Armageddon has already come!



Armageddon has already come. Neither Christians or atheists saw it coming and still don't know it arrived over a decade ago when Israeli archaeology revealed that the Hebrew writers of the Bible stories did not even exist as an identifiable ethnic group in Canaan/Palestine before 700 B.C. making all their tales of earlier "Hebrews" like Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, just Jewish myths of origin - - which explains why no one can find any Hebrew artifacts to confirm Bible stories as true to history. This means the Bible cannot possibly be used by thinking people for spiritual authority as you can't get spiritual authority from myths being sold as "real history" of us Jews. Why is this revealing of the Bible as fraud have anything to do with Armageddon? Because the best archaeological site in all of Palestine is at Megiddo, an ancient crossroads trade town on main route connecting Canaan to south with Egypt and to the north with Syria and Asia Minor. At one time or another every ethnic group in Canaan/Palestine set up shop in Megiddo to ply their wares. As a strategic site, Megiddo saw many battles as well. "Megiddo" has the same meaning as "Armageddon", the Greek transliteration of the Canaanite name for the location of their Divine Assembly, their pantheon of gods and goddesses. If and when prophesy comes true, it always comes true in ways believers least expect.


For well over a hundred years Bible believers have been scouring the Holy Land as amateur archeologists, a tiny percentage professionals, all looking for archeological evidence supporting the major Bible events recorded in the Old Testament and finding virtually none. Oh, all sorts of claims are made for Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat and various "Jesus Family" tombs are found and paraded in the news for a while but historians and people following them note when it comes time that professional archeologists and historians talk about ancient Israel and the Bible stories one gets an entirely different picture of Holy Land biblical archeology. The claims for finds "proving" the Bible stories do not hold up under scientific revue. Why haven't archeologists found any traces of King David's and King Solomon's supposedly mighty and fabulously wealthy (more gold than Ft. Knox if memory serves). Yet while no real archeological traces of any Israeli monumental building can be found, archeologists find ruins of other contemporary civilizations proving their existence, even ones lost to history like Troy and yet found again.


The Megiddo archeological findings of Israeli archeologists

Two Israelis, archeologist Israel Finkelstein and historian Neil Silberman are leading the professional archeological conclusions about the people who wrote the Bible as they have spent the most time in digs as professional archeologists searching the Holy Land tracing Jewish roots. The dig site that has proven to be the most valuable one in showing the differing peoples of ancient Canaan-Palestine is the one at Megiddo where most all Canaanite peoples wishing to travel north or south usually passed through, Megiddo a town in a strategic interconnecting valley which is why it was always a battle site too. Finkelstein and Silberman were looking for the origins of the people who wrote the Bible, Hebrew/Jews.

Since the Bible records Hebrews beginning with Abraham as father of Isaac who becomes father of Jacob who becomes Israel and the best estimates for Abraham's time being around 1800 BC (some thought earlier BC) the thought was Hebrews as a distinct separate Canaanite ethnic group started then, in 1800 BC. And then there was Moses and the Joshua wars conquering Canaanite cities around 1400 BC. Then came David and Solomon's Greater Israel kingdom around 1000 BC, i.e. a continuous Hebrew presence since 1800 BC. But Finkelstein and Silberman found no such record in the archeological evidence at the Megiddo site, the best one in all Israel for showing the differing ancient groups of Canaan/Palestine.

You can see Finkelstein and Silberman's work and conclusions in this video, "The Bible Unearthed".



If Finkelstein and Silberman's findings continue to stand as they have stood they show that the people who wrote the Bible can only be traced back as far as 700 BC! This of course destroys the Bible stories by exposing them as nothing more than Jewish myths of origin like most all ethnic communities produce at one time or another. No Abraham, no Moses and the Exodus, no David and Solomon, all fictions. And fictions believed by Abrahamic believers because they were told the stories were true by their priesthoods as their rulers. Judaism's mythology would have been exposed long ago as such if not for protection from historical scrutiny by powerful Christian RCC rulers, then Christian Protestant governments and a great fear of going against the "Word of God" that archeological scrutiny would entail. And since WW II, any scholar's who's works are against the interests of Zionist Judaism are condemned by Zionist Jewish watchdogs as "anti-Semites".

It will and has taken Jews themselves to make the initial steps in exposing the Bible stories as fraudulent history. I am Jewish too but Christian as well as I was an atheist like many Jews are until I went through my own three day long "Road to Damascus" religious conversion experience which converted me to lasting belief in God and God's Spirit of Christ. So I'm solidly Christian but I will warn you here that God didn't convert me to Bible Christianity. It took a year for me to find out, the year that the lost Gnostic Gospels were first published in English in the Nag Hammadi Library book for me to discover God had put me on a modern form of the Gnostic spiritual path, knowledge of God from direct spiritual experience being valued above swearing allegiance to words in any book. Carl Jung was a Gnostic for a modern example and my Gnostic Christian beliefs contain a belief in Archetypes underlying our earthly human dramas. But I am very much God-guided and the Spirit of Christ leads me or so is my faith. But it is not Bible bound faith since God in mental epiphany, gnosis, told me 33 years ago the Bible could not be used for a historical record, (God knew this would be important to me because I was a former anthropology major at U.C. Berkeley) but only could be mined for a "Golden Thread" of spiritual truth embedded in much gross matrix.

That was 33 years ago. In 1998 God led me through a good friend handing me a book, saying "Read this." And I did, Semitic Languages Prof. John Gray's Near Eastern Mythologies, about ancient Canaanite peoples and their beliefs. And in this book I found, EL Elyon, God Most High, Jesus' "Abba", His "Daddy" as we Hebrews would call our dearly beloved father. All Christians need to read this book to find Jesus' Abba like I did. EL Elyon was a truly Good God, the best ancient male deity I know of and the ancient Canaanites loved Him for good reason. He was called, besides the Creator of all Created Things, and The Compassionate One, a title thoroughly corrupted by both YHWH and ALLAH, "The Kindly One", "The Friendly One", and it was to EL that Canaanites went to ask for forgiveness of their sins, which he seems to have given easily, not threats of eternal damnation issued to human beings. Here's an example of Canaanite EL's teaching:


"War is against my wish; Plant the seeds of peace in the heart of the earth."


I realized in 1998 that there would come a time when all Christians would face what I called the "Armageddon Choice", a real fulfillment of Revelation but as usual, not in the way expected. I'll explain a little further on but first some relevant Gnostic history.


Like many a Christian before me and like all Gnostics before me, I could not accept the Old Testament God of Israel as the same heavenly Father that taught Jesus who taught us Christian ethics and spiritual beliefs. That God of Israel was like Allah, a cruel unforgiving tyrant of a god, one who could and did issue commands to kill innocents, children included, something Jesus' forbade any Christian ever to do. No Christian following the teachings of Jesus could ever follow the commands of such a god. And the Gnostic Christians went even further in protest: we found the God of Israel, Yahweh to be an imposter god, not really the top god at all but a usurper, like Lucifer. But the old Gnostics never knew about the Canaanite EL Elyon as Canaanite history was long buried by their times. They were stuck thinking Yahweh was the Maker (Demiurge) Fraud of Israel who really screwed up Creation and made it a trap for souls rightfully belonging with God. Hence the old Gnostics didn't have much use for the material world made in such an evil fashion, tyranny of rulers (Archons) and rulership by tooth and claw being the norm of human existence. Best thing was to become "passers-by", a kind of Christian Buddhism of non-attachment. But knowledge, and not blind faith in other men's words was key to escaping the Archonic hold over most people.

Gnostics produced individual Gospels but few produced organized religions. Mani did which Augustine joined before becoming Church Christian. And there are Mandeans (means "Knowers") in Iraq who are an ancient organized Gnostic religious group but most Gnostics followed the Solitary Path of direct individual spiritual relationship with God with no human or paper and ink intercessors in between you and God. This is the real reason why Church Fathers hated Gnostic Christians who wouldn't support their Church enterprise by which they earned their living and keep. John's Gospel is purely Gnostic yet because it supports the other Gospels and attacks Thomas type Gnosticism it passes into the New Testament while the Gospel of Thomas gets the axe. This prejudice against Gnostic Christianity became deadly when the Roman Empire went Christian (Pauline Christian) and the Church went after us Gnostics in a most serious way: all Gnostic books burned and Gnostics themselves either killed or forced to flee for their lives. Many went to the deserts of Egypt and that's where the Nag Hammadi Library was found that resurrected many lost Gnostic Gospels, like all of Thomas'. Why am I referring to Gnostic Christian history here? Because only a modern form of Gnostic Christianity is going to save Christianity from the Armageddon fate awaiting Pauline Christianity that is Bible based theology.

Armageddon has truly come. I saw it in 1998 when I found EL Elyon the way ancient Canaanites perceived and worshiped Him before Judah did their Lucifer makeover of Yahweh into EL's position as the top God through the Sinai Covenant. This is where "I AM" "YHWH" was created as a man-made artifice as historical discovery of the true Jewish record at the Megiddo site has now confirmed. I saw in 1998 what I called the "Armageddon Choice" coming for all Christians to choose between what God they are worshiping and serving; EL Elyon, God Most High as Jesus did? Or Yahweh, all gussied up as "YHWH" the unspeakable Name of God. Unspeakable is right for the unspeakable chain of terror, horror, and violent completely unnecessary deaths to innocents cause by Jewish lies becoming the foundations of Zionism, Pauline Christianity and Muslim terrorism that has kept the world in near continuous Abrahamic religiously inpired warfare for 2500 years. God's sick and tired of it and Armageddon has arrived. And as usual for prophesy if fulfilled at all, it is fulfilled in ways believers never expect.

As a modern Gnostic Christian with our ancient traditions long ago divorced from the Jewish Bible and even the Jewish god which we rightfully considered an imposter god, I have found a far more ancient Christianity rooted in the heavens where no man can touch it to pollute it as Abrahamic religionists have polluted their "Word(s) of God" with lie after lie. There's no spiritual authority derived from liars and their lies.

So the Bible is toast as spiritual authority for anyone who thinks for themselves and is not satisfied being a clone of either Moses, Paul or Muhammad's fibs about God. For those who have placed their faith in liars and fibs and fables, it's the End Times of your Abrahamic beliefs and perhaps later generations will be able to breath easier without the constant disruption of peace by Abrahamic religionists at war.