrological meaning of "Born Again"
The Cherubim, Sphinx, and Ariel
Age of Aquarius
The Humanitarian Model
Christ and Superman
The Aquariana Divide
Son of Man
The Gospel of Humanity
The Aquariana Torah


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Celestial Torah Christianity

A New Humanitarian Theology


I teach knowledge of the true Celestial Torah. Jewish rabbis can't teach it because they don't know what it is. If they did, they would have to acknowledge Jesus Christ as bearing the true Celestial Torah. It's earthly manifestation began over 35,000 years ago with the first human made figurine of a lion-man which is an Ariel, and represents the Leo-Aquarius axis of the celestial Grand Cross.

It's perfection began over 4000 years ago in the Near East with the desert people watching the stars and making note of earthly patterns following stellar alignments and configurations. But when Jewish religious authority abandoned the astrological basis of their major religious ideas and events they removed the source of information that underpins the Jewish religion.

Without knowing the basic astro-theological motifs ancients were using to convey spiritual truth Judaism devolved into a religion that made Jews and the written products of Jews into religious idols. Instead of knowing where the Torah originates and its original purpose Jewish religion focused on Jews themselves, on the language of Hebrew developing intensely esoteric meanings for Hebrew letters and numbers. But as idols always do, these Hebrew letter and word idols have totally hypnotized Jews through the ages so that they have no idea now why it wasn't the Word of God that began the Torah but the stellar Signs of God that created the Torah which is why it is called the Celestial Torah.

Celestial Torah Christianity is the revealing of the spiritual meanings of the stellar "sign language" God has placed in the heavens to guide humanity. On your left are the chapter links to the Celestial Torah information that I have gathered to show the Messiah/Christ pattern evolving through the Sumerian-Egyptian-Jewish-Christian Near Eastern religious motifs.

Celestial Torah is pure and untouched by human hands

God has done this wondrous thing: while man-made Word of God scriptures fail to resolve internal and external conflicts and contradictions in opposing theologies and the historical records, no man can manipulate the stars and no organized religion can claim the universal lore found in astrological observations from ancient to modern times. This is what makes Celestial Torah Christianity so unique. It's pure and unadulterated with any particular ethnic religious or political agenda. See for yourself as you read the pages of Celestial Torah Christianity.

Celestial Torah Christianity also contains the Gospel of Humanity, a real new gospel with new Good News as well as the Christ Aquarian Revelation which reveals the hidden Celestial Torah. The Gospel of Humanity reveals the identity of God as well as humanity's place in God's Cosmic Plan. The Christ Aquarian Revelation further identifies the celestial origin of our earthly messianic religion of Judeo-Christianity. These Gospels mark the climax of my faith as I now join the line of prophesy bearers true to the meaning of Jacob's Ladder, the biblical image of how angels are sent down and back from heaven, our future, in order to guide humanity to its destiny, becoming one with God, becoming God Itself. It's changed my life and my theology. I've become a true Christian finally, one who now believes the Gospel of John is actually the clearest spiritual voice of Jesus Christ left in this world in one text. Yet ironically, my Christian theology is now even more heretically pagan as it brings God directly into relationship with humanity as secular humanists never imagined.





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