Anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism


 Above Israeli children write prayers for Israeli rockets to find their victims and blow them to pieces.


Zionist propaganda wants to portray Palestinians teaching their children to hate Israeli Jews but there is the flip side of that racist coin which is Israelis teaching their children to hate Arab Palestinians.

In our times, the beginning of the 21st Century, a historical tragedy has been going on for 64 years which coincides with the illegal Partition of Palestine and creation of the last European religious colony in non-European lands, Israel. Exceeding at media control and manipulation, Zionists have successfully hidden this crime against humanity that was the Partition of Palestine without a single Palestinian ever having a vote in that process that destroyed Palestine and Palestinian society. With Americans seeing Arabs depicted for decades mainly as terrorists in TV and movie scripts small wonder that Americans became staunch supporters of Israel. And the huge Christian reliance on Jewish myths of origin also translates into unquestioning American support of Israel. Because of America's tremendous clout in world affairs the true savage story of how Israel became the West's military outpost to oversee Middle East oil reserves never reaches American audiences. Few Americans even see that a crime against humanity has been perpetrated by their country in alliance with Israel.



The power of the Israeli lobby and Zionist Jews in high offices in American government has insured there is no dialogue happening about the human rights abuses of Palestinians by Israeli government actions. There is no dialogue at all about the installation of Israel constituting a crime against humanity, again because of American clout in world politics and economics. These years will be sad ones in American history once Americans wake up to how they've been brainwashed by Zionists for over 50 years into supporting a racist regime, one dedicated to building Israeli colonial settler communities "for Jews only" on Palestinian lands. Americans pay for this racist enterprise which if done in America or in any Western nation would immediately be decried for what it is--Jewish racism against Arab Palestinians.

Judaism is founded on racial hatred of Gentiles.* The Jewish religion is based on opposition to Gentile religions. This means that with a Jewish state installed in the predominantly Gentile Muslim Middle East we have a recipe for religious warfare which is exactly what has happened now for 64 years. There won't be a resolution to this problem as long as Zionist Judaism remains in control of U.S. foreign policy. Since I have many Palestinian friends I naturally as well as politically and morally side with Palestinians against Israelis doing them in. But it will take an overthrow of Jewish control of American media to really get through to Americans to have them stop their support for what amounts to Jewish fascism against Palestinians.

See the End Times of Anti-Gentile Judaism chapter. Also see the anti-Zionist posts on my blog at: http://steve-lewis.blogspot.com


The word, "anti-Semitism" is Orwellian Double-Speak as it means the opposite of what the words say. Semitic peoples are condemned for not caving into the jackboot of European Jewish converts pretending to be "Semites" from Palestine. We must correct "anti-Semitism" as it promotes racial bias against authentic Semitic peoples. Change "anti" to "dislike of" and "Semitism" to "Judaism". One can dislike a particular religion without being prejudiced against its members. For example, one can dislike Catholicism or Muhammad's Islam but still like individual Catholics or Muslims.

Judaism is based on racism. It views Gentiles as a competing species from which it must gain control to protect itself as a separate species. Gentile hatred of Jews is natural - - a biological behavioral pattern - - the human species as a whole reacting with hostility to a separate species developing within its midst. "Anti-Semitism" is the biological defense against a separate species.


Political action

A Bill presented in both branches of Congress to force a decision on the Constitutional legality of the U.S.A. supporting Israel as a Jewish religious state. Is Israel a secular democracy or a Jewish religious state? Separation of Church and State forbids the U.S. from supporting the establishment of any religion and that includes Judaism.



The End of modern Israel

and the

The Canaan Peace Plan


-June 21, 2007

For years I have been working under an assumption that I now understand was false because I had been talking with Palestinian and Israeli peace activists almost exclusively. My first and naive assumption was that Palestinians would ultimately be in favor of a cooperative coalition government composed of equal representatives of Israeli interests and Palestinian interests in a co-dominion government. Now I realize this is not going to happen because Israelis have gone too far in their quest to rid Palestinians from Eretz Israel.

Unlike the mitigating factor of Christianity in South Africa that manifested itself in the concept of obuntu, in the forgiveness seen in the Peace and Reconciliation program of native South Africans that avoided a bloodbath of retribution by Black South Africans against their white Afrikaaner oppressors., Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims both do not have strong religious mandates for forgiveness. When Palestinians do eventually take back their homeland, and they will because they are the majority population and will even become so in Israel, when that happens there will likely be retribution against Israelis who committed atrocities against Palestinians.

The original purpose of the Canaan Peace Plan was to create a mutual cooperative governing plan for the Holy Land but now I realize God is using this Canaan Peace Plan as the survival plan for Israeli Jews when Palestinians retake their nation. If Israeli Jews do not implement this Canaan Peace Plan they very likely will inevitably be driven from Israel by victorious Palestinians with only the original Palestinian Jewish families being allowed to live in a new Palestinian controlled nation. If Israeli Jews want to save Eretz Israel and themselves from another potential Holocaust they can only do so by voluntarily offering to limit their territorial ambition to Eretz Israeli neighborhood and kibbutzim communities that are protected within the shared land of Canaan. This is all God can do because Zionism and modern Israel never has had God's blessing--60 years of unrelenting Israeli-Palestinian hatred and warfare should convince any reasonably sane person of this truth. The Canaan Peace Plan* is how God Most High wants the conflict to be resolved.

* See the Canaan Peace Plan.