Climax Technology


Toxic and Tonic Technology


Alongside of recognition of Climax Technology aspects of any given tool or system which means long-term utility sustainability vs. obsolescence due to failure under working conditions, we need to add recognition of Toxic and Tonic Technology. Toxic technology applies to any tool or system that produces damage to people's health and well-being, or inflicts physical damage on the environmental ecology where such technology is being used, short or long-term.

Our world is utterly filled with Toxic Technology for which we human beings are fully responsible. We've introduced millions of chemical compounds into our Earth environment that our bodies have no prior evolutionary experience dealing with. It's no wonder cancers proliferate when we have no immune responses to these artificial compounds we've made. It is our duty to clean up the toxic waste and toxic tools and systems we have been inflicting on the world since the industrial revolution. If we don't clean up our mess civilization as we know it may become extinct, like all the creatures we humans have done in the last few centuries and doomed their necessary living conditions for survival.

If that car, smartphone, TV, lawnmower, swimming pool, air-conditioner, heater, stove, clothes you wear, pollutes the environment, you got to change it. We can't live with it anymore. We have to develop Tonic Lifestyles using tonic technology that doesn't hurt others or the shared environment. But changing lifestyles isn't easy, especially if attempted on a mass scale, like China often does lacking democracy, demonstrating draconian social control vs. democratic consent. Democracy can do it if it Unifies national will to do so and that requires leadership that people so respect they willingly "do for your country" what needs to be done. For all our sakes and all the species of Earth under our guardianship.