Bank of Earth


What is the "Bank of Earth"? Well, compared to your usual commercial bank it's nothing like it. Why? Because this bank is owned by its customers, like a credit union but more than that as in the Bank of Earth you find deposits of things like pure seeds kept uncontaminated by genetic engineering, you will find root stocks of pure plants, also uncontaminated by genetic engineering, you will find access to communitarian world supplies where communities around the globe contribute to other communities those items in abundance one place but rare in another. Natural resources are to be shared equally, not "owned" by anyone but belonging naturally to everyone as a Right of Humanity. But the same goes for ecological problems, those too to be shared equally by everyone because ecology doesn't stop at any one community, state, or nation, it is naturally a shared phenomena.

In our future world, money, jobs, the things we value so high today will be obsolete, because of automation and robotics taking over so many routine and dull jobs humans have been laboring at for generations. We will see a return to natural living where the most important things are social health which includes the health of all the plants and animals and humans within each eco-region, all sharing the planet one way or another. We are all Holy One. Let's act on this physical as well as spiritual truth.