What is the Celestial Tauret?



Here is Judah's Hebrew Torah version of the Celestial Tauret


"In Jewish mythos, Torah is a truly supernal entity. It is one of the seven primordial things that pre-dates creation. God used the celestial Torah as a blueprint for ordering His universe. According to Midrash Konen, God drew three drops of water and three drops of fire from the supernal Torah kept in heaven and from them God made the world (2:24). The Medieval German Pietists identified Torah as "the footstool of God," conflating it with God's Glory and the Shekhina. Torah is, in these terms, is nothing less than the physical manifestation of divinity, a kind of "God In-scripted," as it were. To be constantly engaged in its study is the highest form of worship known to Judaism. Zohar teaches that the Torah we have on earth, the Torah of laws, stories and theology, is only the "garments of Torah," for material beings could not survive an encounter with the unshielded Torah. The true Torah, the soul of the Torah, exists in heaven as black fire written on white fire."

"In rabbinic literature, it was taught that the Torah was one of the six or seven things created prior to the creation of the world. According to Eliezer ben Yose the Galilean, for 974 generations before the creation of the world the Torah lay in God's bosom and joined the ministering angels in song. Simeon ben Lakish taught that the Torah preceded the world by 2,000 years and was written in black fire upon white fire. Akiva called the Torah "the precious instrument by which the world was created". Rav said that God created the world by looking into the Torah as an architect builds a palace by looking into blueprints. It was also taught that God took council with the Torah before He created the world."

-- Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis


Sounds impressive, right? But when you discover the root meaning of the Celestial Tauret you realize the Jewish version has not only stripped away the Celestial Tauret's meaning and purpose by destroying the astrological connections to the Celestial Tauret, it has bamboozled the whole world into expectations of a false Messiah who follows the false man-made Jewish god, YHWH, instead of the rightful God Most High, EL Elyon. For example, I can't find any rabbis who now know what the symbolism of "three drops of water" and "three drops of fire" means since the Jewish Torah experts abandoned astrological interpretation. Without knowledge of ancient Near Eastern astro-theology you cannot understand the symbolism, in this case, the symbolism of the Aquarius-Leo opposition line, Water and Fire, the most important cross line of the Fixed Sign Grand Cross of Heaven seen in the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus. Composed of the animal strengths of the lion, eagle and ox with the head of the Aquarian Man, the Cheribim is one of the main ancient mythical creatures that symbolized the Fixed Signs Grand Cross:




The Aquarius-Leo Lion-Man

symbolizing the Water in Air (= Clouds) and Fire as oppositional Signs


The Egyptian Sphinx




The Lion's Gate which is also St. Stephen's Gate


Judaism forbids most religious iconography so there are no Hebrew images for Ariel, the Angel of Jerusalem, the Angel of Peace.

There is only the Lion's Gate in old Jerusalem showing the iconic connection now.


"He makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants."-- Psalm 104:4


Aquarius is an Air Sign yet is the Sign for Water as well. Water in Air = Clouds = Storm God = Weather. This is because weather, the activity of the air, is actually the action of water vapor. Leo is the Fire Sign that the Water-Air Sign puts out.


"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork. Day after day utters his speech and night after night shows his knowledge. There is no tongue or language where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the Earth and their words to the ends of the world. In them he has set a tabernacle for the sun."

-- Psalm 19:1-4


What is the real root meaning of the Celestial Tauret?


It is the heavenly astrological objects associated with humankind's universal store of knowledge about the Man of God in the night sky, the Man with the Living Waters, the Sign of Aquarius where God is evolving the Humanitarian Archetype and Model of the true Human Being who is a Humane Being, replenishing the abundance and goodness of Life by distributing Living Waters to all in need.


Aquariana Christianity


To continue God's correction of the Jewish spiritual error of attempting to monopolize the wisdom of the Celestial Tauret it is necessary to expose how the Jewish priesthood corrupted the Celestial Tauret and thereby lost its religious purpose. Reclaiming the Celestial Tauret and the Egyptian Connection pages tell where Israelites got the Tauret idea in their stay in Egypt during the Hyksos rulership period and how and why the later Jewish priesthoods lost the Tauret's original purpose as a heavenly Sign language for recognition of and consecration of the Messiah characteristics in the expected King of Kings following the God of Gods.

The Christ Aquarian Revelation pages reveal the God Most High-Aquarius connection to the root meaning of the Messiah-Christ. The Humanitarian Archetype shows through imagery how God is perfecting the Humane Universal Man Face of the Zodiac, Aquarius with the Living Waters. The Sphinx, Ariel, and Cheribim pages also use imagery to convey the Archetypal Model of spiritual Balance, the Cardinal Four Directions, with the One Way direction symbolized in the Leo-Aquarius celestial see-saw, the symbolic Lion-Man, the Sphinx and Ariel. Other chapters and pages in Celestial Christianity explain more about how the Celestial Tauret was deliberately lost by Judah priests but now recovered to give us the spiritual Aquariana Key to understanding God's Plan for humanity.



Ezekiel's Chariot of God

The Symbolism of the Merkabah


“When Man has tamed the wild Bull to make his foundation as firm as an Ox,

When Man has mastered his wild lion nature and become a Lion of God,

When Man has mounted the Eagle and soared high above the world

and seen as as far as anyone can see,

Then the Man of the Air will be ready to do his job 

bringing Living Waters to pour upon Life on the thirsty earth below.