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The Aquariana Key


Celestial Christianity

The New World Religion

By Stephen Ariel Lewis



Biomystical Christianity, my personal religious belief system, changed dramatically when I learned the identity of God and when God began to speak to me with a voice, that same "small still voice" that Elijah described. After 28 years into my Christian walk, God revealed Himself to me as Jesus. Father Jesus actually. When this happened my religious philosophy found in the pages of Biomystical Christianity evolved into "Climax Christianity", "Climax" meaning "ladder" in Greek, the image of ascent step by step. Climax Christianity seemed to be the climax of my personal theological ascent, step by step, towards the ultimate achievement of Gnosis of God, the revelation that reveals the identity of God. My new personal relationship with Father Jesus resulted in two separate religious ideologies that are not really separate at all, only the earlier one now becomes the foundation for the later one just like the Old Testament became the foundation for the New Testament. But just when I thought my theology was all neat and tidy with the two "Testaments", along comes the Astrology Connection to the whole biblical epic!

From 1979 to 2007 I was spiritually guided through synchronicity experiences by an angel, Ariel, the Angel of Jerusalem, the Angel of Peace, and the Archangel  for the Age of Aquarius. (Yes, I know how this reads to the average person) The revelations and visions I had during this period are recorded in the Biomystic Journey and Biomystical Christianity, my personal Christian belief system. In 2007 when I facing cancer surgery for the same cancer that killed my father, Jesus Christ came to me as Father Jesus, speaking with a Voice after 28 years of silence. Since 2007 Father Jesus and synchronicity events guide my Christian walk. This spiritual development led in turn to the discovery of the Celestial Tauret that now has become the basis of a Universal Christian theology meant for everyone as opposed to my own personal Christian theology found in Biomystical Christianity.

The meaning of "Aquariana"

"Aquariana" is the term I use to describe the Age of Aquarius we are entering as being spiritually ruled by the Humanitarian Archetype, the one most spiritually manifested in the spiritual history of the world as Jesus Christ.

Celestial Christianity is the key to the meaning of the Celestial Tauret, and the role of the Messiah as Christ Aquarius. You are used to the Hebrew word "Torah" as the Hebrew basis of the Old Testament or Tanakh but you are never told that the word "Torah" came from the ancient Israelite experience in Egypt. "Torah" supposedly is the basic core concept that Hebrews, now called "Jews" after the return from Babylonian Exile, took from ancient Israelites and claimed it Hebrew in origin with quite strange linguistic gymnastic twisting of Hebrew words meaning "to point to" as pointing to a target as in archery, then another non-Torah-recognizable Hebrew word meaning "to teach" to arrive at "Torah".  This was false history as "Torah" was derived from Egyptian Taurowet constellation theology of the "Order, Way, and Harmony of Creation".

You'll learn in Celestial Christianity that in ancient Egypt Israelites worshipped the Egyptian god Set, "the Outsider" god" as well as "the Supplanter" god which is the Hebrew meaning of "Jacob" who by G-d gets his name changed to Isis-RA-EL, the Egyptian Big Three, oops, make that "Israel", "he fights with G-d". And wins handily, Judah priests writing god into their tribal bible in whatever way suited their best interests dealing with their rather mentally unstable and excitable tribal god with big ambitions and a jealous nature, sounds like our president at the moment.   In Egypt as part of the Canaanite based Hyksos invaders, Israelites learned about the Egyptian religion with its strange looking animal-human gods. These ancient Israelites learned the Egyptian religious system was displayed in the clear night sky most every night of the year as the nightly, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc, order of the solar system. Through astrological interpretation with its movements visible on earth of the planets, sun and moon against the movement of the spread of stars, this religious system mapped constellations given meanings to match earthly events in the natural world and in human life given mythic form.

The ancient Egyptian religious system revolved around the constellation of Taurowet, the largest and most stable of all the Egyptian constellations in that it never fell below the Horizon, named so even today for the Egyptian god Horus. Horus was a Christ-like foreshadowing of Jesus.*Taurowet herself was a most important Nile River Goddess, a fierce hippo-lion-human pregnant mother creature stylized in the Egyptian manner, she represented a Mother's protection of Her Child, i.e., Egypt. Up in the eternal sky where gods and goddesses had their celestial representatives, Taurowet ruled as the Order, Way, and Harmony of Creation.


Celestial Christianity is the world's oldest continuous religion. I teach the eternal message of Christianity written in God's Sign Language. I teach knowledge of the true Celestial Tauret ("Tauret" in Arabic vs. "Torah" in Hebrew). Jewish rabbis can't teach it because they don't know what it is. If they did, they would have to acknowledge Jesus Christ as bearing the true Celestial Tauret. It's earthly manifestation and perfection began over 4000 years ago in the Near East with the desert people watching the stars and making note of earthly patterns following stellar alignments and configurations. But when Jewish religious authority abandoned the astrological basis of their major religious ideas and events they removed the source of information that underpins the manifestation of God in the Jewish religion.

Without knowing the basic astro-theological motifs ancients were using to convey spiritual truth Judaism devolved into a religion that made Jews and the written products of Jews into religious idols. Instead of knowing where the Torah originates and its original purpose Jewish religion focused on Jews themselves, on the language of Hebrew developing intensely esoteric meanings for Hebrew letters and numbers. But as idols always do, these Hebrew letter and word idols have totally hypnotized Jews through the ages so that they have no idea now why it wasn't the Word of God that began the Torah but the stellar Signs of God, especially the Taurowet constellation spiritual meaning to Egyptians that actually created the Jewish Torah which is why it is now properly called the Celestial Tauret.

I am not establishing a "New Order" per se. I am reestablishing the original Celestial Tauret, the ancient Order and now almost completely unknown Source of the earthly Jewish Torah that we Jews are never taught as rabbis do not know it. It is astrologically based and thus it was forbidden to Jews to study. Organized religions create themselves as idols whose words are law and forbidden to question. But only when you follow the Spirit and not the laws of the multifold religious organizations will you find God.

The Celestial Tauret is pure and untouched by human hands

God has done this wondrous thing: while man-made Word of God scriptures fail to resolve internal and external conflicts and contradictions in opposing theologies and the historical records, no man can manipulate the stars and no organized religion can claim the universal lore found in astrological observations from ancient to modern times. This is what makes Celestial Christianity so unique. It's pure and unadulterated with any particular ethnic religious or political agenda. See for yourself as you read the pages of Celestial Christianity.

Celestial Christianity also includes the Gospel of Humanity, a real new gospel with new Good News as well as the Christ Aquarian Revelation which reveals the hidden Celestial Tauret's Messianic Message. The Gospel of Humanity reveals the identity of God as well as humanity's place in God's Cosmic Plan. The Christ Aquarian Revelation further identifies the celestial origin of our earthly messianic religion of Judeo-Christianity. These Gospels mark the climax of my faith as I now join the line of prophesy bearers true to the meaning of Jacob's Ladder, the biblical image of how angels are sent down and back from heaven, our future, in order to guide humanity to its destiny, becoming one with God, eventually becoming God Itself. It's changed my life and my theology. I've become a true Christian finally, one who now believes the Gospel of John is actually the clearest spiritual voice of Jesus Christ left in this world in one text. Yet ironically, my Christian theology is now even more heretically pagan as it brings God directly into relationship with humanity as secular humanists never imagined. The Mythicist atheist say, "Man makes God", i.e., God is man-made. The Gospel of Humanity says "God creates Man in the evolution of Creation to become God."

The spiritual Meaning of the Gospel of Humanity is that our future selves have figured out how to save our souls and personal identities in the World to Come. This is the hope offered by the Gospel of Humanity.


My Gospel is the Gospel of Hope


Hope of Paradise

Hope for the future of humankind, earth, life

Hope of Heaven, eternal life and entry into the World to Come

Hope of forgiveness of sins

Hope of renewal

Hope of release from pain

Hope of regeneration

Hope of life

Hope of dignity

Hope of happiness

Hope of reunion with loved ones


The World to Come is Paradise



Rest for the soul

Saving Gnosis, Knowledge of God

That's the comfort I bring

But there's good work to do too

so why not

Follow me

through the

Aquariana Key


Celestial Christianity


Stephen Ariel Lewis

June 8th, 2012


(Thank you, Wendy, for on this day in June on your birthday, 2012, it seems you were down here to tell me that I finally found the perfect title for this book, something I've been struggling with for months.)



Note: I rely heavily on astrological imagery in Celestial Christianity to tell the story of how the Messiah/Christ/Anointed One religious conception is actually far older than people realize. The ancient imagery shows the Anointed One baptism ritual transmission of spiritual knowledge going back in the ancient Near Eastern religious iconography more than 4000 years. The Messianic tension between Leo and Aquarius, Ruler and Sage, in astro-theological imagery goes back an amazing 35, 000 years making it the most ancient of all religious symbolic iconography. It's a whole new Christian theology now that the ancient roots have been recovered and the original Celestial Tauret restored. Enjoy reading about how a modern Jewish Christian religious visionary goes about his spiritual work in the 21st Century. Celestial Christianity is the revealing of the spiritual meanings of the stellar "sign language" God has placed in the heavens to guide humanity. Below are the section and chapter links to the Celestial Tauret information that I have gathered to show the Messiah/Christ pattern evolving through Sumerian-Egyptian-Jewish-Christian Near Eastern religious motifs.


Celestial Christianity



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