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Doesn't Ariel, the good Air Spirit in Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, look sweet and innocent? Such a perfect New Age name for an Aquarian hippie to take in 1975 to show his commitment to social change. What I didn't know then was I had invoked a real Angel and a very powerful one at that. Ariel has become the Archangel for the Age of Aquarius.


How Stephen became Ariel

In 1975 the Archangel Ariel entered into the subconscious of a 31 year old man named Stephen. Stephen was and is an artist, a writer, a social change and environmental activist, and a veteran of the 1960's counterculture revolution. Stephen wasn't a particularly spiritually conscious person at that time and had no idea that he had invoked an angelic Entity when he decided to change his name like many others of his generation. 

Stephen wanted a name as far away as possible from the biblical name his parent's christened him, the same name as his father's with his simple carpenter's patriotism to America, right or wrong. And like many of his counterculture generation, Stephen also was at war with his parent's generation's values and national actions that had led America into the Vietnam War and created a world constantly poised on the brink of nuclear annihilation and ecological ruin.

Being born in the sign of Aquarius, Stephen thought he chose what he believed to be an appropriate Aquarian name, a non-Biblical name or so Stephen mistakenly assumed at the time. Unconscious of the Angel's influence Stephen renamed himself "Ariel" after Shakespeare's name for the good Air Spirit in his play "The Tempest".

From that moment on Stephen became, whether he knew it or not, whether he liked it or not when he did eventually discover the Angel's presence in his life, the human messenger of the New Millennium instructions delivered to Earth by Ariel, the Spirit Messenger of EL, God Most High, the God the Father face of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.

Stephen was known in his community as Ariel for fourteen years until he and his father, both having undergone religious conversion experiences, resolved their differences and Stephen could again honor his father's name and reclaim himself as Stephen with Stephen's mission for God.

It's important to understand that Stephen wasn't "channeling" Ariel. Stephen was unconscious of Ariel's presence for several years. In a way, Ariel lightly "possessed" Stephen. Stephen was under a great deal of mental stress in 1975 due to the breakup of his eleven year marriage and the collapse of a four year effort to establish a new cooperative intentional community. Perhaps Stephen's natural psychic defenses were down but in any event even with the pain of dissolution and disillusionment Stephen was also receiving a stream of new insights and ideas.

Under Ariel's influence Stephen discovered an amazing new social change concept, a brand new but elegantly simple biologically based evolution theory that explained the meaning of history's rise and fall of civilizations and where social evolution of the human race was leading. You can read all about this new theory of social evolution in the Climax Theory chapter in the Creating Climax Civilization book.

After receiving the Climax Civilization revelation Stephen, now Ariel, got an idea from "out of nowhere" for a new Bible, the Rainbow Bible, thinking of it as a novelty item and another little jab at traditional society. He didn't understand the real significance of the Rainbow Bible until years later. The Rainbow Bible isn't what you might think it is. It's something new.


Stephen went on to paint in the early months of 1975 a painting he considered a visual dance celebrating his new name and his new start in life. He named the painting "Ariel Lome"--Ariel for the Air Spirit of Aquarius and Lome for the rich earth that grounded him. This painting became Stephen's visionary art masterpiece, his best work to date* Even though Stephen was a complete unknown in the art world within a week of completion the Ariel Lome painting was personally selected by the Curator of San Francisco's De Young Museum for inclusion in the 1975 San Francisco Rainbow Show.

* See the Ariel Lome Painting.

But in 1975, even with the onset of what Stephen, now Ariel, called "holistic consciousness", this man was still without conscious experience of the reality of God or the spiritual world. All that changed four years later at Easter in 1979.

Beginning at Easter Stephen went through a profound religious conversion experience. The experience completely overwhelmed his previous mindset that couldn't give any sort of scientific explanation for the solid stream of "synchronicity" events Stephen experienced continually for three full days. Stephen had met God, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth, for the first time. My religious Conversion experience chapter tells this true story of a prophet's spiritual awakening.

If you're looking for blissful enlightenment, you probably won't find it in these web pages. I am Stephen in these pages and as Ariel's messenger for this generation I am in the spiritual lineage of old time biblical prophets and probably about as psychologically well adjusted as they were. Although you won't find too much evidence of it in these pages of visionary fire, I actually do have a reasonably good if warped sense of humor. Anyone who thinks he's God's messenger to humanity would have to keep from laughing at the impossibility of this delusion of grandeur. Still, your Stephen aka Arielmessenger believes it deep down inside and so he is compelled to share his visions of a new theology with the world.

He is your visionary missionary for the New Millennium. But that's all. Stephen is not a constantly smiling guru with all the answers who will lead you out of worldly concern to nirvana. An estimated 100 million people have been killed in the 20th Century, the bloodiest century in all of humankind's history. This bloodshed has to end to bring in the real New Millennium whole and Holy. While millions suffer and thousands die unnecessarily every day, there can only be treasured moments of bliss for anyone who is spiritually aware.

Biomystical Christianity is my spiritual activist religion. There's a lot of people stuck in the pit who need help getting out.


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World's oldest carved figurine: an "ariel" or lion-man made 35,000 years ago.