The Vision of Christ Josephine


The Vision of Christ Josephine happened in 1998 as a series of revelations that came in bits and pieces over a month's time with the pictorial vision starting if off. Fourteen years have now past since I first received this vision and at the end of 2010 the vision produced a specific clan name, the Little Whiteman clan, in which Josephine will manifest herself. So I now believe this vision was triggered when I worked with one of the Northern Cheyenne Little Whiteman clan in 1997 on the Heartlands Project, an ancestral land recovery effort that I had organized along with her husband for her husband's Northern California tribe. At one time we stood together on the speaker's platform at Round Valley together with Dennis Banks at a rally to support a Round Valley tribal member accused of murdering a local sheriff. We took the opportunity to tell about our Heartlands Project's aim to reacquire thousands of acres of ancestral lands and how we were going to go about it as a model for other tribes to follow suit.  But here's how the first meanings for me began and as will be seen I was trying to place this vision into some sort of Christian framework.


The Vision


In the vision Josephine is a young Native American woman walking determinedly but with a smiling face as she plows through a fierce snowstorm at night with the moon full and bright behind her over her shoulder. She is in buckskins and wears quivers filled with cornstalks and grains. She holds sunflowers in her left hand. In her right hand she seems to hold a walking stick.

No snow covers her--it is as if an invisible bubble surrounds her. And behind her she guides a large old white buffalo who follows closely behind her as she opens up a way through the snow ahead. Like the wake of a ship at sea, behind Josephine the snow disappears leaving an ever-widening swath of Springtime with growing green grasses, flowers and fruit trees blooming everywhere, bees and butterflies and birds flying about and animals, young and old scampering and enjoying the change of season that follows Josephine and the old white buffalo. In the distance behind them the dawn is breaking with the sun just beginning to rise above the horizon in a cloudless blue sky.


A Gnostic Christian Revelation

There is a Spiritual Revolution occurring now in Heaven which manifests itself in our visionary experiences of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ and the Father are One within the Holy Spirit. But Christ is also a lonely Bridegroom who seeks His missing Bride to be with Him to unify the Holy One in a true Sacred Marriage, the Hieros Gamos of Heaven and Earth, Matter and Spirit, Male and Female, Father and Mother inseparable as the Unity of all Creation. The Bride Jesus Christ has been seeking for almost two thousand years was mistakenly thought to be the Christian Church by Gospel writers and the Apostle Paul who lived and wrote of Jesus, the spiritual Son of God they had never met in their lifetimes. They assumed the formation of a new Christian universal Church, the "Body of Christ", would fulfill the prophesied role of the Spiritual Bride of Christ but both logic and history laid plain the fallacy of this human concept.

History shows that a universal Christian Church never came into being. The Church was in fact many Churches, splintered from the very beginning into sects competing with each other for supreme spiritual authority for every Christian believer. Within a few hundred years of the death of Christ, the Church was divided by schisms and "heresies" which the early Church Fathers attempted to bury by declaring only certain Gospel traditions and writings of the early Apostles as legitimate and official Christian teachings, all others declared heretical and outlawed. When the Roman Emperor Constantine became a Christian and declared Christianity the new State religion for the Roman Empire in the fourth century A.D., Christian "orthodoxy" became fixed in the hierarchy of Church administrators and jurisdictions and fixed in the selected gospels of the New Testament as we know it today.


The Coming of Christ in Feminine form: A prophetic forerunner in the Early Christian Church

Logic tells us why the Church cannot be simultaneously "the Body of Christ" and "the Bride of Christ"? How can Christ marry Christ? One doesn't marry a church. One gets married in a church. So, for almost two thousand years the Christian Church has been promoting a human error and, of course, no returning Jesus has come to fulfill this mistaken spiritual notion. One of the outlawed Christian sects was a group in the middle of the second century under the visionary leadership of a new Christian convert by the name of Montanus. Montanus was a Greek mystery cultist before becoming a Christian and his teaching definitely carried over some of the ecstatic trance state revelatory style of the Moon Goddess cult rituals he was familiar with. The group he started became known as Montanist and they followed prophetic visions inspired by the Holy Spirit as it came through in ecstatic trances. 

The Montanists firmly believed they were living in the End Times of the world very much like fundamentalist Christians today. They were spiritual and material puritans who believed in strictest adherence to spiritual perfection as exemplified by the life and martyrdom of Christ. In many respects, Montanists resembled modern Pentecostals in the respect for religious ecstasy and speaking in tongues. They also resemble Branch Davidians in the condemnation of Christian Churches of their day that they felt did not follow the strict Laws of God and prophesies of the End Times as perceived by them in both Old and New Testament apocalyptic Scriptures. They were based in Asia Minor where the Johanine Gospel and Revelation tradition was strong.

The Montanists were open to the Holy Spirit speaking through them in religious prophesy. One such Montanist prophetess declared that she had a new vision of the Second Coming in which Christ returned as the Book of Revelation's New Jerusalem, but not as Revelation's symbolic image of a holy city but "in the form of a woman arrayed in shining garments came Christ to me..." which anticipates the new revelation of Christ Josephine, the new independently received spiritual vision of the return of the Spirit of Christ as the true Bride of Christ Jesus.

The founder of the Baha'i religion also experienced a vision of Her, his very first religious vision as a matter of fact.

"While engulfed in tribulations I heard a most wondrous, most sweet voice, calling above My head. Turning My face, I beheld a Maiden - the embodiment of the remembrance of My Lord - suspended in the air before Me. So rejoiced was she in her very soul that her countenance shone with the ornament of the good-pleasure of God, and her cheeks glowed with the brightness of the All-Merciful. Betwixt earth and heaven she was raising a call which captivated the hearts and minds of men. She was imparting to both my inward and outward being tidings which rejoiced my soul, and the souls of God's honored servants. Pointing with her finger unto My head, she addressed all who are in heaven and all who are on earth, saying "By God! This is the Best-Beloved of the worlds, and yet ye comprehend not, and the power of His sovereignty within you, could ye but understand. This is the Mystery of God and His Treasure, the Cause of God and His glory unto all who are in the kingdoms of Revelation and creation, if ye be of them that perceive."

--A description by Baha`u'llah of His first revelatory experience in 1852.


The Vision of Christ Josephine came to me in 1998 but it can be said to have begun with my daughter in 1984 who has since become a devout Christian. Her vision of a spirit woman she called Josephine came to her in 1984 during a period of serious illness and I didn't pay much attention to it, only to her health. She recovered completely. I would have continued to ignore her vision which while interesting, didn't seem to have any bearing on my own spiritual mission. But then in 1998, I fell into another spiritual visionary period in which a vision of her "Josephine", as a new Christ and new Eve, completely overwhelmed me with its spiritual power and truth. 

The same sorts of synchronistic affirmations "signs" happened to me for about a month as in my first meeting with the Spirit of the Holy One in 1979 only not as intense and more spread out in time. "Josephine" had suddenly become the missing cornerstone of my own prophetic visions of the return of the Goddess aspect of the Holy One and the fulfillment of the Second Coming.


The spiritual birth of Josephine in 1984 constitutes the major component of the Spiritual Revolution in Heaven which is being fulfilled on Earth in our times as the Piscean Age ends and we move into the New Millennium. 


God has heard women's plea for equality and has sent the Spirit of Christ as

Christ Josephine


You will find in the Mystery of Gospel Jesus chapter and in the Gospel of Philip chapter in my Biomystical Christianity book online at biomystic.org that Jesus was given spiritual "garments" to wear, the Word of God as the story of Jesus with His miraculous birth, miraculous ministry, trial and crucifixion, and resurrection, in other words, the Gospels of the New Testament which gave flesh to the Holy One's Spirit of Salvation. It is the same with the Christ Josephine Vision. The Spirit of Christ Josephine embodies the Spirit of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth. Christ Josephine is a spiritual being but you will know Her when Her time comes..


Revelations concerning the return of the Spirit of Christ as Christ Josephine


"1984", a striking book written in 1948 predicting a terrible future that thankfully didn't materialize in 1984, carried another, hidden, synchronistic message: The book called your attention to the year 1984. In 1984, the Second Spirit of Christ descended into our world from the Pleroma, the Source, the Place of the Holy One.


The Second Spirit of Christ is embodied in the Spirit of Christ Josephine. Christ Josephine has definite physical characteristics and a history that bonds Her to Mother Earth. Her Spirit is not imprisoned in Matter but infused with it, all of it, because the material world is where and how the Spirit reaches and teaches the Soul Gnosis of the true Reality of the Holy One of all Creation. 


In 1492, Christopher Columbus brought the Old World to the New. In outward manifestation, the Old World people came to plunder the New World. But God's Spirit of Christ was hidden within this movement although it still remains mostly dormant awaiting Christ Josephine's awakening call. The symbol of the Spirit of Christ is the Dove. The Dove was also the Great Mother's symbolic totem animal representing Her Spirit. It was a dove that informed Noah that the symbolic Flood waters had abated and dry land had appeared. Jonah, a name that means "dove" is captured by the great sea beast and for three days is caught in the bowels of darkness. But Jonah is spit out of the sea beast by God's grace to deliver God's message to the Ninevites.

It was as a dove that the Spirit of God descended on Jesus at his baptism by John the Baptist. Jesus too spent three days in the bowels of darkness of the tomb before the Spirit of Christ was released to the Western World through the missionizing efforts of early Christians. The name "Christopher" means literally "Bearer of Christ" and "Columbus" means "dove" so in symbolic hidden meaning, Christopher Columbus secretly bore the Dove of Christ to the New World along with "kissing", all else brought by him and later Europeans was ruination for native peoples. The word for dove in Hebrew means both "dove" and "destroyer" and history bears this out.

Although the Spirit of Christ was already familiar to the Hopi nation, it has taken centuries for that Spirit to awaken in others in the New World which it did, finally as seen in words of Martin Luther King and earlier, with Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce nation. The spiritual heir of Chief Joseph, Christ Josephine, who is spiritually descended from him and from the tribes who were among the stewards of the sacred groves of giant redwood trees.


Seas, lakes, rivers and streams were traditional realms ruled by the Great Mother. The Jordan River is unique in that it does not empty into a living sea but into the Dead Sea. Symbolically, the Jordan River represents a dead end for the Goddess aspect of God. There are no salmon in the Jordan River and salmon were totem animals of wisdom to the ancients. From headwaters to dead sea, the Jordan is symbolic of a dead end path of wisdom from the Great Mother. Jesus is a "fisher of men" at Lake Galilee, but when he is baptized in the Jordan it is a dove that signals the spirit of God alighting on Jesus as there are no fish of wisdom in that river.

The words "Salem" "Shalom", "Solomon" are all related in meaning to the word "salmon". Salmon Creek is the stream that gives Headwaters Forest its name. Salmon Creek runs out of Headwaters Forest, the last remaining large grove of ancient redwoods to be protected for future generations by being put into national park status. Headwaters' Salmon Creek empties into Humboldt Bay around which Wiyot, Eel River and other local tribes lived, the tribes where the Spirit of Christ Josephine will first manifest in new consciousness of the Holy One's spiritual name given to compassionate action for the benefit of humanity and Life.

But as with the Spirit of Christ Jesus, the Spirit of Christ Josephine will then spread out to the world, manifesting Herself in the actions of dozens more, then hundreds more, then thousands more, then millions more spiritually awake people of all nations who demonstrate the Spirit's compassionate will of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.


In 1700 the Bible was first translated into the speech of Native Americans of the New World. It was translated into the Algonquin language found spoken mainly by Eastern Native Americans. Christ Josephine is descended from Algonquin speaking Native American people, Wiyot, Eel River, and Yurok tribes, whose ancestors had left the East to migrate across the continent over a thousand years ago arriving to settle and live among the giant redwoods on the Pacific Coast in Northern California. Hundreds of years later, these people watched their Humboldt Bay world wash away in 1700 as a huge earthquake and tidal wave devastated their lands and changed it forever. Later on, in 1860, these people suffered still another tremendous blow. They became the innocent sacrificial victims of Old World aggression in the New World  and were nearly annihilated in the last century. The Spirit of Christ Josephine is born of these people. Grandfather, Old Man Above, has not forgotten. The Holy One has not forgotten.


Spiritually, in New World mythology She is both Spider Woman and Changing Woman. She will change everything and the Worldwide Web will be Her strength. Her Spirit brings in the 5th World. Stephen, who once had a vision where he saw  himself as Pahana Ariel, christens the Spirit of Christ Josephine and bestows on Her, with a touch of the magic sword of peace, Paxcalibur, the title of Queen of Heaven and Earth: Queen of Earth while on earth, and Queen of Heaven as She departs to join Her Husband in the Unity of the Holy One. As a spiritual waterbearer for the New Age, Stephen baptizes those who have been given cups to receive the Living Waters of Holy Gnosis he pours forth, but the Spirit of Christ Josephine, who's moccasin laces Stephen is not worthy of tying, She will baptize everyone all over the world with the Spirit of Wholeness: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The Fire is the judgment of what shall be saved as contributing to the Bread of Life and what shall be destroyed as chaff and thrown into the fire.


In Old World Holy Land mythology Her Spirit is Lilith Zariel, the Good Mother Lilith, and unlike the original Lilith, the first Eve, She will not leave Christ Adamas but will be His Bride and Wife forever. The first Eve shall be last and the last Eve shall be first. The First People shall be last and the Last People shall be first. The people farthest away from the Law, representing all of the excluded non-Semitic peoples of the world now are being included in the fulfillment of the will of God because the Unity of the material world-the Natural World, with the Spirit must be accomplished and Native America is the spiritual representative of Mother Earth.


Christ Josephine is the spiritual bridge linking the Old and New World bringing completeness to the whole world.


While on earth the Spirit of Christ Josephine becomes the New Eve and Spiritual Mother of Twelve New Tribal Nations in the New World to balance the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Old.


Because She is Chief Joseph's spiritual heir the Spirit of Christ Josephine will not wage war to win peace for all humankind but will transform societies by Her wisdom, goodness, and spiritual authority. Her Spirit has been seen in these times in strong women such as Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi and Mother Teresa in India, but it will be out of Native America that the Spirit of Christ Josephine will arise to transform the world.


Martyrdom and spiritual war ends with the End Times of patriarchal religions of the Old Age. The Spirit of Christ Josephine will not be martyred. Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb, the sacrificed Son of God. The Spirit of Christ Josephine, symbolized in Jewish tradition by the Red Heifer but not one for sacrifice. God is through with all blood sacrifices.


In the New World She is symbolized by a maiden princess riding the White Buffalo of Native American prophesy which is the same White Bull of the Old World prophesy found in the Book of Enoch. EL, God Most High, was represented by the Bull. Asherah, the Tree of Life, was the consort of EL.


As Jesus Christ was the Messiah of EL, Christ Josephine is the Messiah of Asherah.


The Spirit of Christ Josephine will be loved by all and will live a full life as the beloved Daughter of the Holy One and Mother of Peace on Earth. The Spirit of Christ Josephine brings from the Holy One a mother's unconditional love of all humankind to balance the Father's one of conditional love. Fighting men will always oppose men, even the Holy Man, but fighting men will not find it in their hearts the will to oppose the Holy Woman. She embodies the Spirit of Kwan Yin*, a feminine spiritual counterpart of Christ.


As prophet of Her Coming, Stephen baptizes with Gnosis of the Holy One, but the Spirit of Christ Josephine will baptize with the Holy One's unconditional Love and Compassion for all Creation. The Spirit of Christ Josephine carries not a Scepter of Righteousness but the Orb of wholeness, nurturing the whole world, the crown jewel of Creation.


Her Spirit name on earth is Christ Josephine because the Holy One has given Her to the world and will add Her to the Throne of Heaven and increase Her progeny after She has led humankind into lasting peace through Her spiritual reign on Earth. The Holy One will no longer be crippled with only one hand, the right one. With Christ Josephine at the Holy One's left and Christ Jesus at the Holy One's right, the Great Spirit of God will be truly whole and Holy and able to hold us up to stand alive in spirit for all of time.


"She shall be brought to the King in robes of many colors"

--like Joseph in his robe of many colors.. Psalm 45:14


Her Spirit name is Josephine for as the Old World's Book of Genesis ends with the life story of Joseph* The New Earth and the New Age begins with the life of Christ Josephine. Joseph's Egyptian name was Zaphenath-Paneah, "He who brought to life by the word of the Goddess Neter (or Neith or Neti). Josephine too is being brought to life by the will of the Holy One to reestablish the Feminine aspect of the Godhead in the consciousness of humanity.

* Joseph has been noted before for the similarities between his life and Jesus'. Also I have recently discovered in Jewish tradition that there is a "Messiah ben Joseph" concept wherein there would be two messiahs, one a "Joseph" type who suffers persecution and death in this world and one a Davidic type who succeeds in establishing the kingdom of Israel once of again. But these are rabbinical interpretations of existing Scriptures. Biomystical Christianity is prophetic revelation in the tradition of the Prophets and therefore I believe carries the seal of God and not man. What patriarchal Hebrew could even image the Messiah coming as a woman? Dawning New Millennium conditions cry out for the return of the Feminine Spirit of the Holy One to overthrow the patriarchy domination of world societies which have turned societies into battlegrounds pitting alpha nations and alpha males against each other and everyone else. The Holy One has heard and has sent the Vision of Christ Josephine to help us all in our times of spiritual need.


The Spirit of Christ Josephine will bring in a new "acceptable year" of the Holy One of Heaven and Earth which will be universal and not just geared to the northern hemisphere seasons. And just as Pentecost marks the Jewish first wheat harvest and the return of the Spirit of Christ to the disciples ("I am the bread of life" says Jesus in Jn 6:35), Jesus who was born in "Bethlehem" which means in Hebrew, "house of bread"), so will Thanksgiving mark the full harvest. Noting the way the Thanksgiving may mark genocide and not brotherly love, I believe Christ Josephine will re-sanctify a new and true Thanksgiving which honors the event where Old and New World people meet in harmony in the Spirit of sharing and cooperation thus overcoming "us" and "them" ethnic and cultural differences.


The Spirit of Christ Josephine will champion the cause of Peace on Earth. Her Spirit can be found within the Canaan Peace Plan solution for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict- one of the oldest tribal conflicts in the world but one that can be resolved once everyone understands the Native American view of land ownership, namely that God alone owns the land. Human beings are only caretakers. The Spirit of Christ Josephine rides within the Paxcalibur & the Aquariana Crusade of Stephen to deliver the Holy Land Peace Plan and Paxcalibur into the hands of Israelis and Palestinians actively seeking peaceful resolution to the world's oldest land dispute between tribal nations.* Stephen will announce Her spiritual presence from Jerusalem** The problems faced by the Jews and their old enemies the Philistines now called Palestinians are archetypes of inter-tribal warfare thousands of years old. The Canaan Peace Plan will become the world model for the solution to ethnic strife where two or more differing populations are warring over the same territory.

* To find out how the Spirit of Christ Josephine appeared to me on my pilgrimage in Israel in Part I of the Story of Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace.

** I could not announce Christ Josephine's presence to the world from Jerusalem because I found Jerusalem to be spiritually dead. I couldn't announce anything from Jerusalem when I was there the day after Easter of 2003. Only after the second part of the Paxcalibur vision is completed with Pax resting on top of the new Altar of Peace will the Spirit of God and God's blessing be restored to Jerusalem.


The Spirit of Christ Josephine will embody the Holy One's concern for the oppressed and down-trodden. She will change societies worldwide. She will champion human rights and bring democracy to all people. In America She will champion minority rights and has the Native American wisdom about minorities living under majority rule. She champions the spirit of democracy behind the introduction of a needed Minority Rights Amendment* in America as the model solution to the disenfranchisement of minority populations within the U.S.A and throughout the world. With majority rule, all minorities in the U.S. have, for all practical purposes, no say in the so-called democratic government of their nation. Year after year, minorities have to live with the results of European-American majority rule which often results in criminalization of large percentages of non-European-American minority populations whose cultures and lifestyles, usually poverty based, are different from European- Americans. The MRA is one way to correct the American Constitution so that minority populations can have a voice in government decision making from local to national levels.

       * See more on the MRA in the Minority Right Amendment chapter in the Creating Climax Civilization book.


The Spirit of Christ Josephine will usher in the social transformation to peace when She insists that brides choose men who follow the Christ model. No longer will women swoon over men with satanic charisma but will honor and join men who are good to women and children, who help and not harm others, in short, women will choose good men for their husbands to raise future generations of good people.


Christ Josephine is not without practicality: She is a natural sports fan. Her Spirit sees it as one of the necessary ways human beings tame the biological hunting instinct and wars of territorial aggression. She therefore encourages aggressive men and women to use sports as outlets for their aggression and competition. She knows that in the New Millennium all inter-tribal, inter-national warfare will evolve into reasonably non-violent sports competitions of all kinds. 


Old Man Above brings the new Spirit of Christ to heal the damage done by Wasichus corruption of the First Spirit of Christ


nina_ship.JPG (46914 bytes)

Replica of Columbus's ship the Nina that came to Humboldt Bay in 1998 within a few hundred yards of the site where forebears of the people I worked with were slaughtered in the Indian Island Massacre in 1860.


Below Paxcalibur in Indian Island soil on November 2nd, my mother's and my daughter's birthdays and also the Day of the Dead 2001.

pax_indianis_01.jpg (11574 bytes)

See the Story of Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace, for the tie-in to Indian Island.


Grandfather, Old Man Above, has not forgotten.

The Great Spirit of the Holy One has not forgotten



Two Savior visions unite


In true synchronistic fashion, God "miraculously" provided me on March 13th, 2003, four days after I found out my vision of Christ Josephine matched the Lakota White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesy, with the funds to buy the roundtrip ticket to complete my Paxcalibur and Aquariana Mission in Palestine that I have been waiting to accomplish for 14 years.


March 12, 2003 Update:

When I posted the Christ Josephine pictorial vision above on an Internet Native American spirituality discussion board on March 9th, this response immediately followed: "The woman in the "vision" is an exact image of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, sacred to the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota nations."

It seems that my vision of Christ Josephine is a 2nd Sign of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman! She is back, but "different". However, somewhere along the line Ptsan Win has spiritually manifested Her Virgin merciful aspect as Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Now She carries the Spirit of Christ in order to spiritually unite the Old with the New World.

Important Note:

Please read the three accounts of White Buffalo Calf Woman in the White Buffalo Calf Woman pages after reading the following report of the whole vision of Christ Josephine below. Then read the accounts of Kwan Yin in the Kwan Yin page.

This will give you the mainly Native American but with an Asian-Buddhist Goddess of mercy spiritual context into which the vision of Christ Josephine "fits" as the most recent spiritual manifestation of the same feminine heavenly intercessors, but now manifesting together as one and the same Savior Spirit Woman.


 March 23rd, 2003 Update:


The Western Wakan-Bear Buttes connection


My original religious conversion experience happened at our home site in the coastal mountains of Northern California. Our home site faced a "mountain" held especially dear to we who homesteaded this particular area, from our p.o.v. a triangular shaped low mountain but still higher than surroundings and so stood out. All of us who lived in the watersheds coming off this mountain felt its specialness--We all so enjoyed its presence and no one hunted for the bears thought to home there because the name of this mountain was Bear Butte, the same name of the sacred mountain in the Black Hills held sacred to the Lakota.



Bear Butte, Humboldt Co. Northern California: view from my home site where I had my original religious conversion experience



The birth of the White Buffalo

 Miracle.JPG (11763 bytes)  Miracle, the White Buffalo calf

Born August 20th, 1994. Died September 19th, 2004

The Heider Farm ~ Janesville, Wisconsin

"News of the calf spread quickly through the Native American community because its birth fulfilled a 2,000-year-old prophecy of northern Plains Indians. Joseph Chasing Horse, traditional leader of the Lakota nation, explains that 2,000 years ago a young woman who first appeared in the shape of a white buffalo gave the Lakota's ancestors a sacred pipe and sacred ceremonies and made them guardians of the Black Hills. Before leaving, she also prophesized that one day she would return to purify the world, bringing back spiritual balance and harmony; the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that her return was at hand."


More Miracles..

On March 20th, Spring Equinox Day, 2003, I learn that my whiter-than-me son-in-law is a descendent of Chief Sitting Bull. One-eighth Lakota. My cute'r-n-bug's ears towhead, redhead grandsons, two little whiteskins turns out are descendents of Chief Sitting Bull. My son-in-law's great-grandmother evidently was one Willamina White Crow. Sitting Bull's war broach was in her family's possession. It seems God, the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, the Holy One, has been busy tying us all together through these two prophesies, the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Vision of Christ Josephine that are now tied together through my daughter, the woman who first saw the vision of Josephine in 1984. My blessings, dear God, are beyond my worthiness to receive.

I was posting on the Internet in 1998 and my website held the Vision of Christ Josephine--so it was there open to the general public and over the years I had referred many to my website but no one saw the connection until I posted the pictorial vision of Her on a Native American spiritual discussion board. Bingo! That one posting revealed the miracle. My vision of Native American Christ Josephine matches, at least in physical form down to the moccasins, the Lakota prophesy of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. The Great Spirit of God has united the two prophesies into one family by spirit and by blood lineage.

The spiritual strength of the Lakota prophesy Savior White Buffalo Calf Woman reached into my daughter's vulnerable mind as if testing the water in 1984, then seeing my spiritual commitment to God and my work history and acceptance in Indian Country, decided I was good enough and She reached out again to touch this modern day Jewish Christian prophet in 1998, giving him the Vision of Christ Josephine. I had no idea at the time that the Spirit of Christ in Native American Spirit Woman form so strikingly matched the Lakota salvational, purifying prophetic sign woman, the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Such revelation of how God has been putting this together all together over the years, vision to vision and even blood to blood, it is truly incredible how the Great Mystery One works Its mystery!


"The testimony of two is true"


This marks the first time that my visions, huge and small, that previously have come to Arielmessenger alone over the last 24 years, and there to be recorded, filed and worried over because just about anytime and every time they are released to the public, they just cause various degrees of trouble. They are what they are: heretical Gnostic Christianity, with something to offend just about everybody. The only person my visions have really meant anything to has been Arielmessenger, the only person to experience them--except now, there is another one, my daughter:

My daughter experienced the spirit of Josephine in 1984. Her's vision of Josephine was different from mine and personal to her so some day she can tell it herself. For me, it was the shared name of both of our visions that was the surprising thing at first. Until the synchronicity of her marrying into the Lakota spiritual traditions quite accidentally revealed God's hand in our visions of Josephine. Arielmessenger's visions and synchronicity signs now include more than Arielmessenger-they include my daughter and my son-in-law. Both are witness to this miraculous closing of the spiritual circle, a sacred hoop--with signs so blatant that to ignore them is to turn away from the truth of God.


Sitting_Bulls_Peace_medal.JPG (6445 bytes)

Peace Medal given to Sitting Bull--a family heirloom


Here they are--the Signs in a row:

* Original religious conversion experience, at Easter of 1979, at my home site facing our Bear Butte mountain.


* Discovery that EL is the true Holy Land name for God Most High and that EL was symbolized as a wise and kindly grandfather type whose totem animal was the Bull, specifically the white bull of Heaven as in the Book of Enoch. Later on, after learning of the spiritual connection between Christ Josephine and White Buffalo Calf Woman, I realized that my new reverence for EL, God Most High, as the Father face of the Holy One, unites me with Wakan Tanka, that name carrying "Grandfather" and meaning "Sacred Buffalo".


* Daughter's vision of "Josephine", a "new Eve", --1984


* My Vision of Christ Josephine--1998


* Discovery of Christ Josephine-White Buffalo Calf Woman connection--March 9th, 2003


* Funding "miraculously" comes for my Paxcalibur pilgrimage to Palestine trip--March 13th, 2003


* Discovery of family bloodline connection to Chief Sitting Bull--March 20th, Spring Equinox, 2003


* The Spirit of Christ Josephine appearing on the Israeli bus when I went to Nazareth on Easter of 2003


* The miraculous reception given me and Paxcalibur by over 500 Palestinian Christians at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.


* The hemp connection that has now happened "coincidently" between two members of our Mateel Community and the Lakota Sioux people.

A woman I know from our community, a good friend of my friend Bridgit who did the 3rd Paxcalibur baptism ritual, is a advocate of industrial hemp products and made contact prior to me with my friend Alex White Plume*, an Oglala Lakota fellow who is making the hemp house on the Pine Ridge Reservation pictured below. After talking about the hemp connection between Lakota and the Mateel community with my former Bear River Tribal Council Vice-Chairman employer and now good friend, Wayne Moon, he too is now interested in the hemp house construction process as a possible economic development project for his tribe.

This is how God is sneaking the new sacrament into the Western world as it seems many people involved in the hemp issue are also prone to viewing marijuana as a sacred herb. Underlying legalizing hemp products is a desire to legalize the hemp plant as a bonified official sacred herb. It is as a sacred herb that the Great Mysterious One has now quietly established a spiritual bond between our Mateel Community and the Lakota peoples and perhaps soon, Bear River, a spiritual bond that will grow over time, a bond that will form a model for eventually uniting all wasichus of good will and kind heart to all Native Americans who have prayed for peace and justice to come forth at last from the invaders who so trampled Creation and the Peoples of Turtle Island.


                  hemp_house.JPG (31897 bytes)

* Alex White Plume also raises horses and buffalos and will supply the four buffalo horns for the new Altar of Peace that will one day reside within the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.


* Another restarting of the Bear River Tribe's Heartlands ancestral lands lottery project connecting me with Jake White Plume who heads the Nez Perce effort to protect the gravesite where Chief Joseph's father lies buried and where I prayed for the return of the Nez Perce to their Wallowa Valley homeland* as well as with the Lakota seeking to regain lost Black Hills land plus our own Wiyot tribe's efforts to recover their lost Indian Island as sacred ground. Above Wallowa Lake rises Sacajawea's Peak and Christ Josephine's Spirit was in Sacajawea.


800px-Old_Joseph_Gravesite.jpg (64999 bytes) 


 Nez_Perce_at_elder_Chief_Josephs_gravesite.JPG (31302 bytes)


* Seven years after I prayed at elder Chief Joseph's grave for a return of the Nez Perce to their Wallowa Valley homeland, local businessmen and ranchers bought and set aside a hundred acre site for a Nez Perce cultural center as a beginning to their return to the valley.

All these miraculous signs of divine intervention--putting two spiritual traditions together with intertwined prophesies--old world Holy Land prophesy with New World Native American prophesy--this spiritual energy bursting into our very family bloodlines, and all totally unbeknownst to us at the time.

And one more spiritual connection with the White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesy--the fact that my spiritual brother Don Brenard of the Bear River band of Rohnerville Rancheria who developed the Heartlands vision, is also a maker of Indian pipes as well as a student of traditional medicine ways. Don's beautiful vision for the Heartlands project can be seen in the Headwaters and Heartlands chapter of The Book of the Western Revelation.


Sharon_1a.JPG (7618 bytes)


Just had to include this picture: An Indian activist princess, a young Sharon O. in full regalia. Sharon is the Cherokee-Pomo woman who worked with me on the Tribal Truth Institute proposal and the Bear River Tribe's Headwaters lottery project. She has the most elegant religious beliefs I have ever encountered wherein she credits all with their individual paths to the Creator as valid within the Great Circle of Life, a religious tolerance I cannot match and wish I could, the dilemma of the prophesy bearer committed to sharing a particular spiritual vision. Christ Josephine's spirit will inspire more and more Native American women to come forward as leaders of social change protecting women's rights and the rights of all peoples suffering needless oppression.


Sparky__me.jpg (15331 bytes)u

Don Brenard and me 2005


Don "Sparky" Brenard, Bear River tribal member and originator of the Heartlands Project, the central component of the Bear River Tribe's attempt to recover Headwaters Forest as lost ancestral land. Read Don's beautiful vision for a Native American spiritual and cultural Mecca in the Headwaters and Heartlands pages in the Communitarian Transformation book. Also see the Pahana Connection page to see how Hopi Pahana prophesy Signs are being fulfilled for the ushering in of the 5th World.

Two more Bear River tribal friends have been directly involved in my spiritual journey. See them in the Story of Paxcalibur, Part One.


Bear River represents the West in the Four Directions in this vision.


Another News Flash: Red Heifer Born in Israel.

"The birth of a red heifer, a breed thought to be long extinct, has renewed hopes of orthodox Jews in Israel that the Old Testament priesthood and animal sacrifices can be re-established in Jerusalem. The Book of Numbers required religious Israelites to sacrifice a red heifer as part of their ceremonial purification. The Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. End time prophecies in the Book of Ezekiel refer to a time when such sacrifices are once again offered in a newly-rebuilt Temple, heralding the arrival of the Messiah."

Both the White Buffalo and the Red Heifer are Signs pointing to the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman a.k.a. Christ Josephine. "Adam" comes from the Hebrew word "adamas" meaning "red earth". Jewish interpretation of the Red Heifer is that of purification ritual animal sacrifice. But Christ Jesus was the last living sacrifice desired by God.

Christ Josephine/White Buffalo Calf Woman will not be sacrificed--ritual animal sacrifice-human sacrifice was part of the old 4th World karma and is no longer needed. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Red Woman in human form and She brings purification to prepare us for entry into the 5th World.


Phoenix_picture.JPG (24496 bytes)


More revelation about Christ Josephine have come..


November 4th, 2007

She is coming! Christ Josephine is coming to earth. (Within my lifetime)

Tell the Lakota

Tell the Nez Perce

Tell the local tribes

Tell all Native Americans


November 16th, 2007

Her appearance on earth will begin the New Aeon, the Aquarian Age and the 5th World, so Aquarius will be prominent in Her astrological chart. While on earth She is the Daughter of God and Bride of Christ. But once She ascends back to heaven again, She becomes our heavenly Mother. Father and Mother, Son and Daughter, are then One and the same God of all, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.


July 12th, 2008

Christ Josephine will come from the Little White Man ("Little Big Man") Jewish line in the Northern Cheyenne.

Christ Josephine

She came first as Ptsan Win, White Buffalo Calf Woman and warrior princess in the Ishtar tradition. She exists now as a Spirit Woman but will be manifested on earth in a Native American woman from the Little Big Man family of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. She will be born under the Sign of Aquarius or Aquarius will be prominent in Her natal chart.


July 19th, 2008

Christ Josephine is going to be a really good mother and full of wisdom. She will know instinctively what Her role is, who She is on earth. No one else need tell Her-She will hear Her Call and answer.

Christ Josephine and the two Messiah traditions

The Joseph and David Messiahs. The Joseph messianic prophesy of the ingathering of the 10 tribes to Israel through military might is being fulfilled now with modern Israel. But it is a moral abomination before God. God has sent in the New World correction.

Christ Josephine is God's correction of the Joseph Messiah prophesy.

Christ Josephine redirects territorial aggression in men towards symbolic warfare instead of real war-sports competition. But She does much more than this. However, a return of the Davidic Messiah spiritual line is necessary to correct the spiritual error and bring peace to Jerusalem, the Holy Land and the world.

The need to keep the genetic prophesy line of Jacob/Israel intact ends with Christ Josephine.

Therefore, the Jewish cult is no longer necessary as the spiritual avatar center has moved to the New World, Her home while the Old World was His home with the Rainbow Bridge between Them.


August 4,5th, 2008

God shows me the Egyptian Connection to Christianity that impacts the Christ Josephine vision. This new yet old Egyptian connection has been spotted before by biblical historians and Egyptologists but now the information reveals the Gospels are built around the Egyptian religion but using Jewish personages and cultural story base instead of Egyptian gods and Egyptians. Christianity is in fact a Jewish Egyptian Mystery Religion which transposes the Sun-gods Horus/Osiris as One into Jesus as the Son of God and his heavenly Father as One. The role of Isis as Virgin Mother was filled by Mary and the role of Anubis, the Purifier (by baptism) of Horus/Osiris is filled by John the Baptist in the Gospels.

gospoh1.jpg (6555 bytes)

The Ankh is Jesus' real spiritual cross, not the Roman crucifixion tau-cross

The cross Jesus tells us to pick up and follow him with is certainly not a crucifixion cross. How could you carry such a thing and walk normally? Jesus' cross is an ankh.

"And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."

--Matthew 10:38

"Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me."

--Mark 8:34

"And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple."

--Matthew 10:38


"...the Egyptians called that part of the sandal 'nkh (exact pronunciation unknown). Because this word was composed of the same consonants as the word "life", the sign to represent that particular part of the sandal, was also used to write the word "life"."

"The ankh (symbol ?) was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life". Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the Egyptian Cross, the key of life, the key of the Nile, or as crux ansata, Latin for "cross with a handle"."

"The ankh appears to be associated with the Egyptian glyph for magical protection,"

"Ankh. Egyptian hieroglyph for life, possibly originally a representation of a sandal strap."



        180px-Horus_standing.svg.jpg (9055 bytes)   Horus carrying his ankh cross                180px-Isis.svg.jpg (7752 bytes)   Isis carrying her ankh cross

ankh5.jpg (13226 bytes)  

Hathor giving knowledge of resurrection to eternal life to a pharaohess by  holding the ankh close to her nose so she can breath it in.


ankh4.jpg (13715 bytes)  

Anubis, the Jackal-headed Egyptian god, doing the same to a pharaoh.


"The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, often at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy."




Anubis had three important functions in the Egyptian religion. He supervised the embalming of bodies. He received the mummy into the tomb and performed the Opening of the Mouth ceremony and then conducted the soul in the Field of Celestial Offerings. Anubis monitored the Scales of Truth to protect the dead from deception and eternal death. Anubis performs the role of purifier and guide for transporting souls of the dead across the River of Life in Egyptian theology. In the Christian retelling Anubis' role is performed by John the Baptist.

  "And he (John the Baptist) preached, saying 'There comes One after me who is mightier than I, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to stoop down and loose."

--Mark 1:7

The real meaning of this saying of John the Baptist refers believers back to Egypt's ankh which besides meaning "sandal strap" also represented the Knot of Isis which when loosened brought the one who could do so eternal life.


And the John the Baptist role I received in 1998:

"As a spiritual waterbearer for the New Age, Stephen baptizes those who have been given cups to receive the Living Waters of Holy Gnosis he pours forth, but the Spirit of Christ Josephine, who's moccasin laces Stephen is not worthy of tying, She will baptize everyone all over the world with the Spirit of Wholeness: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. The Fire is the judgment of what shall be saved as contributing to the Bread of Life and what shall be destroyed as chaff and thrown into the fire."

"Out of Egypt I called My Son." --Mt. 2:15


The Egyptian Connection

Gnosticism was centered in Alexandria, Egypt. Egypt was the center of magic knowledge in the Near East. Jesus went to Egypt as a child in the Gospel accounts. So too did Yeishu ben Pantera. Mark went to Egypt, John's Gospel contains lines directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and his Lazarus (Eleazar= El-Osirus) story is a re-telling of the Osiris resurrection that supposedly took place at the House of Annu, semitized as "Beth-Annu" or "Bethany" in John's Gospel.


August 8th, 2008

"Only Kings, Queens and Gods were allowed to carry this symbol. The ankh is the Egyptian sign of life and indicates that the King or God holding it has the power to give life or take it away from lesser mortals. The Ankh as a symbol of the life giving elements of air and water was often used by a God or Goddess who holds the ankh before the King's nose, giving him the "breath of life" or as streams of water in the form of ankhs running over the King during ritual purification."

Jesus = Osiris

Baby Jesus = Horus

Mary = Isis


August 9th, 2008

Confirming that Christianity is not a sect of Judaism at all but a Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion


August 11th, 2008

     180px-Hathor.svg.jpg (8378 bytes) 

Hathor: an Egyptian cow goddess, like White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Lakota cow goddess.


September 19th, 2008

I didn't know I was of Jewish descent when I worked with Arnella Little Whiteman and I had not had the Vision of Christ Josephine either. Not in 1997.


September 27th, 2008

(concerning Christ Josephine and the Great Mother)

My Father speaks to me. My Mother gives me visions. The speech and the visions are true.

Christ Josephine is the Mary sent for Native Americans; to unite them with their native brothers and sisters throughout the Americas.


November 18th, 2008

Christ Josephine will reign as Virgin Mother, a Virgin Queen of Heaven on earth, reigning over all the earth, space and time. She is the true Bride of Christ Jesus and She sits at the left hand of God Almighty as Christ Jesus sits at the Almighty's right. Together they are the loving arms of the Holy One who embraces all humanity with loving-kindness without end.


December 2nd, 2008

It's Her turn. The Son has had His turn. For the Age of Aquarius, Christ comes as the Daughter of the Goddess.


June 19th, 2009

Go to the Lakota with the Lifeline Lottery plan. White Buffalo Calf Woman a.k.a. Christ Josephine authorizes it. This is your first contact directly from Her and your first assignment.

This was done as I contacted Ogalala, Crow Creek, and lastly Cheyenne River Sioux tribes, each tribe's economic development person initially enthused about the lottery project but none so far following up that interest.


October 15th, 2009

"For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." --Matthew 24:27

"For as the lightning that flashes out of one part under heaven shines to the other part under heaven, so also the Son of Man will be in His day." --Luke 17:24

This is prophesy of the transference of spiritual authority of God from the Old World to the New, i.e., my role as Son of Man prophesy bearer.


November 7th, 2010

Write this down. It's time to listen to Josephine for She is the Mother, Daughter, Sister, Woman Spirit voice for all humankind.


November 22nd, 2010

To me the Father face of the Godhead is Jesus Christ. It is Father Jesus who talks to me. Behind Father Jesus stands Grandfather EL and beside Him stands Asherah, the Tree of Life.

Father Jesus Himself will visit the mother of Josephine and she will conceive the Daughter of God.


January 17th, 2011

May Day Ankh Vision:

I am to give the Little White Man spiritual clan leader an ankh to bless in the Egyptian God/Pharaoh way a Little White Man woman in her youth who will become the mother of Christ Josephine or Christ Josephine herself. On May Day her husband of the moment will assume the role of the Father face of the Creator. Let it unfold as it will..

Out of Egypt I will call My Daughter through the Aquarian messenger.

This is astro-theology, a Celebration of Summer & Workers--She will champion the People's rights.


January 18th, 2011

Learned today via Murdock's Christ in Egypt book that confirms so much of my being led to an Egyptian origin for the Gospels, that John the Baptist has long been associated with the Sign of Aquarius.

The question arises, do I need to baptize or anoint or awaken Josephine? The answer came immediately, "No, it's woman's work." I am to provide the instrument, the ankh.


January 22nd, 2011

John the Baptist-Anup the Baptizer, Aquarius connection, with John's name in Greek connecting him to the name of the Babylonian god of water, connects me with them through the Paxcalibur baptisms.


January 24th, 2011

Christianity is the ancient Egyptian religion with a Jewish face that speaks Greek.


March 6th, 2011

For Josephine, bring ankh instructions.

I learned in Acharya's book, Christ in Egypt, about the connection between Anubis as Baptist role for Osiris bringing the sun across the night to the other side and John the Baptist role, each one connected to the sign of Aquarius which becomes another sign of credentials for me doing the same archetypal role.

 wpe1.jpg (14344 bytes)   



Thanksgiving figures as an important holiday to Christ Josephine, one She will purify and restore to moral goodness that the original may well have lacked. I saw this coyote by the side of the road on the way to Yosemite Thanksgiving day, 2010, or the day after I forget now and I took his picture. He seemed sad and hungry.



                               Below are pictures of jackals which are closely related to coyotes as you can see.

        43427882_a7c0f4a9c3.jpg (133989 bytes)      
             indjackal5.jpg (34544 bytes)


April 11th, 2011

Together with my Bear River tribal friend and spiritual brother Don  "Sparky" Brenard and Bridgit Aspen we form the necessary "Two Witnesses" and Three Magi or Kings for this spiritual mission.  Sparky will help me make a coyote bundle for the special redwood ankh for Christ Josephine that has been made now by my wood sculpture artist brother-in-law.  Because God has made sure feminine energy accompanies these two Visions I'm carrying out, Bridgit was with me with Pax to form the Two Witnesses in Palestine and Israel for my Paxcalibur mission. She will come with Sparky and me and the three of us will represent the Magi as each of us is a knowledgeable spiritual worker in our separate religious paths. We will follow the tradition of the Three Kings which are really in the heavens and seen in Orion's Belt "pointing" to Sirius, Osiris' star, the Dog Star-Anubis' star. We're not showing up at the Winter Solstice as the Gospel Story went but at the Summer Solstice this time around.


May 17th, 2011

Regarding Christ Josephine, White Buffalo Calf Woman, She will have natural grace and royal bearing.


June 7, 2011

Josephine will be baptized with that name. She will be touched to her nose with her ankh to transfer knowledge of life and resurrection to eternal life at that time by a spiritual helper if I am not available to do it.

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jackal headed 
god anubis from 
the tomb of artisan. 
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What is Josephine? She is the Messiah of the whole world, the appointed Savior for the New Age. In her wisdom all humanity will be saved. She is the necessary completer in the Divine Marriage, the true Bride of Christ and emblem of wholeness of self.


June 12th, 2011

wpe2.jpg (9942 bytes)








Wild turkey feathers abound at the beginning of our mission to the Lakotas and Northern Cheyenne. They are Her sign feathers as Josephine will resanctify Thanksgiving. They are Her Sacrifice Bird representing Her presence and blessing for the thanksgiving of life and bounty of the year.


June 17th, 2011

Lame Deer, Montana. David Little Whiteman (Flying Coyote) accepts responsibility as Keeper of Josephine's Bundle. He will be the caretaker of it until the appointed one, Josephine Little Whiteman, arrives to claim it.


  1111.JPG (21271 bytes)

David Little Whiteman, Northern Cheyenne, myself, Don (Sparky) Brenard, Bear River, with Josephine's Bundle contents


June 19th, 2011

"Go to the Lakota with the Lifeline Lottery plan. White Buffalo Calf Woman a.k.a. Christ Josephine authorizes it. This is your first contact directly from Her and your first assignment." --June 19th, 2009

I completed this assignment with our positive visit with the Vice Chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe at Eagle Butte, S.D on June 19th, 2011, two years to the day that Josephine's spirit gave me the task. The year before I presented the lottery plan to the Oglala and Crow Creek Lakota tribes.

I touch the Lakota's sacred Bear Butte and complete the circle from my original religious conversion experience that happened at our Northern California Bear Butte in Humboldt County at Easter, 1979.


    Bear_Butte.jpg (21267 bytes) 

Bear Butte in Northern California. Technically named Bear Buttes but everyone here calls it Bear Butte. Real bears live there too. Black bears now but this mountain got its name from the fierce grizzly bears who lived there and attacked early white settlers. Bear Butte, Bear River, these represent the West in the Four Directions.


     CIMG0125.JPG (22570 bytes)

       Bear Butte, South Dakota. Spiritual mountain for many tribes.


June 19th-20th, 2011

Josephine is at the center of great spiritual power. She came with a name of a hurricane when my daughter had the first vision of Josephine in 1984 and the completion of my spiritual circle was climaxed by tornado storm. We Three physicians of the soul found ourselves in the eye of a tornado storm in Ogallala, Nebraska with one touching down 12 miles away from us. Sparky and I saw three storm chaser cars equipped with aerials and whatnot at the gas station beside our motel in Ogallala so we decided to follow them out towards that black cloud you see below.

We went out on the dirt farm roads exactly like you saw in the movie Twister and stopped at a crossroads about two miles away from that black cloud. Sparky had already shown me his spiritual powers to call on the Thunder Beings before we started the trip when he did his prayer ritual and called on them to break a storm front apart that was coming across the ocean from Japan carrying radioactive rain or so the news reported. That storm front did split apart and in a thunder and lightning display 20 Aleutian geese were electrocuted in the air and fell to the ground. Sparky brought one to my place. So outside of Ogallalah both of us looking at that black cloud, I say to Sparky, "Beat your drum and call in the Thunder Beings."

I wanted to see a tornado and in  a minute or two after Sparky beats his drum about six or seven small funnels start dropping down from that cloud. But they all evaporated quickly and none touched the ground. We went back to our motel where TVs were blasting out tornado warnings as that black cloud moved over the city. Fantastic show beneath that cloud over us. Circular lightening and continuous rolling thunder with the winds coming from all four directions into the rotating circle of cloud above us. But the expected tornado did not form. However, be ready for great changes. The Spirit of Elijah and the whirlwind are back.


CIMG0126.JPG (15484 bytes)


June 22nd, 2011


81580028.JPG (32015 bytes)

The Magi bearing gifts for Josephine

Stephen, Bridgit, and Don "Sparky" Brenard


July 27th, 2011

The Lakota have a purpose--as buffalo keepers, caretakers, stewards. Create open range and expand it; to recreate the old migration routes and more buffaloes until there are millions and millions of them again.


February 11th, 2012

Illegal immigrants cross the Rio Grande, North America's "Jordan" separating the Promised Land from those seeking it. Anubis/John the Baptist role in taking people across the River is seen in the "coyotes" who bring illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande.


February 15th, 2012

Josephine will re-sanctify the Rio Grande as a sacred river to Christianity with Her baptism in it. The Rio Grande is the New World's spiritual Jordan where the Promised Land lies across the River one must "pass over". Instead of East to West the direction is South to North, youth to old age, innocence to wisdom of experience.

People crossing the Rio Grande should be baptized for remission of sins before entry into the Promised Land. Sanctification of the river will help solve the unwanted flow of desperate peoples coming into North America from violent undemocratic cultural backgrounds without learning the rules necessary for governing democratic free society.


March 12th, 2012

Quan Yin was a pushover. White Buffalo Calf Woman wasn't.


March 13th, 2012

Have to instruct Josephine in Aquariana. Josephine too will have Living Waters to pour out over Humanity and Her's will be purer and sweeter than mine.


March 18th, 2012

Josephine is Venus, the Moon, and Mother Earth incarnate. Josephine is love incarnate.

Venus- Maiden Youth

Moon- Mother



March 31st, 2013 Easter Sunday

The Divine Feminine has been literally beat to hell through millennia of patriarchal control of societies. God is on the side of Democracy and that means equality for women. And proof of spiritual equality for women will only be established when the Divine Feminine is restored to the Godhead.


June 2nd, 2013

The Sun in Aquarius = Jesus Christ

The Moon in Aquarius = Christ Josephine

Moon Sign will be in Aquarius for Josephine Little Whiteman


July, 2013 to July 1st, 2014

The Inter-tribal lottery project is up and running again. Or more accurately, tottering along again. I began working with the Bear River tribe in 1995 and have been working with them on and off since 1995 but they cannot seem to make a commitment to the project as of this date. I established contact in 2013 with the Oglala Lakota Nation and am working on developing the business plan for this project which we hope will become an economic boon for all tribes participating. My long term partner on the lottery project, Don Brenard, after 19 years with me working on and off as tribal commitment circumstances permitted, has more or less pulled out. And I'm not far behind as both of us are pretty burnt out of trying to get the Heartlands Lifeline lottery project going with his tribe, Bear River, and other tribes we've tried over the years. It's a wonderful concept but implementing it with tribes is another matter altogether..


November 27th, 2013,

David Little Whiteman III, 'Okometameatse', "Coyote Flying", was the 1st Keeper of the Josephine Bundle and he has passed. David's wife, Nalita Little Whiteman and her children will be the 2nd Keepers of the Josephine Bundle.




The Josephine Bundle will be kept until Josephine Little Whiteman bearing the right Signs is born and grows up to claim it. The Josephine Fund will be set up for her expenses and the Little Whiteman family will oversee Josephine's education and entry into active tribal leadership life.


wpe1B.jpg (15724 bytes)

"The Bright and Morning Star"

Christ Josephine


Josephine's Bundle contents:


CIMG0106.JPG (10061 bytes)


The Redwood Ankh-made of old growth redwood from an old wine cask so it is soaked in the Christian sacrament yet it isn't a "Christian" cross and has no association with death or martyrdom. It is the Cross of the new Christian movement. My brother-in-law Donovan Peterson made this ankh for Josephine.


CIMG0131.JPG (33281 bytes)

Coyote face mounted on a dream catcher representing the Anubis-Coyote connection. While Anubis' role in Egyptian religion was very positive as that of a hierophant taking the sun and souls safely across the Abyss of night and into eternal life in heaven, Coyote's role in Native American tradition gives pause for consideration and a double-checking of the apparent cross-fertilization between two prophetic traditions. Is it real? Future movement of the Spirit will tell if this further Sign of Her return is a new path from the Creator or not.


CIMG0108.JPG (3578 bytes)

A Rainbow Bible- seven colors of the rainbow make a book without words. It symbolizes the Creator's radiant truth.


CIMG0112.JPG (149401 bytes)

Cedar bundles- from Don "Sparky" Brenard. This cedar comes from a grove of grandfather, grandmother Western Red Cedar trees


CIMG0110.JPG (105976 bytes)

A NKJV Bible that Bridgit gifts Josephine


CIMG0114.JPG (100652 bytes)

Sacrament Seeds-these are seeds of cannabis indica and they will produce the new and powerful pipe mixture for Josephine's sacred pipe.


The Gospel of Humanity: This is the newest Christian revelation that reveals the spiritual meaning behind the Son of Man tradition in Christianity.


Aquariana Christianity: This is my Aquarian Age Christianity book which contains the Aquarian Key to the meaning of the Celestial Tauret, the true "Torah" of Jewish Christianity.



The Great White Buffalo

"Alright, well listen up everybody--to what I got to say--there;s hope for tomorrow--if we wake up today--Well, it happened long ago--in that new magic land--the indians and the Buffalo--they existed hand in hand--Well, the Indians needed food--and skins for a roof--they only took what they needed--millions of buffalo were proof--I say "Hey"--but then came the White Man--with his thick and empty head--He couldn't see past his buffalo--he wanted all the buffalo dead--So the indians hid in fields--there were no buffalo to be found--The magic seemed to be missing--it kind of looked like a burial ground--but along the canyon wall--strong eyes did glow--Leader of this land--the Great White Buffalo--Well, he got battered herd--and he led them across some land--With the Great White Buffalo--they could make a final stand--yeah--There's hope for tomorrow--if we wake up today."

--Donald "Sparky" Brenard, spiritual leader of the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria


The meaning of the Vision of Christ Josephine for Lakota and Native Americans


When I learned that my Vision of Christ Josephine matched the Lakota prophesy of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, I had thought that I should make contact with Lakota spiritual leaders to inform them of this Vision. I did contact Arvol Looking Horse who was then thoroughly caught up in the controversy surrounding Wasuchis, white people, exploiting Lakota sacred ceremonies like the Sun Dance and Sweat Lodge ceremonies. It was exactly the wrong time to bring up this Wasuchi's Vision so I let it go. The thing is, I and my Vision of Christ Josephine are Wasuchi and almost all the spiritual information about Christ Josephine, even though She came to me as a vision of a Native American Spirit Woman, She came to me in terms Wasuchis can spiritually understand.

Christ Josephine continues the Spirit of Christ manifestation begun with Jesus Christ in the Holy Land. She is here to spiritually unite Old and New World's together and in order to accomplish this, She has come first to the Lakota of the New World as a Native American Spirit Woman and now She returns again, this time bearing a new Wasuchi name in order for Wasuchi as well as Native Americans to recognize Her spiritual role as a Savior of the People. There is no obligation for either Lakota or Wasuchi to learn each other's language or religious ways--the spiritual work that Christ Josephine a.k.a. White Buffalo Calf Woman accomplishes this time around is done without need of organized effort. The spiritual unification is happening spontaneously and naturally without artifice.

The spiritual union carries no formal declaration but only a gift from the Wasuchi, a gift from the where the beginning of the Western Wakan revelations occurred within sight of our Bear Butte. Wakan Tanka has not led me to Lakota elders and spiritual leaders but to a Lakota man who had already made contact with my Western Wakan community of the Mateel here in No. California. It turns out we share a common interest in hemp products. Our Mateel community here in Humboldt County is probably the leading edge community in the United States for hemp product promotion. Hemp, it turns out, is one of the primary reasons Wakan Tanka has united our two communities. White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Lakota their Sacred Pipe. Christ Josephine through Her wasuchi messenger brings the Lakota the new Sacred Pipe smoke. The spiritual message uniting Lakota and all Native America with spiritually aware Wasuchi is contained within the Holy Smoke. The eutopian or "good place" blueprints for the New 5th World they are creating together are contained within the Holy Smoke. The Holy Smoke is the New Sacrament of Biomystical Christianity.


Holy Smoke: for the Sacred Pipe


mj.JPG (6225 bytes) 

Wakan consciousness came to me through sensimilla smoke

I believe Wakan Tanka has united me with the Lakota's prophesy of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman in order for my Humboldt County-Mateel Community to provide the Lakota with a new Sacred Pipe herbal smoke to be used as a sacrament for making spiritual contact with Wakan Tanka. Our County is known widely for producing some of the most potent marijuana in the world. I myself as well as perhaps thousands in my community can attest for the ability of marijuana, used with spiritual care as a sacrament, to transport religiously receptive people to higher levels of spiritual consciousness. That is why God has introduced the sensimilla form of marijuana into the world, to be used now as a sacrament far more spiritually useful than wine.

Sensimilla, the word meaning literally "without seed", is the ultimate form of a Goddess plant as the males of the species are not allowed to pollinate the female flowers which makes them produce psychoactive properties of marijuana in much stronger concentrations. This plant, along with our groves of giant redwood trees, makes our Mateel Community strongly favorable to the Goddess who in former times identified Herself with such groves and special plants. The Goddess as White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the Lakota their Sacred Pipe. Arielmessenger, prophesy bearer of the 2nd Sign of the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman which is the Vision of Christ Josephine, brings the Lakota a new Holy Smoke for their Sacred Pipe. From the Hindu-Kush mountains where the real Vedic roots of the Abrahamic faiths are located all the way now to Turtle Island. It is another ceremonial step in the spiritual unification of Old and New World peoples.


The Holy One of Heaven and Earth cordially invites you to the Great Spirit Wedding of Jesus Christ and Christ Josephine and the Restoration of the Holy Family


This will be the spiritual basis for a worldwide tribal-communitarian society that shares the bounty of God's good earth fair and square among all of God's children.




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Protection Plan for Ethnic Groups

This is a plan that can protect tribal, religious or any ethnic culture from unwanted outside influence and disruption


The Pahana Connection


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