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Biomystical Christianity vs. Pauline Christianity

Hi, R, so you want me to point out Paul's doctrinal errors..

Well, the biggest one is Paul's focusing on Jesus' mission solely as a Jewish version of the pagan Mystery Religions very popular in the Roman Empire in Paul's time. Instead of preaching Jesus' teachings, Paul preaches Jesus Christ as a human-Son of God sin atonement sacrifice offering who's death and resurrection atones for sinners who believe in this straight out pagan Mystery Religion concept. Paul makes Jesus join the other pagan dying/resurrection gods and god-men like Mithra, Attis, Adonis, Tammuz, Osirius, and several others. The Eucharist bread and wine equaling Jesus' flesh and blood, these are pure pagan Mystery Religion concepts as is the ability of the dying/resurrection gods to secure eternal life for those who believe in their "mysteries". To me, this cheapens Jesus' teachings from his "Abba" about the Kingdom of God, what it is and how we achieve it by following the will of the good Father above. Yes, the eternal life ticket is good but really, this concept if taken like it is in Pauline doctrine, i.e., a Primary reason to believe in Jesus Christ, negates Jesus' teachings about willingness to give up one's life in order to save it. It really doesn't matter if you believe in "Jesus Christ" as a magic name that will gain you entry into heaven when you are doing the will of God which Jesus instructs us to do. Doing the work of goodness means going beyond using Jesus as a magic name (again another pagan Mystery Religious concept). God desires us to do the work of faith, not just slide by through "grace" coupled to belief in the magic quality of the name of Jesus Christ. It is the difference seen between James and Paul, works vs. grace. James reflects Jesus. Paul reflects pagan Mystery Religious concept of salvation which had no other aim than "saving" oneself through ritual atonement that identifies the sinful self with the dying/resurrection god who suffers death but is "born again". In the Mystery Religions, the dying/resurrection gods didn't have an agenda for "good behavior" or a cosmic plan of redemption of humankind by the institution of a compassionate kingdom of God. The Mysteries were the religion. One identified oneself with the God-man who suffers death but is reborn and that more or less was that. Paul does this too with his primary focus on Jesus as a sin atonement God-Man sacrificial offering as the earmark of the Christian believer. What then happens is that traditional Christianity also focuses on Jesus this way and you get Paul's answers to Christian questions instead of Jesus' answers.

I can give you verses from Paul that are negated by instructions from Jesus, e.g., Paul's "grace" vs. "works" argument that runs counter to Jesus. Look at Matthew 9:37,

"Then he said to his disciples, 'The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.'" and John "As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming when no man can work." and Matthew 7:21 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven." "Does the will" calls for acts, i.e., "works" which is not the same as "faith" or belief in the grace of God as Pauline doctrine would have as the crucial mark of a Christian.

These are my basic beefs with Pauline doctrine. Being a Christian to me means following as best we can Jesus' instructions from his good Father on what the kingdom of God is all about, i.e, a kingdom where the king rules by being a servant to the lowliest ones in need which presents the model for all of us who have ability to use our abilities to help those in need. Pauline doctrine focuses too much on the salvation of the believer instead of the work of helping bringing in the kingdom of God's compassion and mercy.

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R, Jesus represents God but is not God in my Christian faith. As a Jew it is forbidden to worship both God as any material thing, "those who worship God worship God as a Spirit" sort of thing. Like the Gnostics of old I too make a big distinction between the Spirit of Christ and the man named Jesus. The Spirit of Christ cannot be refuted as the history of Western Civilization traces Its impact 2000 years ago and Its spread throughout the globe and the changes It has effected. However to those of us of the Gnostic Christian persuasion, Paul and the NT writer bunch prostituted the wisdom teachings of Jesus about spiritual knowledge and ethical behavior for the Greco-Roman mystery religion model wherein believers must believe in a "mystery", a story of a god or god-man who dies a gruesome death (often hanging on a tree or crucifixion) descends into hell and is helped by God or God's spiritual agents and resurrected from the land of the dead to ascend into the highest heaven where eternal bliss awaits-thus believers too are "saved" and "born again" when they ritually baptize themselves- symbolizing descent into hell and resurrection, when they ritually symbolically cannibalize God in Eucharist meals to acquire God's Manna or powers, and when they above all else Believe with all their hearts and minds that this suspension of critical judgment will be effective in changing and "saving" your life and lo and behold it was! Greco-Roman Mystery Religions were popular for nearly a thousand years, sometimes very popular and persecuted by the state.

In Biomystical Christian opinion Pauline Christianity or traditional Christianity is Paul's Judaized Mystery Religion where the yearly nature dying/resurrection cycle is replaced with an historical once only (with a 2nd appearance promised) event of the dying/resurrection god-man who has been prophesized as the Messiah in a long historical account of God's People, the Scriptures of the Jews. This form of Christianity then followed the success of previous Mystery Religions in the Roman Empire-a paganized Jewish Messiah idea worked with Gentiles! But really, are we to worship God with what are little more than carryovers from barbaric times, e.g., the traditional Eucharist just being an upgraded form of ritual cannibalism-virtually the same spiritual goal involved with each.

Let's move on to a New Millennium Upgrade Christianity where biological fact and the Spirit of Christ intersect providing a "Biomystical" interpretation of the meaning of Christ that withstands all forms of intellectual attack that destroy the tribal conceits of the traditional religions. Biomystical Christianity. Coming again soon to a website near you.

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By believing God's truth is only found in unquestioning belief in man-made stories of mythological and miraculous beings, S, you abdicate intellectual honesty because there exists far too much evidence now that the man-made stories of the Bible are primarily religious fictions. Sure, the man-made stories tell you that to not believe in them is forbidden but that is the case with all idol worship. I'm sorry, Sojourning, but until you can tell the difference between fact and fiction, real good and evil, i.e., universal standards of goodness that apply to everyone on earth and not to self-Chosen Ones or self-selected Elect of God, then you and all who bow down to those little black idols set in rows will all remain spiritually blind to the Living God. Self-selection should be a tip-off that Scriptures are totally biased accounts of tribal people and religious cultists in love with themselves and their religious cult doctrines or in fear of their Bible idol god condemning them to eternal Bible hell if they break the taboo of questioning the Bible idol. Blind obedience to man-made Scriptures as if they were truly written by God Itself instead of being composed and written by imperfect men cannot possibly qualify one as morally righteous, especially if blind obedience to those Scriptures includes holding beliefs that blind a person to the Spirit of Christ coming through in other belief systems which hold universal standards of ethical behavior. That is the common problem of religious beliefs that are based on the letter of the religious law instead of the Spirit behind the letter of the law. Following the letter of Scriptures does make you "righteous" as a man is righteous who follows the laws of his country, but to tell others that they too must follow your country's laws when in fact God shines down upon their country with the same light of day, well that just doesn't match the greatness of God's love for all human beings regardless of national or personal differences. God is a Spirit and true spirituality recognizes goodness wherever it is found, inside and outside Scriptures. The real Script is written in our hearts, S, and it is there that we find confirmation for spiritual revelation

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An, the fruit of Pauline Christianity has been what? The spread of the teachings of Jesus or the spread of Paul's doctrine of Jesus as the perfect sin offering, something Jesus himself never claimed or even hinted at? Paul's doctrine destroyed that meaning of Jesus which Jesus so often stated: In the kingdom of God those who would lead must serve their brethren first, and the lowliest ones on the social ladder to be served first at that, the sick, the walking dead, the demon-possessed, the drunks, the low-life tax-collectors, adulteresses and whores, etc.. Paul really did a monstrous disservice to the teachings and life and death of Jesus. By making Jesus into a god and supposedly perfect sacrificial sin offering while making all the rest of us into spiritual cripples without hope of redemption except through the god-man Jesus, Pauline doctrine makes it impossible to understand Jesus' sacrifice of power for love. If only a perfect god-man can do such a sacrifice why even bother ourselves? Just pay our dues of unquestioning belief in this pagan Mystery Religious doctrine of vicarious atonement and viol! Instantly saved! But saved to carry on as before, creating nice Christian religious authority hierarchies instead of Jewish ones, or Islamic one. Trouble is, Christian religious authority hierarchies behave exactly like secular authority hierarchies. Constant fighting for territorial control. And the major lesson Jesus taught through his deliberate death goes by uncomprehended by most of his followers.

Jesus went to the cross refusing to use his Messiahship to raise an army to defend him against the alpha male rulers arrayed against him. This is the only spiritual leader in history who goes to such a length to show how valueless to God and humanity is temporal power that lacks spiritual guidance from the wisdom and compassion of God. Socrates came close with his willingness to die for intellectual truth and Buddha came even closer by renouncing his princely claims to aristocratic life and preaching brotherly love. But only Jesus takes love of humanity all the way with his willingness to sacrifice all power on earth for love. Jesus thereby provided the world with its most powerful hypnotic icon of self-sacrifice. A truly spiritual man must put the god inside him on the cross of sacrifice of egotistical greed for power, for status, for privilege, otherwise he only goes on to use religious doctrines merely as more weapons in the continual alpha male battles for social control.

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God's Cosmic Plan

well, M, I don't blame you for not understanding my answer to the plan of God question. It's not biblical, not even traditional Gnostic Christianity, but Stephen's own mystical comprehension of God's grand cosmology. The reason I give it as an answer to your question is that for me this concept of the evolution of Life and humanity actually "building" the foundations in time for a later (to us lacking the ability to see time and space as One) spiritual development of Humanity that has developed Godlike powers and the ability to create its own Self as the Universe we know, this concept demands a respect for God's Creation that otherwise is missing from linear Christian belief in a final end destruction of that creation. The continuing evolution of Creation is necessary to God's emergence from humanity as we know it.

Linear Christianity, not valuing this present world nor the evolution of life and the evolution of the spiritual faculty of human beings, devalues physical Life and the awesomeness of this planet where God's work is fully incarnate in all beings and things of the material world as well as being the Spirit that guides us. That Spirit of God leads us ever on to greater and greater knowledge of God's creation and God Itself. This concept demands human involvement as "dressers" of the Garden that symbolizes Mother Earth and Life itself for a garden by definition is a place where someone tends the growth and development of living things for a specific purpose.

To me, M, God is just in the spiritual realm. But God's creation is not. It's not that I believe worldly existence is ruled by Satan or anything devilish like that. It's just the physical-biological mechanics of the material world often crush many innocents under the Wheel of Life with all its interactions, many of which are destructive to life indiscriminately, plus there are the dog-eat-dog animal behavior patterns that are still with most of humanity today.

To my spiritual consciousness that believes in the cyclic vs. linear view of physical life, God is evolving Itself through time and space as a growing spiritual awareness manifesting itself in humanity. What we humans perceive as time is not real time as there is no such thing in the universe. Did you know clocks would tick a few seconds slower close the the Sun for instance? Time is relative as Einstein demonstrated. God is timeless but uses time and space to evolve Itself so at any one point of human perceived "time" God's presence in the material world is incomplete. What we relate to as "God" is God as the final evolution of Humanity (probably in many different forms than just human beings as we see today)in our far far future where Humanity has developed Godlike powers to reenter the timestream to "perfect" Itself through the evolution of Life, Humanity, and Humanity's spiritual consciousness.

Is this getting too complex for words??? I "just" don't know how else to "justify" my belief that God is Just in the long run spiritually and materially, but at our stage of primitiveness, God is Just pretty much Just only in the spiritual realm. The Creation is still primitive in that respect and therefore there is much "injustice", undeserved misery, pain, and unnecessary death. It will be a while before the lion lies down with the sheep in the Peaceable Kingdom on earth. But I do believe it is coming which is why I work at missionizing the Spirit of Christ and the spreading of the Kingdom of God (Realm of the Holy One in non-sexist language) as the same work as building Eutopia, the Good Place, the best place we can imagine and build vs. Utopia, the old name for No Place.

Because I believe Humanity in all its forms is literally made in the image of God, is God at a very primitive stage, I believe with all my heart and soul that Creation for all its troubles is part and parcel of God's necessary evolution to become the Great Spirit we know. Care and nurture of Creation is then absolutely vital to God's birth in the distant future. And that is why I part company with linear literal End Time belief. For the sake of God, I cannot take any of biblical or mythological stories of a "final" destruction of Creation as anything more than allegories to describe the evolutionary transition from one stage of spiritual consciousness to a higher stage up Jacob's ladder reaching to Heaven and back.

This theory accounts for the Holy One's insistence on Monotheism. Only a monotheistic paradigm can hold a true ecology of phenomena where everything is part of an extremely complex system of systems. We are used to the concept of a physical or natural ecology of life on earth. Now we must learn about the spiritual ecology that matches it.

And then there are other theories...

From the movie "Jurassic Park": "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat Man. Woman inherits the Earth."

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Hi an, response to Goddess stuff

I understand the idea of conceptualizing God as beyond biology and sexes. However, I am not able to control what visions and revelations I get from "above" and truly, from the very first religious conversion experience at Easter of 1979 the Holy One informed me that the Goddess face of Itself must be raised up again and will be raised up because of the deficiency in human understanding of Itself that has led to misidentification of Itself as God the Father only. This has led to the brutality of religious warfare because nothing was changed spiritually with men re overcoming this animal behavioral pattern. The Spirit of Christ from God through Jesus' basic teachings and yes, the story true or not because it doesn't matter for the power of this most powerful archetype of the Savior to work, gave us the most psychologically powerful icon of self-sacrifice for all humanity, but all men especially, to contemplate as their way to overcome that animal pattern which carried over into human society creates endless warfare. But this message was corrupted by Paul's doctrine for Christians to kowtow first to Paul's doctrine of Jesus as the supernatural Christ, then for Christians to obey Rome law without question giving the lame excuse that God installs the governors of the people. Yet ironically, Paul's Christians are taught to disobey Judaic Law as unnecessary since Jesus. Armed with Paul's precedent, the later RCC bishops made their RCC the recipient of the chain of Apostolic Succession, i.e., constructing yet another priesthood of men overseeing the rest, another male domination hierarchy where Jesus taught those who would lead to humble themselves as servants, not rulers (or "archons" as the Gnostics called them).

So, an, the Holy One visits me, converts me from essentially atheism to belief in the reality of the spiritual world of God,(three days of continuous synchronicity experiences did it) and from the beginning of the dialog I get the clear message that human beings psychologically need to spiritually hear from the Feminine side of the Godhead because the Masculine side has been overrepresented too long and it is time to move spiritually forward with the effectiveness of the Spirit of Christ to change human behavior. In 1998, I receive the vision of the return of the Spirit of Christ as Christ Josephine, another spiritual being that, like the original Spirit of Christ, inspires religious revelation in the necessary receptive mouthpiece of God, i.e., a prophet. So far, two people have been visited by this new Spirit of Christ. I do not know what will become of it but am honor bound to God to fulfill my spiritual work to preach what has been shown to me in spiritual revelation and critical analysis following the lead given in the revelations.

The Feminine is coming back strong, according to ABC prophesy. As for the lower female goddesses matching the bloodthirstiness of males, yes, I sure do agree. Except for Ishtar's persistent presence, e.g., in Her celebration day, Easter with the descent into hell for three days and rescue of a god-man story that is She first modeled in Babylonian mythology which was incorporated into the Jesus legend, all the other goddesses died (Psalm 82 prophesy again!). Neo-pagans are trying their best to revive some of them but I will predict only the highest Goddess without cruelty will remain, i.e., one like Asherah, who like EL, seems to have enough Godly wisdom and compassion to be beyond the need to threaten and punish disobedient human beings. Sophia too shares this purity. Ishtar, Isis, and the others had their dark sides and perhaps this heavenly model too is needed for correcting the imbalance of male domination. Women too can be mean and cruel, kill and dominate. But still, ABC sees only a growing understanding that the Godhead must be balanced sexually for the vast majority of human beings to understand God can be imagined both male and female in spiritual form yet still be beyond those divisions. There is a next spiritual step to come which is recognition of the Holy Family as the Holy One, i.e., "Elohim".

To Biomystical Christianity, Abrahamic monotheisms represent the necessary step to break the spiritual/psychological hold of polytheism and fear of the natural world over the human mind. Without a heavenly model of wholeness, without a Holy One, but many gods instead, human beings have no model for overcoming divisions between individuals, between communities, between nations, and between those masculine and feminine aspects of our own personalities which must be kept in psychological balance for a healthy outlook on the world. So ancient monotheism goes to war against pagan polytheism. Overkill with a dominant male deity who is at war with the Feminine at all times.

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to respond to N:

#114. "Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven." -- Gospel of Thomas


Isn't that anti-femminist?

Some scholars claim the above statement was added at a later date. If that's so, then someone was literally putting words into Jesus' mouth via vie the Gospel of Thomas. They were adding doctrine against the authentic teachings of Jesus. What's your view?" --N"

My view is that Jesus was the end of the cycle of the patriarchal rebellion against the Mother religions. Against the rising tide of aestheticism and anti-feminism in religious ideas that were part and parcel of the Essene, Gnostic, and Christ Cult derivatives of Judaism He still manages to fulfill the Holy One's goal of establishing the Vedic-Mother Goddess "karuna" characteristics, i.e., compassion and loving kindness For ALL, into the Jewish Godhead where it was missing, the God Yahweh having no real unconditional love spirit. So in this sense, Jesus straddles two divides. He personifies the feminine attributes found in men of compassion and good will but he is of the old school that couldn't recognize the fact that women with access to knowledge could be every bit as equal to men. This is why I say I worship the Spirit of Christ and not the man Jesus.

Our human knowledge of God is an evolutionary one where God remains always just ahead of our cultural conditioning. We all struggle towards the Light and as we get closer to it the focus becomes clearer. I await the Second Manifestation of the Spirit of Christ which will be in feminine form as predicted by Jesus in all his Wedding symbolism and even predicted unconsciously by John's Revelation as Her, Holy Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ.

But BTW as a man I cannot help but notice that the women who aspire to greatness in a world ruled by patriarchies, it is the "ballsiest" women, the women who are willing to lose their soft "feminine" ways and become more like competing males who rise in status in male-dominated society. Perhaps that's what Jesus meant. He wasn't a woman-hater as the many Gnostic gospels show where his love for Mary Magdalene is greater than his love for his male disciples.

bueno gnosis

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M, I just take a longer, broader view

of the ways human beings conceive of God. Along with most people who research God's manifestation in our world I agree that what we call "God" is only what we humans are capable of seeing of that Something All Powerful met in mystical communion. We humans are limited in our perception of this Entity that is perceived through the senses yet is perceived to be also beyond the senses, beyond time and space, yet using time and space as It's domain for guidance of human spiritual evolution. Before, alongside of, and after, patriarchies changed the image of God from Great Mother to Greater Father, humans worshipped God as Her. Patriarchal religious tenets commanded the "Her" face of God to be abandoned in favor of a "He" face. But they're both just faces of God shown to human beings, not God Itself. That's why when I conceive of God and when I talk of God I can comfortably use EL for It's masculine face name and the Goddess for It's feminine face name and "Holy One" for both these aspects combined to represent God's total Unity. I also highly respect the Native American designation of God above all other spirits as "The Great Spirit". But I don't believe any of human being knows God so well they could truthfully say God is unequivocally "He" or "She". Jesus knew his "good Father", the male aspect of the Holy One and taught all humanity how to recognize the Good Father in themselves and in their actions towards others. Now God wants all humanity to recognize the Good Mother, the female aspect of the Holy One, and unite the two aspects as One, a spiritual Wedding, the same Wedding Jesus in scriptures invited us to. Not to come to this Wedding is the problem Jesus saw 2 millennia ago. We must attend or negative religious history will repeat itself. And we know, historically, there have been dire results when people seriously believe God is one gender or the other because the gender not chosen is usually denigrated and subject to unfair social restrictions of rights entitled all human beings, male or female, as both were made in the image of God who is Holy One.


Ariel messenger For hearing an example of the Feminine

"I AM" cadence as in The Thunder, Perfect Mind, poem, there's a movie out, a comedy called "Dogma" that has God as a woman who at the end of the movie, in the credits, sings her "I AM" song. Very similar cadence to The Thunder, Perfect Mind. Movie's a good parody of religious mythologies too. So don't don't take a stigma to your dogma or it might get run over by your karma.

bueno gnosis

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Asherah, the Tree of Life - - the ancient's icon for the interconnectedness of the web of life:

Hi folks,

I am just today reading through some of the postings-early ones and last ones and would like to inform you all that a new Christian theology now exists that is compatible with environmental concern. This is Biomystical Christianity and is not like any other Christian doctrine although it does share themes common to Gnostic Christian concepts. This new Christian theology is not an attempt to coax what miniscule grains of ecological concern there are from the Judeo-Christian epic but to regenerate Christianity from its roots in pagan Canaanite worship of EL, God Most High, and His wife, Asherah, whose major iconic representation is as the Tree of Life.

I recommend all Christians research the Canaanite connection to the Judeo-Christian epic. Starting with John Gray's "Near Eastern Mythologies" will bring you into knowledge of EL, God Most High as He was worshipped by the Canaanites. EL, the Compassionate One, the Friendly One, the Father of Humanity is the good Father that Jesus called his "Daddy", his Abba, and EL is much different from His son, Yahweh, the tribal god of the Israelites. One has to understand that when the Israelites came into power over greater Canaan they subsumed EL into their tribal god with the resulting schizophrenia seen so often in Abrahamic religionists. This schizophrenia runs all the way through the Judeo-Christian-and Muslim religions because the god of Abraham was a war god and model of an oriental despot or Tyrant King while EL was the model of the Sage King who ruled with wisdom and compassion instead of force and fear. The patriarchal religionists destroyed the natural religion of Canaan by stripping Asherah of Her identity and authority, casting Her without name as the Tree of Life in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

But Biomystical Christianity reintroduces EL and Asherah as the highest iconic representatives of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. BC brings the message that the Holy One is now raising up the Feminine face of Itself because humanity needs to know God is Holy One, wholly one and the model of Unity for the world, society, and for each individual. The concept of God the Father only is sterile and has born only war after war as males model their behavior on a god of war until Jesus reestablished spiritual contact with the Father of Humanity. But EL is married in hierogamos to Asherah and this is the spiritual model the Holy One now wants us all to relearn. The "Tree of Life" was the ancients way of symbolizing the web of life, the interconnectedness of all life communities. When the Tree is not respected, not given honor by human beings, nature will suffer at human hands because the Genesis story predicted the reality of human domination of planetary eco-systems that has come about in our times. Before the industrial revolution, trees and grasses were the climax species of the planet. They determined what types of animals could inhabit particular environments. Now human beings have the capacity to alter weather conditions which alters the types of climax vegetation species so we have become the dominators of the world ecology. And it is therefore imperative that we reestablish a respect for Nature as part and parcel of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

There is a lot more to this story and Biomystical Christianity if any are interested in how God is keeping track of human social development and providing new guidance in these times of transition to the New Millennium.

bueno gnosis

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Free will vs. predetermined destiny

If God is omnipotent and omniscient, there can be no free will for human beings. My Biomystical Christian view is the same one as that shown in Psalm 139 which declares God's omniscience:

Psalm 139: 16

"Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me when as yet there were none of them."

One of the benefits of coming to knowledge (Gnosis) of God via following synchronicity signs God sets out for us to find if only we will look, is that my faith does not hinge on believing unknown scripture writers as the only spiritual authorities one has. God truly does communicate one to one and it is done through God's "Sign Language", those synchronicity signs that show the person to whom they happen to that only an omnipotent being could so "arrange" one's world to provide such "coincidental" happenings that defy logical probabilities of occurring, i.e., they constitute a supernatural intervention into our world.

During my original religious conversion experience I experienced continuous synchronicity events, one right after the other, for three days. By the third day I "knew" the Themes of God so well that all of us strive unconsciouslessly to discover at some point in our lives (if we are not completely psychologically damaged) that it really seemed as though I could predict what conversation would come from those I interacted with during that last day. I didn't have a tape recorder of course and because I was in the midst of this mind-blowing experience couldn't do any scientific analysis of what I was perceiving. Yet I knew what my family and friends would say before they said it, just as I knew this world was only an illusion, that we are merely players in a grand Morality Play we call Life. I came away convinced of God's reality as only a God of All could so manipulate my universe and that this world truly is "maya", illusion as the Hindus called it or "Dream time" as the Australian Aboriginals called it. This consciousness I am convinced is the source of religion. It was never a projection of Mom or Dad onto a great Big Dad or Mom in heaven. It was the discovery that this world is illusion, not the reality we believe it to be but actually a very, very complex morality play for the education of our souls, preparing them for another life beyond the grave. The Play is so complex and the Set so well constructed down to the tiniest sub-atomic particles that we are all fooled into believing this is It, all there is, ceaseless changes of one form into another without purpose. Only in the sort of spiritual consciousness I experienced shows you the Illusion but once seen, it never can be dismissed. We act out archetypal roles in our lives but it is the archetypes that are the permanent reality and not the physical set of the Play. When one is "in synch" with the Play's Script one is in synch with God who wrote all the lines and knows them all by heart, backwards and forward through time because God is beyond time and space whereas we only know what yesterday and today brings to our attention.

*    *


The Armageddon Choice

Interesting..the neo-pagans do not see the "End Times" archetype in Revelation

Biomystical Christianity sees several archetypal changeovers occurring through Revelation's symbolic imagery. The major one being the "End Times", which in BC interpretation does not stand for the end of the world but the end of an Aeon, an age, the Piscean Age. Rev 6:14 "Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up and every mountain and island was moved out of its place." The Bible as the cultural DNA code for Western Civilization is being overthrown as we move into the New Millennium. Its scrolls are being rolled up and with them, the traditional patriarchal Judeo-Christian-Muslim worldview.

Re "Har mo ed" or Armageddon, in Biomystical Christian archetypal interpretation, this image in Revelation symbolizes not an earthly battle at all but a heavenly or spiritual one in which Christians and actually all followers of the Abrahamic faiths are confronted with a choice as to what God is really God Most High and worthy of worship.

Armageddon was the name for the Canaanite Divine Assembly of gods where EL, presided as God Most High. Among the sons of EL was Yahweh, tribal god of the Israelites. Yamm, another son of EL in the Canaanite pantheon, was the tribal god of the Benjamite tribe for example, ie., "Sons of Yamm". When the Israelite tribe became dominant over greater Canaan it did what all ancient conquering peoples did which was to incorporate the defeated people's god into the victorious god's appellations, so EL was subsumed into Yahweh and nearly all of EL's compassionate and wise character was lost as His name became generalized as "God". However, the Holy One has carried the compassionate nature of EL into the Judeo-Christian epic hidden in the Messianic prophesy of the Messiah which was to be a human "son of EL" having EL with them as "Immanuel", literally EL is with us. Jesus manifested EL's nature and will for humanity and that is the reason Jesus' teachings from his good Father, his Abba, are so different than those of the Old Testament God, Yahweh.

The Armageddon Choice as Biomystical Christianity calls it, is the choice given now between researching for oneself the truth about Yahweh's Lucifer/Oedipus stunt of seemingly to overthrow a wiser and more compassionate God the Father. The trick worked through the last two Aeons but it will not continue into the New Age. The Canaanite religion has been resurrected and the true relationship of father EL to son Yahweh is historical fact. This forces the issue of patriarchal monotheism into the light of historical truth, ie., another archetypal confrontation. EL presided over an Armageddon, the Divine Assembly, the ELohim of Genesis. If Yahweh is not EL, if the Tree of Life in the Judeo-Christian epic is merely a patriarchal defeminization of Asherah, EL's wife and highest spiritual symbol of the Feminine, life affirming aspects of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth, then who does one address as "God"? If God the Father is really a true Sage King and a good guy who is married to a Great Mother who like EL, has no bad record in worship, ie., She too is wisdom and compassion personified, what happens to all that tribal war god shi* Yahweh needed to control his tribal people with? That is the Armageddon Choice that confronts all Abrahamic religious followers now that the historical truth of the Near Eastern pagan roots of all three major religions have been revealed.

The Holy One keeps humanity informed through archetypal imagery that shows up in our foundational epics. So while Revelation's symbolisms are Christian remakes of old pagan imagery, still they carry archetypal information that should be noted because of the tremendous popular influence of the New Testament, e.g., think of Bush's current sales pitch to destroy what he may see as a modern Whore of Babylon.

*    *


Psalm 82:

God presides in the great assembly;

he gives judgment among the "gods":

"How long will you defend the unjust

and show partiality to the wicked?


Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;

maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.

Rescue the weak and needy;

deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

"They know nothing, they understand nothing.

They walk about in darkness;

all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

"I said, 'You are "gods";

you are all sons of the Most High.'

But you will die like mere men;

you will fall like every other ruler."

Rise up, O God, judge the earth,

for all the nations are your inheritance.


John 10:32 "Jesus answered them, "Many good works I have shown you from My Father. For which of those works do you stone Me?"

The Jews answered Him, saying, "For a good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy, and because You, being a Man, make Yourself God."

Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, "I said, "You are gods"'?

If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken), do you say of Him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, "You are blaspheming,' because I said, "I am the Son of God'? If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me; but if I do, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, that you may know and believe that the Father is in Me, and I in Him."

Therefore they sought again to seize Him, but He escaped out of their hand."

Biomystical Christian interpretation of these verses in John is that Jesus here is identifying himself as a Son of EL, like the lower gods of the Divine Assembly referred to in Psalms. Those lower gods also died. Baal died, Anat died, a whole host of lower gods Canaanite gods died except Astarte or Ishtar whose Spirit has been kept alive in the Easter celebration of traditional Christianity. Asherah, as the Great Mother and consort of EL of course cannot ever die and Asherah's symbol and worship were incorporated into the Judeo-Christian epic as the Tree of Life in Genesis and Revelation, as the "grove" Abraham planted, as the anointed pillar of Jacob's Beth-EL altar, as the Sea basin in Solomon's Temple, and as Wisdom (Sophia)of God.

Jesus is to be the Son of EL, who presided over the Great Assembly of gods, now all dead except for Asherah and Her daughter Ishtar. ABC says Jesus as the Christ or Cosmic Messiah will spiritually wed another Spirit of Christ sent out by the Holy One, the Mother/Father God we can anthropomorphisize as EL and Asherah united in Hiero-gamos. The Second Coming of the Spirit of Christ will reunite the Feminine face of the Holy One with the Masculine face and thus restore balance to the Godhead. The Daughter of the Goddess is coming to us again, this time as the Second Coming of the Spirit of Christ. She sits at the left hand of the Holy One, Jesus on the right. She is Christ Jesus' rightful spiritual Bride and not any warring collection of puny humans promoting the joke of a myth that they could possibly constitute a single sacred Church as a bride of Christ.

The Holy One is a Hiero-gamos, a Sacred Wedding of God and Goddess and Sons and Daughters of God and Goddess. In ancient times the Holy One had a host of Sons and Daughters in human spiritual consciousness, e.g. the Great Assembly of the Canaanite pantheon referred to in Ps. 82., also the "Us" or Elohim of Genesis. The purification of the human conception of the Holy One has evolved through time from the polytheistic image of many gods and goddesses to the monotheistic image as God as One but as the Masculine or God the Father dominated image of that one God. The spiritual evolution of the image of the Holy One has been stuck for 2500 years in the patriarchal concept of God as God the Father only despite lip service given to a gender-less God. The Feminine face, the Goddess face of the Holy One is so emaciated in the patriarchal monotheisms as to be virtually absent. But now, the Holy One is set to correct this deficiency by resurrecting knowledge of the Feminine side of Itself.

This is why knowledge of the original Canaanite EL as the true God the Father face of the Holy One, the true Abba of Jesus, is going eventually drive YHWH and YHWHism into the compost heap of history. Jesus is on the side of EL, not YHWH contaminated with Moloch worship (see other board discussion about that). Why the Canaanite EL and not the Hebrew adulterated EL? Because the Canaanite EL acknowledged His Asherah while YHWH tried to his best to kill Her. YHWHism does not allow feminine features of the Holy One to manifest, no Goddess recognition which is reflected in YHWHist society by no equality of women with men in almost all matters.

*    *


It is such a cruel joke, the notion of the same God of Abraham according to the three Abrahamic faiths being the same god. I'm sorry, folks, but just look at the historical record and see the obvious differences between what this "one" god has inspired in the three Abrahamic religions. Will the real God please stand up?

For Biomystical Christianity, the Holy One has, and has left a series of clues through those religious books of men in which to find It, whole and Holy One. But you will never find It according to any one of those scriptures because God has always been too big for words. Only endless religious territorial battling can come from following any one set of religious recordings of prophets and seers and the tribal, national, imperial territorial agendas of scribes who wrote them down.

As for the God of Israel, Psalm 82 foretold what was in store for this originally tribal god of the Israelites, this "son of EL". He was put on the cross and died like a man, as one of the princes, so that the Spirit of the true Father face of the Holy One could be released. As long as you worship a lower god, you will never know the true Father of Humanity.

*   *


Once you realize that it is impossible for any other person to establish a relationship with the Holy One with you, you will be free to see how to establish the Holy One's love of humanity here on earth. No other person, no other person's writings, no other group of persons, can establish that personal relationship with God. It is between you and God and no other. Not Moses, not Jesus, not Mohammed even. The prophets are guides only, not the spiritual authority. The scriptures are guides only. Not the spiritual authority. God is the spiritual authority.

I do love the sentiments of sharing the bounty of God with all humanity. This is true to the Spirit of God just as the Golden Rule is also. But if humanity must bend and scrap to one man's words about God that lesson is lost and replaced by the same old animal territorial alpha male battling scenario the world has always seen except for Jesus' example. A warrior cannot bring peace. War does not bring peace. Only when the Meek are respected by the strong, only when an eye for eye is replaced by love of even your enemies, will the will of God come to humanity.

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Be open to the full truth of your religious belief systems. Know where they came from, how they all were corrupted by men's territorial agendas and then you will be free to discover God and the will of God for yourself. Follow the signs God has laid out for your spiritual instruction but follow the words about God written by others at your risk of placing faith in men instead of the Holy One of heaven and earth.

*    *


Re Moses seat and judging and justice First of all, an, I judge every scripture for it contribution to humanity or inhumanity. I find a very mixed bag in all three Abrahamic faiths. Each one's sacred texts carry what I call, borrowing from Salmon Rushdie's book title, satanic verses, by which I mean every scriptural verse that historically has led men to kill or abuse the human rights of others. With that criteria uppermost, I cannot blindly follow the scriptures as spiritual truth-they are too inconsistent and upon critical research are proven to be products of national or religious sectarian bias that cannot be from a truly universal God of goodness and love which is what "God" to me is the Great Spirit representative of in our human minds which leads us to our human destiny fulfilling the meaning of "humanity".

That said, I have to put the New Testament authors in the category of the OT authors, i.e., they both have what are clearly political agendas of religious conquest, a fact that doesn't fit the spiritual message I get through the story of Jesus or what seems to have been the desire of EL in Canaan or EL as seen in Psalm 82. I judge the scriptures produced for alignment with the scriptures describing the way to be good people, i.e., ones not bringing death and destruction to others but being good neighbors, following the Golden Rule, etc. Matthew was the most Jewish of the Gospel writers and he has his account of Jesus more in alignment with obedience to Torah law. I am always confused about where the NT Jesus draws the lines in obedience to Torah Law. The Ten Commandments or the full mitzvot laws? It is unclear and evidently mixes other Christians up endlessly. Look sometime at the websites that come up under "Moses' seat". an, using this criteria stated above I have to judge the statements about Yahweh's supposed mercy and justice by comparing them to Yahweh's statements that reflect a cruel tyrant unable to comprehend human weakness, only bent on inflicting his will regardless of who it destroys. And Yahweh flunks every time. Too many satanic verses come out of worshipping the God of the Jews.

You accused me of not worshipping the God of Abraham. But I do worship the God of Abraham so named as seen in the altar "Beth-el" his grandson built to honor Abraham's God Most High, EL. However, my research finds the God of Abraham as described in the Torah to be a serious adulteration of EL with lower gods such as Yahweh himself was, the Ammonite war and fire-sun god, Moloch, and other gods that to me have given the God of Israel a schizophrenic character whereas EL's character in Canaan texts and Psalm 82 seems purer, as a supreme model of goodness and love and yes, forgiveness, because EL was the one who forgave Canaanites their sins. EL judges those who would judge others just like Jesus does and like we must do also in order to straighten out the spiritual message that God desires us to evolve to higher levels of humaneness. This is the job of those who would "make straight the paths of the Lord" which ABC under the will of the Holy One says must include the Lady too!

bueno gnosis, an.

*    *


Jesus as an historical person...or not


Pg: "ariel, all of the "historical Jesus" material I have read..pretty much accepts the fact that Jesus was a real historical figure. What the scholars do not accept is the Bible as an accurate telling of the events of his life and his teachings."

arielmessenger 3/28/02 But Pg, that's the problem, where is an accurate telling of the events of his life and his teachings?

From my readings I cannot say there is any proof whatsoever of a historical Jesus. The closest I've found is a little about a "Yeshua" person in the 1 Century BC who either claimed to be a Teacher of Righteousness like in the Dead Sea Scrolls or a Messiah or maybe he was just a radical rabbi. Anyway, the Talmud mentions him and says "he led many astray" and his master rabbi seems to have disowned him. If you read Paul carefully you won't find much about a historical Jesus either. Paul uses OT prophesy to portray a Jesus slain and raised from the dead, i.e., a Jesus created of OT words which I think might very well be the case of most of the Gospel stories of Jesus. "Jesus" is a catch-all legendary figure of wisdom to whom Messianic prophesies were attached as well as Hebrew wisdom sayings. It was common practice in ancient times to attach to historical personages and mythical figures any type of wisdom saying that seemed appropriate to the "character" of that person or god or demi-god.

I also think Paul and the Gospel writers were involved in a type of spiritual invocation where they created the Cosmic Christ by descriptive words. Read John that way and see what I mean. It is similar to the Golem creation process. God is brought to earth by invoking It as a spiritual being made of words about God, thus "In the beginning is the Word..." Over and over again the NT tells the believer that they MUST believe in the Name of God and in the Word of God, i.e. they must believe in the power of the invocation of God through the Word of God. Like Peter Pan says to the Lost Children, believe with all your might in Tinkerbell and she will live. Believe with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul in Jesus as a real person and he shall live. And he did as a historical force without precedent in changing the world. But was he really a living being? No untainted historical evidence to prove that he was.

*    *


The lack of response to searching for the historical Jesus from traditional Christians appalls me. It can only reflect a lack of faith in God and the Spirit of Christ as the embodiment of truth. That, at least, is my opinion.

And it only confirms the old Gnostic Christian wisdom that the majority of Christian believers can only find their faith when there is a mixture of spirituality authority, myth and magical spells instead of plain truth. There is no difference from the ancient pagan and the modern traditional Christian who relies on a magic name to deliver the soul from demons blocking the gates of heaven. Believe in the Name of Jesus instead of the Name of Osiris or the Name of any god that will give you a magic pass through life and death so your soul will pass by the ancient pagan demons that guard the gate of heaven or the older mythical version, the seven gates of heaven.

What does God think of the believer who needs Jesus as a magician who works miracles topped off by the show-stopper, an ultimate disappearing act, in order to believe in spiritual reality? I don't know about God but people in our modern age who need these crutches in order to believe in God and the Spirit of Christ to me are only using Christianity as a self-hypnosis device, endlessly repeating the cult doctrines spoon-fed to them by from an man-made idol made of paper.

Of course the cult doctrinaires use the ancient curse technique to scare their adherents into loyalty to the religious cult. Always the curse was put on those who defied religious authority of men. That is the nature of idol worship. What the idol deems taboo is forbidden. And yet even intelligent traditional Christians fall for this device over and over again. It is disappointing to see the chasm of spiritual belief and the reality of God's Creation so at odds.

Pray that the Spirit comes to remove the scales from their eyes, dearest Holy One, so they may truly see Your will to establish goodness and mercy here on earth as it is in heaven for it cannot be done by the spiritually blind.

*    *


The Pauline Christian Tinker Bell belief system

Peter Pan says to the Lost Children when Tinker Bell lies dying, "If you will believe in fairies with all your heart, Tinker Bell will live". They do and she does.

What is the difference between your belief system and this example? If you can only believe in God by believing in Jesus as a god then I say your faith in God is weak and you are letting ancient men dictate your relationship with God for you. Do you have know who that "John" was who gave us those words of Jesus, so unlike the words of Jesus in the other three Synoptic Gospels? Does not the fact that "John" is dated at 125 AD at the earliest give you any suspicion of John forgery of more sayings of Jesus?

This is how Pauline Christian cult self-hypnosis works: you agree to "believe" in the Pauline doctrine of Jesus as a pagan Mystery Religion-type of god-man with "all your heart, mind and soul" with the additional threat not found in fairy tales of coerced belief, i.e., you have to believe the New Testament fictions of Jesus as god or be eternally damned.

Because the New Testament does contain authentic sayings of Jesus in the "Q" parts used by Matthew and Luke, you can discover most of the Jesus' true teachings but if you do not study the historical context these NT writers wrote in you will never understand how disciples of great teachers wrote "in character" of their teachers. Ancients did not have the standards of literary truth we have today and that is why you have your "Johns", which bible scholars can see a Johanine school at work, and why several of Paul's writings were not done by Paul, e.g., Hebrews, and why there were three "Isaiah" writers and several "Moses" writers as well as "Davids" and "Solomons" writing differing Psalms and Proverbs.

You ask me to show proof where the Bible says Jesus is not God. Read those parts of the Ten Commandments I quoted again and again until it gets through your cult brainwashing that God cannot be made into any earthly man or thing. Read also Matthew 4:10 where Jesus instructs "You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve." Read John writing in character with the Spirit of Christ as Jesus instead of believing a fictional witness account of Jesus that makes no rational sense because John would have had to have been at least 90 to 120 years old to have personally witnessed Jesus and why wait so long to write the report?

Why do you think the Jews never accepted Jesus as a god? Wouldn't they know something of their own religion that Gentile took over through Paul's currying of Gentile converts? God is One, not two or three. And God is certainly no mortal man on earth. That is pagan polytheistic nonsense.

It is ironic that Pauline Christians claim spiritual truth yet haven't the intestinal fortitude of bible scholars. They would rather bury their heads in sand than look at the real historical record of how their belief system came about. Look some day at how the concept "son of God" came about through the spiritual journey from Canaan through Israel to Jesus and the nations.

John even lays it out with the words he puts in Jesus' mouth: "do you say of Him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, 'You are blaspheming, because I said "I am a Son of God'? Here is the real Son of God answer:

"If I do not do the works of my Father, do not believe me; but if I do, though you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may know and believe that the Father is in me and I in Him." That is the real Son of God relationship that God gives to the Son of Man, i.e., a human being, who manifests the compassion and wisdom of the heavenly Father. By making Jesus the only one who can do so, Pauline Christian doctrine robs every traditional Christian of their ability to mirror in their own earthly lives the will of God.

It is time to stop being spiritual babies relying on human male wet-nurses feeding you pabulum instead of solid spiritual food. If your faith in God is real you don't need any spiritual crutches, you don't need to hide away from historical reality by deluding yourselves with pagan religious dying/resurrection god-man myths that keep you from paying attention to Jesus' teachings and the true meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death.

*    *


a b, I've thought about going through the Bible and doing an ABC editing job to select the "good" stuff out but I can't . Even Mr. ABC know-it-all gets hauled back by God to scriptures I've passed up along the way..

New meanings come to me from rereading scriptures just like they do to you readers. All I can really say is I look for the "Golden Thread" of goodness, mercy and forgiveness in Bible verses because to me these carry the Spirit of Christ, really the highest meaning of "Immanuel" for me within them. But even some of the "bad parts", e.g., stuff in Elijah, Malachi, Revelation that for me carries the spirit of Yahweh's quickness to condemn, to judge harshly, or to carry archetypal symbolism is all needed to me at some point to fill out the real message. Of course, following the Gnostic path I must consider the Bible as the major part of the message from the Holy One but not the whole message which also includes extra-biblical scriptures, e.g., the Canaanite Ugarit tablets that show one where the Spirit of Christ as the Son of God, the earthly king who faithfully followed the compassion and wisdom of EL, God Most High.

So, Jesus is right. "Not one tittle..." can be thrown out completely because this whole mix is our spiritual DNA code for awakening our consciences, our little Christ inside, to do good in the world instead of bringing unnecessary violence. Biological DNA works the same way; the DNA molecule is huge and most of it dormant reflecting instructions for making forms suitable to past environments, e.g., as proto-mammals, early primates, earlier hominid forms, and so forth up to modern human beings (the physical evolution is still going on, btw, only it is hidden now within evolution of the fine structures of the human brain-Homo Climaxus revelation that came a few weeks before my original religious conversion experience).

If times were not so critical in religious understanding, i.e., the current crop of religious wars going on with U.S. Christians right up there giving military aid to the front lines, I would not be so pushy about getting traditional Christians to overcome the Christian Church religious cultism that blinds them from seeing the harm such blind faith is doing in our real world as it did in past times. The Spirit has to lifted above the word idol, that's all. The individual and his/her personal relationship with that Spirit must be elevated above the group religious mind-set so that no one bows down to earthly men using religion as a base to establish territorial control over others. God wants us to be fully free to seek It out or to come into any one on earth and that means religious barriers that block the Spirit of compassion and wisdom must come down. A changeover from religion to spirituality is called for and it is happening..

As for you not having the benefit of synchronicity signs, well, I don't know, I certainly never saw them myself until that first spiritual awakening in 1979. But once seen, I look for them now and find them fairly frequently. They are the basis of my faith in God's reality in our world and with God's contact with me personally. I believe they are happening to everyone all the time only our "normal" consciousness doesn't pick up on them. Try looking for them.

*    *


O, what makes you think you'll be in your Three-Gods in One 's heaven anyway?

You break the Ten Commandments right and left that are part and parcel of your Three-gods-in-one's requirements for righteousness and presumably, entry into the Three gods in one's heaven.

With your Triune God you are breaking the Ten Commandments requiring strict monotheism:

"You shall no other gods before Me."

"You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the waters under the earth; you shall not bow down to them and serve them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God..."

O, when you make Jesus into a god, you break the monotheistic commandment. You make two gods no matter how the RCC fudges the concept with its phony Trinity, your Triune polytheistic concept of three gods in one. Jesus never prayed to himself. He prayed to God. There is no way to rationally think about God as One and yet put another one in the picture. The Triune or Trinity concept of God is exactly like the pagan Trinity concept of the Triple Goddess; three goddesses in one Great Goddess, virgin, mother, crone. Jesus, Holy Spirit(?), God. Three gods instead of one.

Biomystical Christianity does not make that polytheistic mistake because BC follows the Gnostic conception of emanations from one very highest Godhead. Emanations, or archetypal spiritual complexes radiate out in time and space from God as the central Source. But the radiations are not God, but more like "faces" of God towards humankind. We are careful then not to make these secondary emanations of God into gods themselves for that is the pagan way that splits the cosmic and earthly Unity of God as one endlessly complex Holy One of heaven and earth.

Paul and traditional Christians made a spiritual backward step when Pauline doctrine introduced the pagan Mystery Religion concept of Jesus as a dying/resurrection god. That concept breaks the Ten Commandment laws against polytheism and that is the main reason Jews and Islam believe traditional Christianity to be a pagan religion because it is. There is far more in common between the Pauline concept of Jesus and the doctrines of Mithra worship than there is between Pauline Christianity and Judaism.

O, do you really want to be in a religious writer's fictional heavens that are nothing more than supernaturalized Hebrew temples? Do you really want to spend eternity with hypocrites and war-mongers using religion for political gain?

Biomystical Christianity directs Christians to actual near-death-experience reports of heaven, instead of relying on apocalyptic writers formula heavens all based on ancient temples and throne-rooms. What unbiased people report by the thousands bears little resemblance to the biblical heaven even though not a few people have been met by a Jesus type figure or a Being of Light. These heavens are filled with what has been described as a loving Golden Light, these heavens are where your family and friends who have passed on before are at and that is why it is heaven to be reunited again. This is God's reward for our soul's service in our time and space world ruled by the harsh mechanics of life and death. This is the real heaven, o, because lot's of real people have seen glimpses of it now. Your heaven is a religious fiction created by just a handful of men each following the formula of his predecessor's-that's why the apocalypses share so much in common in imagery and style.

You'll want the real thing when your time comes, o. Accept no artificial substitutes.

*    *


End Times of Abrahamic Religious Authority

Well, dream on, both of you, still ignoring the parts of Ezekiel's prophesies that do not fit modern Israel

Both of you do not understand that the true God of all is not a Hebrew monopoly or a Christian one or a Muslim one but a Universal One devoid of tribal favoritism. And for proof of this, look at history! Where and when has YHWH or YHWH/Jesus or Allah established any one of these religious peoples in peace and security with all nations? Nowhere, that's where. And why is that if their God(s) are so all mighty powerful, seeking only tribally derived religious rules of righteousness from believers? It is because the instructions of God were frozen in time within these three religions ruled in each case by an elite of males and therefore fossilized into dead words written in books.

As for predictions coming true, I think Nostradamus and Casey are doing a little better than Bible prophesies but it's the same old story, believers read into their words about God what they want to hear and believe, just as you do, 480 and e, as you focus on this or that aspect of Scriptures and ignore that which doesn't fit.

I too pick and choose those parts of the Bible I believe carry forward the evolution of Knowledge of God, but I am honest about it. I have to be because that is one of the major things I have received in spiritual instruction from the Holy One, the true God of All, and I am true to the Holy One. 480, you say, "If the Bible be true, then you profane God. And you falsey accuse Israel. Same goes for the Arabs and Islam."

Well, sir 480, please read what I posted from the NY Times about Conservative Rabbis agreeing most of their Bible stories are fictions. Archeological facts say this. And the same critical analysis by Christian Bible scholars says the same thing about Christian mythologies.

When believers in God can only relate to God or "see" God through the distorted tribal lens of ancient men, then the God they see is what they get, e.g. a War God who favors only the Tribe or the Nation while condemning all others. What a crock of baloney! As if there were no other God-worthy people in the world who by themselves have made enough contact with God to know just about as much about what God wants of humanity as anything derived from the Near Eastern religions.

I have worked for years with tribal Native Americans and if you all really think N.A. or east Indians or Chinese or Japanese or a whole World of diverse cultures will stand for "God of the Jews" or "God of the Arabs" to be the spiritual model for them, you are quite prejudicially out of your minds. It will never happen worldwide because all peoples of spirituality AND education can read the so-called Holy Books and see for themselves that these monotheists are a brutal bunch whenever they get into temporal power positions which can only mean to them and to all people of consciousness that something is terribly amiss with traditional monotheistic religions.

In short, in our modern age has passed the age when imperialist nations can dictate history with impunity. Our modern age has passed the historical stage of religious fanaticism dictating history. Democracy is King now, not the Lord, not the Tyrant, not the Davidic Messiah, not any one of ancient theocratic doctrines of temporal power being permanently established in the hands of ruling elites of men. Neither Judaism, or traditional Christianity or Islam can institute ancient tribal religious authority over modern societies and make it stick. That Age is spiritually dead and soon will be politically dead throughout the world. America has brought the world the Holy One's new social democratic contract and that is why God has given America such power politically and culturally, literally changing the political beliefs across the world. But even America, the mightiest nation on earth now, is highly subject to critical review. If America continues to side with Mammon instead of the real righteousness of peace and justice for all which comes from spiritually following a God of Goodness instead of a God of Goodness for this one group of humans and God of Wrath for all the others.

Traditional Judaism, Christianity, and Islam follow only the ancient Warrior God face of the Holy One and the Holy One's Great Spirit has long since moved on. And that is why I am here to announce this and to prophesize the End Times of all monotheistic religions which do not recognize God is God of the Living not the dead and that God, the true Holy One of Heaven and Earth has no sympathy any longer for power hungry males using dead religious doctrines to justify injustice and inhumanity done to God's Children, all of them.

*    *


Each of the three traditional Abrahamic faiths has never produced a peaceful nation. Why is that?

There have been relatively small religious communities that have been peaceful but usually these are looked upon as splinter groups and not mainstream religious organizations and certainly not religious nations. Historically, it seems every time a religious cult gains political power over a nation that nation becomes a despotic tyranny where people will die for not only participating in any counter-political activity, they often will die for defiantly expressing their opinions in public, and sometimes the dying is in great numbers.

If only the religious communists can create a peaceful society and only then on a small scale, what does that tell us about our mainstream Big Three religions? It tells me that there is something wrong somewhere along the line with the teachings because they won't hold for large numbers, only for a relatively few number of small communitarian sects who deliberately isolate themselves from mainstream society.

Biomystical Christianity says it is problem of Alpha male control of religious organizations wherein dominant alpha males using religion as their particular arena for battling it out with other alpha males to establish themselves as top dogs of the political power packs, even political power packs that exist within religious organizations. Just like politicians now, and monarchies and courtiers in ancient times, religious leaders battle each other to establish their territories of power. Their holy books are used as the criteria for establishing the respective religious hierarchies of social power. These power politics machinations behind every mainstream religious organization defeat their religious goals of divesting political power as a model for achieving peaceful society, one governed by the peaceful social relationships each of the Big Three religions claims to be their worldly goal. In short, BC sees the main problem being still the domination of social organizations by alpha males because even religious organizations fall prey to the alpha male war game behavior syndrome that marks us as not fully divorced from instinct-driven wild animals, the very thing God wants us to overcome to become true human beings, true humane beings.

How do the Meek inherit the earth if alpha males dominate the earth with their guns and violent use of them? How does one achieve the kingdom of heaven on earth where peace, love and harmony reign instead of war, hatred, and paranoia? BC says by following God's lead when it sent the Spirit of Christ into the world, not as traditional Christianity under Paul's dominating influence ruined, but as it originally shines forth in the Sayings gospels of Jesus, and actually through the basic message of the story of Jesus' sacrifice of power for love.

Biomystical Christianity says of all the spiritual avatars only Buddha and Jesus provide examples of sacrifice of power by religious authority. Jewish spiritual leaders are tribal warriors and even their prophets will kill. Mohammed and Islam will never get rid of the icon of Mohammed as a Warrior Prophet even if his message is mostly about bringing God's peace and harmony to religiously based life. Buddha did sacrifice a life of ease and temporal authority in order to teach his philosophy of non-attachment to everyone as the key to peace socially and mentally. But it with the story of Jesus that God gave the world its most striking image of total sacrifice self, total sacrifice of personal power for love of humanity. He was the Messiah, the one called King of the Jews, King of Kings. The Messiah was expected to rule Israel as a Davidic Warrior King. But Jesus was a different kind of Messiah. He was a Cosmic One and wasn't sent to establish any single earthly kingdom but to break the power of tyranny of leadership without morality. Traditional Christians believe him to be a divine being, the Son of God Itself in some mysterious way which symbolically means in the Jesus sacrifice example God is sacrificing God's most precious thing, His son, in order to save mortal human beings. That is quite a sacrifice icon and it needs no Pauline additional Mystery Religious bs to give it the tremendous power that the Spirit of Christ has for changing people's spiritual lives. BC says forget the Pauline Mystery Religion concept of Jesus as a dying/resurrection god man whose death atones for sin as it also guarantees a ticket to eternal life for those who believe in the Mystery. There's no mystery with Biomystical Christian interpretation of Jesus' sacrifice- straightforward ugly, gripping, emotion stirring symbol, icon, image of total sacrifice by a man who would be king. The most powerful Alpha male on earth sacrifices his chance at kingship, sacrifices his very life in order that all may benefit.

Christ on the cross is the most powerful hypnotic image ever to enter into universal human consciousness. It is THEE maximum psychological impact religious icon for symbolizing self-sacrifice, sacrifice of our selfish egos, our Self god we make of our selves so that we who think we are little gods surrender our power bases and our privileges so that everyone in the group, the community, the nation, the world, altogether as Family benefits. When alpha leaders follow the Christ example, not literally giving their lives, but symbolically forgoing benefits of personal privilege and power that they would otherwise aggressive compete for, win and defend as their "territories", not only physical lands but social, political, religious, educational, business, you name it social organization and chances are dominant males usually control it. Unless this chain of alpha male battling for control is ended that perpetuates the terrible alpha male war game vicious circle there will be no peace and harmony in mainstream societies.

I am a Christian because only the Spirit of Christ can break the dominant alpha male animal behavioral pattern that one can see in operation everywhere where men battle to establish who's king of the hill, king of the media, king of this, king of that, president, chairman, director, supervisor, boss with boss' perks and privileges. The organizations of society merely provide the differing arenas for male competition, bulls butting heads and horns to see who gets the gals and sires the offspring.

Judaism is doomed because of its inherent racist doctrine of Zionism that forever separates Jews as people more special to God than the rest of humanity, something a true God of All would never stoop to as it denies the Judeo-Christian foundational belief humanity is made in the image of God. No Merciful God worthy of the name would favor a fraction of humanity and condemn the rest.

Traditional (Pauline) Christianity is likewise doomed because once the Mystery Religion base for its Jesus Christ story is revealed it loses spiritual authority because who in modern times wants to believe as primitive pagans did, believing with all their hearts that identification with the dying/resurrection god would "save" them, change them, make them "born again" people because their god "died" and was reborn to live forever and they will too if they only will believe in the Mystery. Symbolically eating the god's flesh as bread and drinking his blood as wine brings the Pauline Christian right back to primitive cannibalism with its main goal of gaining the power of the victim by literally eating him. And one can see what Pauline Christian faith has produced historically that clearly shows Pauline Christian doctrine negated the lessons of Jesus about relinquishing power, those who would lead must serve, etc, plus the final example of his sacrifice on the cross. BC is God's purification of Christianity so that the original simple message of love and forgiveness and non-violence, non-violence, and non-hierarchy, "those who would lead must serve", the first will be last, the last first, always give of yourself with expecting worldly reward, the very opposite of the alpha male strive to attain rulership model.

Pauline Christianity, with the New Testament writers and early Christian Church following through, established the Christian spiritual hierarchy that was to replace the Jewish Sanhedrin with a worldwide church organization. It started with the chain of Apostolic Succession that the Church used to create spiritual legitimacy and authority for itself. Church is the code name for Christianity's particular arena for playing out alpha male war games. The world is lucky now that Christian Churchmen don't have armies any longer to back up their teachings of peace and salvation at the point of the sword.

And that brings us back to Islam where religious leadership still does have the weapons and the armies of religious warriors and no Christ image of sacrifice of power for love, only of Mohammed as a warrior "winner" who wins his war first before establishing peace, a model that historically always breaks down the minute the warrior leader dies and battles break out for who's going to be king of pack in the reshuffling of the alpha male hierarchy.

Islam does have a saving way out offered by Sufism. Sufis found the God of Love that Jesus did which equals the Spirit of Christ for them and can provide the Islamic model for revision of any and all anti-social doctrines, i.e., ones that violate modern standards of democratic freedom and ones that if practiced in most civilized nations of the world would make the practitioner guilty of crimes against persons or crimes against humanity. But that is for Muslims to determine. My religious heart belongs to the Holy One's Spirit of Christ which I know offers the best way out of our dystopia world where men with guns are out of control.

*    *


Moloch contamination of the Abrahamic religions

The truth of history is that each of the Abrahamic religions has never been able to create a truly just and peaceable society in all the years, centuries, millennia they have had to do so. A reasonable person takes this as an indictment that each of these religions has some major flaw in its doctrine that when given political power ruins the religious goal of establishing peace and harmony between all peoples.

The greatest struggle, the greatest sacrifice asked of us now by the Holy One of Heaven and Earth is to face up to this fact squarely. My religion of Christianity has been through a two hundred year critical review and its main doctrines have seen critical scholarship tear it to pieces because traditional Christian doctrines fall apart upon critical analysis. Judaism now is facing a similar review because of the Zionist mental illness of that faith where the Jewish tribal god finds favor only with Jews (surprise, surprise) and relegates all other human beings to less than human classification with exception made for "righteous" Goyim, i.e., those who agree with the fundamental aims of Jews and agree to the so-called Noahide laws which qualify them for second-class Jewish treatment. No human beings in their spiritual right minds would worship a god who is only god of one ethnic group of human beings out of thousands but with years of religious indoctrination the Jews do worship such a god and so do traditional (Pauline) Christians who see themselves "grafted" onto the Jewish people's tradition. Jesus himself seemed far more hostile to Jewish religious leadership but traditional Christianity followed Paul's doctrines, not Jesus'.

Muslims claim to follow the God of Abraham too but now, seeing the historical reality of failure by all three religions to bring anything like peace and harmony to the nations that followed the teachings of these faiths, one has to ask what is wrong with the doctrines that they inspire more hatred and war than they do peace and cooperation.

In my religious studies I have found that the God of Abraham although called EL Elyon, God Most High in the Judeo-Christian accounts seems very much unlike EL Elyon as He was worshipped in Canaan before the Hebrew takeover of His name adding it and other appellations of EL to the Hebrew tribal god, Yahweh. The Jews added EL's name(s) to their tribal god but did not add EL's compassionate and wise characteristics that caused the Canaanite worshippers to call EL, "the Compassionate One", "the Merciful One", the "Kindly One". Actually, judging from a few ancient Canaanite-Hebrew inscriptions it seems Yahweh started off as a son of EL, like Baal was a son of Dagon which helps explain the fierce battle Yahwehists gave to Baal worshippers. Both were war gods, storm gods, competing for top God the Father spot that EL held as God Most High. But neither Yahweh or Baal have ever shown the wisdom and compassion that EL was known for.

If Islam bases its worship of Allah on the God of Abraham which god are Muslims worshipping? Critical scholarship suggests that the god of Abraham shares more in common with the Ammonite war and fire god Moloch than with EL. In Canaan, EL never called for human sacrifice, indeed the idea would be extremely foreign to this kindly God that also is never recorded in Canaanite texts as condemning anyone to hell for not obeying His instructions. Moloch worship in contrast has a god who demands human sacrifice, preferably firstborn sons fried on altars or in special ovens as proof of human loyalty to him. ""Melchizedek" the high priest in the Judeo-Christian account of Abraham, is named after "Melech" or "King" but archeological evidence shows that ancient Hebrews worshipped their tribal god Yahweh at Jerusalem with Moloch ritual child sacrifice. The religious concept that the God of Abraham demands human sacrifice one way or another seems clearly to show the influence of Moloch worship. Another indicator of this is the fact that in ancient Mesopotamia where Abraham was said to come from, the place where ancient Akkadians worshipped their equivalent of Moloch was called "hamru". The God of Abraham changed his name from Abram to Abra-ham.

If Islam takes their doctrine from the Abraham story of Judeo-Christianity and it seems that they do only changing the sacrificed child from Isaac to Ishmael, then Islam too may be worshipping Moloch unknowingly. Humanitarians have always found it hard to understand how a loving merciful God could ever demand human sacrifice as a test of loyalty. That's like saying the life of a child is less important than a demonstration of faith in God.

Seeing the historical failure of all three traditional Abrahamic religions to establish any sort of righteous nation of believers in all the time given them, one must conclude something is basically wrong with their religious doctrines. I believe that having the spirit of Moloch in them is what is wrong. We need to rediscover EL as He was known in the Promised Land because this God Most High was worthy of worship.

*    *


"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" - - Biomystical Christian interpretation

S, perhaps the Biomystical Christian interpretation of this saying in Proverbs might help you. "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". The next verse is important: "And the knowledge (gnosis) of the Holy One is understanding."

Fear of the Lord or YHWH is the beginning of wisdom for YHWH is a fearful god, inspiring those who believe in YHWH and follow YHWH's commands to commit fearful acts against others who refuse to bend to YHWHism. Witness the Hebrew violent takeover of Canaan, witness the Christian violent takeover of Europe and the Americas, witness modern Israeli takeover of Palestine.

When people worship a god who tells them to commit atrocities as righteous acts, it is wise to fear such a god and such people.

*    *


To me it is quite telling of the spiritual truth of the gnostic way that Pg and I completely independently of each other and neither belonging to any formal Gnostic group that I am aware of, have arrived at much the same spiritual and intellectual conclusions about our Christian faith. In a real way our faith is based on faith that God is so true that It can shine Its light through practically any religious doctrines but we also see that the Spirit of Christ is most clearly delineated through the Judeo-Christian epic, errors not withstanding. Avraham, the gnostic path is like democracy, either you trust the people, all of them equally to make the right choices overall, at least better overall choices than any autocrat or gang of men have done. If God is God of All, if we are made in the image of God, then God has to be with us all, all the time. It is the gnostic view that it is a matter of being awakened to God within us that allows us to see God outside us, God in others. Once you spiritually see and know what the will of God is, that of compassion, wisdom, and justice based on love so deep it can forgive the worst in us, then you have seen the Spirit of Christ because it saves ourselves from our selfish selves that deny we are our brother's keeper, that would do good only if it was expedient to do so to help oneself or one's own.

Av, it's true that spirituality that comes in individual form runs the risk of what I think you're calling spiritual anarchy. But is this fear justified if God is true? "All great minds think alike" and I think this principle applies to spiritual consciousness as well. Is it an accident that the core belief systems of all the world's great religions have the same basic themes of mercy, justice, and love? If one has come in contact with the Spirit of Christ which is what we who call ourselves Christians call the worldly embodiment of that Spirit because our spiritual role model modeled so very much of it, then one will show the Spirit in one's relationships in the world. One is compelled to spread the Kingdom of this compassionate merciful healing way wherever one can because not only is it God's will as seen through that Golden Thread that runs through the religious epics, it is the very best way to win peace and brotherhood throughout the world.

I don't know about Pg but you know I could feel right at home talking with a tribal animist shaman about goodness in dealing with each other as real people and have little fear I would not be understood. The message is really built into us all, it is called our consciences, and it only needs to be activated by spiritual receptivity and conscious will. Ask and you will receive. And in my case I was too spiritually dumb to even ask and still God gave unstintingly to me.

Pg and I will differ in that I cannot ignore the archetypal path God has set for me. God gives me prophetic visions and I would be a liar if I said I didn't have them and I would be a slacker to God, actually was for years in my own Dark Night of the Soul that kept me for years keeping quiet about this Biomystical Christian mission. So this puts me out there, no doubt more extreme than Paula would find comfortable. She's more tolerant than I can be because of this Yahweh judgment meanness, what I call the spirit of Elijah or my EL is Jah) with which I have to establish the dominance of Spirit of Christ in our times against all competing religious theologies, including traditional Christian ones. It has to be done to overcome the alpha male ritual battle to establish leadership so we can move past cowering under men with guns everywhere ruining everything.

*    *


Av, you posted: "If you doubt me that the Tanach's message emphasizes love, surely you know that the most basic of all prayers in Jewish liturgy is the "Shema" which goes, "Hear O Israel, the L-rd is our god, the L-rd is one. And you shall love the L-rd your god with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength." (Deut.6:4-5)."

Now really what is the love message here if God is distant from us in any way? Only that we are told by this God to love this God. But if God is within us, within humanity made in the image of God, then our love for God can be demonstrated by seeing God in ourselves and in others. Then the Second Great Commandment, to love our neighbors as ourselves, becomes automatically understood as a continuation of the First. It's all about loving God because God is the source of love. What is there to fear? The mechanics of Creation which include life and death, struggle and rest, all the dualities symbolized by knowledge of good and evil. However, once one recognizes we are spiritual beings in fleshly garments and are of God, are part of God Itself, and will return to God once we have learned the moral lessons taught through life on earth, then death no longer has its sting. Jesus modeled the spiritual resurrection of the soul for all humankind for all time.

*    *


Biomystical Christianity too views God as Holy One. However, BC revelation says the Jews, traditional Christians, and Muslims have corrupted the human perception of the Holy One by making God a thoroughly masculine He. These religions only give lip service to a genderless God idea. The holy writings, the holy priesthoods, the domination of males in all aspects of societies formed from patriarchal religions, all point to relegating the Feminine aspect of the Godhead to minor importance which is reflected in the roles of women given in those societies following patriarchal religious practice. The closer the society follows the holy writ the more women become second-class citizens.

So God is overthrowing these patriarchal prejudiced religions in order to release half of the human race from bondage. One of the major ways God is overthrowing patriarchal religions is by exposing their false doctrines, their phony histories that historical research overturns right and left, and their male domination doctrines meant to keep women out of spiritual leadership roles and out of social leadership roles. Without women's presence in social and spiritual leadership there is no Wisdom, no Motherly compassion, to guide social leadership towards establishing the kingdom of God. Also, the whole idea of God the Father only is corrupt. "Father" as a term only makes sense because we know about "Mother". There can be no God the Father without Mother being in the picture somewhere, which She is in patriarchal religions but only as a shadow, e.g. Asherah as the Tree of Life, e.g. the Shekkinah, a ghostly Presence, perhaps the Holy Ghost. God is balancing the books and restoring the Spiritual Feminine in humanity's mind which means the patriarchal religions are finished as leaders of human spirituality. What we are witnessing in Israel are the death throes of Judaism which is so rotten with racist doctrine it's stench can be smelled across the globe. God has been overthrowing traditional or Pauline Christianity for the last two hundred years and only those Christian religious leaders that refuse to acknowledge historical discovery and critical Bible scholarship are left to continue to lead Christians astray with myths and inhumane doctrines added onto the basic compassionate doctrines of Jesus who received them as the spiritual gift from his good Father, EL.

EL is only Good in Canaanite worship. The Hebrews corrupted human consciousness of the Spirit of EL when they attached Moloch worship to the worship of EL as the Hebrew story of Abraham demonstrates and as archeological evidence of ancient Hebrew worship confirms. Islam too will suffer the same fate as Judaism, and Pauline Christianity. All three of these religions are worshipping a god who is called YHWH, EL, Allah, but who Jesus and ABC know is really Moloch in disguise. Sons are sacrificed to Moloch, hell-fire in Moloch's ovens in Gehenna awaits the disbeliever as well as the pious follower who willingly sacrifices human life to please a voracious, terrible, and shameful God. "Moloch" the King of Shame."

From Isaiah 29, the "Ariel" chapter:

"Jacob shall not now be ashamed, nor shall his face now grow pale; but when he sees his children, the work of My hands, in his midst, they will hallow My name, and hallow the Holy One of Jacob, and fear the God of Israel."

ABC says "Fear YHWH, the God of Israel, but love EL, the true God the Father of all humanity.

*   *


No E, I fear YHWH. I love EL. I am in total awe of the Holy One which is beyond these masculine faces of Itself.

Biomystical Christianity believes YHWH represents the negative dark side of the masculine face of the Holy One and EL, the positive good side. BC doesn't deny YHWH but says that it is the Holy One's will that Its face to humanity as God the Father be one of a Good Father, full of kindness and wisdom, and not a tyrant father who's only concern seems to be unquestioning obedience to commands.

Because we are made in the image of God, made both male and female, BC says it is right and God's will now that both masculine and feminine aspects of our personalities become balanced in our personal lives and in our social lives. In a real way, EL in Canaanite conception is a more "feminized" God the Father than YHWH. EL presents Himself as a Father who shows what is usually a mother's loving-kindness, that sort of non-judgmental acceptance of her children regardless of what stupidities they commit as they grow in maturity.

Jesus follows EL's example that way and it is a far cry from YHWH's obey or suffer His wrath. But this softening of the masculine that EL and Jesus represent, it is absolutely necessary to break the animal behavioral pattern of strongest, meanest top dog ruling the pack. Without EL's example and especially without Christ's example of sacrifice of power for love, humanity, but men especially, have no heavenly role model for overcoming that territorial animal behavior pattern that produces violent men bent on domination of others. That is why I fear YHWH and love EL. It is wise to do so.

*    *


EL vs. Yahweh and the meaning of "Elijah coming to restore all things"

"Elijah" means spiritually "EL is YHWH". Biomystical Christianity sees that historically in polytheistic ancient Near Eastern religions that the Masculine Spirit of God is often identified with the sun and often identified as Two heavenly males, brothers or twins, one representing the daily course of the sun from sunrise to noon, and the yearly course from winter solstice to summer solstice. The other twin or brother god represented the descending noon to dusk sun and the summer to winter sun. In pagan mythology these brothers "warred" with one another for supremacy but in fact each but followed the daily and yearly sun cycle. But as Genesis I tells us the lights in the skies were put there for "signs and seasons, days and years". The sun sign of the warring stellar twins or brothers motif shows up throughout the pagan world and was carried over into Jewish monotheism in the stories of Cain and Abel, Isaac and Ishmael, and Jacob and Esau. To ABC theology it also shows up in the difference between the way EL was worshipped in Canaan and the way YHWH was worshipped by the Hebrews, i.e, they are the same Masculine representative of the Holy One but they have two distinctive "personalities", e.g. in Canaan EL was known as the "Compassionate One", the "Kindly One", and to the Canaanites was not the fearsome warlord commander type that YHWH typifies. In BC theology, the Canaanite EL fits exactly the description of Jesus' "Abba", his "good Father". A great many people have noticed the great difference in Jesus' God who gave Jesus the compassionate teachings that are seen in the Synoptic New Testament Gospels, specifically the "Q" portions of those gospels. John too, later picks up the compassionate Jesus but like all the Pauline influenced NT writers, mixes compassion with demand for absolute belief with the threat of eternal damnation for disbelief, a demand from God that would have been quite foreign to the worshippers of the compassionate EL.

This duality of the Judeo-Christian God as EL-YHWH makes both Judaism and Christianity schizophrenic religions with teachings that reflect goodness towards others and evil. As Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters at once and there is a definite choice in serving God the Father as EL or as YHWH. We have come to the Armageddon point of the Judeo-Christian epic. Prophesies do come about but often in unexpected ways. Revelation's Armageddon prophesy for example:

For Christians what is very important to know is that in Canaan before the Hebrew takeover, God Most High, EL was also known as the "Father of the Divine Assembly" which was located on the "Mount of Assembly". The Canaanite-Hebrew word for the "Mount of Assembly" where EL presided over His Divine Assembly was "Har M ed", the Greek translation of which is "Armageddon".

The battle of Armageddon is a spiritual battle each and every Christian must now face as the choice between following the God of the Jews, YHWH, or EL, who is the true Father face of the Holy One and true Creator and Father of the Spirit of Christ manifested in Jesus.

There is a spiritual undercurrent going through the Messianic tradition in Hebrew epic which is the preservation of the compassionate and kindly God the Father in the Messianic tradition of "Immanuel", literally the Canaanite God "EL is with us". The story of Elijah demonstrates the transfer of spiritual power from EL to Jah or YHWH.

The problem with polytheistic Canaanite worship of EL was that in polytheism the Holy One was broken into too many pieces, too many separate gods that the people had no really unifying Great Spirit, a single spiritual model of Wholeness that they could use for spiritual wholeness in themselves and in their relationships with one another and with the rest of the world. "Many gods" creates a permanent spiritual model for division of consciousness whereas "God is One" creates a permanent spiritual model for holistic unification, a "spiritual ecology" if you will that matches the natural ecology of systems within systems within systems, all acting in harmonious balance, even the chaos factors balanced by natural ordering making our Universe and our God a Unity of all diversity. Thus the Holy One overthrows Polytheism, an act symbolized by the story of Elijah overthrowing the priests of Baal. Through "EL is Jah", "EL" thus becomes incorporated symbolically into "YHWH".

In Biomystical Christian theology Jesus becomes the spiritual bridge between YHWH back to EL. Jesus' name identifies him with YHWH but Jesus' teachings identify him with EL. In BC theology the story of Jesus tells humanity that the Holy One has sacrificed YHWH in order to resurrect and re-release the compassionate spirit of EL which is the root of the compassionate Spirit of Christ. Unfortunately, Paul, in his zeal to universalize Judaism by creating Christianity as a Jewish Mystery Religion, makes Jesus into a Mystery Religion dying/resurrection Messiah-God. By tying Jesus Christ to the Jewish Messiah epic Paul reconnects YHWH to Jesus instead of letting Jesus' "Abba" show clearly. New Testament authors following Paul's lead made Christianity schizophrenic like Judaism before it when the Hebrews incorporated EL into YHWH not realizing compassion and kindness cannot coexist with ruthlessness and demand for unquestioning obedience.

Not until Jews and traditional Christians resolve the ancient dichotomy of moral character between EL and YHWH will they come to know the true Holy One of Heaven and Earth. The "EL" aspect of the Father face of God must be the ascending one in human consciousness now, letting the "YHWH" aspect retire into the background as peace and not war is what is needed in our world today. This is the Armageddon Choice. EL or YHWH, compassion and mercy of a gentle "Father of Humanity" or the cruel demand for unquestioning obedience to a warlord commander, a "Lord of Hosts". Both aspects are within the Holy One's masculine face towards human beings but we can only serve one or the other, not both at once.

*    *


The difference between Biomystical Christianity and traditional Gnosticism

L, my "Biomystical Christianity" theology is not classical Gnosticism any more than it is traditional Christianity.

In my original religious experience one of the synchronicity "signs" that God put in the paper I was reading back then in 1979 was a report about the Gnostic Gospels book by Elaine Pagels scheduled to be released soon. I "knew" there was something akin between my religious experience and gnosticism but had to wait until the Nag Hammadi Library book came out in English in 1980 to find out what the kinship was. It is in some basic themes common between us, e.g., the solitary path vs. the group mindset, the freedom to search all scriptures to find the Spirit of God within them, not just the canonical ones, the belief in God as a radiator of spiritual energies that we humans see as the many "faces" of God, e.g., the spiritual archetypes like "heavenly Father", the

Great Mother, "the Son (of God)", "The Savior", the Warring Twins or Brothers, "the Prophet of God", and God the Creator. I do share with classical Gnosticism a belief that Yahweh is an imposter god but unlike the old Gnostics I do not consider him a Demiurge who created Creation as a trap for souls.

For many years I did not know what to call the Father face of the Holy One that could not possibly be the god of the Old Testament. Jesus' "abba", his Daddy, was just so different, so much more forgiving and tolerant of mistakes, so much more loving than Yahweh ever came across. Then in 1998 God led me through one of my "sign" friends or friends provide me with some key spiritual information, to discover EL, God Most High as He was worshipped in ancient Canaan before the Hebrew takeover and makeover of EL into Yahweh. My God! What a discovery! Here was Jesus' heavenly Father! Here was the source of the Son of God archetype and the source of the prophesy of Immanuel, literally EL is with us, the source of the Golden Thread of Goodness that runs through the Bible. Here was God called the Compassionate One, the Kindly One, and it was meant fully as those words describe-no meanness at all from EL to His worshippers, no "I'll love you IF you obey me crap" from EL to His believers and it was to EL that ancient Canaanites turned to ask forgiveness of their sins. The old Gnostics didn't know about EL, just knew Yahweh was not worthy of worship, too many lies, too many commandments to kill and destroy. The Holy One has resurrected knowledge of Canaanite EL in our times and I have found the Father Jesus miraculously did 2000 years ago. As EL has always been the Father of Creation I do not share the Gnostic belief that Yahweh was the misguided Creator of our universe. Creation is good, very good indeed! Not a trap for our souls but the School where our souls learn morality in preparation for life in that place beyond the grave where God is fully revealed.

Re "It goes about the business of instructing human beings toward full humanity", what I mean by this is that in my spiritual awareness of the Holy One, I have learned that humanity really is made in the image of God and that is why the word means more than just human beings. It means humaneness and it in the effort to attain this worldly goal that we spiritual evolve. The two are tied together as long as we are in our fleshly garments. It is your type of Christianity that needs to separate body and soul but it is not God's will while we are here in School.

*     *


The false "God as parent" analogy


"You have only seen the Judge side of God, but you haven't seen His family side yet. Was I a bad parent for exposing my son to the fears of life? I was not. Neither is the Bible's God a bad god for doing the very same thing."

I don't know about you, W, but when I was raising my kids I never used to threaten them fire from heaven or with eternal damnation if they didn't follow my wise instructions. Your false god does just that all Bible. A parent who acted like the god of the Jews acts towards his children would be locked up for child abuse in our times.

It is amazing how blinded Bible idolaters can get in their blind faith in words of men. Can't see right from wrong. Think love is shown by threatening dire punishment, think killing innocent men, women, and children who worship differently is fine, I could go on.. but the point is Jews and Pauline Christians are worshipping a false god when they worship the God of the Jews because the true Holy One desires real love which can only be given unconditionally, no strings attached, no threat of punishment attached, something the god of the Jews knows nothing about. And those who follow such a god likewise lose all sense of love, mistaking evil threats to innocents as a sign of love. Any teacher of children, any child psychologist will tell you that a parent who threatens their children with horrible stories of eternal punishment for making mistakes, the very form in which human beings learn to master anything, that parent is psychologically abusing their child.

Re W's amoral putdown of S's humanism, again it only shows the depravity of Bible idolatry which cannot distinguish good from evil, right from wrong.


"The reason you feel that the Bible's God is evil, insensitive, murderous, indecent, and lawless is because your intuitive sense of right and wrong is out of sync with true moral absolutes. You have a humanistic conscience; which has a tendency to be flexible, and is easy prey to conditioning by cultural influences. Your conscience is the conscience of a mortal mind struggling to understand the Bible's God on its own without assistance. You feel hostility towards the Bible's God only because you don't understand His ways; being handicapped with a humanistic conscience."

"Being handicapped with a humanistic conscience"..Well, at least S's humanistic conscience will keep her from approving of those who break the Commandments like W does when he applauds his Bible god's commandment to the Israelites to break the Commandments Thou shall not kill, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not covet what is thy neighbors, which is exactly God's instructions to Joshua and which are being carried out by Jews today in modern Israel.

*    *


Zionism= the Divided Kingdom

That all Christians would reread and fully understand the criticisms of Jesus leveled at the Pharisees...

"But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: 'Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

This means, dear Christians, that the Jewish concept of being God's special people, the Chosen Ones of God, that the Christian concept of the Church being God's new special people, the Elect of God, as opposed to the rest of the world, is a FALSE doctrine. God is God of all of Creation, God of all peoples on earth. To single out one peoples out of all the peoples of earth, to single out one religious group of all religious groups of people on earth, to single out one kingdom of all kingdoms and nations of the world for most favored status in God's eyes contradicts the principle Jesus laid out in the above passage from Matthew. God cannot and does not divide Its loyalties that way. The whole earth is God's Creation and all peoples are made in God's image if you believe in the Elohim Genesis story of Creation. God cannot fight against God, so God does not pick favorite peoples, they pick themselves as the historical record confirms by showing the inevitable err and self-destruction such self-selection.

arielmessenger 5/14/2002

L, I see the Biblical precedent for Zionism in YHWH's instructions to Joshua. What other reason is there for YHWH's instructions? Canaan was to be taken by force and the Canaanites destroyed if they resisted Israelite invasion.

What is the difference between Ariel Sharon and Joshua? Both glorify destruction of the indigenous populations of Canaan-Palestine in order to make room for Zionist Jews.

What is extremely irksome to me is the fact that Jews and Christians won't talk about the morality of YHWH's commandments to Joshua. How does a moral Jew deal with a god who issues contradictory commandments? The Ten Commandments with the Commandments not to kill, steal or covet that which is your neighbor's yet these commandments YHWH reverses with the genocidal ones given to Joshua. The more I see how deeply held is the core anti-humanitarian Xenophobic doctrine of Zionism by otherwise ethical Jews the more I am convinced Judaism itself fosters a mental aberration that makes Jews unable to distinguish right from wrong re Zionist ideology. The religious cult of Judaism reinforces the Jewish common held madness because the basic morality of the doctrine is never really challenged by Jewish spiritual authorities. One is either a Zionist Jew and member of the Jewish communities worldwide in support of Israel or one is an anti-Zionist Jew and held in about the same social scum class as were socialist Americans in the McCarthy era. Emotional arguments are given as rationale for Zionism, e.g, the Holocaust, Diaspora, etc, instead of looking squarely at the doctrine itself to see why it can never ever be spiritually acceptable to the vast majority of humanity because it violates too many universally held ideals of social justice.

Will anyone talk about this aspect of Zionism? Will anyone talk about this root criticism Jesus leveled at Judaism's spiritual leadership in the story of his confrontation with the Pharisees, (the Separate Ones, remember) where they accuse Jesus of being Beelzebub's agent when he casts out demons.

"But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them; 'Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

This applies to the whole concept of Jews as a separate, special ethnic group to God which Zionism and the creation of Israel as a Jewish nation is the temporal or physical manifestation. The point of Jesus' wisdom saying above is that if God is God of All, God is God of the whole world, i.e., the whole world is God's kingdom and yet to make one relatively tiny percentage of the world's people God's special people and to make their kingdom thee Kingdom of God on earth, does not this mean in essence God is dividing Itself and warring against Itself? Isn't a creation of Israel as a separate nation from all of God's nations a contradiction in terms for a supposedly universal God? And how does Israel stand with God if God's loyalty is divided between Jews and Palestinians or Jews and the rest of the world? This is why Biomystical Christianity predicts the only way Israel will ever exist in peace is through the grace of Gentiles and the true God of All. Ariel Sharon has forced Israel and Jews and Judaism to moral accountability as they have never been held before and personally, I don't think the religion can withstand it. God gave the Jews Jesus and even in the beginning of the Christian movement when the doctrine of a divine Jesus that so outrages Jews was not established in stone of the New Testament doctrines, even then Jews rejected their only way out of a morally schizophrenic religion. BC of course sees Pauline Christianity continuing on in the moral schizophrenia of Judaism. The concept of the Christian Church replacing, becoming or being grafted on to Israel carries the same moral problem of a divided kingdom of God. How will traditional Christianity stand if it copies the mistake of the Jews by creating an "us" and "them" division of God's loyalty to all humanity?

L, I just want all of us to rise above old tribalisms masquerading as universal religious teachings from God. We either keep our heads buried in the sand and refuse to look at criticisms of our religious beliefs or we look the criticisms squarely in the eye and find out for ourselves if they have any merit or not. God gave us brains not to put on the shelf when it comes to spiritual beliefs but to use them all the harder. Figuring out how spiritual reality works within our time-space reality requires we do so in order to grow in spiritual consciousness. That's why ABC asks all Christians to examine their core beliefs. Core beliefs based on ancient tribal rules that if followed today would quickly land the practitioner in prison for crimes against persons or crimes against humanity can no longer be followed and indeed they should be clearly exposed for what they are-primitive social beliefs not appropriate for freedom-loving humanitarian liberal democracy which seems to be the most popular universal idealism of the nations today, regardless of faiths or ideologies. If some of the old commandments are not appropriate for our times why should we let them drive a wedge between us and the rest of the world? Do we follow Jesus in stripping the Commandments down to two basic ones and let the rest go as documents of historical interest only? ABC yes indeed. God is God of the living, not the dead. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, means God's instructions through the generations change as circumstances change which is why the instructions given to Abraham are not the same as those to Isaac nor the same as those to Jacob. God doesn't change but for sure human understanding of God changes, sometimes quite radically as historical circumstances change.

*    *

"Is God divided?"

No, an, the Holy One is not divided but human minds make divisions in order to understand It because being so complex an Entity. Biomystical Christianity takes the Gnostic view of emanations from a central "ineffable" God which communicates with human beings through a sort of series of archetypal "transformers" that perhaps are the only ways our human minds can take in spiritual reality. BC sees God using these archetypal intermediaries to get Its messages to us. Pagan ancients were slow to see the spiritual evidence of a central Source of spiritual phenomena so they believed their world divided into spheres of influence by a pantheon of gods. There is reason to think that both Greeks and Canaanites were beginning to reach that conclusion of a Great Spirit that engendered the variety of spiritual experiences, e.g, the philosophy of Plato and the place given by Canaanites to EL as "God Most High". Pharaoh Ahknaton was the first to arrive at monotheism and Freud thinks the story and religious teachings of Moses owes something to this Egyptian pharaoh. Ahknaton was the first one to declare a single God and the first one to institute a "jihad" (the word fits here I think) against polytheism which Moses followed as do all the Abrahamic religions. (BTW, all those places of prophesy that have three and a half years or 42 months in them are backhanded attacks on the Egyptian pantheon of 42 gods and the splitting of the Babylonian Sacred Year of seven years in two which follows a Marduk myth of splitting Tiamat with seven heads (=the seven planetary rulers). Not only were ancients in competition with their gods but also their yearly calendars, much like today when Jews and Muslims have a different counting system for history. This is the real meaning of Isaiah and Jesus saying "to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.")

Ok, so the ancient monotheists go after the polytheists but because polytheism is so entrenched it resists for centuries. Ahknaton's reforms are quickly overturned and Hebrew prophets rail against Hebrew/Canaanite polytheism for centuries, e.g., the shard with the inscription naming Asherah as the wife of Yahweh. Monotheism is not solidly in place in the Old Testament until the reforms of Hezekiah I think. Look at all the Hebrew names that reflect pagan gods, e.g. Solomon, Absolom, Baal this, etc. It takes literally millennia for the ancient world to forgo polytheism for monotheism. But without the monotheistic concept that God is One, there is no spiritual model for earthly unity, only division via the division of gods. This isn't what the Holy One wants because a divided Godhead is too easily an earthly rational for divided societies and divided personalities. There seems to be a spiritual ecology that follows earthly ecology, i.e., a unitary grand system of systems but without the knowledge that all these subsystems work together to make a viable Biosphere, we don't really understand how God's natural world works. Same thing with God Itself. But the ancient monotheism was at war with polytheism and therefore conquest and obliteration of competing foreign gods was the religious agenda. And to make war these ancient monotheists projected onto the Godhead a male warlord god as leading the assault. The result? Patriarchy and male domination of almost all social organizations. And constant war because that's what males are biologically programmed to do until they receive the Call, the wake-up call to overcome such warlike behavior.

Who instituted the Call? To me, first it was Jesus because I could not see it clearly in OT Judaism. But now I know the Call actually started with EL in Canaan, a Call for something different from war and conquest, a Call to compassion and forgiveness, the only way to overcome hatreds and national rivalries that turn into wars. To ABC Jesus took the antiwar sentiment as far as a male can go to model a way for other males to change behavior. It worked and didn't work and Biomystical Christianity lays the blame for traditional Christian involvement in warfare at Pauline doctrine's doorstep because the essential antiwar message of Jesus was buried under this pagan Mystery Religion crap of turning Jesus into another god thus forever separating his compassionate model from the rest of human beings. He's perfect and we are not we are told over and over again by Pauline instruction. Yet the scriptures tell us Jesus did not think of himself that way. So, back to gods vs. God and BC.

The Holy One is God is one Great Spirit. But for human understanding, the Holy One's spiritual influence on us comes divided into smaller bits, smaller "faces" we can comprehend where we can't really comprehend God Itself because just being too big for words. To BC the truest "faces" or emanations of God are found in the archetypes because they are permanently present in our world, e.g. the archetype of Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, the Wise Old Man or wise old woman as Crone, King, Queen, warring brothers, etc, and of course the Savior and Goodness, to name only a few. Unlike the names of individual gods and goddesses these archetypes are immortal which is why BC accords them authority to represent different aspects of God. But they are not separate gods to Biomystical Christianity, just human shorthand for aspects of the Holy One.

*     *


What is pathetic is American Congressional support for for the religious cult of Zionism

I posted the following on the Jews and truth discussion board and think it an appropriate response to the blindness of rightwing Christians posting their pro-Zionist/anti-Arab racist opinions here. Not that the intellectual point of what I write will make a dent in their bigoted brains but perhaps others will stop and think about what has happened today with Congress approving support for Israeli actions under suspicion of being crimes against humanity as well as being blatantly in violation of U.N. resolutions supporting the Palestinian national cause.

*     *


The amazing thing, Ch, is that crazy as O is, he speaks the same lunacy as most Americans re Israel

As an American I find it astounding that a religious cult has gained control of our government. Totally against our Constitution' 1st Amendment forbidding our government to aid in the establishment of any religion, our government has established a religious cult as a nation, the nation of Israel. The proof of this is is the widely recognized fact that Israel would not exist today if it were not for Pres.Truman's American support in it's establishment and without tremendous U.S. economic and military aid throughout the years of its existence.

Zionism is a religious cult, folks. It came into being as a radical departure from rabbinical Judaism about 125 years ago, led by a fellow named Herzl. The Zionist goal has been to establish a Jewish state of Israel and the great majority of Jewish leaders in America publicly support this goal as do the majority of prominent Jewish authors, news commentators, talk show hosts, presidential advisors, members of Congress, while behind the scenes Jewish financial and business leaders, owners and A.D.o.s of major American corporations, influence both political leaders and American business in general to be supportive of the Israel enterprise with the not so subtle threat of Arab oil interests being under Muslim religious control and the fact that banking usury, the mainstay of capitalism, is forbidden in Islam, i.e., Islam is religious socialism, and Jews and Judaism not only support the capitalist system, they are an integral part of its growth and management. Then there's the fundamentalist Christian card now being played by Jewish leadership where these Christians circling around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict like vultures waiting for death to strike in the Holy Land so as to confirm and celebrate their Armageddon doomsday fantasies heralding the return of a schizophrenic Lamb of Wrath Messiah who destroys billions while "saving" 144 thousand of his elect.

To put the insanity of America at present in perspective, consider how we would feel if Mormons had gotten Congress to pass a resolution binding American support for a totally Mormon colonial nation being established in, say, one of the southern Russia disputed areas or in the jungles of Brazil. The local populations are never consulted and when they protest the invasion of Mormon colonists they are ignored. If they take up arms against the Mormon colonists they are branded "terrorists" and killed. The Mormon colonists are always right even when they bulldoze down houses killing women and children of Brazilian Indians suspected of fighting against the Mormon colonists.

It's like, huh? Wait a minute! This is America? Our government supports Mormonism? Pours billions of dollars to support a Mormon nation? Has Mormons advocates in all prominent government and public arenas promoting U.S. support for the Mormon nation? Well, folks, that's what we got going here now with our support and aid of Zionism and Israel. We not only break our Constitutional law we aid and abet crimes against humanity. Such a shameful thing now, to see our Congress brought so low.

*     *


More on the Undivided Kingdom

Judging by the non-response to my postings on other boards that there is a great doctrinal error committed by both Judaism and traditional Christianity, repeating that message here will probably also be a waste of time. But ABC prophesy will lay out the criticism that follows the line of logic that Jesus gave us re establishing "us" and "them" categories of human societies.

The criticism Jesus leveled at the Pharisees or Separate Ones is the primary criticism of the Jewish faith which also applies to traditional or Pauline Christianity. It is to be found in Matthew 12:25:,

"But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: 'Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

From the Gospel of Thomas:

"Jesus said to her, "I am he who exists from the Undivided. I was given some things of my Father...Therefore I say,, if he is undivided, he will be filled with light, but if he is divided, he will be filled with darkness."

"A man said to Him, 'Tell my brothers to divide my father's possessions with me.

He said to him, 'O man, who has made Me a divider?"

and in an amazing verse that does more to humanize Jesus than anything I know, Jesus doubts himself:

"He turned to His disciples and said to them, 'I am not a divider, am I?"

But now the time has come to emphasize Jesus' point: No God can be god of all and at the same time only be god of a few. God is either God of all humanity or some lesser spirit.

This means, dear Christians, that the Jewish concept of being God's special people, the Chosen Ones of God, that the Christian concept of the Church being God's new special people, the Elect of God, as opposed to the rest of the world, is a FALSE doctrine. God is God of all of Creation, God of all peoples on earth. To single out one peoples out of all the peoples of earth, to single out one religious group of all religious groups of people on earth, to single out one kingdom of all kingdoms and nations of the world for most favored status in God's eyes contradicts the principle Jesus laid out in the above passage from Matthew.

God cannot and does not divide Its loyalties that way. The whole earth is God's Creation and all peoples are made in God's image if you believe in the Elohim Genesis story of Creation. God cannot fight against God, so the true God of All does not pick favorite peoples, this tribe here, that church there, no, they pick themselves as the historical record confirms by showing the inevitable err and self-destruction such self-selection inevitably leads to, e.g., the situation of Israel today destroying worldwide respect for the religion of Judaism faster than Hitler ever dreamed of, e.g., the coming fall of traditional Christianity linked to Jewish Biblical mythologies that are being debunked right and left by historical discovery showing a severe lack of archeological evidence to back up the major events recorded in the Bible.

No Jew or Pauline Christian wants to understand this criticism that was first introduced by Jesus in Matthew as a defense against his being charged with demon possession by the Pharisees in order to exorcise demons out of the sick. But the criticism has far reaching implications as it really applies to the whole concept of Jews trying to establish themselves as a separate nation from the rest of the world, a separate peoples who alone are special to God. If God establishes Israel as God's kingdom, happens to all the other kingdoms and nations of earth that are not Israel, have no wish to be Israel or to be Jews or Christian Jewish wannabees with the Pauline Christian version of Israel being the Christian Church or Elect of God.

Any way you slice it, the concept of special most favored relationship with God by any one religious group contradicts the Unity or Undividedness of God. If God picks Israel or the Elect and condemns the rest, the vast majority of humankind, is not God's house, which is all of Creation and includes all nations and all peoples, divided against itself? How then will God's house stand?

How will modern Israel stand divided against Palestinians and the rest of the world? Answer: It won't. The Jewish-Pauline Christian doctrine of claiming most favored people status for the Jews and Pauline Christians following the Jews, is a false doctrine that belittles God as it belittles all the goodness found in much of the world's peoples and their varieties of religious experience.

*    *


Revelation's mythology

The question you're not facing, S, is why believe John's mythology any more than the Babylonian predecessor?

If Marduk chains Tiamat in hell in the Babylonian myth and an angel from heaven does the same thing in Revelation, or if Marduk rides a white horse (white in pagan religion most often symbolizing a Moon goddess connection) and Jesus rides a white horse, if four horses are let loose in the Spring Equinox celebration in ancient Babylon and there are four horsemen of the Apocalypse, why would John's borrowed pagan symbols be any more prophetic or truer than the Babylonian myths they came from?

And the supernaturalization of Hebrew temple objects, e.g., the "Ancient of Days" which is symbolized by a talking Menorah in Revelation taken from Daniel's imagery, or New Jerusalem coming down from the sky which is a supernaturalized Holy of Holies Temple cube room. What is the point of these Symbols if one knows them to be not astonishing new imagery from the spirit world but hallucinations of cult objects given voices, flying ability, etc..i.e., made into images or idols not much different from the talking oracles of the ancient pagans.

I have religious visions periodically as part of my walk with God. Also I am a veteran of the psychedelic Sixties and grew quite familiar back then with varieties of hallucinogenic visions. One thing that does not ring true with the visions of Revelation or the other apocalypses such as Enoch's is the formula themes common to this style of religious writing. Real visions do not come in "styles" or formulas which can be used as templates for written report. The apocalypses share the common themes of angelic guidance, spiritual ascent into the (usually numbered) heavens, thrones of gold and crystals, angelic choirs, visions of hellish fires, to name a few prominent themes. Real visions are totally idiosyncratic, i.e., the symbolisms and imagery are individually unique to the experiencer, no two alike. Compared to real visions, Revelation looks like John took Enoch's apocalypses and rewrote them using Christ as the Son of Man. Why then is John's Revelation vision any better than Enoch's? or the two thousand year older Babylonian myths? Yet Christians, not connecting the historical dots in these writings are told John, and not the writer of Enoch I and II, or the Babylonians, has the True prophetic imagery. This is nonsense intellectually and spiritually.

*    *


The Biomystical meaning of Jesus' sacrifice

Biomystical Christianity says the Holy One gave the world a striking graphic hypnotic image of Sacrifice with a capital S with the story of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. God sacrifices God and provides the most powerful of images for personal transformation. Man sacrifices his ego, his ego-centered Life through identification with the ritual sacrifice of Jesus. And while BC suspects there never was an historical Jesus who died a crucifixion death, BC does know that the story of Jesus' sacrificial death works to the same effect. It is the Greatest Story ever told and gives the world that needed powerful image of self sacrifice that can trigger the human conscience into full operation destroying the topdog Alpha male rulership pattern because Jesus, as the very highest Alpha male ruler possible, i.e., the Messiah, King of the Jews and King of Kings, deliberately refuses to play the alpha male domination game, refuses to fight the top alpha leaders of his time yet by "losing" Jesus wins in the end. Conscience wins out over brutal unconsciousness. Non-violent resistance wins out over violent coercion. The Top Dog must behave as if he were the least in the kingdom in order to follow God who has it planned all along for human beings to overcome the animal behavioral pattern and move into true humanity.

I call this "biomystical" interpretation because it is spirituality that follows biological principles. There is in social animals a phenomena that happens in the male battles for domination of the herd, flock, pack, etc.. When males battle it out to see who gets to be leader of the herd researchers have found, not surprisingly, an increased level of testosterone in the systems of all males in the herd or flock. A bunch of mostly young hyper guys strutting their stuff with each other, sorting out the social hierarchy with pitched battles that finally culminate with one younger alpha male challenging the old alpha bull for leadership. The two battle it out, depending on the species, with mock fights or real ones, fairly harmless fights or deadly ones, until a victor emerges. Research has shown that as soon as the victor emerges there is a general lowering of all testosterone in all the members of the herd, i.e., peace reigns again as the social hierarchy is reestablished. Now think about us humans. If you were God and desired to fulfill your promises of peace and plenty to those humans who believed in you and your power, but you knew if you let normal biological programming to operate with human societies that it produces only killer ape behavior in humans and their leaders, how do you go about setting up some kind of social alpha authority over the human group that fulfills the deep seated biological programming to accept the strongest leadership?(historically usually this meant smart and mean men willing to sacrifice others to attain their goals) How do you break that biological cycle if you're God and want to help humanity evolve to higher levels of consciousness, wisdom, justice, mercy, and love? ABC sees in the phenomena of Jesus Christ God helping us break that incredibly strong biological killer ape behavior pattern where leadership in human enterprises is usually given to the most aggressive individuals who also usually are not the most kind-hearted, honorable human beings.

God saw a need to raise up a spiritual leader, an alpha male of alpha males, a King of Kings, who could undo the whole victor/victim, have and have-not paradigm that usually operates in human social structures. This is the Messiah, the Savior, the One who overthrows the normal human social pattern where the mean and greedy rule over the meek and servant-spirited. So Jesus, the King of the Jews, King of the people of God, of the covenant and epic containing the Messianic concept, overthrows the highest temporal powers, the greatest power in the world at the time, Rome, and the greatest spiritual authority at the time, the Sanhedrin. How does He do it? By refusing to play the Alpha male power trip. He lets the alphas physically kill him instead of fighting for his life or power. He dies but yet through his death, through his sacrifice of alpha domination, through his sacrifice of ego, through his sacrifice of virtual God as himself, Jesus shows us how God overthrows the animal in man to release the spiritual in humanity.

By deliberately dying the most lowly of social status deaths, crucifixion, by not urging his followers to fight for the Kingdom, Jesus shows us the Path to true righteousness which is found when we follow the will of Jesus' compassionate and wise God the Father who, as you now know, BC has identified as EL the Compassionate One, the Kindly One. And thus God gives us a new social model where we human beings, especially we men, can learn the lesson that the biological programming can be overcome. We can be free of negative animal behavioral patterns if we know them and use the Christ example to avoid falling into them again as the Christian Church certainly did, over and over again as they followed Paul's Judaicized Mystery Religion doctrine and buried this meaning of Christ's sacrifice. There is little real difference in religious philosophies except for making the sacrificial God a supposedly historical being instead of a timeless God who repeatedly goes through the dying/resurrection transformation. Certainly Christianity is not unique in offering Christian believers a way to be "born again" or entry into eternal life. These were the promises of the Mystery Religions too. Only BC's "Biomystical" interpretation of Jesus' sacrifice makes Christianity unique in all the world's religion and yet so necessary for further spiritual development of humanity from human animalism. Of course this BC doctrine naturally leads to the belief that only Christ fulfills the spiritual leadership role universally--all other spiritual avatars are second rate at best because they fail to provide the striking hypnotic image of Sacrifice that Jesus did. Inborn Christian chauvinism, folks, but it's the truth. Interesting religion we got here.. bueno gnosis

arielmessenger 3/18/02

Saving Knowledge: Biomystical Christian Gnosis of the meaning of Jesus sacrifice.. Pauline Christianity's interpretation of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross is not unique as it follows the doctrines and practices of pagan Mystery Religions. But the BC interpretation is unique because it ties spirituality with social biology in a direct, meaningful way to end the savage domination of society by the most aggressive alpha members. This makes Jesus and Christianity different from the rest because Jesus becomes the first and only representative of God Almighty to willingly give up temporal power in order to provide a model of sacrifice of power for love for all alphas, all who would lead others. This is why BC is so concerned that Jesus' teachings about the first coming last, the leader washing the feet of the follower, etc, etc, are understood as the real spiritual revolution Jesus accomplished. Buddha did renounce social position to help the world but only Jesus gave the world the supreme icon of self-sacrifice which make it the world's most powerful hypnotic trigger to release the full power of our inner "Christ", our consciences. Without understanding the full meaning of Jesus' sacrifice in terms of how it smashes the alpha top dog animal behavioral pattern, Paul' Christian interpretation became the Christian norm and traditional Christianity then joined the ranks of all other human organizations of the day where authority was established by pure power instead of by wisdom and compassion.

The early Christian Church made sure that the power of spiritual authority followed the leaders who quickly forgot all about Jesus' teachings of leaders placing the followers needs ahead of themselves. In other words, early Christian Church leaders were far more interested in establishing a new top dog alpha hierarchy for the Christian Church body of believers like the Jews had with their priesthoods, synagogues and Temple in Jerusalem and they accomplished this in Rome. ABC says that the Spirit of Christ sacrifice model is needed to be universally understood by each and every individual engaged in social activity, i.e., everyone. because until that top-dog alpha male domination pattern is recognized for what it is in terms of blocking and often destroying cooperative individual and community relationships as the most aggressive impose their will on the majority whether they like it or not, whether it is good for them or not.

As a Biomystical Christian I can go to any religious or governmental organization on earth and say to them, without your understanding of the Christ sacrifice your organization is doomed to be only the arena for battles between powerful men (or masculine minded women) seeking control of the rest and this accusation will be true. This ability of BC to focus in on the most crucial aspect of social relationships is why I believe God has given Arielmessenger the job of prophet to spread the word of this interpretation worldwide. It makes Christianity utterly unique in that it is the first religion to address biological reality head on, using the hardwiring in ourselves to our advantage instead of disadvantage. In the animal world, once the top dog alpha is selected by trial by combat, the rest rest easy until the next season or a new young alpha male arises to challenge the old one in place. You can see the relief in our society that follows this pattern when a President was finally chosen to lead the country. This is the hypnotic effect of the chosen leader in calming and guiding society. If the leader models his or her leadership on the Compassionate One, they rule only with wisdom and compassion as their only spiritual authority because it comes from a truly compassionate and wise God who desires nothing more than we rise above our animal life into the spiritual-based life intended for us.

*    *


Stephen. I can't at this moment think of any way to appropriately thank you for your awesome treatise on the ABC theology and the Biomystical Meaning of Jesus' sacrificial death...... I have never ! ! ever ! ! been able to accept the dictum that Jesus crucifixion was an atonement for our sins.....rather, I have always felt that such a concept was one of many fabrications designed to keep us in perpetual fear of suffering through another serious guilt trip..... as in: "He died for your sins, so you better not commit any new ones ! ! ! "You better behave ! " "You better be good ! " So Stephen, your incredible post has provided me with powerful and logical reasoning that explains and justifies Jesus' crucifixion in a totally new way ! ! I'll be forever grateful. And tomorrow morning I'm taking copies of your paper to my Historical Jesus Adult Sunday School class (Unity Church), and they're going to love it ! ! Again, a gazillion thanks........and bless you ! John G.

*    *


But R, how do explain Mk 10:18?

R posts: "Have you ever wondered why only Jesus was worthy enough to be our savior? I think it is because only He lived a perfect life completely spotless in all his thoughts and deeds as only He could because he came from God as well as man."

Mark 10:18 "Why do you call me good?' Jesus answered. 'No one is good--except God alone'"

Jesus was a man. Traditional Christian doctrine that Jesus was a God-Man thing is wrong, impossible, against Jewish Law, against scientific fact, against common sense, and can only be held as a fantasy belief. Jesus was "The Son of God" out of all the rest referred to as "Sons of God" because he alone of all human avatars brought the message of forgiveness of sins, unconditional love, faith in the soul's ability to return to heaven and the realm of God, and above all, complete willingness to sacrifice the Self, the selfish ego that must symbolically and psychological "die" before being resurrected in goodness of one's being and actions while in this life and assurance of resurrection of the soul to the Goodness of God's realm of Love and Light in the world to come. A human man, as symbolic King of Kings yet willing to sacrifice Power for Love, willing to sacrifice Self for Others, was necessary to demonstrate to the whole world God's real Kingdom which is spiritual and not of earthly limitations.

In my biomystical interpretation of Christhood, I connect the necessity to elevate Jesus above all men as the same biological phenomena that happens in the natural world of social animals. Top males compete for leadership in territorial battles for best female mates. Human males with the rise of civilization and the overthrow of ancient matriarchal religions extended that competition into killing contests, wars, between rival groups of males. In social animals once the top bull is established through winning competitive ritual battles (few species fight to the death) the rest of the competing males fall into their hierarchical positions and rivalry settles down until the old bull grows feeble and a new one replaces him. Studies show that levels of testosterone in competing males drops after the top male is established. Less testosterone in the male bloodstream means less strife for the social group. Another reason for symbolic castration by circumcision and Jesus' reference to males making themselves into eunuchs for sake of the Kingdom. So Jesus is elevated and established as the Top Male Avatar of all time. Jesus' Compassion from following God's will went beyond the Compassionate Man (realized in Buddha) as Jesus' Compassion meant giving his absolute all for humanity.

bueno gnosis

*    *


End Times for Buddhism

The philosophy of Buddhism rests on a false assumption

That assumption being that the shutting down of the human sense of self somehow reflects ultimate reality when all it shows is the human being shutting down brain impute into the sense of self center.

Buddha improved meditation methods for shutting down the human brain sense of self center. This has been shown by researchers doing brain scans of meditating Buddhist monks. Their reports of progress towards an enlightened state of consciousness was directly proportional to their ability to shut down electrical activity in the brain's sense of self center. In effect, Buddhists have trained themselves to create a virtual hole in the head by using meditation that tranquilizes part of it, a very significant part, that part which informs us who we are in relationship to everything else. With this sense of self center turned off, apparently blissful oceanic feelings of Oneness with the universe are experienced by Buddhists while God-believing mystics using similar meditation may experience oneness with God. But both are mistaking a tranquilized brain's perception of reality for reality itself. Buddhism has made a whole philosophy of the nature of the universe and human consciousness from this mistaken core belief. The hole in the head is projected onto the world as a Void where nothing is real, only phantom existences briefly experienced as human lives and disappearing again into the Void.

Buddha obviously never found God or consciousness of spiritual reality. But no doubt about it, as a relaxation meditation technique and humanistic philosophy Buddhism has its place but as a philosophy of higher reality, I can't see a lot of difference between taking tranquilizing drugs to shut down the brain's sense of self and sensitivity to psychological pain and using meditation techniques that do the same thing. God gave whole brains for a reason.

The world is complex and needs whole brain functioning to deal with it most of the time, not all the time because we do need psychological breaks from time to time from "normal" consciousness in order to re-center ourselves spiritually for those who believe in spiritual reality or psychologically for those unsure of spiritual reality. So why turn off part of one's brain and pay the price of lowering creative brain responses? It is no accident that where Buddhism is entrenched in a culture that culture stagnates at a level several hundred years behind the intellectual level achieved by evolving Christianity for one example, e.g., Tibet. Buddhist art and poetry too stagnates at the natural landscape level. For real creativity you need an ego. There is no other way to go beyond past traditional forms except to challenge them which involves ego that says "I" can do better.

*    *


Thanks for responding BR. A very Buddhist mind answer. I have no quarrel with the compassionate action teachings of the Buddha which like you say mirror Jesus'. It's only that I believe the statement "know the truth and it shall make you free." Since science has discovered this correspondence of a meditationally achieved tranquilized sense of self brain center and the tranquil bliss and ego-less state they are attempting to achieve as their philosophy's highest goal, shouldn't it become known? I mean to me it's kinda scary information because it shows a correspondence between chemical tranquilization. You see what I mean? You say you had a violent temper before becoming a Buddhist? Well, what about people who are violent and have another area of their brains "tranquilized" by lobotomy? Or what about tranquilizing our brains with Prozac?

It would almost seem axiomatic that tranquilized people will be more peaceful. I look at Buddhist sculptures of Buddhas all sleepy eyed, nations of people literally putting themselves mentally to sleep as the brain scans show. And I am sorry but take Tibet for example and tell me how the peasantry fare in ability to express themselves in whatever way they want which just might not always be the Tibetan Buddhist way of life they are compelled to live under by not having a tradition of egotistical achievement, necessary to find freedom from domination in all its forms, including philosophical religious ones.

I believe Jesus shows the harder but truer road towards full humanity. You are not given any magic shield from the depths of despair save your faith in the goodness of God which protects you all the way through life and beyond. If you want to love you have to be willing to take the pain that comes with it. We each of us tranquilize ourselves in some way or another. So like you, who am I to say what's best but I will speak out to warn people about mistaking a meditation way to create a literal hole in the head for reality and people's place in it. I can't help if these are the End Times for many traditional religious paths.

*    *


Why are Creationists so afraid of being part of the natural order?

arielmessenger 4/26/2002 Because patriarchal religions are based on overthrowing Nature based religions.

Anything that smacks of nature worship, especially Mother Nature, Mother Earth, natural cycles of women, natural seasonal cycle celebration, anything that rejoices in material world phenomena for its own sake without linking it back to a male Deity's province, is verboten by der men in charge of how and where and who to worship.

The Law has to be static, never changing, to make sure no one tries to rock the patriarchal boat with some heretical new stuff that opens the door to questioning the Authority of the Law of Moses or the Word of God of the Christians. If God's Law is locked into a changeless form, then so must God's Creation, everything in it locked into final forms, no changes allowed, otherwise God's permanent Law governing human beings might also be a changeable phenomena and if so, where does that put religious Authority but in a likewise vulnerable position. Who knows where Changes could lead? Better to brand changes and changers the tools of Satan for undermining traditional religious Authority.

It is easy to understand Creationists hatred of evolution when you realize religion to them means religious authority's direct or indirect control of society. Science and scientists whose ideas and actions threaten the status quo of America under God control,(the Christian God, of course), as does scientific methods applied to bible scholarship and historical research.

Ever since Christianity defeated the Greek gods and buried Greek knowledge of science for centuries until the Enlightenment returned Greek knowledge to Western Civilization, traditional Christians have been fighting to stop knowledge of the natural world from reaching the people. Why, because the Bible can't deal with natural world facts as it is filled with supernatural fictions palmed off as facts and doesn't want believers to discover this. Scientific facts have already taken huge chunks out of the Bible as Authority and Creationists are afraid evolutionary science theory would further reduce the Bible as unquestionable Authority in the world which in turn reduces the social power of Bible spokespeople to influence and control American social values. But it isn't just American status quo values that Creationists want to protect, it the whole Bible status quo in a world that increasingly spreads scientific information to all human populations. The Bible is doomed as a historical or anthropologically factual reference book but that doesn't stop those who want to Lucy to go away so Adam and Eve don't have any esplanin' to do about wives for Cain and Seth and other devilish questions God's handbook didn't cover too well..

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Experiencing synchronicity and experiencing the world as maya, illusion

There are two movies one can rent that can give you a taste of what I went through in my religious conversion experience described above. The movies are Dej V and The Thirteenth Floor.

Dej V shows how synchronicity events are experienced as a chain of impossible coincidences, each one bearing some aspect that relates to one's life so that a pattern is established, life pattern, a meaningful role for oneself in the grand scheme of things. In Dej V the pattern the two main characters finally understand at the end is how "Fate" had marked these two people as lovers who while separated many times by circumstances are "maneuvered" again and again through incredible coincidences to come back together. Replace "Fate" with God and you will see how God arranged my life during the three days of revelation at Easter by presenting me with a striking series of impossible coincidences, each bearing some important spiritual point, so as to finally break down my analytical, material science-oriented mindset and convert me from atheism to belief in God and Its Spirit of Christ.

In The Thirteenth Floor the main protagonist discovers that the world he lives in is but a super-computer creation so finely made that the people in it cannot tell it is not a "real" world at all but one of many alternative worlds created for amusement for future beings. The shock of discovery shown in the film is similar to the shock of discovery I felt when God showed me the world as illusion through the experience of continuous synchronicity for three days straight. By the third day I "knew" the "Script" of God's Play that we know as Life in our Universe well enough to predict the lines people would say before they said them. I knew what would come out of the mouths of my family and friends before they spoke and how what they didn't see was the ongoing spiritual quest our souls are making towards reestablishing contact with God. If existence is a Play and all of us merely actors playing out our roles what does this mean of physical "reality"? That it is Illusion, a Grand Illusion indeed but though once seen makes the world take on a completely different meaning. It becomes clearly seen as the school of living God puts our souls through to wake them up and prepare them for that other world awaiting us beyond the grave. I am convinced Jesus saw this too because this Saying of his in the Gospel of Thomas points to it:

"Jesus said, 'Whoever has come to understand the world has found only a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world."

Once one "sees" the world as a scripted Play the world does become a "corpse" because what we think of as spontaneous, ever-changing Life becomes known to be an incredibly detailed Morality Play with stage sets so cleverly made as to defy even the minutest scrutiny. When Life is stripped of spontaneity it loses its "life", its fresh, new formations constantly changing that to us make it something new every moment. It is a frightening sensation to see this and I was soooooooo happy that God didn't keep me in that state of consciousness longer than three days. I think Jesus was in it for three years because he talks and acts as though he too has found and is following God's Script for him.

Now I know why prophets are few and far between. If everyone had this experience of the world as maya, it would rob everyone of experiencing the beauty of Life, it would rob everyone of the "life" of Life. Ignorance can truly be a blessed state. But that ignorance is broken for everyone when they die the physical death, the Day of Judgment it is called which comes to each one at their time of death. But luckily, God is merciful and keeps the vast majority of human beings in complete ignorance of the Scripted Play so that we can truly enjoy the Life given us without worrying about OZ behind the smokescreen pulling the plug any moment.

bueno gnosis

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The Solitary Path vs. Organized Religion (Islam in this case)

N, the Holy One has no need to have any one human being speak for It-nor is it possible

And if that human being attempts to speak for all God-consciousness then I have to say what arrogant foolishness.

There can be no intercession between you and God. None. Any attempts to do so speak of male power trips, using the age old biological male domination game as Religion to control society, but still it is control of society that is the important thing in organized religion. And having met God on my own terms, I find such organized religions as false as can be- every one of them promotes its own priesthood, each attempting to control social groups from a false spiritual authoritarian position. It cannot be done as the Holy One is truly Universal and in no one's possession. No one.

N, look at history and tell me Islam's political record of compassion and mercy is substantially any better than the Christian one for those who resist Islam. Yes, at some points Islam was more benevolent than Christianity but at others it was not, and the same for Christianity-actually Christianity has been forced to mellow out having run up against the moral contradiction of using political force against innocent peoples to convert them to Christianity in the last centuries. Islam is only beginning to run up against that contradiction now with the contradiction of democratic idealism and Islamic religious laws. No organized religion with a territorial agenda of conquering will survive the Democratic Revolution and that includes Islam. Once the ideals of democracy are understood intellectual peoples will not stand for anything less, especially when it comes to one's personal religion which can only be between oneself and God, no one else. Certainly no ancient person with limited knowledge and cultural prejudices can act as intercessor between you and God-the relationship can only be one-to-one. One can have religious fellowship but once that fellowship becomes a political force historically it becomes another oligarchy of males battling other oligarchies of males for political control of the group, i.e., it has lost its spiritual reason to be which is to OVERCOME biological male territorial battling. And N, the reason I follow the Spirit of Christ is because only that Spirit addresses the real problem: male territorial warfare that can be seen ruining populations all around the globe. Men with guns out of control. Islam only contributes to the problem and offers no non-violent solution. And traditional or Pauline Christianity too has no solution as it too doesn't address the real problem of male territorial, just substituting a new Christian hierarchy and Law in place of the Jewish one or the pagan Greco-Roman ones.

The solitary path is the only religious path that will lead you out of social violence and into a personal relationship with God. All other spiritual paths are contaminated with other peoples personal and cultural agendas.

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ELohim, and the Return of God as She

Without a heavenly model of Unity we have no earthly model of Unity

The Holy One started off as an "Us", an Elohim in Hebraic scriptures. This directly reflects the Canaanite conception of the Godhead being a "Divine Assembly" which can be seen in those verses in Psalms I quote. I think there are a couple in Proverbs as well as both these OT books carry pagan religious wisdom sayings as well as Hebrew ones. Not a lot but enough to show a derivation through time from Canaanite polytheistic context to a Hebrew monotheistic one.

When God is God the Father only you get the type of religion the world knows as patriarchal meaning men rule practically everything and rule it the way male animals rule their herds or their packs. It wasn't that long ago that Western Christian males were treating women the way Islamic males treat women which is far from as equals in partnership. While EL held the top spot in Canaan, Asherah certainly was not cast aside without strong voice in the spiritual understanding of the Canaanite peoples. Evidently even ancient Hebrews originally cast Asherah as a wife of Yahweh.

There was a spiritual reason why polytheism had to be superceded by monotheism. The Holy One wanted us to have a model of Unity, of wholeness for the Spirit and our own selves which as you note contain both male and female aspects. Just as science discovered the unity of Nature as an ecology system of natural life communities each interacting to form a whole eco-system, so too does the Holy One want us to realize that each of us is a balance of internal identities, with one or another being dominant but BOTH absolutely necessary for holistic completion of the self and of the community.

The patriarchal religions wiped out the feminine aspect of the Holy One to do away with polytheism. But now in our times the Holy One knows we can distinguish between human anthropomorphism of the Godhead that allow us to understand God and blind obedience to images of God as if they were God or gods. The Gnostics had this clearly in mind with their concept of emanations from a Godhead that appears to humankind in a balance of spiritual identities, male and female.

Elohim or the Divine Assembly to ABC theology is the forerunner of the Holy Family that the Holy One wants us now to consider It as. It is the closest the human mind that sees reality in terms of contrasting aspects can come to understanding the multiplex Great Spiritual Unity we call God.

Without the Feminine reinstated into the Godhead the lessons of the Spirit of Christ will not hold as they did not hold for 2000 years of traditional Christian teachings. That is why a new Spirit of Christ in feminine form is coming into human consciousness now to empower the feminine spirit in society so that there comes an end to male territorial aggression and warfare. It is warfare that is mainly responsible for creating widows and the fatherless. Men with guns all around the world are out of control and God means to stop them one way or another. So the Holy One as She returns..

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The devaluation of sex and the material world

The whole celibacy, sex is sin, concept comes out of that time period around 500 BC to the fall of Rome.

Religious people and philosophers were getting sick of endless nature worship with its emphasis on sympathetic magic of sex to promote crop and human fertility and abundance. There was a spiritual reaction. Patriarchal ideas of the Godhead took the lead. In the Gentile world, the Feminine was becoming more and more condemned as belonging to the material world and therefore unspiritual, a trap for fools blinded by earthly desires that in the end were of no importance. Sex was corrupt because the Spirit was thereby trapped in material bodies and pro-creation was a mixed blessing at best. It was thought more spiritual and wiser to rise above the sensual sexual world by non-involvement in it which in religious fanatic hands became absolute condemnation of the sensual world and sex in general. The truly pious man was one who was pure, a virgin, unadulterated with contamination of the material world.

What a crock! As if the big head of men had control over their little head. Hardwired for it and if that sexual energy isn't given a healthy normal outlet then watch out, it will find abnormal ones,i.e., ones that involve violating others.

To Biomystical Christian theology, in the Virgin/Puritan phase that came into religious theologies with the advent of patriarchal doctrines beginning around 500 BC, the Holy One was in the process of advancing knowledge of Itself in human consciousness from polytheistic consciousness of the spiritual world being split up into many realms, each with its characteristic god or goddess, to the monotheistic consciousness of God as One, One Supreme Being, One Great Spirit instead of many. The Holy One chose the Hebrews to advance this idea for God only knows what reasons beyond the probability that the Hebrews when they left Egypt very likely picked up Pharaoh Aknaten's monotheistic ideas. Sigmund Freud thought the escaping Hebrews might have been led by an Egyptian follower of Aknaten who had to flee when Aknaten's monotheistic revolt was overturned by the polytheistic Egyptian priesthood. This Egyptian led band of Habiru, lowlifes, by inspiration from God who he or they conceived as a mixture of Canaanite (EL), Egyptian (Aten the One God the Solar Being, Amen Re, the invisible God, and Yahti, the Father God, and I AM from Isis identifying title--older than the written Torah), ancient Bedouin desert God, Yah, and Ammonite Sun, Fire, War God Molech a.k.a. Moloch, King of Heaven, King of Shame, a.k.a. Hebrew's Melech. But driven by the Aknaten religious fanaticism of breaking every tie with polytheism, these ancient Hebrews attacked the Goddess worship of Asherah and Astarte (Ishtar) and their protector god, Baal most especially because these were Canaanite deities and the early Hebrew, Hapiru were inland Canaanites most likely. EL they kept as God Most High but EL's wife they hid as her icon the Tree of Life. But basically, the Feminine was OUT of heaven and earth as far as the patriarchy was concerned. Feminine out of heaven meant everything feminine on earth was devalued. Finally sex itself devalued and condemned.

As if God's hardwired for sex creatures could ever put sex out of their minds for more than, what is it for men? 6 minutes on average? I'd say if religion doesn't deal with sex in a realistic way, religion ain't ever gonna do nobody no good no how.

*    *


Free will vs. Predestination

well, actually the idea of predestination is also old and Jewish:

Ps 139:16, one of my favorites:

"Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.

And in Your book they all were written,

The days fashioned for me,

When as yet there were none of them."

Biomystical Christianity states that if God is God then God is omnipotent and omniscient by human definition. Omniscience means God knows past, present, future. We don't so mistake our blindness of the future in our decision-making as "free will". True free will does not exist but this can only be seen when one has experienced continuous synchronicity, being "in sync" with the actual way life unfolds itself in time and space. This perceptual state of mind leads to that spiritual awareness of existence as "Maya" or illusion because once experienced, one knows that existence is but a Play God arranges for our soul's spiritual evolution into God-consciousness into God Itself. Everything has already been arranged beforehand by God who knows because It created it, the past, the present and the future. Time runs in a forward arrow to we human beings but God is beyond time and beyond space yet fully these, unified as Holy One.

*      *



Christian Socialism or Christian Capitalism?

Which is more important, a, billions more for the armaments industry or millions in cuts out of our health-care system?

I'm not talking about Democrats and Republican agendas specifically, a, I'm talking about Christian principles.

When a nation consistently chooses making profit for a small percentage of the population while letting the vast majority struggle to stay economically afloat, then there is something major wrong in that agenda. And that has been America's major agenda for decades, centuries some might argue as it is the agenda of capitalism. Capitalism is exactly like cancer. It has to grow to stay alive and that is why it becomes a most dangerous system when society doesn't counter it's growth. More and more money and therefore political power is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands which leads to government corruption by being bought off by Big Money special interests. It is an unhealthy system that can only continue on with periodic collapses, recessions to depressions, which are the recovery stages of capitalist over-exploitation of existing markets.

Jesus told all of us about the impossibility of serving two masters. Either Christians serve God or they serve Mammon or wealth. Acts tells us that early Christians followed Jesus' teachings which are the basis of the communitarian socialist ethic. Acts: "Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need" Marx: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Every Christian communitarian society, e.g. Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites, and the original Jewish Kibbutzim were modeled on this ethic. It is God's selfless ethic whereas capitalism is man's selfish ethic which is why Jesus made the statements he did about wealth blocking entry into God-consciousness or the Kingdom.

I am always bitterly amused that most traditional Christians deny this teaching of Jesus whenever it conflicts with their lifestyle of abundance. Poor Christians know the truth of this teaching. Rich Christians do not. Francis of Assisi also taught the same ethic again. And of course, Marx brought in guns to force the ethic down peoples' throats whether they wanted it or not, a tactic that contradicted the whole reason behind sharing what we have in brotherly love and eventually killed Communism. But the ethic is a basic teaching of Jesus and as long as Jesus' teachings are taught so too that ethic is taught to those who are willing to learn it because they know the Kingdom of God cannot be brought to earth without it.

*    *


Hi Steve, (I'm a Steve too) How come you think a two-tiered communitarian socialist system leads to economic survival of monolithic corporations? The whole idea is to spread out the cost of operation of providing the basics to individual and community well-being.

Whenever a product or service is needed or considered essential by most people, putting the delivery of that product or service into few controlling hands, ie., corporate ownership of the means of production and distribution, the vast majority of the people get rooked while a tiny percentage make fortunes that are beyond comprehension, e.g., Bill Gates and every billionaire. Capitalist society promotes this sort of unequal distribution of power over basic necessities needed by everyone just to survive. When you put a price ticket on clean water, air, medicine and medical aid, basic foods, basic transportation, basic shelter, basic education, basic education, things just about every person on earth needs, you are shooting your society in the foot, because you have set up a system guaranteed to create social injustice, ever-widening gap between rich and poor, and all the crime activity that will accompany this social injustice, crime activity that in desperate countries will lead to revolutionary counter-movements, ie., war. It's like sports and entertainment industry stars. Because the ticket gate is in the multimillions, these stars can demand outrageous sums as more and more millions pay to see them. When do you say STOP! to such a system where the lucky individual who has the new computer product every one needs will make a fortune while the poor slob who solders the microchip in place in Taiwan gets peanuts?

It is just plain stupid to allow an economic system to be in place that vastly rewards a tiny handful of people while costing all the rest of us time and money to give these comparatively few capitalists their toll booth take for using their bridge, their windows system, their exclusive contract, etc., etc. all of which means money and time out of everyone else's pocket to pay for this social and economic inequality.

Why should you and I have to pay Bill Gates a penny every time we turn on our computers? Just because Gates knew how to rip off the Macintosh windows system? And because we all need computers, Mr. Gates becomes the world's richest man. A thoroughly dumb social-economic system that makes everyone pay a toll to some group of jerks in their fancy homes and fancy cars running the world their way and not yours.

As for who supplies the money for a two-tier system, do we really need a money system to provide society with the essentials to individual and community well-being? How about a no-money tax system? Direct work instead of paying money. Nearly everyone can do some sort of work--why have a money system at all for basic necessities? We don't think of setting up some dude in control of our fire depts, or water depts, or roads, or schools, why hospitals, why education, why computers, why basic transportation, why set up a system that everyone needs in such a way that only a few fat cats will benefit while everyone else works their tails off to support that yaght, that Mercedes, that 5 million dollar house the fat cat needs to think himself worthy to be a human being?

No, life priorities get all screwed up in capitalist economic systems.

*     *


Heaven's Gate

They don't die.

Gnostics know where their souls come from which is the Light of God. Their souls return to the Light when they die. This is the true resurrection which is of the soul and not the body for as Paul pointed out and most Christians ignore, "flesh cannot inherit the kingdom".

O, forget the Bible boiler-plate heavenly scenarios. They're based on supernaturalization of the Jewish Temple layouts, e.g. Revelation's New Jerusalem is a supernaturalized gigantic Holy of Holies cube modeled directly on the H/H's in the Jewish Temple. These are men's religious formula heavens which explains why Apocalypses like John's and Enoch's tend to share commonalties. But their composed from Scripture readings and bear little if any resemblance to the reports of Heaven and the afterlife by people who have experienced clinical death and lived to tell about it. Biomystical Christianity says, if you want to know about the afterlife, don't buy into Revelation's formula fantasy but stick with the reports of thousands n.d.e. people, many of whom are alive today to verify their reports.

In the n.d.e's you'll find out about the well-known "Tunnel" leading to the Light, the Golden Light that "feel's" like Love. There too you'll find out about the Being of Light often met, sometimes more than supernatural Being. Friends and family who have gone before are often found there. It seems to be a most blissfully pleasant place few want to leave but are usually sent back anyway because "their time" on earth is not up. Most of the ones sent back come back with a profound feeling of compassion for others and often newly believe "love is the answer." And it is.

Biomystical Christianity is directed towards one's life on earth and not the afterlife. The spiritual work is here on earth. This is the place our souls are born into to learn what love is all about. We learn it the hard way of course because our human brains only learn something by contrasting that something to something else. The School of Living we call Life teaches with contrasts, night, day, male, female, up, down, earth, sky, sea, life, death, good, evil. Heaven doesn't seem to be based that way judging from n.d.e's. It might be a place of pure Goodness from our mortal point of view. Wonder if they get bored...and what about those beauties for us guys, oh, right..that's the Muslim heavenly reward for those doing Allah's wet-work..you can maybe understand why BC will stick with n.d.e.'s about heaven and bypass the religious propaganda heavens.

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