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Raw Data

This is a running account of spiritual information as it comes to me when I'm in religious mania mode, the spiritual consciousness state I periodically find myself in which I believe to be the experience of Gnosis of God. While Biomystical Christianity can be considered my "Old Testament", this is the beginning of my "New Testament" written under the spiritual guidance of Father Jesus. Aquariana Christianity started here.




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A Son of Man prophesy bearer for the New Age reveals the meaning of Jacob's Ladder of Truth and The Way to God



November 30th, 2006

God wants the billboards advertising Islam taken down fro the House of God.

New Eternal Zionism is hierosgamos, Shalom and Shulamite = Love


September 18th, 2007

"The Son and the Name are the same. Jesus is the Name of God."

God told me Its name for the first time in 28 years! God's name is Jesus! I am at last converted to Christianity finally after 28 years of never having experienced Jesus directly, only in His signature of goodness. God told me in spiritual communion last night that Yes, Jesus is Its Name and told me why the Son is Name of the Father. The Son has been given power as the Son performed the necessary Sacrifice to establish Himself King on Earth, the Messiah and supreme example of what God tells us what is necessary to overcome evil in our natures and become truly humane human beings.

The Son has become the Father!

This changes most everything now in my theology and explains why God has kept me from publishing so I could not publish the wrong gospel!

What happened

I have several close Christian friends whom I rely on for help in discerning spiritual truth from religious propaganda. All of my close Christian friends claim to have a "personal relationship" with Jesus, meaning Jesus "talks" with them, talks with that "small voice inside" giving them guidance in their problems in life. I had a "personal relationship" with God Most High or so I have thought for the past 28 years. God had directed me to the ancient Canaanite cuniform texts where EL Elyon, God Most High was first worshiped by the Canaanites before the priests and writers of Judah did a makeover of their tribal war god Yahweh, changing EL into Yahweh and more or less obliterating EL's distinct personality in the process.

Reading how the Canaanites worshiped EL and loved Him, I found Jesus' "Abba", His "Daddy", the wise and compassionate God Most High that Jesus' teaching reflect while they do not reflect Yahweh's war god commandments for unquestioning obedience. I was a happy camper in my "Biomystical Christianity" beliefs where I worshiped God as EL Elyon, and Jesus was the earthly man, the prophet of prophets who most embodied the goodness of God and who taught the goodness of God better than any other messengers from God.

I worshiped God as God, not Jesus as God, although I did grant Jesus the "Son of God" role because it squared with what I knew of ancient Canaanite, ancient Hebrew and Jewish theology when "Son of God" meant the earthly man who followed the will of God Most High, not the earthly man was a literal son of God. My Biomystical Christian beliefs about Jesus then matched ancient Gnostics, Jews and Muslims in their understanding that God cannot be a man, cannot be any image of anything on earth, or in the seas or in the heavens. Jesus was the greatest of prophets but still only a man.

One of my Christian friends chided me about my being too "Jewish" to receive Jesus Christ into my heart. I told him I had done so for I fully recognized how God sent Jesus to save humankind by setting the necessary example of sacrifice of power over men for love of all humanity. But he said I still wasn't a Christian because I didn't know Jesus personally. Well, ok, I'll do it again although I seemed to remember seeking Jesus directly when I went through my original religious conversion back at Easter of 1979. Since God guided me with revelations that would come into my mind I asked God six nights ago "Are You Jesus?"

And God answered immediately, strongly, "Yes!"

And I asked again, "God, are You Jesus?"


I asked ten times and got Yes as the answer ten times and by the end of my questioning, I was in tears of joy because God had never told me directly who It was, only guided me with spiritual information. I had assumed God was EL Elyon because God directed me to find out about EL. But that was only to teach me who Jesus' Daddy was, where Jesus got His teachings from.

Jesus told me that I was to worship Him as Father, as Father Jesus, for He is now the Father face of God turned towards humankind and has been since His assumption into heaven. EL is in the background as Grandfather but it is the Father who rules His Family.  Jesus told me that the sky gods, EL, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Thor, Odin, Isis, Ishtar, etc, etc. had limited spiritual powers because it took a god being recorded walking the earth as a man before the teachings could be assimilated by the human mind. And that is why those still worshiping sky gods like Yahweh and Allah are still stuck in the alpha male territorial battling behavior pattern because they never accepted the teachings of God who came down to earth to walk like a man and never really learned forgiveness of sins, the wisdom and compassion needed to end violence between human beings.


September 19th, 2007

Paul's mistaken theology

Paul got it wrong. It's not that human beings are  sinners but that we are stupid. We always think we know more than we actually do and that always gets us into trouble. Sin has nothing to do with it. Ignorance has everything to do with why the world turns more on men's greed for more material possessions than on thirst for knowledge, health and well-being.

The "Jesus" phenomena

An inherent propensity within the human mind can be triggered into activation by belief in the Name of God and by belief in the act of sacrifice by Jesus, not by belief in the blood of Jesus. Focus on sin atonement through vicarious blood sacrifice teaches the wrong message. Besides, Jesus was hardly kosher as a sin atonement sacrificial offering. Jesus set the example for us to follow of sacrificing power over others for love of others. The supreme Alpha washes the feet of his servants and goes the extra mile for them, even unto death, and thus sets the supreme spiritual example for all men and women to follow.


September 21st, 2007

Christian unification or Babel all over again?

Because I've now joined those to whom Jesus "speaks", I naturally have to wonder what happens with all these Jesus conversations going on in different people's heads. Especially when it's easily to see Jesus isn't saying the same things to everyone. My Father tells me He is inherent in our human mentality and what is happening is that this inherent Goodness can be activated by acknowledging Jesus' summoning for relationship. "Ask and you will receive."

Now comes the hard part for those of us skeptical of the power of Love incarnate to sway the minds of violence-minded people and the minds of the many people who are untroubled when they bring harm to their neighbors. Trust and believe in the power of our Father Jesus to cut through the crap and synchronize all of us who see the potential for goodness in all our fellow human beings. The Goodness of God is within all of us. True, it's covered up, starved for nourishment, stomped on, and forgotten most of the time, but it exists in all of us, even the serial killers with damaged minds. Jesus is the Name that triggers the inherent Goodness of humankind to come to the fore and begin motivating kind and forgiving behavior that is necessary to break the vicious cycles of harm and retaliation that otherwise rule human emotions.

Goodness is Jesus' alternate Name

Here is a new teaching from my Father Jesus. Christians have been taught that they must bring the Word of God to non-Christians in order to convert them to the true religion and worship of the true God. So Bibles were translated into every language on earth yet Christian nationalistic behavior patterns remain virtually unchanged creating a backlash from non-Christians resentful of being told "One Way" and yet seeing Christian backsliders and Christian rulers urging death and destruction on their enemies as if Jesus never said a blessed thing.

Father Jesus says that is to end now. From now on, no Christian need insist on a non-Christian using the word, "Jesus" in order to be considered "Christian". It is not in the words but in the actions of Christians that Jesus is revered as God. So, everywhere people are practicing goodness in their lives, being good people, doing good things for others, this is the mark of followers of Father Jesus, not their allegiance to words in any book or even the name of "Jesus". Jesus is Goodness personified.


September 22nd, 2007

"You must love the ones you've harmed. You must serve the ones you or your people have harmed."

When you become a Christian with Father Jesus in your heart, you must go to those who've you've wronged in the past and make amends. You must seek truth and reconciliation in all your troubled relationships until the discord is resolved and peace reigns in your heart again. This is a general commandment from Father Jesus but I am to deliver it in Jerusalem especially aimed at Israelis to soften their hearts towards the people they've greatly wronged. This is part of the Messianic messages. God's a 12 Stepper, it seems..

The New Seed for the new Tree of Life

God has given me a New Seed to plant a new Tree of Life in the Holy Land.


October 11th, 2007

"We are Holy One. You have no enemies, only people who disagree with you or who are mentally ill."

Father Jesus says 'Call Me Father Goodness for those who don't know My Story but know Me in their hearts, minds, and souls.'


October 21st, 2007

Jesus "owns" Jerusalem. Paxcalibur is His Sign of ownership and mark of His presence.


November 1st, 2007

Paxcalibur is Not to go into the Dome of the Rock! It is to go into the Garden Tomb.

There is no reason now to honor the place where a Hindu god was mistaken for a Hebrew or Arab man. Paxcalibur will go into the Garden Tomb, the "place of the skull" as a Sign of the Return of the Spirit of Christ.



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"The Garden Tomb is an alternative to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher as the actual site of Jesus' burial in Jerusalem. It was discovered in 1867 and is especially popular with Protestants as a place of devotion.

In the 19th century, a number of scholars disputed the identification of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher with the actual site of Jesus' crucifixion and burial. In 1842, Otto Thenius proposed that a rocky outcrop outside the walls was Calvary (Golgotha), the place of the skull.

The Garden Tomb itself was discovered in 1867, and was soon identified as the burial place of Jesus, mainly because of its location in the area that had been identified as Calvary. Another factor in its favor was the recent discovery the tombstone of the deacon Nonnus in the nearby Church of St. Stephen, which mentioned the Holy Sepulcher.

The Anglican Church committed itself to the site as the place of Jesus' burial and "Gordon's Tomb" became the "Garden Tomb." The Church has since withdrawn its formal support, but the Garden Tomb continues to be identified by popular Protestant piety.

The wardens of the property (the UK-based Garden Tomb Association) stress that it is the resurrection of Jesus, not the issue of finding the exact spot of his burial, that is important. Regardless of its authenticity, the Garden Tomb is a fine place for contemplating the death burial of Christ and certainly more readily identifiable with the Gospel accounts than the dark and urban scene of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher."


November 4th, 2007

She is coming! Christ Josephine is coming to earth. (within my lifetime)

Tell the Lakota

Tell the Nez Perce

Tell the local tribes

Tell all Native Americans


November 16th, 2007

Her appearance on earth will begin the New Aeon, the Aquarian Age and the 5th World, so Aquarius will be prominent in Her astrological chart.

While on earth She is the Daughter of God and Bride of Christ. 

But once She ascends back to heaven again, She becomes our heavenly Mother.

Father and Mother, Son and Daughter, are then One and the same God of all, the Holy One of Heaven and Earth.


November 20th, 2007

What has been brought forward from my Old Testament, Biomystical Christianity

God's Cosmic Plan: the basis for the "Son of Man" concept

The End of Abraham: the basis for the Canaan Peace Plan

The Story of Paxcalibur: Re-sanctifying Jerusalem as the City of Peace

The new Religion of Peace: the basis for one world religion

Canaan Peace Plan: the way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Vision of Christ Josephine: the Vision uniting Old World with New World spiritual consciousness and the prophesy of Her arrival on earth as a Native American spiritual leader

Climax Civilization: the philosophical basis for the development of sustainable human civilization

"No more 'Us vs. Them"

No divisions in spiritual consciousness of God like the Jews vs. Gentiles, Christians vs. Pagan, Muslims vs. Infidels.

The General Council of the United Nations of America


September 25th, 2007

"Follow me": the name of my book.

"Every church is mine to redesign (the meaning of the Gospel)


December 2nd, 2007

"Christs are always princes or princesses of peace. Those who work for Father Jesus, work for peace.


December 6th, 2007

"I AM We"

"We are initiating our outreach program through you, Stephen."


January 15th, 2008

End Times continued..End Times for Buddhism

"For Buddhists, the glass is always half empty." Buddhism kills passion, joy, exuberance, fun, romantic love, silliness and righteous anger.


April 19, 2008

God's truth: "There is no single source of wisdom anywhere on earth."

Bridgit's message from God for me:

"Then the Lord answered me and said;

'Write the vision

And make it plain on tablets,

That he may run who reads it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time,

But at the end it will speak

and it will not lie.

Though it tarries, wait for it;

Because it will surely come,

It will not tarry."

Habbakuk 2:2,3


April 23, 2008

"You didn't believe my scientists. You still believe the prophets of old. So I AM sending you a new prophet. Who will you believe now?"


April 29, 2008

"In the past righteousness was defined as obedience to the will of God. Now, righteousness must be defined as obedience to the goodness of God, for God is goodness, and goodness is God."


May 9th, 2008

Ancestor worship?

Is ancestor worship the worship of God through seeing God exhibited in the actions of one's ancestors? The Face of the Father I have seen is my own father's face even though I well know he was not God, not even always a good man. But yet..


May 20th, 2008

All the Paxcalibur visions were Signs pointing to the End of Abraham.

You cannot make a mythical god-man real by false sanctification.


May 28th, 2008

"There won't be any lasting peace on earth until the Spirit of Christ controls Jerusalem."


June, 2008

"Gene Matlock is not enough. Historical science is not enough. It will take a prophet of God to authorize the new information."

Gene Matlock took the Abraham is Brahma information and ran with it but he ran out of the ball park.

The India-Hippie Connection foretold the coming awareness of Judaism's connection to Indian Brahmins.

"Puritanism was born in Brahmin exclusion of other castes.

Puritanism derives from and drives monotheism.

Puritanism and violence go hand and hand historically."


July 3rd, 2008

"Paxcalibur and the Religion of Peace is the only authentic religion of the Living God."

All others are based on the lost context and meanings of the ancient words of men, on hearsay, on myths and yes, some even on outright lies. They're all dead except the Son of Man gives life to them in the here and now.

God's Signs: Paxcalibur, the Vision of Christ Josephine, and the Rainbow Bible

"God sent me to re-establish spiritual authority in the Holy Land that has been corrupted and lost."


July 4th, 2008

"No more Passover."

No more passing over Jewish racist mythical celebrations of God inflicting harm on Gentiles. No more inflicting the historical lies inherent in their religious teachings on Western Civilization.

"No more 2nd Hand God!"

A personal relationship with God is the only spiritually authentic relationship. This is the Gnostic Path.


July 5th, 2008

"I am sent to free the spiritual slaves to psychotic gods of men."

"A true prophet of God changes history but they often do not do it in their own lifetimes."


July 6th, 2008

"Holy Cow! Abraham is Brahma!"

The Son of Man= recognition by the prophet that God is Humankind(ness).

This ties together with We are Holy One.

"I am the Son of Man prophesy bearer sent for the New Age to explain in plain language what that concept really means."

St. Stephen exclaims: "Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God". --Acts 7:55

"Paxcalibur was sent to Palestinian Arabs, not Israeli Jews. Paxcalibur is God's Sign that Palestinians will get their country back. A Promise from God. But the name of the country will not be "Palestine" but the Promised Land, "Canaan"."

New Islam:

The Final Sacrifice of Abraham

A ritual for laying religious myths to rest that have harmed people

"Every Jew, Christian, and Muslim must now make the Final Sacrifice of Abraham in order to enter into the Kingdom of God which is Peace on earth, goodwill among all.

You will be asked to give up that which is of utmost spiritual value to you but you must have faith that God will never abandon humanity. Indeed, God cannot because God is humanity, only humanity in our distant future when humanity fulfills its destiny by evolving into God. Only the Son of Man knew this before.

I am sent to tell you the truth for I am the appointed prophet and Son of Man for the New Age. Jesus is the Son of Man for all of time for He identifies Himself fully as humanity, it's past, present, and future.

The Son of Man knows. He has been given Gnosis to know that humanity and God are One. Read the Gospels and see how this interpretation fits the words of Jesus as no other interpretations have which is further proof of my authority as the appointed Son of Man for the New Age."

"I am sent to tell you who sits on the left hand of God. It is She, for humanity begins and ends with husband and wife as One. She is coming! Her Spirit is already here."


July 7th, 2008

"The Son of Man knows who the Father is. He is the Ancient of Days, i.e., the end of humanity evolving into God Itself."

"Paxi"=Those who believe Paxcalibur is the Golden Ruler and the Sign of the Messiah.

Want peace? Call a Paxi.

"God's gone Gnostic."

Even Rainbow Bibles have to be made by each person individually.

Gnosis of God never dies.

It cannot be destroyed because it carries spiritual truth of the Living God while other religious paths have become corrupted by the institutionalizing of spiritual truth.


The Paxcalibur Code

Everything people have turned into weapons against peace must be sacrificed.

Truth cannot be sacrificed.


"Canaan" gives both Israelis and Palestinians a way out of their I/P conflict with grace. A new beginning for both in the center of post-Abrahamic religious worship.

The Canaan Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Oversees Israeli and Palestinian reconciliation

Origins of Judaism

The entry of Brahminism into the Canaanite religious community as religious ideological survivors

Are Hebrews Brahmins or are they the thieves of Brahmin religious ideology?

The Genesis story of Abraham marks the entry of Hindu Vedic Brahminism into Near Eastern Canaanite religious society. Brahma and his consort, Saraisvati are made subservient to the God of the Canaanites, EL Elyon by being reduced as gods and disguised as human beings, Abraham and his wife, Sarah. The name changes show the metamorphous, Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah. Brahma's influence symbolized by his progeny, his reach into the future is held hostage by EL who demands his complete and absolute faith and obedience in the demand for sacrifice of Brahma/Abraham's sons. He must serve EL. Brahma/Abraham dutifully obeys and EL is kind and Brahma's progeny live on as human beings and the Hebrew reach into Canaan's territory is assured.

But what happens when gods walk the earth as men and issue deeds to land?

"God's torn up the deed!"

Jews can't use the Torah anymore to claim the Holy Land for themselves alone.

The Brahmin caste as the exclusive highest ranking "priests of God" is remade into the Jewish race as "priests of God" spiritually overseeing all other human beings.

Because "Hebrews" and Israelites end up the winners in this bit of ancient religious warfare according to their version of history while only the names of the major Brahmin Hindu Vedic gods and goddesses plus Meliksadeksina as Melchizedek seem to have survive the trek from the dried-up Saraisvati River watershed in India, I think there's reason to believe ancient Hebrews hijacked Brahminism, much like Muhammad did later, as caravan robbers when these Brahmin refugees were traveling through Iran, then Iraq, Abraham's supposed birthplace, losing the content of the Vedic belief system along the way from India. Hebrew priests and scribes borrowed religious beliefs right and left from their Near Eastern neighbors, Babylonia, Egypt, Canaan, Iran, so why not Hindu Vedic ones, monotheisized and stripped of all the pagan deities and their stories. Brahminism, as I understand it, was itself a protest movement against the multiplicity of gods and goddesses within the Vedic worship system.

The persistent stories of Jesus' youth spent in India, the apostle Thomas's influence in India, may be God pointing us to India as was the social movement I belong to, the Hippie movement with its fascination with India's and Hinduism.

Ariel, the Angel of Jerusalem guided me in my Old Testament days. Father Jesus guides me in my New Testament days.

Stephen's Old Testament lays the foundation for understanding Stephen's New Testament.

Deprogramming Abrahamic believers

7 Steps

1. Learning the truth about the origins of Abraham and Sarah--the Signs given from God, some even written in the stones of the earth.

2. Understanding spiritual authority resting on Abraham is now gone.

3. Recovering what is still of value in Abrahamic religious teachings.

4. Recognizing the Living God has not abandoned Abrahamic believers at all. The Father has sent a new Son of Man prophet of God to guide believers in the New Age.

5. Learning about the new Religion of Peace--the Signs given from God.

6. Reconciling with former religious enemies.

7. Rejoicing in freedom of Spirit given by the Creator for each one to seek and find God without compulsion of any sort from others.

God is goodness and goodness is God

Love goodness with all your heart, mind and soul

Be good to the life of the land

Be good to your neighbors

Be good to your family

Be good to yourself


July 8th, 2008

God's messenger brings news of freedom and justice and of love.

Freedom from spiritual slavery and oppression, and justice based on God's love of all humankind.

Ancient Son of Man prophets glimpsed the future of humankind. Jesus saw to the end of humanity becoming God. Me too.

Muslim women are suffering from permanent Stockholm Syndrome due to the teachings of Muhammad.

So are Mormon polygamist wives due to the teachings of Joseph Smith.

Old Signs were based on hearsay. New Signs are documented, real people, real events recorded for truth and posterity.

God is the Great Spirit of Humanity

Love humanity with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Love your neighbors as yourself.


July 11th, 2008

Jews and Gypsies share a common origin in India


July 12th, 2008

"Christ Josephine will come from the Little White Man ("Little Big Man") Jewish line in the Northern Cheyenne."

Noah lands on Ararat. Ararat, Arafat connection.

Arabia, Aramaic= Sanskrit connection="Land of horses", Aramaic language containing Sanskrit words.

Wandering Brahmins or proto-Jews

Wandering Brahmins are looking for another River civilization after leaving the Saraisvati River civilization behind.

They go to Babylonia/Iran/Tehran (Terah=place name) with its Euphrates River. They go to Egypt with its Nile River. They settle on the Jordan River hoping to left alone to recreate a new Brahmin-type nation of priests. They have lost most of the Vedic religion along their way, only retaining main components of the Vedic mythology--Brahma as Abraham, Saraisvati as Sarah, Meliksadaksina as Melchizedek, and of course, the caste system ideology where Brahmins as the community's intellectuals, are the top caste as "priests of God".

Brahmins had a superior concept of God in Atman/Brahman, one above polytheistic gods and goddesses. Brahmins were accepted in polytheistic India as the highest caste but in polytheistic Near East Brahmins were branded foreigners and not accepted. They react and survive in hostile territory by adapting to Near East religious configuration where EL is the top God but they are basically opposed to Near Eastern gods except the highest one which they can identify with Atman/Brahman--God/Son of God archetype. They make Brahma and Saraisvati subservient to EL Elyon as Hebrew progenitors thus both spiritually sanctifying the new "Hebrew" community started from gods as usual for ancient civilizations. Thus Brahma and Saraisvati become "Hebrews" and the god and goddess progenitors of the Jewish ethnic group.

Hebrews borrow from their Near Eastern neighbors to cobble together "Judaism". Brahminism from India supplied the basic narcissism of the concept chosen ones of God. Sumeria/Babylonia supplied the basic pagan mythologies that Jews incorporated into their own myths of origin, e.g. the Flood story in the Epic of Gilgamesh becomes the story of Noah, Hammurabi's Code of Law becomes the bases for the Mosaic Code, Egypt's circumcision is adopted as well as Akhenaton's extreme monotheism. Akhenaton's sun worship connects to Brahminism sun worship. Zoaster's duality is incorporated into the Jewish concept of God and Satan.

Signs embedded in the OT and NT

Abraham and Sarah= Vedic connection

Amen= Egyptian god connection

Son of Man repetitions in OT

Son of Man in NT, especially Stephen's vision, Stephen being the most Christ-like of all the NT characters besides Jesus.

Stealing pagan myths and remaking them as Jewish chronology

Creation story stolen from Babylonian creation myths

Noah story stolen from Epic of Gilgamesh

Moses childhood myth of reed basket taken from myth of Sargon II, Moses name taken from Tutmoses III

Remaking Code of Hammurabi into Mosaic Code

Jews were literate in a sea of illiterates. They remade Near Eastern myths into Jewish ones. Just like they're doing in America, slipping in Jewish cultural myths into America's subconscious via controlling major cultural venues like Hollywood and New York.

Mine is a Living Gospel

It doesn't seem to ever stop. There might be months go by without my receiving anything of significance, sometimes many months, but never years, and this current wave is still going strong.


July 15th, 2008

"How to break out of the Abrahamic spiritual prisons."

Tools needed:

End of Abraham info

Final Sacrifice of Abraham

Jacob's Ladder meaning

We are Holy One-God's Cosmic Plan info

New Religion of Peace

New Islam apologizes to Vedic Hindus as a sign of forgiveness for the past sins of both religious groups.

Restoring the Holy Family

My personal pantheon

Father Jesus

The Old Testament Yahweh is sacrificed through Jesus' crucifixion and is resurrected and born again as Father Jesus in heaven.

Grandfather EL

EL moves into the background as Grandfather

Christ Josephine

She came first as Ptsan Win, White Buffalo Calf Woman and warrior princess in the Ishtar tradition. She exists now as a Spirit Woman but will be manifested on earth in a Native American woman from the Little Big Man family of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. She will be born under the Sign of Aquarius or Aquarius will be prominent in Her natal chart.

Grandmother Tree of Life Asherah

She too moves into the background as Grandmother along with EL as Grandfather letting Christ Josephine shine forth on Her own.

An example of my raw notes written as the revelations arrive:

Raw CC note.bmp (2580694 bytes)


"How can a follower lead?"

"Only those who worship Cult over God, over the Spirit of Christ, will remain traditional Jews, Christians, and Muslims. For those who follow the Living God, they will follow the Spirit of Christ as the Goodness of God manifested each day in acts of kindness and love, and they are free."

"I am sent to free the slaves of God. A slave is not family. Only free men and women can join the Holy Family of God, humanity."

The Holy Family of God is humanity.

We are Holy One.

After the End Times,

EL Torah Nova

"Then Jesus said to him, 'Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.'"

-Jn 4:48


the new Religion of Peace

The Vision of Christ Josephine

The Biomystical meaning of Jesus' sacrifice

The Rainbow Bible Story


Stephen's Eight-fold Path

God is Love

Love love with all your heart, mind, and soul

God is Goodness

Love goodness with all your heart, mind, and soul

Be good to the life of the land

Be good to your neighbor

Be good to your family

Be good to yourself

God is Humanity

Love humanity with all your heart, mind, and soul

and remember, we are Holy One


Paxcalibur= the Ting in ancient Chinese religious philosophy

It is an object that symbolizes the presence and will of God on earth like Moses' tablets and Aaron's Rod and the Ark of the Covenant. These last things have been lost for millennia if they ever existed at all in real life. But Paxcalibur is real and so am I. We are documentable so that from now on, believers in the Living God will know that they have not been forgotten.

Mormons teach God looks like a man. I teach the spiritual truth God that looks like humanity.

"Rabbi"= Sanskrit "ravi"= ancient sun worship connection

"ravi = the sun (in general) or the sun-god

Brahmin sun worship *"mins"= plural Hebrew= mim.

December 15, 2006

Brahma : The Creator.

The oldest theory of the creation of man and the subsequent flood that submerged the world is also found in the Hinduttuva books. According to Hind beliefs, 'Creation has no beginning - anadi, and it is eternal.' Brahma is the Creator of the universe in the Hindu Trinity.

At the end of each Kalpa - a unit of time equal to a day of Brahma, amounting to 4,320 earth or world years, each time a new universe is recreated. At the end of the last age, there was a great deluge or destruction, which destroyed the universe. The present Age is the eight kalpa called Swetavarah. Brahma believed to have meditated at the dawn of this age, and then the God Almighty appeared in the form of sound of OM (AUM), also known as - Pranava - the origin of the entire Vedic absolute pronouncement, and AUM is the most sacred symbol, absolute in Hinduism. Brahman prayed God Almighty for the knowledge to create a new universe.

From the vibration sound of AUM, the Almighty God conceived the four Vedas - Holy Books and which are compiled from divine revelations, are - Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda. God taught these four Vedas to Brahma, who in turn, with the acquired supreme knowledge of Vedas, created the present universe. In the Hindu scriptures, "Manu" is the appropriated name for man. Manu means, the one who can think. In addition, the name Manu provided a generic base for manava, meaning 'humankind.

Posted by Somal Thakore at Friday, December 15, 2006


Ron said...

I think I have mentioned this before in a comment on your other blog (not sure), but there are actually two 'Brahmas'.

In this aspect, and according to Vedas, both Sun and Saturn are considered Brahmas. However, note that Sun and Saturn are worst enemies.

According to Parasara, who explained and expanded the science of Jyotish, Sun is the Brahma of what can be termed "unborn souls." However, since that means that the life-form (born individual, animal, etc.) must die (in order to be unborn), Sun is also known as the Mahesha of the living things.

Therefore, Sun gives birth to body-less souls (after killing) and therefore he is the Brahma who gives "Moksha" or "Nirvana" (Buddhism).

Saturn on the other hand, seduces unborn souls towards (again) rebirth. Therefore, Saturn is Brahma of those who are born. Also, Saturn is usually related to toiling, hardships, etc., but all that would go into extreme depths of Jyotish.

And since Saturn gives birth to everything (as in living with bodies, etc.), Saturn is the Brahma of the living things, and Mahesha of the unborn souls.

So it is obvious that both Sun and Saturn are Brahma as well as Mahesha (as in the trinity and at least as far as our solar system is concerned).

Narayana/Narayani, the supreme, and in fact s/he is actually our universe, is the one who decides when Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh can do their jobs, and onto whom (as in souls/life).

And Narayana/Narayani would be the one you referred to as "God Almighty" in your (this) post.

According to Jyotisha, the planets themselves cannot punish or reward us (as in life or karma), but only Narayana/Narayani can punish or reward us (via his/her soldiers = planets/grahas).

So, the correct understanding of the trinity would be:

Brahma = Sun or Saturn (depends on born or unborn)."

Full text of above article is posted on the Ravi & Rabbi reference page.

EL Torah Nova--the New Torah--based on the Celestial Tauret

Brahma was a sun god

Ancient Brahma was represented by Sun and Saturn

Jews continued Saturn worship with Sabbath observances on Saturn's Day

Brahmin warfare: Judaism continues Iran's Maga Brahmins religious war with Vedic Brahmins

"Maga Brahmins (Magi) are members of the dolichocephalic (long-headed) Irano-Aryan race, while the Vedic Brahmins are, as their very name indicates, "Abrahamites" or members of the original brachycephalic (round-headed) Semitic race which ruled over Sumer and Harappa. The Irano-Aryans were Aryan Sun-worshippers of Surya, representative of the forces of Light and Day, while the Vedic Brahmins were adherents of the Semitic Moon-god cult of Sin or Chandra, representative of the forces of Darkness and the Night. It must be recalled that the prime god of the Vedas is Indra, a derivative of Indu, the moon-god, while the Irano-Aryan sun-god Surya is cursed in the selenolatric (moon-worshipping) Vedas and Puranas as "Asura" or demon. Instead, the Vaidiks (Vedics) worship the "devas" (a term cognate with the English "devil") while these "daivas" are considered malevolent spirits in the Iranic tradition. Indeed, the Vedic cult is the very opposite of the Aryan or Iranian religion, and is anti-Aryan in spirit, one of the main proofs from the non-Aryan origin of the Vedic Brahmins. These more numerous Vedic Brahmins have always refused to interdine and inter-marry with the Magas, and curse them as "non-Brahmins". The Maga Brahmins in their turn consider the lunar Vedic cult inferior to their own solar Avestan and Iranic civilization. Moreover, it is the Maga Brahmins who produced much of the later Brahmic civilization."

Dr. Samar Abbas

Surya, Syrius, Asshur, Ashur= sun god

Babylon and the Tower of Babel

Traditional Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the last stages of the continuing Tower of Babel to God.

It's all babble, a confusion of mixed religions and religious warfare.

The one universal language referred to in Genesis after the Noah story was Sanskrit, the original language of Indo-Aryans.


July 16th, 2008

The Paxcalibur Code, "Everything people make into weapons against peace must be sacrificed", demands that I sacrifice and forego the Paxcalibur Dome of the Rock rituals requiring territorial confrontation with Muslims.  

"As the Son of Man prophesy bearer I set the template for the New Age."

Two Flood Stories:

The Babylonian one has Ishtar fed up with human noise.

(God is found in quiet places)

The Hebrew one has God fed up with human immorality.

To rabbis, priests, pastors, imams and mullahs:

"Teach peace and the Golden Rule or quit the pretense of representing God and get a regular job like everyone else."


July 18th, 2008

"Son of Man= We are Holy One forces one to the conclusion the Jewish Cult has been and perhaps still is anti-God, i.e., satanic."

Why? Because with the Son of God-We are Holy One recognition comes the recognition God is humanity and humanity is God. Any attempt to divide humanity into two separate or four separate "species" as in the case of the Brahmin separation system is anti-God no matter how many self-congratulatory blessings the Separate Ones claim for themselves alone. "Pharisees" means "the Separate Ones", separating themselves from Gentiles with Jewish Cult barriers. This explains why Jesus is so very hostile to Pharisees and Jews in John's Gospel.

* According to one Brahmin history account I read recently and now can't find, there was an ancient territorial religious war between Aryan (Iranian) Brahmins (Sun worship) and Vedic Brahmins (Moon worship-Sinai was a center of Moon worship) with the Aryan Brahmins claiming Vedic Brahmins worshipping devas were worshipping the devil. Vedic Brahmins refused to eat or intermarry with Aryan Brahmins. Jews, after their captivity in Babylon, might the heirs of Vedic Brahminism that has been transformed into Near Eastern Abrahamic monotheism as the exclusive caste ideology combatted polytheism's pagan gods and goddess worship all around them.

I am sent to redefine Christianity.

I am sent to redefine God.

John 3:11 "Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen; and you do not receive Our witness."

"We" represents the five prophets, Enoch, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jesus, and now me, who are witnesses for the Son of Man knowledge that is embedded in the original spiritual Torah or Knowledge of the Creator."

The Son of Man prophesy bearer bears witness not of himself but of Him who sent him to tell the world that God is humanity, only humanity in our future when we have evolved at the Last Day into God Itself.

This is why those who know God know humanity will survive, has survived, and formed God who periodically comes back along the time line reinserting prophets with the knowledge humanity survived! It's going to be OK! At least for all who love humanity remembering the word stands for more than just the collection human beings.

This is why Jesus loves children, why all God's children love children, for they are the promise of the future of humanity. They are innocent and good. Humanity is the true "Body of Christ", not the Church which has never been whole for the Holy One, but the source of fragmentation of spiritual knowledge and truth with the territorial agendas of men. This truth holds for all organized religions which fail to hold the Spirit that is always free to roam and go into the minds of whoever It so chooses and not rabbis or priests or pastors or imams.

Paul has gotten it so wrong with his conception of humanity as basically evil.

What's evil is lack of knowledge of who we really are, where we came from, where we are going. Once you understand God is humanity and the Source of goodness and love, you know you will live forever as humanity has done so, indeed has returned to tell us through the Son of Man prophets that we've succeeded, at least all who know what "humanity" really means and what Jesus' sacrifice really means. It is the sacrifice of our animal natures in order to receive and be filled up with God as goodness and truth in order to give life, not to take life, and give it more abundantly.

Why care about human beings if God was not with them from the beginning?

"Immanual" means "God is with us".

The prophets bear witness of the Father of Humanity, and now the time has arrived for bearing witness of the Mother, who on earth is the Bride of Christ and in Heaven is She who sits on the Left Hand of the Holy One.

What are humans that you are mindful of them, mere mortals that you visit them?


Yet you have made them little less than a god, crowned them with glory and honor.


You have given them rule over the works of your hands, put all things at their feet:

"Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all thing into His hands, and the He had come from God and was going to God, rose from supper and laid aside his garments, took a towel and girded Himself. After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet, and to wipe them with the towel which He was girded. Then He came to Simon Peter, and Peter said to Him, 'Lord, are You washing my feet?' Jesus answered and said to him, "What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this.'"-Jn 13:3-7


July 19th, 2008

"Then Jesus said to him, 'Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe."

-Jn 4:48

Those who see Paxcalibur who are of God, will respond and be awakened.

The image of Paxcalibur is enough to trigger the spiritual reaction when coupled to my Gospel.


Re-establishing the Good News!

"We made it!" says it all. The Son of Man is sent to tell us so.

The line of prophets carrying the Son of Man information to tell humanity that we made it all the way to the Last Day when the goodness of humanity ceased to be and became God Itself.

Only the goodness of humanity survived to become God. Evil was destroyed, death conquered.

But the process winnows out evil which is denial of the good that keeps the relationships of Life alive and whole and Holy One.

I have a sole job now, to give the Good News that couldn't be explained before because ancients could not comprehend it.

If Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Ishmael are mythical gods, who then is buried in the cave tomb of Abraham in Hebron? If words can be arranged to make a story, so too can the bones of men and women. Check the age dates of the bones there and dna. But in any event, ancient and modern believers often name their children after popular gods and legendary heroes. Avraham, VRHM on earth, is still BRHM in the heavens.

My work as an anti-Zionist crusader has everything to do with destroying the jail that is modern Israel & the Occupied Territories. Where a Holy City in a Holy Land should exist, Jews have created a prison.

I don't have to go back to Israel. I was there and Paxcalibur is there still. All they have to do is remember I was there and cried before them in tears of joy with Paxcalibur. When I left Israel I felt like I never wanted to come back. It is not my land. I don't belong there. I was only there to bring Paxcalibur to the Holy Land and the Canaan Peace Plan to the Palestinians and Israelis.

Father says I go back to Israel..

Paxcalibur is God's gift to the world, it is not just for Palestinian Arabs. But it is a Sign to the Palestinians they will get their country back.

Paxcalibur is to touch the apartheid Wall in the West Bank to begin the process of demolishing it.

Christ Josephine is going to be a really good mother and full of wisdom. She will know instinctively what Her role is, who She is on earth. No one else need tell Her-She will hear Her Call and answer.

If Paxcalibur is ever stolen or disappears or is destroyed? Did Moses break God's first set of Ten Commandment tablets in anger? Make a new one. After all, it's only a reminding symbol made of metal representing the Spirit. It is not a god or idol in itself and so can be replaced if need be. Pax has been lost twice now and been recovered each time before becoming safe in Nazaret. Lost once in the mail sent to my father for his blessing and lost again when Israeli Customs in Jerusalem confiscated it. God wants Pax to be in Jerusalem.

Even Stephen: I even things up.

Stephen's Gospel: The Good News! We made it!

Humanity made it to it's destined goal, becoming one with God, becoming the Holy One Itself.

The process of telling this news through the angels periodically coming down to earth to guide the Son of Man prophets can be seen in St. Stephen's Jacob's Ladder vision with angels descending from and ascending to heaven.

"But he (St. Stephen), being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, and said, 'Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!"--Acts 7:55,56

Angels are sent periodically to give the Good News to the Son of Man prophets, that humanity has triumphed at the End of Days to become God Itself, ending suffering and death forever for all those who believe that God is goodness and goodness is God.

There is a separation of those who believe in goodness and act accordingly from those who follow the material world which knows that might and lies trump goodness for those seeking success in the material world.

Goodness and wisdom manifested in humanity is rewarded at the End of Days by overpowering death with knowledge and ability to become transformed into God Itself.

This is the Ancient of Days' knowledge imparted to the Son of Man. Angels are sent back down the time-line to earth periodically to remind the humane ones that their reward is in heaven, i.e., in the future where they will live on eternally in the World to Come.

Jacob's Ladder shows the Son of Man knowledge system

Heaven is our future, earth is our present. Angels come down the time line to remind the followers of goodness that they have triumphed over evil and death and to be of good cheer for all will be saved, even the dead, for at the End of Days, Humanity has overcome evil and death to become God itself, because We are Holy One.


July 20th, 2008

Jews are immigrant priest-caste Brahmins without their warrior-caste to protect them as they enjoyed in northern India. Nor do they have the labor-caste to keep them in luxury.

So, being smart, educated people, they learned to use Gentiles for these purposes or ended up forced to do the functions themselves. But they are "security" minded at all times being "strangers in a strange land". This is why a military man, a David, was so important to them as a Messiah. "Davidum", judging from the ancient Moab Stone inscription and Canaanite texts, appears to be a term meaning "Chief" or "Chieftain" and in the Biblical David stories military chieftains are featured prominently. The "House of David" could mean the "House of the Chief" and David himself, the Hebrew dream of a Warrior Chief to protect them as the priests of God, the traditional Brahmin caste role for themselves.

Christ Josephine and the two Messiah traditions

The Joseph and David Messiahs. The Joseph messianic prophesy of the ingathering of the 10 tribes to Israel through military might is being fulfilled now with modern Israel. But it is a moral abomination before God. God has sent in the New World correction.

Christ Josephine is God's correction of the Joseph Messiah prophesy.

Christ Josephine redirects territorial aggression in men towards symbolic warfare instead of real war-sports competition. But She does much more than this. However, a return of the Davidic Messiah spiritual line is necessary to correct the spiritual error and bring peace to Jerusalem, the Holy Land and the world.

Jesus' sacrifice was God's correction of the Davidic Messiah prophesy. The sacrifice of the warrior in man so that the man of peace may emerge to be "born again", guided by the Spirit of Christ, i.e., the compassion and wisdom of the Creator.

But how does a Chieftain, a warrior priest, bring peace to Jerusalem and the Holy Land? By sacrifice of power for love, the sacrifice Jesus made as God's most hypnotically powerful icon of self-sacrifice. The King before his time of glory washes the feet of his servants and by doing so, makes them his brothers and sisters. But when the king sacrifices his life for his friends this goes beyond the call of duty. The King of Kings is sacrificed to show how God so loved this world He gave His only begotten Son, His Heir to the Thrown of Heaven, so that the world through Him might be saved because death is not the end for those loyal to the goodness of God. They are resurrected to heaven, i.e. the future state at the End of Days when humanity becomes God Itself.

Jesus' sacrifice is the religious sacrifice example for all humankind, the example of sacrifice of self in order that humanity is served and established by goodness and not acts of violence.

Paxcalibur, the Golden Ruler

"Now out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron." -Rev. 19:15

Paxcalibur, meaning "Peace" and "[fashioned]" out of steel", is that rod of iron of the Messiah made into the world's 1st sacred weapon of peace against war.

It shows us how to follow the Golden Rule by sacrificing everything that people make into weapons against peace.

I will be "raised up" and without violence.

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force."-Mt. 11:12

The point of the new sacrifice is spiritual change through Gnosis, not shock of violence and bloodshed, grief and remorse.

Blood is to be kept in its proper vessels.

Martyrdom to inspire belief was for the Age of Pisces, not the Age of Aquarius.

It's all about Moral Evolution!

Our morality is evolving. It is being purified of violence along with our physical and social evolution.

Prophets are pilots

They are sent in by the Creator to make course corrections for the Ship of Humanity, the Ship of Light, in order for humanity to reach the goal-becoming one with God, becoming God Itself. Angels of God, (Jacob's Ladder) inform the Son of Man prophets how the system works and that it works. They are sent back to tell us "We made it!" But it is only the goodness of humanity that does so, hence the need for course corrections by the pilots of God. God is my Co-pilot.

This is why I had the Shelter Cove vision of the Ship of Light with Jesus and Her at the helm.

The Ship of Light

The Ship of Light is a painting in motion of a ship in the shape of Noah's Ark except that it's sides are not made of gopher wood but gemstones set in twelve rows following the order of gemstones in found in Rev 21:19,20 for the description of the foundation stones of New Jerusalem.

The Ship of Light has two masts which are tall trees like redwoods, one symbolizing the Tree of Knowledge and the other, the Tree of Life. The trees are the Ship's masts and sails. At the helm of the Ship of Light's twelve spoke wheel stand Christ Jesus and Christ Josephine with arms around each other as they steer the Ship of Light down from the sky into a sheltered cove where thousands of people await its arrival.

My advice to all rabbis, priests, pastors, imams and mullahs, is this: become secular counselors and let God decide for believers in God which path is right; organized religious fellowship under authority of others or the Gnostic path, the path of direct personal relationship with God and the path of religious fellowship of equals before God.

End of Jews because Judaism never got the Son of Man message of Jacob's Ladder

The Jewish God is not God

Neither is Allah who has "no partners", i.e. no Son to tell us who the Father is.

The Jewish/Muslim God:

"God is non-physical, non-corporeal, and eternal. A corollary belief is that God is utterly unlike man, and can in no way be considered anthropomorphic. All statements in the Hebrew Bible and in rabbinic literature which use anthropomorphism are held to be linguistic conceits or metaphors, as it would otherwise be impossible to talk about God at all."-Wikipedia

Mohammad never got the Jacob's Ladder message either so Mohammad's Islam will end.

Neither Judaism or Islam carry the spiritual Good News We are Holy One with God, that humanity becomes God in its far future, the real meaning of "Immanuel", "God is with us".

The need to keep the genetic prophesy line of Jacob/Israel intact ends with Christ Josephine.

Therefore, the Jewish cult is no longer necessary as the spiritual avatar center has moved to the New World, Her home while the Old World was His home with the Rainbow Bridge between Them.

Abraham was the Black Brahma, the Brahma of the South.

The Acceptable Year of the Lord is the year 2000 A.D.,

the year I received the God's Cosmic Plan revelation.

The New Age started right on schedule with an archetypal Aquarian's Gnosis of God, We are Holy One.


July 21st, 2008

"Ancient of Days says, 'It pays to correct your ways.'"

The Greek translation of "Ancient of Days" is the correct one:

"The end of humanity", i.e. the last human beings before they are transformed into God Itself.

"Unlike Jesus I prove how human God is and yet still be a Son of Man prophet of God. God's making a point with this man on point duty.

It will be a huge religious revolution when believers realize God is humanity and humanity is God

Gospel of Thomas

"And he said, 'Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."-Saying 1

"Jesus said, 'Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."-Saying 2

"The disciples said to Jesus, 'We know that You will depart from us. Who is to be our leader?' Jesus said to them, 'Wherever you are, you are to go to James the righteous, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being."-Saying 12

This Gospel was written in Greek. "James" is Greek for Jacob. It is Jacob and Jacob's Ladder that Father Jesus directs us to.

"The disciples said to Jesus, 'Tell us how our end will be. Jesus said, 'Have you discovered then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place at the beginning,; he will know the end and will not experience death.'"-Saying 18

"Blessed is he who came into being before he came into being."

"Jesus said, 'If the flesh came into being because of the spirit, it is a wonder. But if spirit came into being because of the body, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I am amazed at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty."--Saying 29

I am a spiritual athlete and I've just won the spiritual Olympics for the New Age.

Disciples, yes. It's time to start the chain-reaction.

"Anoint" means to appoint. Anointed prophets are appointed by God to point humanity in the right direction.


Memory of my first spiritual experience sometime around 1966. I had an overwhelming identification with all of humanity and it's miseries. I cried and cried for humanity. It was the first and only time I had ever experienced emotion of the Spirit until my religious conversion experience at Easter in 1979. I remained an atheist until then although I, like most agnostics without spiritual contact with God, claimed I was "agnostic".

The Wall

There was a vision within my Paxcalibur vision that pointed to a "wall" which I thought was the Wailing Wall but now I know it's the apartheid Wall Israelis are building to create their Fortress Israel prison-state.

Paxcalibur is to touch this wall to start the process of destroying it.

If you've got ancient Indians in Scandinavia, with Skanda being a son of Brahma, and ancient Indians in Germany, Juteland, land of Jats, why not ancient Indians in the Near East?

Jesus washes His disciples feet to show that God cleans the beginning of man.

God is the Great Spirit of Humanity

The Christian God is Humanity

Climax Civilization and Climax Christianity go hand in hand.

Climax Civilization 101 contains the necessary secular philosophical template to create humanity that survives to become God.

If the Wall is still there when we go to Israel for Easter, as a Sign of God's Presence behind me, Paxcalibur will perform a biblical miracle. Paxcalibur will destroy the Israeli apartheid Wall with one touch, a cry, and no violence at all.

Jesus was sent to fulfill Old Testament Scriptures.

I am sent to fulfill New Testament Scriptures.

Not one iota of the New Testament Scriptures will be lost as all the words are at some point necessary foundation to a chosen one's Call.

The gold, silver, and gems are embedded in the course matrix like the sun, moon, and stars are embedded in the darkest night.

I am God's Paxcalibur.

He has fashioned me out of fire and steel. He has broken my sharp blade and turned me to peace.

Stephen's Psalm 1

Through science and science-fiction, God has laid the foundation for understanding how the Jacob's Ladder system works. Darwin set the stage for understanding the evolution of morality (and Climax Civilization) in humanity.

"James", the Greek form of "Jacob", there's a lot of them in the New Testament.

The 2 sons: James the son of Alphaeus

                      James the son of Zebedee

                   =Jacob from A to Z, beginning to end, alpha & omega

N.T. characters

Lot's of: Johns (Jonah), Marys (Isis-Mari), James (Jacob), 1 Peter (Janus), 1 Thomas (Tammuz)

"Next year in Jerusalem"

Father says, "She doesn't speak to you. I speak to you. I am your Father. She shows you things but does not speak to you. I speak to you."

(concerning Christ Josephine and the Great Mother)


July 22nd, 2008

Revelation from God is like it happens in my life. God gives glimpses and hints but holds back the pearl until you are ready to receive it, i.e., understand it.

Democracy is anti-Brahmin

God is behind the worldwide democracy movement that will end the tyranny of the Abrahamic religionists, in Israel, in Iraq, Iran, and all the Middle East Muslim countries.

Feed my sheep

Give them the spiritual truth that nourishes the soul forever.

The Eucharist is true

"I am the bread of life. Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness and are dead. This the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever, and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.

The Jews therefore quarreled among themselves, saying, 'How can this Man give us His flesh to eat?" Then Jesus said to them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

"It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life."

"You have to take what I say sideways."


July 23rd, 2008

"You have to take what I say sideways" means take it to the People. Not to God above, not to self below. It's in the People you find God. It's always been that way.

A priesthood bred to receive God's instructions for the community

Ancient wisdom knew enough to create a breeding program to create a genetic gene pool out of which would arise their wisest leaders. They saw selective breeding produce beautiful animals or animals bred for whatever purposes and applied the same breeding program to humans: arranged marriages and inter-marriage taboos. Thus Brahmins, the priests of God, (mouths and visionaries of God). Thus Jews, the priests of God. Out of the Jewish gene pool would come the Savior with saving gnosis, saving knowledge.

God evolves

While God comes down (from the future End of Days) and injects Itself into humanity, it can only show them what they can understand at the time. Meanwhile leaving clues, hints, in the written record so that the chosen one coming later, the one selected to reveal the truth, can find them to be awakened. This was why blind faith was necessary, why insane fanatical blind faith was necessary. But now, all that's changed. God is plainly revealed.

The Call

"In the beginning the Word, (Logos) was with God and the Word was God."

The Call is the Word of God and Jesus and the prophets manifest the Call. The Call is Om of the Brahmin Hindus-their Sound of God that awakens them.

God is made holy through glorification of spiritual events (miracles-"signs and wonders") showing God was here, has not abandoned us.

In war, Kilroy was here, kill God the King, kill the people in war, kill humanity.

The ancients could not grasp how on earth mankind could be God. God had power, not man. Egypt showed God's power behind them with a show of gleaming white pyramids. Other civilizations claimed God behind them too. Brahmins and Jews claimed spiritual knowledge, but none of them, save the Son of Man prophets, knew the simple truth; Humanity is God and God is humanity. They could not accept this until science gave humanity god-like powers.

God is God of the People.

God and the People are One. We are Holy One. I am sent to the People to tell them they are God and God is with them always but hidden until revealed by those chosen to reveal the truth even when they themselves didn't know what it was. "One sows, another reaps."

The Children of God grow up to become God.

What else do children do but grow up to become their parents?

Ariel, the Angel of Jerusalem and Messenger of Peace, is still with me.

Always will be. Opening up the seals of truth in Scriptures is the Sign that Ariel the Lion of God and of the Jews, is still with me.

The Aquarian Age began on schedule.

2000 was the year when I received the God's Cosmic Plan revelation. And by 2003, Paxcalibur was in the Holy Land. I got the we are God-humanity is God revelation back in 2000 but the Sign confirmation, the Jacob's Ladder knowledge, didn't happen until lately, the past three weeks,

"Out of Egypt I have called My Son."

Jesus learned the truth in Egypt. The Jews didn't know it even though their prophets carried the information in symbolic code. The early Gnostics knew the truth and when Roman Catholics went after them, they went to Egypt to hide the truth again knowing that God would direct the next prophet to Egypt's secret influence on Jesus and Christianity. "In My house there are many mansions" the verse in John 14:2 is straight out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In 1964 a Christian seeress saw "Egypt" strongly in my future.

The Northern Cheyenne concept of "Human Beings" refers to humanity, i.e., the ones that make it to the end of days and live to become God Itself.

Asherah, the Tree of Life

Why did I choose Asherah, the Tree of Life to represent the Great Mother in the Holy Family in heaven? To give Her finally the recognition due to Her. She's been with us Christians since at least the Middle Ages as our Christmas trees. Our Christmas trees started life as "Paradise" trees in stage sets in medieval morality plays and not in pagan Yule ceremonies as some believe.

(Hi! Future school readers! Bet you think we early 21st century people had primitive ideas but, hey! You're here, aren't you? So we couldn't have screwed it up that bad.)

Did God come down from the Himalayas, from Samarmatha, the Goddess Mountain we know as Mt. Everest? EL Shaddai, God of the Mountain, the southern Brahmin's, "Abraham's" remembrance of their northern India origins?

Gnostic Omnibourous snake eats it's tail is what to Jacob's Ladder? Repeating cycle vs. Tower of Babel staircase to heaven.

Pyramids: a Hindu-Vedic Connection?

The original gleaming white Pyramids represented mountains covered with snow= Vedic Brahma connection.

I can change my behavior, become less combative and more helpful because I've "won" the "spiritual Olympics" and have no more need to prove myself to anyone but myself and my Father.

Saul was the 1st king of the Old Testament and Paul wants to be the king of the New Testament.

"No one can see God and live"

Exodus 33:18-23.

"18 And he [Moses] said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory. 19 And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD be- fore thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy. 20 And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

John 1:18 which reads: "No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him."

You just have to get a chuckle out of that sly re-affirmation that we, humanity, are God so if you see God you can't be God; you're separated from God and headed for doom. Hagar saw God and God saw her according to Genesis and so did quite a few others:

[Exodus 24:9-11] "Then went up Moses, and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel: And they saw the God if Israel: and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in his clearness. And upon the nobles of the children of Israel he laid not his hand: also they saw God, and did eat and drink."

-a Mormon commentary..

"Wow, 70 people saw God at one time! And he appeared to them in form like a man, having a "hand" and "feet". *[Exodus 33:11] "And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speakest unto his friend." (I would assume that to talk to someone face to face you first have to see their face.

Job 19:25-26] "For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God"

Gnosis of God and God's Plan requires reaching The Library, the storehouse of all the clues and facts and opinions pertinent to discovery of the truth, God's Cosmic Plan, We are Holy One.

Paul in Revelation is definitely symbolized by Apollyon, "a Paul lion, (leon), the king of locusts swarm army whose "teeth were like lion's teeth"--Rev. 9:8, 11.


July 24th, 2008   

Now that we know,

Glorifying God now means glorifying Humanity, human achievement in Goodness in bringing about abundance and peace to life on earth.  

From the Great Spirit of Humanity

God's Chain Letter

Whoever believes humanity evolves to become God shall live eternally. But they must live their life with wisdom and compassion bringing peace, love, and harmony to their communities and the places they travel to.

Whoever refuses to believe God and Humanity are One and the same, whoever believes God and human beings are separate entities, will die and not be reborn with the good souls. Tell five others the Good News.

But I wondered, how can this be true if God is merciful and compassionate and wise? Then I knew, it's the essence of disbelief, untruth, that dies. It is all those aspects of God that would kill humanity if left unchecked, uncontested, battled and defeated by the Good. It would seem that at the End of Days the essence of humanity has been purified, distilled into pure Spirit and the dregs left behind.

"Herodotus reported in the 5th century B.C. that Egyptians were unusually respective of women-more so than other nations."-the author of "Resurrection", Tucker Malarkey thinks Isis worship was the reason why.


July 25th, 2008

The 5th Son of Man(?)

Son of Man is a relay race with the We are Holy One truth as the baton passed from aeon to aeon.

(top) Scholars discover

(chosen) Prophets remember

The choice for humanity is:

Do you want to become God and live to see the world to come or do you want to die out?

The choice for the individual is:

Do you want to live eternally and see the world to come or do you want to die?

Nathan tells the Good News in 2 Samuel 7:14

Writer of Psalms 2:7-12, 8:4, knows the Good News

Proverbs 3:18 knows the Good News

Sophia is a Tree of Life! Sophia is Wisdom in 3:18

She shows She knows the Good News in Proverbs 3:16

Proverbs 4:9 predicts we Stephens, "Stephen" meaning "crown"

"Whiteness" connects with Goddess worship and Jacob and Laban ("white"), cedars of Lebanon ("white"), gleaming white pyramids of Egypt. Could all these "white" Goddess things have to with pointing us to the high mountains of the Himalayas headwaters of the sacred rivers, the highest mountain being Samarmatha, a Goddess which when tread upon by man signals the science competence needed to understand Jacob's Ladder symbolism and meaning?

What does "Abaddon" and "Apollyon" add up to numerologically?


July 26th, 2008

More on "whiteness"..

So many references to "whiteness" come with Jesus, white horse, white robes, why white? White was also a Goddess color as in the White Goddess*

180px-Leucothea_Allasseur_cour_Carree_Louvre.jpg (15682 bytes)  Leucothea, shown here, but why white?

I believe the answer is Mountains, white symbolizes mountains or one Mountain. One has to go up to the Mountain to find God. When one has found God, you come down the Mountain and tell the people.

*In the Odyssey Leucothea makes a dramatic appearance as a sea-mew who offers the shipwrecked Odysseus a veil to wind round himself to save his life in the sea. Homer makes her the transfiguration of Ino. In Laconia, she has a sanctuary, where she answers people's questions about dreams. This is her form of the oracle. Leucothea is The White Goddess of Robert Graves.

Re this current stream of revelations,

I have to catch them as they come and they come too fast and go sometime for me to keep up.

Joseph Smith was too early and wasn't Jewish, so he didn't get it right. Mormons cannot help but get themselves into trouble following Joseph Smith.

But still, there is a New World Christianity in formation in America as Joseph Smith's vision does contain some themes also shown to me in spiritual consciousness.

"Sons of Thunder"

"And James, the son of Zebedee, and John, the brother of James, and he gave them the name Boanerges, which is Sons of Thunder."

Wikipedia says: "Jesus surnames the brothers James and John to reflect their impetuosity."

Wrong. "Sons of Thunder" meant James and John were followers of the Thunder, Perfect Mind gospel of a Divine Goddess, perhaps Isis.

Eretz Yisrael

Eretz Yisrael is the world. Greater Israel is the world. It is spiritual in meaning for the Creator dispersed Jews for a reason; "Ye are the salt of the earth", only Jews didn't know it. Jesus did; to spread the truth which is carried like a precious pearl within the Torah and Tanakh.

Radiate the Good News from Jerusalem, City of Peace.

Born Again

"Jesus answered, 'Verily, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.'"--Gospel of John 3:5

"Jesus said, "Have you discovered then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who takes his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death."--Gospel of Thomas Saying 18

You have to see that the beginning is the beginning of the end, a closed cycle where we've created this universe to create ourselves as God Itself. You are born again. This knowledge plus moral evolution prepares our souls for the World to Come.


Abrahamic believing people often confuse sacred and holy with quiet places. A quiet place is holy in and of itself because God comes forth when you're quiet in quiet surroundings. "Quiet Zones" are true churches, mosques, and synagogues.

GoThomas: "What did Jesus say to you?" Thomas said to them, 'If I tell you one of the things which he told me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me; a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up."

The Ten Commandments were written in stone and they carry the fire of judgment that will destroy those who do not learn the Truth.

My Father speaks to me. My Mother gives me visions. The speech and the visions are true.

Paul was the next Judas-the Pharisee Jew who delivers the Christ truth to the Romans to be crucified.

We are all Christs who know the Truth. We are appointed to tell others the Truth. A Christ prepares another to become a Christ through Gnosis of God. As soon as my website book is done I am to go forth and "take Christs and make Christs."

The sun goes nova when it is completely filled with souls.

We are Holy One-God's Cosmic Plan

This is God's Cosmic Plan which was hidden, revealed in parable and miracle, but now revealed plainly by a Son of Man.

"Son of Man" is spelled like this: SO(B)M with the B crossed out.

The Son of Man can claim he can or you can do anything because you have done everything, being God and evolving towards Them.

wpe7.jpg (75087 bytes)   


He She

Her Him

Prayer chant


July 27th, 2008

Arcane addicts wove all kinds of mystery around the Pyramids, lines, angles, interior design, hidden rooms, when all along it was the outside appearance as snow white mountains in the desert--a miracle only great wisdom and favor from the gods could achieve.

I teach the Truth and nothing but the Truth. The Truth shall make you free.

Jesus put out a Call for believers to believe in Him, representing the Father, God, because He could not tell them the Truth plainly. They could not accept lowly man as God Itself.

Brahminism has been the source of religious warfare wherever the ideology goes. It is intolerant of other religions and when it self-divides, the pieces turn and fight one another.


July 28th, 2008

Father Jesus speaks for the first time in Jn 21:5,6

"Then Jesus said to them, 'Children, have you any food?" They answered Him, 'No."

And He said to them, 'Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.' So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish."

I am here to tell the Children it's time also to cast their net on the left side of the boat for that's where She provides Her bounty.


July 29th, 2008

Climax Christian Civilization: combining Climax Christian theology with Climax Civilization philosophy.


July 30th, 2008

"Jerusalem is just another pile of bricks without Paxcalibur there radiating out the Spirit of Christ like a beacon of fire."

God's Cosmic Plan-We are Holy One-is the true Unified Field Theory


July 31st, 2008

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending."

I've made full circle now. This was where I started my Walk with God at Easter of 1979.

From my original biomystical religious experience report:

"I was getting a flood of insights about the nature of our universe while reading about a prominent astrophysicist's ideas concerning the Black Hole phenomena in space. My insights for some reason would lead again and again back to one of the few lines I had somehow acquired in my memory out of the Bible (besides the famous lines everyone hears of) a line out of Revelation: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending". I was lying in bed while this was happening, sweating and feeling weird but also fully absorbed in this exciting thought train running through my mind. I broke away from my interior dialogue and began to pay some attention to what was going on around me which was life as usual in our tiny redwood trailer-cabin with our kids gone to bed and my partner watching Saturday Night Live on the portable TV. When I tuned into the show the news skit was on and there was this funny Italian priest who starts lecturing the viewer on the Church's official view concerning the strange phenomena of, you guessed it, Black Holes. The priest's lecture notes must have come fairly directly from science journals since they matched a lot of what I had been reading and fit perfectly into the insights I had just gotten moments before. This type of coincidental verification of my interior insights and dialogue with "answering" outside events went on continuously during the three days of fever. It's hard to describe the sensation of this phenomena except to draw analogy to the excitement and adrenaline rushes of playing poker with Lady Luck always with you- it was like hitting impossible inside straights and flushes each and every time the cards are dealt."

From my original biomystical religious experience report:


The end of the Universe and Key to the Unified Field Theory:

Evidently God wants someone to wake up science by taking on the ultimate mystery of the known universe- where did it come from and where is it going? I like science but certainly have no qualifications for delivering the following missing pieces in that ultimate puzzle. The reader is cautioned to understand that facts seem to change with time and circumstances but the Spirit does not, and it is the spirit of what is being offered that should be paid attention to.

Black Holes are the keys to the physical ending of our known universe and the keys to the discovery of the mathematical formulas which attempt to unite the puzzling similarities between the structures and forces operating in the macro-universe of stars, galaxies, and gravitational attraction, and the structures and forces of the micro-universe of atoms, sub-atomic particles, and electromagnetism.  Black Holes are also the key to the mystery of where hydrogen atom come from.

Science tells us that Black Holes are the last stage in the evolution of stars of sufficient mass that have so exhausted their atomic fuel in continuous fusion reaction that the remaining atomic matter loses internal coherence and self-implodes. This inward collapse of each atom's nuclear structure in turn creates a compressive effect that allows for incredible densities to occur in the remaining star matter. These superdensities in their turn create supergravitational "pulls" which become strong enough in Black Hole stars to literally suck all radiation energy still remaining back into the stars themselves including radiated light so that all that can be seen of such stars are areas of lightless space- Black Holes.

Insights I have received would add these observations: Black Holes are the recycling centers of the universe and the universe's brakes on itself, on its outward expansion created from the original Big Bang explosion of its birth. Black Holes are distributed throughout time and space matching the distribution of stars. Black Holes act as literal vacuum cleaners of all matter and energy, and most importantly, time itself. The force of gravity (or curvature of space) is so immense in the Black Hole phenomena that following Einstein's theory of relativity, timed events slow to a complete stop as they disappear altogether in the Black Hole left by the dying star. 

The fabric of time and space, Einstein's time/space continuum, is left distorted around the areas of Black Holes and since these holes are distributed throughout the universe, there is a continual if gradual warping and sucking of all stars systems into the universal Black Hole annihilation network and a continuous destruction of time and space itself--Entropy.

What happens to the matter and energy that disappears from our universe into nowhere in these Black Holes? It is reborn again, synchronized in time and space as one tremendous explosion, the original Big Bang itself which occurred 15 to 20 billion years ago in our time perspective, but as Einstein pointed out, such time being completely relative to our present position in space and not absolute- there is no absolute time scale. The cycle of the universe is therefore eternally Finite-- a closed system.

Hydrogen atoms are born through the Black Hole/Big Bang transformation. Hydrogen atoms are blown out as a gigantic clouds of interstellar dust to eventually coalesce into stars again which in turn provide the conditions for further and more complex combinations of these atoms becoming the rest of the basic elements. Hydrogen atoms are the transformed and supercompressed structures of Black Hole stars. 

All atomic nuclear reactions release the supercompressed gravitational energy that has been transformed into nuclear binding and electromagnetism. For some reason I get the impression there is danger in releasing such energy here on Earth not only from the known dangers of radiation but also from the warpage of the fabric of time surrounding our world.

Since everywhere eventually becomes the same, there won't be many signs of Others

Because our universe is finite there is an end conceivable to the discovery of new places and new physical laws. There will not be many, perhaps not any, traces of other space traveling civilizations because at this point of understanding the only real unknown lies in the realm of the Spirit. Like the Bermuda Triangle, Black Holes stand as symbols to all scientists that the real ultimate mystery lies in that other realm beyond the physical."


August 1st, 2008

The New Age started on time in the year 2000 A.D. when humanity was told the Truth of who and what God is. We are Holy One. Humanity is God and God is humanity.


August 4,5th, 2008

ankh9.jpg (10718 bytes) 

The Ankh is Jesus' cross


The cross Jesus tells us to pick up and follow him with is certainly not a crucifixion cross. How could you carry such a thing and walk normally? It is an ankh.

"And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me." Mt 10:38

"Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me." Mk 8:34

"And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple." Mt 10:38

"...the Egyptians called that part of the sandal 'nkh (exact pronunciation unknown). Because this word was composed of the same consonants as the word "life", the sign to represent that particular part of the sandal, was also used to write the word "life"."

"The ankh (symbol ?) was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life". Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the Egyptian Cross, the key of life, the key of the Nile, or as crux ansata, Latin for "cross with a handle"."

"The ankh appears to be associated with the Egyptian glyph for magical protection,"

"Ankh. Egyptian hieroglyph for life, possibly originally a representation of a sandal strap."


     Horus carrying his ankh 

180px-Horus_standing.svg.png (32688 bytes)


            180px-Isis.svg.png (21543 bytes)      Isis carrying her ankh

ankh5.jpg (14791 bytes)                ankh4.jpg (17324 bytes)


The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, often at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy

The real meaning of this saying of John the Baptist refers believers back to Egypt's ankh which besides meaning "sandal strap" also represented the Knot of Isis which when loosed brought eternal life.

"And he (John the Baptist) preached, saying 'There comes One after me who is mightier than I, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to stoop down and loose." Mk 1:7

"Out of Egypt I called My Son." Mt. 2:15

The Egyptian Connection

Gnosticism was centered in Alexandria, Egypt. Egypt was the center of magic knowledge in the Near East. Jesus went to Egypt as a child in the Gospel accounts. So too did Yeishu ben Pantera. Mark went to Egypt, John's Gospel contains lines directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and his Lazarus (Eleazar= El-Osirus) story is a re-telling of the Osirius resurrection that supposedly took place at the House of Annu, semitized as "Beth-Annu" or "Bethany" in John's Gospel.

Christianity is a Mystery Religion

Christianity was meant to be an Osirus-type dying/resurrection Mystery Religion that uses Jesus for the believer's focus for eternal salvation of his soul through vicarious sin atonement of the Dying/resurrection God-Man. Jewish gnostic Christians used Jesus and His legendary life and death instead of Osirus or Mithra, two other similar dying/resurrection Sun god-men.

"Grace" in the Christian Mystery Religion

Christian believers are given "grace" to enter eternal salvation by using the Name of Jesus as a magical password to defeat and bypass oblivion, extinction of the soul. "Jesus" is the magic name for early Christians and is used as such by Christians today. Blind faith in the Name's magical power is the "grace" of God for believers. All they need is the Name and the Story behind the Name. The Story carries the tales of the Name's magical powers, the most important of which is Resurrection of the dead. If they believe the Story and believe in the power of the Name, "with all their heart, mind, and soul", God grants them grace and eternal life. This is the essence of traditional Christianity.

Gnostic Christianity and the Egyptian connection

I think there was an Egyptian esoteric knowledge beginning for Christianity with Jesus either being raised in Egypt and learning Egyptian resurrection magic or going there to learn such magic. The Talmud anti-Christ (anti-the Appointed Messengers of God) reports of Yeishu ben Pantera tell of his returning to Judea with magic and the Name of God sewn into his skin to hide it.

And the Ankh is the Jesus' cross you must bear to follow Him because it is the Ankh that has the handle to carry it and it is the Ankh that is used as a Magic Wand to revive the dead. Egyptian Isis Mystery Religion has it that loosening Isis' Knot is the magical act that gives one eternal life. The Ankh is the same Egyptian word for "sandal strap", and John the Baptist is not fit to loosen the sandal strap of Jesus.

Brahma_1820.jpg (67667 bytes)   Brahma with four heads to see in four directions. Brahma lost a fifth head on top for shameful conduct--Shiva cut it off. Brahmins with their four caste divisions in India get reduced to one superior caste when Brahmin ideology moved into the Near East.

Jewish Midrash story of Magi seeing Abraham birth's sign of one star swallowing up four other stars. Apocalypse and its four horsemen. Four Vedic castes, four races, four faces on cheribim-three animal ones, one human. Connections??


August 8th, 2008

"Asir", "Asur"= Osiris


Iranian Asuras (e.g. Ahura Mazda) vs. Indian Devas: Asuras are good to Iranians and Devas evil devils and teach human beings wrong doctrines, and Asuras are evil to Indian Vedic worshipers teaching wrong doctrines. Jewish Brahminism carries the Iranian anti-Deva prejudice so Devil was born of this ancient religious war between Iranian and Indian Brahmins.

"Ab"= Arabic for "father"= "Abraham"= "Abba Brahma" = "Father Brahma".


"The close similarity between the ancient Hebrews and the southern Arabs has led Hommel furthermore to find allusion to moon-worship in such Hebrew names as begin with "ab" (= "father"), as in "Abimelech" and "Absalom," or with "'am" (= "uncle"), as in "Amminadab" and "Jeroboam," because these particles, when they appear in the names of southern Arabs, refer to the moon." (Seligsohn 1902, p.528)

Biomystical_Cross_2_small.gif (1624 bytes)  Biomystical Cross=  ankh2.jpg (9752 bytes)  Egyptian Ankh


"Only Kings, Queens and Gods were allowed to carry this symbol. The ankh is the Egyptian sign of life and indicates that the King or God holding it has the power to give life or take it away from lesser mortals. The Ankh as a symbol of the life giving elements of air and water was often used by a God or Goddess who holds the ankh before the King"s nose, giving him the "breath of life" or as streams of water in the form of ankhs running over the King during ritual purification.

2513lg.jpg (19451 bytes)  

The djed pillar was a symbol of stability and was considered the backbone of the God Osiris. The was scepter was a popular one for the Gods to hold and became a symbol of well-being and happiness. The kneeling figure on top of the djed pillar is the God of "millions of years" holding branches in his hands.

In their 2004 book The Quick and the Dead, Andrew H. Gordon and Calvin W. Schwabe speculated that the Ankh, Djed and Was symbols have a biological basis derived from ancient cattle culture, thus:

* the Ankh - symbol of life - thoracic vertebrae of a bull (seen in cross section)

* the Djed - symbol of stability - base or sacrum of a bull's spine

* the Was - symbol of power and dominion - a staff made from a dried bull's penis

Gordon and Schwabe's speculation is based on the Egyptian belief that semen was formed from spinal fluid. Applying the above correspondences, according to Gordon and Schwabe, the essence of life starts here in the Ankh - it flows down through the vertebral canal, past the strong base of the spine (the Djed), and out through the penis, the Was - symbol of power."--Museum Store catalog

The god of "Millions of years"= Ancient of Days= indicators of a final end.

Yeishu ben Pantera= B.C.

No crucifixion--Paul--30 to 50 A.D.--Letters, no gospel

crucifixion-----Mark--70 A.D.--Gospel

                           Matthew--90 A.D.--Gospel

                           Luke--120-150 A.D. (150-250 A.D.?? according to some scholars)

                           John--90-100 A.D.

Jesus= Osiris

Baby Jesus= Horus

Mary= Isis

Son of Man "For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be." = the Sun, a Sun God?

Sympathetic magic= Gnostic/Christian magical use of the Name of Jesus

Osiris= osir, asir, aser, assur, asura?

Isis= ese(Egyptian for Isis)=essa(Arabic for Jesus)=Jesus?

Creation evolves God

God evolves Creation

God evolves

Souls evolve through experiences


August 9th, 2008

"The real key to eternal life is the quest for truth. Eventually you find it and become free."

Christianity as a Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion

Jesus' Name is the Magic Word for New Testament writers

Belief in the power of the Name of Jesus cures illness and gains one entry into heaven and eternal life. For His disciples, Jesus does not stand for humanity in the New Testament but as a stand-in for God the Father--still a highly Mysterious Being with supernatural powers; = Mystery Religion with vicarious entry into heaven through Jesus.

My Jesus is a mortal man

who has learned the Truth of who we are, where we came from, where we are going. Jesus learned the identity of God as humanity. "Son of Man"= "Son of God". Jesus identities Himself with all of humanity, therefore He identifies Himself with God.

No "magic" words

There are icons for spiritual focus but there are no "magic" words in my Gospel, only the truth of seeing a future humanity become God Itself. The rest is work to fulfill this vision and complete the Circle of Life in order for all of us to advance to Paradise and the World to Come.

The Good Commander

Like a conscientious leader in battle, Jesus comes back to rescue all His men, women, and children fallen in battles of life and death.

Christianity as a Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion

The Christian Trinity

Father-Son-Holy Spirit, duplicates the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris (Father), Horus (Son), Isis (Holy Spirit)

The Christian Cross duplicates the Egyptian Cross (Ankh)


The crucifixion story is meant to tie Jesus and the Jewish Epic to Ankh Cross symbolism and Egyptian magical entry into eternal life.

Cross1.jpg (116287 bytes)


The Tau Cross with Jesus crucified= the Ankh Egyptian Cross

Archaeological and historical evidence strongly indicates that the low Tau cross was preferred by the Romans in Palestine at the time of Christ.

Christianity is a Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion using Jesus as a Living/Dying/Resurrection Human Ankh symbol of Life eternal.

Many crucified "Jesuses"

The Jewish historian Josephus reported also that during the siege of Jerusalem in 71 A.D., 500 Jews were crucified every day outside the walls of the town (Barbet 1953). "Yeshua" was a common Jewish name in the 1st century A.D., so it is likely that there were many "Jesuses" who were crucified. "Yeshua/Jesus" symbolizes Yahweh and for many Christian Jews Jesus represented all Jews and Judaism crucified by Roman imperialism.

"Out of Egypt I have called My Son."

1st Christian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, duplicates Egyptian Temple of Isis cult gear and services.


August 10th, 2008

Stephen's Gospel of Hope

(That) Life is not in vain

(That) Goodness does prevail

(That) All will come forward in the End with no one left behind

(That) All will advance to Paradise and the World to Come with no one left behind

(That) Patriarchal prejudice is over!!!

(That) Thomas' era Jesus' anti-women entering heaven is over!!

My Gospel is sent to correct the error of lack of the real Feminine in the Abrahamic godhead. I am sent to re-establish the spiritual validity of the Left Hand of God

I know what God is

I didn't know before (well, I knew but didn't know I knew)

I only knew the Path God laid out before me.

Could magic Names for entry into paradise and the World to Come be markers for keeping track of who's existed to be resurrected at the End of Days?


Could belief be sympathetic magic for hope of resurrection and angelic or heavenly intercession help in this world?

Could belief in God above change to "rational" belief in science to advance humanity as evolving God?

What happens when there is no alien Entity running the show?

What happens when God is forgiving of all sin and sinners whether anyone on earth thinks they deserve it?

Forgiveness of sins means forgiveness of sins.

I am sent to clarify Christian doctrine--make it clear again because Paul murked it up.

"The lamp of the body is the eye (of Horus?). Therefore, when your eye (of Horus?) is clear, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye (of Horus?) is bad, your body also is full of darkness. Therefore, take heed the light which is in you is not darkness."--Luke 11:34,35

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye (of Horus?)--Ps 32:8

Psalm 32-2 was read by John-it's where he got Nathaniel as a man with "no guile".


August 11th, 2008

Mark=John, "The disciple the Lord loved best."

John-Mark ["Mark"= "hammer" (of God)]

Copts claim Mark as Egyptian

Two New Testament dying/resurrection gods:

Paul's-(Mithra-based Jewish)(Cult Mystery Religion)

Mark-John-(Osiris-Horus-based Jewish)(Gnosis-secret knowledge)

But all the New Testament writers are believing themselves and telling others also to believe as they do through sympathetic magic. Jesus is the magic Name, and Word who's Story is to be believed through blind faith in order to thwart the Devil (death) and live eternally.

Polytheism practicality:

Numerous gods allowed different cultures to identify with other cultures--same attributes of gods and goddesses.

Abrahamic (Brahmin) monotheism has to be done away with in order for there to be peace on earth.

Abrahamic intolerance breeds war. It's got to go. No more Brahmin (priests of God) systems ruling and ruining civilization.

Don't attack. Walk away to the Truth of who God really is and who we really are, where we came from and where we are going.

But always remember; the Truth came through the Abrahamic Son of Man tradition-Salvation is of the Jews. Not one iota is to be lost of the ancient texts which hold the Keys for the next Son of Man to discover.

180px-Hathor.svg.png (27144 bytes)

Hathor= cow goddess= White Buffalo Calf Woman

Milky Way goddess

Daniel 7:13 "night visions"?

"...clouds of heaven"= Milky Way


August 12th,2008

My Gospel is the Gospel of Hope


August 13th, 2008

Hope of Paradise

Hope for the future of humankind, earth, life

Hope of Heaven, eternal life and entry into the World to Come

Hope of forgiveness of sins

Hope of renewal

Hope of release from pain

Hope of regeneration

Hope of life

Hope of dignity

Hope of happiness

Hope of reunion with loved ones

The World to Come is Paradise


August 14th, 2008

2 Keys to understanding Jesus:

"Out of Egypt I have called My Son." and "We are Holy One."

    Community Worship

     Christian Ankh Circles of Life

          TMP50.bmp (2794054 bytes)    

      Circle of Life and Regeneration

Community Ankh Board in center for holding individual ankhs

Peace Fellowship Dome over Circle of Life

Community appointed Deacon (caretaker) of building and grounds (no church hierarchy)

Mateel_Community.jpg (61373 bytes)



August 15th, 2008

The Book of Hope

The Civilization of God


August 16th, 2008

Egyptian god Sat (Saturn?)= Set= Seth

The Last Crusade

A Bil'in Palestinian girl, "without guile", innocent and good, will knight me with Paxcalibur and send me on the mission with Paxcalibur to destroy the Serpent Wall with one touch of Pax's ring of truth.

I am going to Egypt first, then to Nazaret, then to Bil'in, then to Bethlehem, then to Jerusalem.

I am Stephen and I am back to finish the job assigned me by my Father. Last time men appointed me. This time I've been appointed by God. If you believe the New Testament, I am the reincarnation of Stephen. If you don't, I am the incarnation of Stephen.

You are an angel.

Luke= Lucas=Leucos= white


August 17th, 2008

My Itinerary

Northern Cheyenne-Idaho







The Last Crusade

Bringing the Serpent Wall down

at Bil'in because God has heard their cry.

I am cleansing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam of moral pollution. I will not argue about this fact of moral pollution for it is obvious in our times in view of the religious warfare between and among fanatical members of these Abrahamic religions.

Jesus said, "Follow Me"

I say, "Come with me".

I will show how God performs real miracles in our times.

I am an emancipator freeing human beings from fear. From fear of God, from fear of death, from fear of change.

Judaism, being based on fear of Gentiles, is history.

Mohammedism, based on fear of women, is history.

Pauline Christianity, based on fear of Jesus, is history.

The Christian Cross represents the dead Tree of Life, Life crucified.

The Egyptian Cross represents Humanity and Life, Life resurrected.

I am sent to reveal the true meaning of the Son of Man.


August 18th, 2008

If it ever comes to a matter of choosing to claim my Gospel or saving your life and those of your loved ones, you have my blessing to renounce me and my Gospel 300 times if necessary to preserve life.

[Perhaps it should be reversed order for the Paxcalibur and Wall mission--to protect the girl]

I am not important. It is the work I do for Father and Mother that is important. A son loves his parents.

Our Destiny to become God is the highest purpose on earth.

None of my visions should put anyone in harm's way. If there is a substantial risk of harm, put the visions off for another day.

-> Friendly Persuasion->Gentle Penetration->Successful Fertilization

"Unless you eat My flesh.."

"You thirst for knowledge. You hunger to do the work of God."


August 19th, 2008

"Child's Play"-- our script about a magic sword, Paxcalibur, and the Palestinian girl touching the Serpent Wall with Pax and demolishing it. Who could object?

Paxcalibur and the Last Crusade is a crusade with the Cross of Life, the ankh cross.

Paxcalibur in Jerusalem on the Altar of Peace at the Garden Tomb site must point to Mecca.


August 20th, 2008

Religion isn't the opiate of the masses. Religion is their security blanket. A book from the Father, something that can be held in the hands that comforts the mind.


August 21st, 2008

Son of Man holds the key to the identity of God.

God as Humanity is sorry for the brutality of Creation through to the development of Climax Civilization and relative peace on earth. Angels, heavenly intercessors, are sent in to the ones who call for help from on high. But all will be recovered and resurrected at the End of Days.


August 23rd, 2008

The Aquariana Gospel

We are Holy One

God's Cosmic Plan

The Aquariana Template

Climax Civilization

Homo Climaxus

Climax Christianity


pyramid ankh.bmp (2784582 bytes)

TMP51.bmp (2567502 bytes)

Design for St. Stephen's Fellowship Halls

Egypt called me 44 years ago, way back in 1964 when my first wife to be and I visited a Christian psychic who told me I would go to Egypt or that Egypt would be important in my work. I asked her last week if she had the same memory of this as I did.

TMP53.bmp (831654 bytes)



August 25th, 2008

Is ancestor worship = worshiping the Great Spirit of Humanity?

What is God?

The Great Spirit of Humanity, humanity that has evolved into God at the End of Days.

What is the purpose of Life?

To evolve into God.

Is there Hell? --> hexagram 52 changing into 53.

What happens to sinners? If all are saved, why be good? --> hexagram 57-->4.

When I asked Father through the I Ching twice, I am told not to ask. It's in God's hands and we're not to know so that our forgiveness of sin is pure.


August 26th, 2008

Alignment of St. Stephen's Fellowship Halls

TMP55.bmp (2791514 bytes)


August 29th,2008

I am the real Stephen and I come bearing a new Gospel. It fulfills the Messianic prophesy of the Old and New Testaments. It reveals God plainly and the mission of the Son of Man whose presence signals God's commitment to salvation of every soul on earth.

The stars our destination in the material world.

The World to Come our destination in the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is the foundation of the material world but entry into it by the soul returning Home requires passage through material existence. There is no other way.


August 31st, 2008

"Primal Man"= archetypal man

"Son of Man"= archetypal man

The Son of Man is an archetypal man for his age.

When Jesus speaks of poverty in the Gospel of Thomas he means those who do not know the truth-We are Holy One. We become God and We made Creation, i.e., We "own" it, lock, stock, and barrel because We are, We were, and We shall become Almighty God.

The world is impoverished because it lacks this knowledge that sets you free of worry. We are Holy One means you are Holy One with God if you believe it and live like you believe.

(Hello, future reader! Everything I think and write is couched in the terms and concepts popular in my times. I assume future readers will be amused at our primitive ideas we believe so advanced.)


September 3rd, 2008

Ancient of Days = Last Man = the opposite of First Man, Primal Man. 1st Man = Adam


September 4th, 2008

Our universe, Creation, is the embryo from which God emerges.


September 7th, 2008

I'm taking Christianity out of the Abrahamic tradition once and for all time. Why? Because that tradition is failing and facing its End Times with the exposure of Abraham and Sarah as Brahma and Saraisvati, Vedic god and goddess.


September 17th, 2008

"Rest for the soul"

Saving Gnosis, that's what I bring. That is the comfort I bring.


September 19th, 2008

I didn't know I was of Jewish descent when I knew Arnella Little White-Man and I had not had the Vision of Christ Josephine either. Not in 1997.


September 20th, 2008

Every time you look at a human being, you see young God face to face.


September 27th, 2008

Christ Josephine is the Mary sent for Native Americans; to unite them with their native brothers and sisters throughout the Americas.


September 28th, 2008

How did we do it? How did we become God? How did we create the Universe? Answering these questions will be Humanity's task that when completed answers itself.


October 4th, 2008

jesus-bowl.h2.jpg (7378 bytes)

News Flash! Earliest reference describes Christ as 'magician'

Bowl dated between late 2nd century B.C. and the early 1st century A.D.

A bowl, dating to between the late 2nd century B.C. and the early 1st century A.D., is engraved with what may be the world's first known reference to Christ. The engraving reads, "DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS," which has been interpreted to mean either, "by Christ the magician" or, "the magician by Christ."

By Jennifer Viegas

updated 7:23 a.m. MT, Wed., Oct. 1, 2008

A team of scientists led by renowned French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio recently announced that they have found a bowl, dating to between the late 2nd century B.C. and the early 1st century A.D., that is engraved with what they believe could be the world's first known reference to Christ.

If the word "Christ" refers to the Biblical Jesus Christ, as is speculated, then the discovery may provide evidence that Christianity and paganism at times intertwined in the ancient world.

The full engraving on the bowl reads, "DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS," which has been interpreted by the excavation team to mean either, "by Christ the magician" or, "the magician by Christ."

"It could very well be a reference to Jesus Christ, in that he was once the primary exponent of white magic," Goddio, co-founder of the Oxford Center of Maritime Archaeology, said.

He and his colleagues found the object during an excavation of the underwater ruins of Alexandria's ancient great harbor. The Egyptian site also includes the now submerged island of Antirhodos, where Cleopatra's palace may have been located.

Both Goddio and Egyptologist David Fabre, a member of the European Institute of Submarine Archaeology, think a "magus" could have practiced fortune telling rituals using the bowl. The Book of Matthew refers to "wisemen," or Magi, believed to have been prevalent in the ancient world.

According to Fabre, the bowl is also very similar to one depicted in two early Egyptian earthenware statuettes that are thought to show a soothsaying ritual.

"It has been known in Mesopotamia probably since the 3rd millennium B.C.," Fabre said. "The soothsayer interprets the forms taken by the oil poured into a cup of water in an interpretation guided by manuals."

He added that the individual, or "medium," then goes into a hallucinatory trance when studying the oil in the cup.

"They therefore see the divinities, or supernatural beings appear that they call to answer their questions with regard to the future," he said.

The magus might then have used the engraving on the bowl to legitimize his supernatural powers by invoking the name of Christ, the scientists theorize.

Goddio said, "It is very probable that in Alexandria they were aware of the existence of Jesus" and of his associated legendary miracles, such as transforming water into wine, multiplying loaves of bread, conducting miraculous health cures, and the story of the resurrection itself.

While not discounting the Jesus Christ interpretation, other researchers have offered different possible interpretations for the engraving, which was made on the thin-walled ceramic bowl after it was fired, since slip was removed during the process.

Bert Smith, a professor of classical archaeology and art at Oxford University, suggests the engraving might be a dedication, or present, made by a certain "Chrestos" belonging to a possible religious association called Ogoistais.

Klaus Hallof, director of the Institute of Greek inscriptions at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy, added that if Smith's interpretation proves valid, the word "Ogoistais" could then be connected to known religious groups that worshipped early Greek and Egyptian gods and goddesses, such as Hermes, Athena and Isis.

Hallof additionally pointed out that historians working at around, or just after, the time of the bowl, such as Strabon and Pausanias, refer to the god "Osogo" or "Ogoa," so a variation of this might be what's on the bowl. It is even possible that the bowl refers to both Jesus Christ and Osogo.

Fabre concluded, "It should be remembered that in Alexandria, paganism, Judaism and Christianity never evolved in isolation. All of these forms of religion (evolved) magical practices that seduced both the humble members of the population and the most well-off classes."

"It was in Alexandria where new religious constructions were made to propose solutions to the problem of man, of God's world," he added. "Cults of Isis, mysteries of Mithra, and early Christianity bear witness to this."

The bowl is currently on public display in the exhibit "Egypt's Sunken Treasures" at the Matadero Cultural Center in Madrid, Spain, until November 15."

© 2008 Discovery Channel


October 5th, 2008

Gnostic "knowing" and "gut feeling" are identical. It's a stronger degree of intuition. But as a gnostic I also can and do use divination (I Ching) in order to predict future outcomes from my conscious decision-making.


October 12th, 2008

Never argue with atheists about God. Atheists are people whose brains are not receiving spiritual phenomena. They are deficient in spiritual reception functioning. They experience nothing spiritual because their spiritual experiencing brain receptors are not working right. Reasoning ability is unimpaired so lacking spiritual experience they can't experience what's missing and make the mistake there is nothing there to receive and conclude God and the spiritual world does not exist.


October 13th, 2008

The Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit are identical. The Spirit of God and the Spirit of Humanity are identical. The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Humanity are identical. This is why Father told us every sin and blasphemy is forgiven except sin and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. It was not forgiven in Jesus' Age of Pisces and it will not be forgiven in the Age of Aquarius. We are Holy One.


October 17th, 2008

The birth of God is a painful process. Humanity does not evolve into God easily. There will be unnecessary violence until our animal nature is subservient to our higher Calling.


October 19th, 2008

Jesus commands us to carry our crosses in order to follow Him. In Egypt the gods and goddesses are all seen in hieroglyphs carrying their ankhs, their Egyptian crosses. The pharaohs too all have their ankhs in their hands.

The ankh cross represented Life, including eternal resurrected Life. They built their whole civilization around this theme. Jesus spent time in Egypt. How much we don't know. Mark wrote from Egypt. They both knew about ankhs. John's Gospel contains Egyptian references and symbology, e.g., the Lazarus story. He knew about Egyptian religious stuff.


I am convinced Christianity is a Jewish Egyptian Mystery Religion with the Mystery being knowledge brought back from the future (prophesy) holding the key to resurrection to eternal life. Jesus had it. Now I do too and share it with you.


October 24th, 2008

I am to move to upper Ojai to build my church and live my last quarter century. Easter 2033 Good Bye.

I've been 40 years in the wilderness. It's time to come home-to upper Ojai.

Promised: "Tons of money" is directly connected to Ojai Valley.*

This is all very disturbing to me. Humboldt County feels like my place to be.

*Update: Met Vickie P. for the first time in Ojai on December 7th who when I told her I would need sponsorship in order to be able to live in Ojai to carry out my mission wanted to introduce me to her friends, one of whom she told me had "tons of money", her words that repeated what Father had told me previously.


October 28th, 2008

I've given you the spiritual pearl with the Gospel of Humanity. You can either treasure it or trample it underfoot. It will remain indestructible.


November 14, 2008

Stephen's Bible:

Old Testament:

Genesis I



Wisdom of Solomon

Song of Solomon





New Testament:








Paul only his verses on love



November 16th, 2008

Judaism is a cockamamie religion. All the Abrahamic religions are. How can any spiritual authority be derived from crazy mixed up gods and people?

God stories. Some swell movie plots, but for the sake of humanity, let's put these old religious myths of origin in their proper places as museum items and relics from the past. Ancient men acted as primitives with their obsession with religious territorial warfare and we do not have to follow their way to hell (extinction).

Follow the Spirit of Christ out of the Abrahamic Abyss.


November 18th, 2008

Christ Josephine will reign as Virgin Mother, a Virgin Queen of Heaven on earth, reigning over all the earth, space and time. She is the true Bride of Christ Jesus and She sits at the left hand of God Almighty as Christ Jesus sits at the Almighty's right. Together they are the loving arms of the Holy One who embraces all humanity with lovingkindness without end.


November 19th, 2008

Jesus Christ is Isis (Holy Spirit), Osiris (Father), and Horus (Son) all rolled into One= the Trinity

The Abrahamic madness begins and ends with Abraham. Abrahamic "righteousness" is not worth the price in human bloodshed.


November 20th, 2008

"Sarai was barren; She had no child."= the Sarasvati river civilization drying up.

BRM= Brahma

BRM= Abram

Abraham= Brahma

Gen 12:1-3= Brahma gets out of northern India.

Gen 12:9= Abram/Brahma goes south to Egypt (Gen 13:1)

Gen 12:12,13= Brahma & Sarasvati=brother and sister= Egyptian gods/pharaohs intermarrying.

Abram pimps Sarai twice as his sister.

Gen 12:16= male & female servants lower in rank than male donkeys but higher in rank than female donkeys.

Gen 13:2= Brahma and Brahmins are very rich.

Gen 13:3= Brahma goes to House of EL

Gen 14:23= Brahma will take nothing from king of Sodom, "from a thread to a sandal strap..", lest the king say he had made Brahma/Abram rich.

Gen 15:2= Brahma is childless. Abram's only heir is Eliezer of Damascus= El Osiris= Osiris= `Lazarus' in John's gospel.

Gen 15:11-13, after Abram performs ritual sacrifice of animals, cutting them in two parts but not the birds (representative of spirit) "And when the vultures came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away."= Matthew 24:27,28, "For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together."

Gen 15:12, "Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him."

Gen 17= God plagues Egypt (Ishmael(?) because of Sarasvati conflict with Hagar.

Hagar = Hathor. The conflict between Sarah and Hagar is between Sarasvati and Hathor, Egyptian cow goddess still worshiped by ancient Hebrews (Habiru) coming out of Egypt symbolized in the Moses story of the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf represents either Hathor or the Son of EL (EL's totem being the Bull as was Osiris)

"Roman rebuilt Egyptian site dedicated to Hathor worship at Deir el-Hagar, "the ‘Monastery of Stone’, is a sandstone temple on the western edge of Dakhla Oasis, about 10km from el-Qasr in the desert to the south of the cultivation. In ancient times it was known as the ‘Place of Coming Home’, or ‘Set-whe’."

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah symbolic "explanation" for the deserts of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. Sin did it."


November 22nd, 2008

The only thing that distinguishes human beings from animals is that humans smoke. Animals don't. Humans who smoke are therefore, "fire-breathing dragons".


November 25th, 2008

O Holy Spirit, I love You.

I know who You are.

You are my Father,

my Mother,

my Sister,

my Brother.

We are Holy One.


If you could put an old-fashioned Hebrew prophet into modern times with modern knowledge, that Hebrew prophet would be appear to others just as I am in Humboldt County.


November 26th, 2008

I am the prophet of the Christian Aquarian Age. Christ and Christianity count the passage of millennia according to astrological ages. The historical artifacts of early Christian places of worship reflect this belief system as do statements of Jesus in the Gospels.

My teaching and my place in history is inevitable as I am the personification, the embodiment of Aquarius and the Voice of the Spirit of Christ for the new age.


November 27th, 2008 Thanksgiving Day

So thankful, Holy One, for being alive and well.

O Holy Spirit, we love You

We know who You are.

You are our Father,

Our Mother,

Our Sister,

Our Brother,

And we are Holy One with You.


November 30th, 2008

Islam has no spiritual foundation without spiritual knowledge of God. Spiritual knowledge of God, gnosis, will cure Islam of violence and make it into a real religion of peace.

Gnosis of God respects NO man-made religion. Religion, when it becomes organized into a body of believers, loses the essential purity of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, cannot be contained within any man's mind or in any written book. Men's ideas and words about the Spirit of God are guideposts at best but the traveler on the Path has to do the actual walk with God. Following someone else's footsteps along their path may seem the best way but only you can arrive in your own shoes at the end of your own path to God.


December 1st, 2008

I am a fire-breathing dragon. I draw vision and wisdom from the fire I breathe. That fire comes from God and no man-made law shall interfere. Fire from heaven descends to destroy the sacrileges of men.

"I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!"

-Lk 12:49

"Jesus said, 'I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes."

-Saying 10 Gospel of Thomas

Those who know Virgin Mari and the grace of John are free of any man's law prohibiting these believers in the Spirit of Christ from access to their sacrament."

-Stephen Michael Levi

Stable animals in the eaves of St. Stephen's Fellowship Hall and have plants in there too.

Who is my Muse? God is my Muse. I amuse God. God amazes me.


December 2nd, 2008

It's Her turn. The Son has had His turn. For the Age of Aquarius, Christ comes as the Daughter of the Goddess.

The Aquariana Template:

The Gospel of Humanity, Tenets of Climax Christianity, Creating Climax Civilization

True Confessions:

I am the worst of Jews. I am living proof that Judaism is genetically transmitted for I was raised by parents with generations of Christian ancestors behind them. Evidently not enough generations as my DNA carries a substantial amount of Ashkenazi and even some Sephardic Jewish genes from my mother's side of my genetic inheritance.

In me the Jewish trait of self-adoration as the most superior of human beings, so superior to others that God chose them and they alone to be the spiritual masters of the nations of the world. "No one else wanted the job" Jews will say to avoid looking like what they think they deserve to be, rich and famous and powerful Lords of the world, like all those who rule others through territorial conquest and control.

If you can't conquer and control turf, turn to mind control through control of the mass media and education. Elevate Jewish genius above Gentiles. Turn to economic control. Control the enemy's finances you control their ability to own property and the means of production. Marxism 101.

So Jewish. And in me it is expressed with my utterly sincere belief my Climax Social Evolution Theory predicting the coming of Climax Civilization is absolutely "inevitable". Eutopia or Bust. My slogan since 1968 when I had the bumperstickers made. You want Chosen Ones taken to its logical conclusion? I am a prophet of God for Christ's sake! The Voice of God on earth. Me, myself, and I. A Holy Trinity of ego but what can I do? I Yamm what I Yamm. Yah all get my meaning?

Jesus, fortunately, saves, sloughing off that old dragon sea-monster Yamm and letting the Light of kindly Grandfather EL shine through Father and Son, Yahweh and Jesus.

Amen, hidden One.


December 3rd, 2008

SoHum: For me, the wisdom of elders is not honored here or preserved.

(synchronicity sign: "No country for old men" title facing me= a community resthome where the dying outnumber the living.)

"Christ" is just a way of making goodness, lovingkindness, special, "annointed", i.e., appointed by God as the highest goal of humanity and individual human beings.

Christ= humane being

Christ= your conscience

Anti-Abrahamic revolt by people revolted with religiously inspired violence committed by Abrahamic believers. Abrahamic terrorists are just the tip of the Abrahamic spear aimed against non-Abrahamic believers. We're sick and tired of it! Enough! No mas!

Why is it that so many of those afraid of the devil act like the devil?


December 9th, 2008

Ojai is the "wellspring of humanity". It is only comparable to Jerusalem, the city where peace was first worshiped.

Krishnamurti could not establish Ojai's potential as he was a foreigner bringing with him a foreign religion. Neither could Theosophists establish Ojai because of their reliance on India as a spiritual center. I am a native Californian, a Christian of Jewish descent, and I have been appointed to establish Ojai as the wellspring of humanity.


December 10th, 2008

Spiritual fire is absolutely necessary to cleanse the world of unnecessary violence. The men of peace and harmony have only part of the full load of spiritual truth. Fire of judgment cannot be bypassed or overruled without the world becoming choked to death with crime and corruption. Periodic spiritual fires are as necessary to spiritual health, the basis of of physical and mental well-being as natural fires are to the life of the land.


December 13th, 2008

Progressives and the Humboldt counterculture: The visionless leading the clueless.


December 14th, 2008

Stephen's Mission--not fellowship hall--for my church building.

A shelter for humanity.


December 31st, 2008

There is no contradiction between Genesis I and the Ten Commandments. Human beings are made in the image of God yet the Ten Commandments forbids any image of God to be worshiped. No image is being worshiped but the Spirit of humanity.


January 4th, 2009

I am sent to destroy the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Pauline Christianity, and Muhammad's Islam. These Abrahamic traditions do more harm to the world than good. They are obstacles to world peace and harmony among all peoples. They need to be composted so that personal spiritual values guide people to better behavior. The Abrahamic traditions need to be relegated to museums and history books of ancient beliefs. Active in the 21st century they only recreate past religious warfare. They must end for world peace and harmony to begin.


January 5th, 2009

Mother is the Source of Life. Father is the Source of Goodness. Together they are the Source of Love. Unconditional love from Mother. Conditional (judged) love from Father.

Sophisms and truisms: Good and bad are decided after weighing the consequences. Delayed response allows more data to be collected for better judgment.


January 6th, 2009

If miracles were commonplace they would cease to be recognized as miracles. Miracles get your attention and make you think of God.


January 8th, 2009

The love of my life died today. My first wife passed on early. We were the same age, 64, both had cancer but her's killed her. We had been apart for 33 years but still were spiritually connected. I heard her voice clearly call my name in my head three weeks before she died and then my van's engine died mysteriously and wouldn't start-had to have it towed the day she died, the hour she passed on. The mechanic could find nothing wrong with it. She was the mother of my children. Farewell for now, Wendy. We will meet again.


January 12th, 2009

2000 AD--the end of Piscean Christianity and the beginning of Aquarian Christianity.


January 15th, 2009

The Climax Key:

To judge the worthiness of new technology and new social systems. Purge the crap and save the earth.


January 21st, 2009

The Gnostic division--John the Baptist (Mandean) vs. Jesus Christ. Thomas vs. John. Alien God (alien to Creation) vs. God is with us, Immanuel.


January 31st, 2009

Peaceable Kingdom for Stephen's Mission.

Mandarins= Chinese Brahmins? Mandarin language with "shur" sounds. Connection with "suryah-based" Brahminism?


March 10th, 2009

All authority rests on fear of punishment which is fear of pain. Pain can be psychic as well as physical.


March 20th, 2009

Why the rich cannot be friends with the poor:

Friends help each other. Friends come to the aid of friends in need. Poor friends would always be in need of aid and their rich friends would always be asked to give it. So in order to avoid this situation the rich are friends with the rich and keep their wealth for themselves alone and thereby prosper. The poor share with each other because they have to in order to survive.


March 21st, 2009

Abraham was a foreign god in Canaan come to overthrow EL/Yahweh worship by capturing Yahweh and El in a Near Eastern form of Brahminism.


March 22nd, 2009

God is the Great Spirit of the Holy Family of humane beings.

A Biomystic is more than a prophet. A Biomystic knows what needs to be done and how to do it.

A Son of Man knows the identity of God.


April 7th, 2009

To hell with ecumenicalism and equality of spiritual validity among world religions. No one of intelligence chooses a religious belief system they think inferior to others. There is as much a spiritual arena as there is a material arena wherein competition for material possession and control is matched by competition for spiritual truth and prophesy. The religionists follow the same biological behavior patterns of survival of the fittest form of spiritual comprehension of God and existence. Look at history and the dead religions of the past to see the future of many present day religious belief systems. These are the End Times for many of them.


April 8th, 2009

Jesus Christ can redeem only one entity: Himself representing Yahweh. A spiritual being can only redeem a spiritual being. Human beings are redeemed through goodness, the Spirit of Christ manifested in acts of lovingkindness and humanity. They get the inspiration to do this through believing in the Spirit of Christ.

I am setting the meaning of the Son of Man tradition for each aeon someone chosen has to do it. Jesus did it for the Piscean Age. I am doing it for the Age of Aquarius.

Now isn't that statement a perfect example of narcissism? No, not when it's perfectly true! (wink!) Exit stage left to waiting arms of the men in white coats..

End Times of Buddhism. Avoidance of suffering is really avoidance of self-suffering by detachment of emotional response to emotionally charged stimuli, fear, anger, rage, sadness, loss, jealousy, pride, lust, love, exuberance. Detachment dulls the mind. Detachment from memories of the past to be focused on the here and now dulls the mind which is robbed of complex association stimulation that remembering the past as well as anticipating future events give the human brain.


April 18th, 2009

What is the Gospel of Humanity's message to humankind regarding God's will for them? Simply to help humanity by sharing knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion with your fellow human beings. Doing this makes you a good person and a follower of Christ. A good person has the Spirit of Christ within them and is a child of God who is the Father and Mother of goodness.


April 28th, 2009

Personification vs. channeling: I personify the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Elijah, the Spirit of Stephen but I do not "channel" them. The Gospel writers channeled the Spirit of Christ. I personify the prophet who "makes straight the path of God in the wilderness".

TMP10.bmp (1437694 bytes) Design for the Biomystic Theatre--auditorium of the Biomystic Institute.


May 14th, 2009

Why Judaism must go: All are equal before God. All human beings are equal before God. God plays no favorites in the end. An even hand gives hope. Favoritism from on high leads to dispair.


May 15th, 2009

Anti-guru Steve. Nearly normal with holy moments but not continuous.


May 30th, 2009

What about all the other crucified Jews and all other victims of extreme violence? We honor one and forget the rest?

Father Jesus says I will be living in Ojai within 2 years.


June 2, 2009

Judaism is based on fear and division or alienation. Alienation, first from nature, then humanity, then finally God itself. The religious culture produces alienated people. Ancient Jews produced an alienated God and an alienated religion where God and Man are divided from each other. Jews are taught to divide themselves from humanity and this perpetuates the cycle of alienation. The solution? Embrace democracy with a whole heart and rejoin Humanity as equals.


June 6th, 2009

I'm here to end Word of God idolatry.

The Great Gnosis: The Identity of God revealed.


June 19th, 2009

Go to the Lakota with the Lifeline Lottery plan. White Buffalo Calf Woman a.k.a. Christ Josephine authorizes it. This is your first contact directly from Her and your first assignment.


June 20th, 2009

The true meaning of "Immanuel": God is with us in humanity.

"We are Holy One" means the Godhead is wholly one but multi-faceted, like a diamond in the sky (which I saw, a diamond shaped rainbow, something very rarely seen but which I believe inspired the God's Eye symbol of Hindus.)


June 21st, 2009

The Biomystical meaning of the "Son of Man" connects to the Biomystical meaning of "Immanuel".


June 24th, 2009

Religions are repeating Babel again, a confusion of God and humanity's role in Creation. The prophet's work is always to make straight the path to God.

The Kabbalah is b.s. It is based on Gnostic principles which were taken from Egyptian magic: guardian angels, amulets to ward off evil, and levels of heaven with their gates that need magic names in order to pass.

The Kabbalah lore based on Ezekiel's Fiery Chariot, is devoid of knowledge of where Ezekiel got his inspiration. Jewish rabbis still have no idea where the Merkabah imagery comes from but I do.*

*See Ezekiels Wheels in the Bible Symbolism chapter plus the astro-theology connection in the Astrology in the Bible chapter.


July 5th, 2009

The Biomystical Christian message of Jesus as God incarnate shows us our future. Jesus represents us; our beginning and end. The birth of God, "Diogenes", is a synchronistic clue.


July 8th, 2009

Mohammad's Islam is like a man who owned a great white horse and invited any and all to mount it and ride like the wind in any direction as far as they wanted to go. But for those who didn't want to ride the great white horse the Prophet taught they should be trampled down lest they hinder horse and rider as they ride like the wind in all directions.


September 18th, 2009

Filo passed on. A good cat who I loved. My little black panther familiar to remind me of Yeishu ben Pantera, son of another panther.


September 20th, 2009

Jesus humanized and democratized God. Judaism kept God alien and remote from the majority of humankind. For Jews, access to God was channeled through priests and rabbis, i.e. an elite.


October 10th, 2009

"Common decency"= the Golden Rule


October 15th, 2009

John and James, "Sons of Thunder" show up in Secret Mark. They are Markers for the Two Pisces Fishes in the heavens.

"For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." Mt 24:27

"For as the lightning that flashes out of one part under heaven shines to the other part under heaven, so also the Son of Man will be in His day." Luke 17:24

This is prophesy of the transference of spiritual authority of God from the Old World to the New, i.e., my role as Son of Man prophesy bearer.


October 16th, 2009

Secret Gospel of Mark and eunuchs. Was Jesus a eunuch made that way for the kingdom of heaven's sake? Most all of the early Christian texts, even most of the Gnostic ones, are anti-body, anti-sex, anti-marriage. Carpocratian Gnostics were the exception yet they had Mark's Secret Gospel.

The Biomystical Code message could be symbolized by castration as well as by circumcision. Circumcision came out of Egypt to Abraham.

Eunuch reference is the key link between Secret Mark and the Kingdom of God.

Christianity as a phallic religion: the Cross= penis, the two crucified thieves alongside Jesus= the testicles. The Trinity as well. Christianity moves from circumcision to castration to stop social violence.


October 27th, 2009

Abrahamic religions are utopian in that they brought both a new vision of the spirit realm as being ruled by one God who gave them a Plan of God's--the (forced if necessary) replacement of polytheistic societies with monotheistic ones plus the expectation of End Times, i.e., the permanent cessation of the natural world.

Covenant with God the Creator and Psan Win to wisely use lottery profits. Professional money management required.


November 15th, 2009

A unified field theory would have to be circular logic in order to incompass all the configurations and their variables of Nth dimensional space and time. It would have be represented by a sound instead of language. It would be a circle of sound and it may even sound like Ooooooooooooooooommmmm..


November 16th, 2009

Flying in dreams presages coming powers when in spirit body existence.


November 20th, 2009

Spiral glyphs= n.d.e Tunnel? And knowledge of God and Heaven?

Jewish unconscious goal: To be Brahmins again, rich and powerful, and the highest caste yet special to God. But not of a four-part caste system in one country but of a two caste world, Jews and Goyim, i.e. everyone else.


November 21st, 2009

Creation, the Universe, is the embryo/egg from which our souls emerge at physical death for life in the World To Come.

N.D.E.'s: The Tunnel takes us into our future dimension. A spiral is the symbol of n.d.e. knowledge of an afterlife and heaven used by ancient sages.

Symbolically, up is the future and Heaven, down is the past and Hell, i.e., our former violence filled lives. Heaven is the future, Hell is the past.

Religious goal: Reduction of unnecessary violence.


November 22nd, 2009

The source of knowledge of God and Heaven is in near-death-experiences. The spiral symbol= knowledge of the n.d.e's Tunnel.

To Jews: If having an exclusive ethnic identity that praises wealth and abhors poverty makes you feel better about yourself, stay Jewish. If you identify with humanity become Christians.


December 3rd, 2009

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A rope is different. In a rope weak strings are twisted and bundled together to strengthen each other making the whole strong.


December 9th, 2009

Holy Gnosis= We are Holy One. The Gospel of Humanity explains why we are Holy One.

Tears for Tammuz= Marys in N.T.?

Make a redwood statue of self to leave in Humboldt County if I move to Ojai.


December 29th, 2009

When government mimics the tooth and claw rule of the strong over weak in the animal world we give it names like "tyranny", "despotism", "fascism".


December 30th, 2009

The Gospel of Humanity marks the completion of Christian theology and the beginning of the Age of Humanity.


January 1st, 2010

Jews themselves will overthrow Judaism. Intelligent and moral Muslims themselves will overthrow Muhammad's Islam.


January 15th, 2010

Imperial Judaism= Zionism

Imperial Islam= Muhammad's Quran

Imperial Christianity= Catholic and Evangelical Protestant colonization of the New World and Africa.

Friendship is the dividing line between the rich and poor.

The rich cannot afford to be friends with the poor and needy. They would tap them continually for money because friends share, friends help each other. The rich can only be friends with the rich.


January 22nd, 2010

Animals in heaven are changed.


January 25th, 2010

Eretz Yisrael is in the heart.

Dar al Islam is in the heart.

Neither Moses nor Muhammad conquered the human heart. Only Jesus did that. Jesus conquered the human heart to make people good. Let the Spirit of Christ conquer your heart and you will be good. You will love others and others will love you in return. But not all of them..(what? Ow! That hurt!)

"Growing God in our spiritual garden". The Gospel of Humanity explains the ultimate mission of humankind.

Where is Eretz Yisrael located? Palestine? Or is it in one's struggle with God (Yisrael)? Sacrifice Yisrael, give it back to God and it will return to your heart where it belonged all along. Israel for Jews and Christians is spiritual, not territorial.

The Kingdom of God, Eretz Yisrael and Dar Al-Islam can all co-exist in the hearts and minds of Israelis and Palestinians. But when these ideals are forced into the Holy Land as private possessions they cannot co-exist. When hearts and minds are united in the common dream, all will share together the wealth of the whole. There can be a willingness to work out all differences in order to support the common dream, a nation united, forged in fire, and purged of the curse of mistaking the created for the Creator. God is One and God's Holy Land should not be divided. Ceace fighting and work it out in peace, shalom, salaam.


January 26th, 2010

Jesus didn't die for our sins. Jesus lives for our salvation.

Arielmessenger served EL and Asherah. Stephen serves Father Jesus and Christ Josephine. When Ariel Sharon dies, the Archangel Ariel will return to me.

I am demystifying religion and remystifying belief in God. I am helping Father Jesus build a Rainbow Bridge between God and humanity.


January 28th, 2010

When Ariel Sharon passes away, the Archangel Ariel will be released from spiritual bondage and will return with spiritual power. The spiritual bondage was the contradiction of Lion of God and Angel of Peace.


February 2nd, 2010

God writes my Script. Others follow the Scripts of ancient men. As long as they follow the scripts of ancient men they will fail to find and follow the Script God has written for each one of them.

The Sign in heaven is the astrological sign change that marks the New Age; From the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Historically, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius happened in the 1960's. However, the watershed event in history that marks the beginning of a new universal goal for all humankind was when Bozorias opened nationwide. Those cute little Bozettes serving recycled meat scrap Bozo Burgers are sure a treat to behold! The Maggot burgers aren't bad either. And only Bozos served here, that's such a relief. Well, gas, I mean words, escape me..


February 10th, 2010

Israel is ordered to dismantle Wall construction at Bil'in. I don't have to go there now to do the Pax ritual touching the Wall there.

I have also learned that there is no Wall per se there but a fence. Bethlehem, where the Wall is also protested and protesters under attack by IDF, is where I am to go to do the Pax ritual.


February 13th, 2010

Paxcalibur is the anchor for the Rainbow Bridge connecting New World spirituality with Old World Holy Land religious tradition. Paxcalibur must be anchored in Jerusalem.

Fusion Christianity vs. fission Christianity. Universal respect for goodness is the uniting factor that is more important than individual doctrines.

Those who believe in Father Jesus as I do will not experience the finality of death nor will they ever fear the premature extinction of either humanity or life on earth by cataclysmic events.

Resanctifying Christianity is what I am doing in Israel.


February 14th, 2010

Nuclear weapons have no purpose on earth to justify their usage. Their only realistic purpose is for destroying threatening asteroid or comet impacts to earth or earth colonies.


February 20th(?), 2010

Paxcalibur's meaning = DISARM

Weapons create terror. Even when weapons are not being used they create a climate of terror.

Islam is a religion based on terror, terror of eternal torture in the fires of Hell. Belief brought about by terror and fear is not valid if one trusts God as one would one's good Mother or Father.

"Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?" -Mt. 7:9


March 1st, 2010

We have to evolve into God. It is the only way to save humanity from extinction. Only godlike power will enable us to survive the physical hazards that planetary life faces. Only a morality as wise and kind as the goodness of God will enable humanity to avoid self-destruction.


March 2nd, 2010

The Internet Tsunami, the Worldwide Flood of information stripping away the coverings of history to expose the roots of all cherished beliefs, theories, and prejudices.


March 6th, 2010

Stopping Moloch worship, the "Great Moloch (King) of War".

Stopping the sacrifice of sons and their sacrificing of humanity in order to kill. Abrahamic religions are based on Moloch worship where God is to be feared by those who disobey. Sacrifice of one's most precious possession, one's firstborn child, is demanded as proof of loyalty to Moloch above everything else. Hard men who ruled society thought society could only be governed by fear and force, i.e. terror. "Passing through the fire" where fire and hellfire are metaphors for strict and stern judgment. They were taken literally by the ancient Near Eastern cultures where God as Moloch was worshiped. Chemosh was such a Moloch god and unfortunately, Abraham's God also showed that linage although substituting the sacrifice onto animals as scapegoats for humanity.


April 9th, 2010

One Holy Family.

Not one tittle of each ancient religious tradition must be lost to insure cultural and knowledge genetic diversity.

But, the Golden Thread of God as Goodness must only be followed. All else that has acted as weapons against peace must be sacrificed.

We are Holy One. One Holy Family guides us all.

Forgiveness of the past prophets. Encouragement to find the Golden Thread within each ancient tradition that confirms the universal Golden Rule.

God recognized as goodness to others personified no matter how goodness as God is called or worshiped. Rebuke religious, intellectual and moral hypocrisy. Truth cannot be sacrificed. Explain why peace on earth, goodwill to all in Creation cannot be attained without sacrifice of everything that acts as weapons against peace, the meaning of Paxcalibur.


April 10th, 2010

The Sabbath is a to link humankind to God. God rested and so do we also rest.


April 11th, 2010

In Abrahamic terms I am a prophet of God.

In New Age terms I am a channel for Father Jesus, Archangel Ariel, Christ Josephine, Elijah, Stephen and Paxcalibur.

In Native American terms I am a Christian shaman.

In modern terms I am a religious visionary. 

Israel is where the Creator has sent Jews to learn how to share with Gentiles in order to overcome Jewish paranoia and contempt of them. This is the only way to establish true security for the Jewish people.

Overcoming misinformation, disinformation and inaccurate stereotypes of each nations' populations as seen by outsiders.

To offset Global Warming and rising sea levels, use desalination plants to bring converted sea water as fresh water to the deserts regions of the world.


April 13th, 2010

Paxcalibur Movement, spreading the Word of God and Sign of the Messiah for the Age of Aquarius.

A "kinder, gentler, jihad."


April 15th, 2010

It's time to honor our Generation, "talking about my Generation" because the cultural revolution of the 1960's really was a watershed event in history.


April 16th, 2010

"Before Abraham was, I am."

Jesus overthrows all Abrahamic authority and claims the Godhead beyond time and space limitations.


April 20th, 2010

The Abrahamic religions are based on a confusion of gods. In polytheism gods are kept separate and stable in character and legend although local names may vary. In monotheism, the One God is composed of defeated war gods mainly, with the major disharmony in character stemming from war gods posing as the Most High, EL Elyon, who's character was not that of a war god, a Warrior King personality but that of a Sage King, wise and compassionate. Jewish mythos tried to represent both with King David and King Solomon but in the end, the Warrior King, war god characteristic won out in Jewish representation of the God of Israel.


April 25th, 2010

The inevitable Afrikaaner end to Eretz Yisrael. White European racist colonial regimes in minority status with indigenous populations cannot maintain political control.

War criminals don't get to be President in the U.S.A. In Israel, they do.


May 6th, 2010

Paxcalibur, Sign of the Messiah, is a Female Icon.


semigoldenpax.jpg (8015 bytes)       wpe32.jpg (7598 bytes)



May 11th, 2010

Israel has no legal jurisdiction outside the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan borders. Everything outside the Israel portion of the Partition Plan is Palestine and under Palestinian authority whether that authority is officially organized or not. Co-conspirators in aiding and abetting Israel's breaking of U.N. mandate laws re Palestine are Israel, the U.S. and Britain primarily.

The Wall(s) are outside Israel's jurisdiction. The Jewish settlements as well.


May 19th, 2010

God wants Paxcalibur at the Garden Tomb to establish something real, something solid to the Christian tradition and to have a fitting burial sword for a spiritual warrior plus leaving a Sign of the Messiahs, the one past as Him, and the one coming as Her, as Paxcalibur is both male and female, composed of the female sign and male sword.


May 21st, 2010

Muslim karma is for Muhammad to be disrespected because he disrespected everyone who he couldn't use as predecessors to his teachings. Muslims are too emotionally and intellectually immature to accept responsibility for their own disrespectful behavior towards others. They demand respect but do not give it and true respect can only be earned, not demanded.


June 18th, 2010

"The Mall Wall" with many openings for Palestinians and Israelis to go back and forth through visiting shops using the Wall as the main building support. This option needs to be balanced with Palestinian desire to be rid of the Wall altogether.

Another alternative is demolishing the Wall and using pieces from it to make buildings dedicated to peaceful community functions.


June 19th, 2010

I am sanctifying Paxcalibur as a new universal symbol of peace.

Why an English pagan mythology and name play connected to Paxcalibur? World cultural power is now found in American diversity with English being the new universal language spreading American cultural influence everywhere on earth. No other language is thus so universal.


July 8th, 2010

Our earthly existence is our Child form as Children of God. Heaven is where our Adult form exists.

Racism is based on paranoia. This is why Zionism will inevitably fall into disrespect and disuse. This is why Israel found in Apartheid South Africa a close partner. This is why Israel will inevitably follow the fate of white supremist Afrikaaner South Africa.

If we are the Body of Christ as Christians and Jesus and His Father are one, we are the Body of God as well.

But where is Mom?


July 9th, 2010

Etymology of the name "Abraham".

Abraham means "The God Brahma".

The "A" means "the" and is a contraction of "Al" whose root meaning is God (Al=EL), like "Theos" is for the root meaning of English "the".

Related examples:

The national names "Syria" whose root is the name of the Iranian sun-god, Suriyah as also found in the derivation of "Syria" from Assyria, i.e. The Sun-God Suriyah.

"Osiris" also follows this pattern of usage: Osiris is the Greek form of Asir, which is derived from Suriyah. "Osiris" then also means The Sun-God Suriyah.


July 20th, 2010

Canaan Peace Plan will give freedom of ethnic identity within its democratic confederation.


October 7th, 2010

Pray that the Wall will fall. Worldwide prayer day in 2011.


October 11th, 2010

If the dominant social philosophy prohibits infanticide, it follows that it will also have strong prohibitions against sex.


October 15th, 2010

Human speciation via ideological brain structuring, e.g. religious vs. atheistic mindsets, conservative vs. liberal, xenophobic exclusivity vs. inclusion, etc.


October 17th, 2010

Despite the Muslim claims for the Quran's pure transmission the historical chain of evidence for Islam's beginnings is broken like Judaism's and Christianity's.


October 19th, 2010

Miniaturize endangered large animal species. Genetically modified to be small because human beings kill off large animals they feel threatened by. Can be modified back to large size if need be.


October 30th, 2010

King Stephen's Mind. All "Stephens" are kings or Stephen Kings. We all permanently wear our crowns in our name. This is the story of one such king, a king of hearts, minds and souls. Note to narcissistic self: fix cracked mirror.


November 5th, 2010

True hippies know in their hearts that the '60's generation was unique in history, no other generation like it before or since. A true hippie is one for life, a life committed to following, as much as life allows, the dream of all hippies--to see a world without war, the whole earth united in peace, love and harmony.

Start of Shabbat shows moon worship origin on Friday eve, not sunrise. Christian Sunday worship= sun god origin. Allah in Islam= moon worship origin. The moon reflects the light of the sun but does not itself radiate light. Judaism and Islam are reflected religions of sun worship.


November 7th, 2010

Write this down. It's time to listen to Josephine for She is the Mother, Daughter, Sister, Woman Spirit voice for all humankind.

For Gnostics, libraries are our temples of knowledge of God.


November 11th, 2010

"Hear, O Israel, your God is the Jews and as such, one greedy S.O.B."


November 12th, 2010

"I may not be a legend in my own time but I am a legend in my own mind."


November 13th, 2010

"Christ" is a spiritual "upgrade" from "Messiah" who's spiritual meaning became polluted with desire of Jewish leaders for other people's land, the native population therein to be replaced by Jewish colonists.


November 19th, 2010

The Library isn't on Earth but it is the Place where one learns about God and Creation, our universe and ourselves in it. A library is the True Temple of God on earth. When you go into a library you are going into my church.


November 20th, 2010

My religion, my worship of God is shown by working for the good of Humanity.

Father Jesus selected me. I am His appointed prophet of the Son of Man. I am sent to lay the spiritual foundation for Christian Humanism. This is contained in the Gospel of Humanity and its theological base found in Biomystical Christianity.


November 22nd, 2010

To me the Father face of the Godhead is Jesus Christ. It is Father Jesus who talks to me. Behind Father Jesus stands Grandfather EL and beside Him stands Asherah, the Tree of Life.

Father Jesus Himself will visit the mother of Josephine and she will conceive the Daughter of God.


December 5th, 2010

Christianity is paganized Judaism or polytheized monotheism. Judaism itself is monotheized pagan polytheism.


December 9th, 2010

Yahweh Messiah= Jesus Christ. Greek-speaking Jews created a new meaning for Messiah by using Greek "Christos" instead of Hebrew "Messiah"--spiritual, universal kingship vs. worldly kingship.


December 23rd, 2010

I am a healer. I heal civilization.

The Aquariana Template:

-Gospel of Humanity

-Climax Social Evolution Theory

-Story of Paxcalibur

-Vision of Christ Josephine


December 28th, 2010

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange suffers secular crucifixion of a truth speaker.


December 31st, 2010


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


January 14th, 2011

Beware of any religious doctrines beyond the Golden Rule found in most religious belief systems.


January 17th, 2011

"Asher"= Asar Heru= Osiris Horus

Arks (arcs) are moon vessels. Crescent moon shape because the moon rules the waters. Moon walk, walk on water, with reflections forming "steps" across the water.

The stuff of my visions that I have received as inspired gnosis turns out to follow the perennial patterns or archetypal reoccurances. It isn't arrived at by intellectual effort but by gnosis or divinely inspired intuition of what is "right".

Motivation to do good should not spring from fear of Hell, i.e. self preservation, but from commitment to "do the right thing because it's the right thing to do".

"He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it." --Mt. 10:39

May Day Ankh Vision:

I am to give the Little White Man spiritual clan leader an anhk to bless in the Egyptian God/Pharaoh way a Little White Man woman in her youth who will become the mother of Christ Josephine. On May Day her husband of the moment will assume the role of the Father face of the Creator. Let it unfold as it will..

Out of Egypt I will call My Daughter through the Aquarian messenger.

May Day Ankh Vision:

= Astrotheology. Celebration of Summer & Workers--She will champion the People's rights.

The Gnosis experience for me: Varies from positive intuitive feelings of the appropriate "rightness" of a vision or revelation to pushed to your knees in quaking, shaking pure physical astonishment and awe, tears streaming down your face of what you have just learned through the epiphany.


January 18th, 2011

Learned today via Murdock's Christ in Egypt book that confirms so much of my being led to an Egyptian origin for the Gospels, that John the Baptist has long been associated with the Sign of Aquarius.

The question arises, do I need to baptize or anoint or awaken Josephine? The answer came immediately, "No, it's woman's work." I am to provide the instrument, the ankh.


January 19th, 2011

Ignorance armed with weapons is worse than greed armed with weapons. The two combined inevitably spell disaster.


January 21st, 2011

The Golden Ruler:

For only the Golden Rules found in most every religion are worthy of God. The rest inspires territorial conflict.


Nazir= N+Azir, Asar, Osiris= Jewish anti-Osiris/Horus followers? Against Horus sun worship symbol of hair symbolism. Against graves and tombs. Against wine and alcohol (anti-beer of Egyptians and wine of Greeks?)


January 22nd, 2011

John the Baptist/Anup the Baptizer, Aquarius connection, with John's name in Greek connecting him to the name of the Babylonian god of water, connects me with them through the Paxcalibur baptisms.


January 24th, 2011

Christianity is the ancient Egyptian religion with a Jewish face that speaks Greek.


January 25th, 2011

Ancient solar astrotheology is obsolete in space. It's off-time and positions in the Southern Hemisphere too.


January 27th, 2011

Belief brings relief. Psychic relief from worry. That's why it always persists in some form. Belief itself then cannot be the determiner of spiritual authority since belief is opportunistic for the most part in people's lives, the belief system nearest at hand is often the one chosen.

Phoenix bird= Gnostic cockatrice = colorful wild chicken rooster that rises and crows at the rising sun.


January 29th, 2011

Another Sign that God leads me true. I realized early this morning that my Rainbow Bible is another Sun-God teaching. From the Rainbow Bible Story page:


 rainbowbible.JPG (3608 bytes)

Shortly after the communitarian hippie back-to-the-lander changed his name from Stephen to Ariel in 1975, he had what he thought at the time was just another creative idea, this time for an "alternative Bible" for New Agers dissatisfied with traditional biblical religions. Since Ariel was at this time more or less agnostic and without knowledge of the spiritual realm, his "Rainbow Bible" really wasn't much more than another soft sculpture design an basis for his "Rainbow Dictionary", a children's educational toy that presented toddlers with a soft, rainbow colored book made of seven sheets of felt cloth that, folded in half, conveniently makes 26 "pages", one for each letter of the English alphabet. A supply of felt board letters of the alphabet and appropriate felt figures would accompany the Rainbow Dictionary so that kids could stick the letters on the dictionary pages themselves. But the rainbow colored felt book seemed somehow "right" just as it was without any letters or anything in it. The full meaning of this "Bible" with no words didn't come to Ariel then, not until his spiritual awakening four years later at Easter of 1979.

The meaning of the Rainbow Bible is very simple

It is the symbolic essence of the Godhead as Light and radiant Truth. It represents the whole spectrum of the Light and Life within the Holy One, a Unity of Diversity.

It refutes seeing things only in black and white terms. It represents the many paths to the Source of all knowledge, wisdom, and love within the Light of the World that is the spiritual and material foundation of existence.

A person makes a Rainbow Bible themselves.* Making yourself is part of the wisdom it teaches.

Rainbow Bibles are easy to make:

Seven colored felt swatches, one for each of the seven primary colors of the rainbow, are folded in half to match standard bible size. Two brass clothing rivets inserted through the fold hold the pages together making a "book". That's it.

Since the Rainbow Bible has no words to divide people into "us" and "them", it is truly the most universal and purest of expression of spiritual knowledge.

It has no Do's or Don'ts.

It tells of no exclusive relationship to God by this or that chosen nation.

The Rainbow Bible is for everyone.

The Rainbow Bible will never be a cause of war.

It is the beginning of the Newest Testament for the New Millennium.

* The people of the Hopi Nation are invited to make "special" Rainbow Bibles for those who want them. These Rainbow Bibles will be of dyed felt made from wool from sheep raised by people of the Navaho Nation. It is a spiritual bonding project uniting these two peoples. See more in the Pahana Connection chapter.

Even connecting the Rainbow Bible to the Hopis is another Sun-God Sign for they wait for the return of Pahana, the White Brother who comes from the East. If memory serves, he's supposed to bear the Sign of the Sun besides wearing a red mantle (red hair?) and returning the lost missing corner piece of the Fire Clan Tablet.


February 1, 2011

If species reacted to fantasies and hallucinations as if they were real, they wouldn't survive. If human beings reacted to fantasies and hallucinations they wouldn't have survived and prospered to become the earth's dominant species. Human evolution has given human brains the capacity to experience spiritual phenomena. If spiritual phenomena were only fantasies and hallucinations human evolution would have long ago discarded this characteristic human trait and eliminated it from the human genome.

All Christians are under a spell of Egyptian magic--the magic and miracle of the ancient Egyptian religion being resurrected and practiced in its universal Jewish form for 2000 years. Christianity universalized sun-god worship by historizing and personifying the dying/resurrection sun-god mythology of Egypt.

"Out of Egypt I called My Son" was taken to mean by Hellenized Alexandrian Jews as a reference to Horus as the true spiritual Jewish Messiah who took the Osiris/Horus/Isis mythology and universalized ancient Egyptian sun-god worship for the whole world.


February 22nd, 2011

How EL Elyon got His name, God Most High.

Which is the same reason Jews observe the Sabbath as their holy day of the week. Besides being the name of their top God, EL was also the Canaanite name for the planet Saturn, the outermost planet on the ancient's seven planetary concentric shell "heavens" stacked above the earth. Saturn then was the "highest" of all the planetary rulers, higher than the sun or moon orbiting the earth in the ancient's cosmology. "Saturn's Day", the seventh day of the week, with Saturn the "highest" of planetary rulers, is the root of the Hebrew Sabbath and the root meaning of why EL was called God Most High.


March 2nd, 2011

Star Wars--ancient religions each had their astronomical gods. For the Egyptians it was the sun and moon who ruled their pantheon. For Hebrews it was the planet Saturn and the moon. For Christians it was again the sun and moon with Venus added. For Muslims it is the moon again. No Earth god or goddess in the Abrahamic religions but this imbalance is being corrected with the advent of Christ Josephine.

The 1950's saw the end result of hidden Abrahamic sun worship goals when the sun in miniature was first created on November 2nd, 1952--the exploding of the first hydrogen nuclear explosion. The Day of the Dead and my mother's and daughter's birthdays.

Sign of Cancer, ruled by the moon, saw the the end result of moon worship goals when men first walked on the moon. From these times onward now humanity can manipulate the power of the stars, duplicate feats of the ancient gods.


March 5th, 2011

Abrahamics brought the idea God of history to ancient religion. Jews historicized the Divine, made pagan deities into Hebrew characters in the Jewish religion. Christianity reestablished the direct relationship of God to humanity as well as reestablishing the ancient astrotheology system in secret form.

Announcing the Acceptable Year of the Lord as the Great Year, the New Aeon arriving with the change of houses in the grand Procession of the Equinoxes, as we leave the Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius.


March 6th, 2011

For Josephine, bring ankh instructions.

ankh5.jpg (14791 bytes)


March 8th, 2011

"As above, so below" Christianity must oppose Jews because Christ/Horus/Osiris must oppose Set (Satan). Jews claim to be descended from Seth (Set, e.g. like Nazareth is actually spelled and pronounced Nazaret). Jews then have placed themselves within the Egyptian solar mythos on the side of Darkness according to Egyptians revering the Light and beneficence of the sun as Horus and Osisis.


March 22nd, 2011

God Most High= Old Man Above (all)


April 3rd, 2011

Ariels are werelions. Lions would be totem animals for a Goddess because in lion society females are the daily warriors and providers. They are the powerful huntresses but then again males live as kings having females serve them, i.e., still patriarchal domination.


April 4th, 2011

Father Jesus says I will reform Judaism. Father Jesus asked me if I want Judaism to be my mantle. I don't know how to respond.


April 8th, 2011

Jesus was made to walk like an Egyptian in order to bring salvation of resurrection to eternal life to the Jews. The Jewish religion did not prepare Jews for an afterlife like the Egyptian religion did for Egyptians. Jews just didn't believe in the idea of there being a resurrection for the soul nearly as much as Egyptians who devoted their entire religion to it. Without resurrection Jewish souls could not live eternally like Egyptian souls could. So Christianity was created to give knowledge of resurrection to eternal life for Jews first, then Gentiles.

In Christian doctrine, unlike Egyptian, there is a separation of the soul from the mortal body at death so bodily preparation is not necessary for those who believe with "all their heart, mind, and soul" in Jesus, the God-Man whose magical spirit body acts as the vehicle for transporting all souls safely into heaven. This is why for the Christ Cult authors why it was so important for all Christians to believe in the Story of Jesus' bodily resurrection. This is why Christ Cult authors opposed the Gnostics for whom the body was not important at all, in fact it was a stumbling block for the Spirit.

Rabbi=Ravi=One from the Sun, i.e., a Ray from the Sun= Egyptian source of rays=Ra.


April 10th, 2011

Needy coyote I saw at Thanksgiving on the way into Yosemite was a Sign: an Anubis/John the Baptist reminder for my mission to the Lakotas and Northern Cheyenne.

         wpe30.jpg (43714 bytes)        indjackal5.jpg (34544 bytes)

       Coyotes and Jackals are very closely related species                                   

220px-Anubis_standing.svg.png (42156 bytes)      Anubis


April 17th, 2011

Jews didn't have healers in their religion. Yeishu is accused upon bringing back Egyptian magic to heal people with. Jesus heals, rabbis didn't lay hands on people, certainly not on non-Jews.

Wakan Tanka provided the Sign that whites would prevail. Europeans had all those wheeled vehicles, whites had harnessed powerful medicine wheels enslaved for their expansion.

Making Relationships ceremony would be appropriate for telling the Vision of Christ Josephine. The Littlewhiteman clan and me are Wakan Tanka's invited guests. We're in the Circle. All others are either Helpers or Observers. Because I do the will of Wakan Tanka and because I was given the Vision and the Signs, I am given authority over this ceremony. Authority over the Gifts we bring for Christ Josephine/White Buffalo Calf Woman will be given to the wisest Littlewhiteman clan leader until Josephine arrives to claim them.


April 18th, 2011

Regarding pain and misery in religious worship: There's enough pain in the world without adding worship of God to it.


April 28th, 2011

Bridgit: a Triple Goddess who's name means "fiery arrow" in Gaelic. Her three aspects are not the usual goddess ones, maiden, mother, crone, but healing, poetry muse, and metal-smithing for Bridgit, Her metal-smith aspect being Bridgit's connection to Paxcalibur.


May 9th, 2011

Who belongs to the Religion of Peace, the real one that goes around the world now and includes peoples of all races and religions? I do. Do you? Why can't we join together under One Sign from God? Here is that Sign. The Sign that tells us that to create world peace a new worldview needs to happen where men, women, and children, three roots join together as One to encircle humanity in unity, three roots, animals, plants, and humans, joined as one harmonious Family. A true universal Religion of Peace.

A new Medicine Wheel teaching

wpe31.jpg (7633 bytes)

This Medicine Wheel symbolizes two things: Humanity as composed of men, women and children together, and Humanity in unison with Plants and Animals

From the South, the place of beginning of the human journey. From the East, the place of knowledge and truth bending down and becoming one with the People. From the West, the place of contemplation and reflection of the ways of knowledge and truth bending down and becoming one with the People. To the North, the place where we are headed in our wisdom of old age joining the circle unbroken wrapping around from beginning to end. We are all Holy One.


May 17th, 2011

Re Christ Josephine, White Buffalo Calf Woman, She will have natural grace and royal bearing.


June 7, 2011

Josephine will be baptized with that name. She will be touched to her nose with her ankh to transfer knowledge of life and resurrection to eternal life at that time by a spiritual helper if I am not available to do it.

What is Josephine? She is the Messiah of the whole world, the appointed Savior for the New Age. In her wisdom all humanity will be saved. She is the necessary completer in the Divine Marriage, the true Bride of Christ and emblem of wholeness of self.


July 27th, 2011

Lakota have a purpose--as buffalo keepers, caretakers, stewards. Create open range and expand it; to recreate the old migration routes and more buffaloes until there are millions and millions of them again.


August 13th, 2011

Words are tribal. Choice of words identify speaker's/writer's tribal identification and loyalties.


September 3rd, 2011

When Jewish religious leaders (Pharisees?) changed to accept resurrection of the soul they inadvertently dethroned God Most High's Saturn position and elevated sun gods who were the traditional ancient symbols of resurrection.


October 17th, 2011

The Kingdom of God is expressed through humanity. It is made manifest by our efforts guided by spiritual vision from the Creator. We who make it visible bear witness of the single Source of our inspiration.


October 27th, 2011

You don't get my Aquarian head now. After I'm dead science can have it to study along with the rest of me, all kept intact until proper burial or cremation, boat out to sea and funeral pyre and all that. The sign of Aquarius losing his head at the Summer Solstice transition is made moot by astronomy unbiased by northern hemisphere position.


October 27th, 2011

"Keep a community eye on behavior that's going awry."


November 11th, 2011

Judaism has no use for Hell because to be Jewish is to be Chosen of God. Jews can backslide but never are completely condemned which is actually a better more forgiving theology than Christianity except it's all just for Jews. Gentiles don't get that sort of treatment by God who loves Jews better, at least according to Jewish writers..

Paul's "Grace" theology follows this in its attempt to make Christians automatically "saved" by voiced allegiance to the Christian Church theology. If you don't agree with Paul's gospel, you are condemned to Hell.

God speaks to your heart in the language of your birth.


December 12th, 2011

Zombie Religions= glorification of dead men, continually being resurrected from their graves to inflict their ancient dead man's ideas onto our present times where they are out of date, out of touch with social reality.


December 20th, 2011

Times and temperament condition a prophet's reception of the "Word of God" because why? Because all men are fallible, everyone errors, else there would be no learning and nothing new coming into an already perfect and static and stagnant existence.


January 6th, 2012

Eugo reinforcement: praise rewarding good ways, i.e., effective and appropriate behavioral patterns in self (ego) expression for psychologically healthy social and personal change.


January 13th, 2012

We must stop historical liars from continuing to teach false religious histories that divide people. When false history is taught to billions of people every day, is it any wonder we never learn from our mistakes and continue to make them?


January 16th, 2012

"The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here."

"Sheba" = "Seven"

Sabeans = Shebans = Seven worshipers = worshipers of the Seven Planetary Rulers.


January 19th, 2012

Realization today that I really am Stephen the Baptist! Unconsciously carrying out the Archetype of Anup/Elijah/John the Baptist/Aquarius--or I'm crazy. History will be the judge of that.


January 21st, 2012

Elijah = Father and Son as One. Two sides of the circle of Solstices and Equinoxes, the Baptist role in Summer and its relationship to the dying/resurrection Sun (god) in Winter.


February 4th, 2012

We are still in the Age of Savagery. Terror is used to rule human behavior in most societies. Empathy, the ability to be in harmony with lives of others, is still in infantile stage in most societies.

Harmony is the key to establishing wisdom, i.e. the Daughter of Wisdom is key to resurrecting the Goddess Herself in human consciousness. Harmony= the kingdom of God we seek. Peace, Love, and Harmony. Faith, Hope, and Charity.


February 11th, 2012

Illegal immigrants cross the Rio Grande, North America's "Jordan" separating the Promised Land from those seeking it. Anubis/John the Baptist role in taking people across the River is seen in the "coyotes" who bring illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande.


February 15th, 2012

Josephine will re-sanctify the Rio Grande as a sacred river to Christianity with Her baptism in it. The Rio Grande is the New World's spiritual Jordan where the Promised Land lies across the River one must "pass over". Instead of East to West the direction is South to North, youth to old age, innocence to wisdom of experience.

People crossing the Rio Grande should be baptized for remission of sins before entry into the Promised Land. Sanctification of the river will help solve the unwanted flow of desperate peoples coming into North America from violent undemocratic cultural backgrounds without learning the rules necessary for governing democratic free society.


February 17th, 2012

There is only one temple in India dedicated to Brahma. There are thousands dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva, the two other gods in the Hindu Vedic Trinity. The reason for this is that Brahmins, the self-selected highest caste in Hindu society, consider themselves demi-gods for lower castes to serve and honor as they would a god. Judaism picked up this hubris as well to apply it to all Jews as the especially chosen of God for all Gentiles to serve.

Religions, politics, economic status divides us. Science, art, music, sports, unite us.


February 23rd, 2012

The economic aim of society should always be to create more leisure time for everyone. Leisure time is the best time because it allows you to do what you like doing when you like doing it.


March 12th, 2012

Quan Yin was a pushover. White Buffalo Calf Woman wasn't.


March 13th, 2012

Have to instruct Josephine in Aquariana. Josephine too will have Living Waters to pour out over Humanity and Her's will be purer and sweeter than mine.


March 18th, 2012

Josephine is Venus, the Moon, and Mother Earth incarnate. Josephine is love incarnate.

Venus- Maiden Youth

Moon- Mother



March 20th, 2012

I pour out Living Waters of Christ Aquarius into cups prepared.

Judaism is not monotheistic: It is henotheism; devotion to a single God while accepting the existence of other gods.

The Shema has Aquarius reference in it.


May 5th, 2012

Empathy exercises for psychopathic brains.


May 5th, 2012

Sharing God leads to sharing material wealth which in turn leads to equalizing social extremes that are the basic cause of social violence.

Compassionate affirmative evolutionary action involves changing the ways some species live who face overwhelming odds against offspring, e.g. sea turtles. With whole food chains dependent on deaths of millions of baby sea turtles would changing their reproduction ways hurt the overall ecology. Environmental impact is guaranteed either way we move to help or hinder sea turtles.


May 13th, 2012

Zionism= European Jewish Crusade. Both European Crusades, Christian and Jewish ruined the peace of Palestine.


May 18th, 2012

Father Jesus says,

"Yes, I am the Great Spirit of Humanity."

Have to go to Egypt (again) to Call Her to fulfill Scripture. I call Her through my book.

Josephine is Venus, the Moon, and Mother Earth incarnate. Josephine is love incarnate.

Venus= maiden youth

Moon= mother

Earth= crone


May 20th, 2012

I am getting advanced astrological knowledge because my mind is fresh to it. I'm not a professional with my head filled with preconceived assumptions.

Women will lead Islam into Christ Consciousness and Islam will become a universal religion of the Holy Family.

Salvation is of the Jews who keep the Torah alive and the Path straight to the heavenly Man with the Living Waters. To whom, Saturn, God Most High, is closest to at the top of the 7th Heaven.

Abraham is the Brahma of the South, the Brahma of Egypt, the Black Brahma

Black robes= Set, Draco

Isaiah 40:6,7

"All flesh is grass. Surely the people are grass." "Grass"= the sacred smoke.

Judaism is not monothesistic but hypocritical henotheism, devotion to a single god while accepting the existence if not authority or power of other gods.

God Voice came when I asked in 2007. God voice of Jesus comes to others and the God voices are not saying the same things. The God voices also seem to say things and give directions in line with the receiver's basic ideas about things. Conclusion? God voices are self-generated, yet I am writing this under the approval of my own God Voice. God within?

Ariel is my title, but Stephen is my name.

God has placed the Man Sign in the sky to assure us our place in the heavens and eternal life.

"As Moses lifted up the serpent, so too shall the Son of Man be lifted up." Snake icon for Saturn ("lift up" as Highest Planetary Ruler)

saturngod.jpg (25095 bytes)


Islam's stellar icons: Isis (Moon) and Venus rule tides of Muslim emotions.


May 23rd, 2012

We seek higher powers but to be given highest powers we must first learn to love--to be loving and kind--humane beings.

wpe31.jpg (3378 bytes)

Spiritually means to democratize star knowledge downwards to the people instead of keeping it in priesthoods of any kind.

The universal collective unconscious rules over physical reality. "The Sabbath was made for man. Not man for the Sabbath." meaning Saturn's Day does not rule us. We rule Saturn's Day.

Peace has a lot to do with reliability. You can't have peace if you never know which way your teammates and the other side will go in any given situation. Loyalty, honor, dependability. All necessary for lasting peace.


May 27th, 2012

John for Egypt = an, ahn

Matthew = Maat for Jews

Peter and Paul for Roman Empire

Mark for Rome and Egypt

Opposition to corporate personhood is like anti-abortionists trying to get the definition of personhood to include fetuses. Both want to change basic meaning of common language for naive and narrow-minded political ends that make no logical sense and would unnecessarily cripple society if put into law.


May 31st, 2012

Buddhism is extreme

It is an extreme method of avoiding psychic pain encountered in normal life. It requires sacrifice of a whole range of normal human emotions and behavioral patterns that are repressed in order to achieve and maintain a single brain state, one where the sense of self processing center is tranquilized and disabled which in turn gives a person a sense of egolessness and oneness with everything. Attachments to life are sacrificed to maintain this brain state and by doing so, romantic love, one of God's greatest treasures and pleasures, defeats and successes, is thrown out along with the bathwater of emotions. All forms of love are diminished in the process of seeking the Buddhist single brain state ideal. Creativity is also thereby dulled as it takes both passion and an ego to buck tradition to bring in novelty.


June 1st, 2012

Christ Aquarius put in the Call:

Those with ears to hear will respond to the Gospel of Christ Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius hippie mythos will be reviewed and honored as precursor to Aquarian Christianity. Christ consciousness will purify hippie consciousness and gnosis and compassion will guarantee knowledge and not blind faith will lead the faithful to God.

Arielmessenger Super Secret Decoder Rings: The Zodiac as Circle of Animals and the rings around Saturn, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, the Man Sign and Man Face of God.


June 7th, 2012

If the earth is expanding according to the Pangea expansion/nuclear core expanding earth theory, then all earth-type planets are Time Bombs! Ones that eventually go off to create asteroid belts around the sun as the sun too eventually goes nova.


June 8th, 2012

Apartheid Wall protest: Monastery outside Bethlehem as the place for Paxcalibur with collaborative help from Holy Land Trust and Tent of Nations as joint Keepers?


June 13th, 2012

The Celestial Tauret is uncorruptible. The earthly Torah has been evolving through the Judeo-Christian traditions but now suffers old age as its overall wisdom doesn't fit reality.


June 21st, 2012

I teach the true Celestial Tauret. Rabbis can't teach it because they don't know it. If they did, they would have to acknowledge Jesus Christ as bearing the true Celestial Tauret. It's earthly manifestation and perfection is spiritually alive and evolves through time and space. Therefore, the past is replaced by the present, the present by the future. Judaism was replaced by Christianity in order to further evolve the Celestial Tauret.

What is the Celestial Tauret?

It is the Humanitarian Man with the Living Waters, the evolving Model of the true Human Being who is a Humane Being, replenishing the goodness of Life.


June 26th, 2012

Special purpose plywood with 7 layers - - hues like rainbow for Ankhs.


June 28th, 2012

Keeping the ethical evolution ball rolling: Jesus asks us to go beyond the morals of the Pharisaic Judaism and we must continue this moral upgrading that evolves the heavenly/earthly Humanitarian Man model.

Islamic covering of women may be OK for desert women but not OK for light-skinned northern hemisphere women who need the Vitamin D sunshine provides on exposed skin.


July 1st, 2012

Christian to Christian: Boycott countries that allow their Christian communities to be persecuted.

God-guided research is different from scholarly research. It is directed to expand information about a specific subject, usually a name or idea that has caught my attention in an unrelated article. I then need to know more about this name or idea and I discover the historical relationship and meaning to my religious belief system. But I do not, as scholars would, check as many cross references as I can, I am satisfied when I find what God wanted me to find, linkage from ancient theology to my my modern one.


July 2nd, 2012

Elijah restore all things. He restores faith in the God Signs of the Zodiac and stars vs. faith in the corruptible words of men about God.


July 3rd, 2012

The German Jewish (Ashkenazim) mindset is the mindset of the religious convert determined to protect the adopted national religion at all costs, including in the case of Israeli Zionists, nuclear Armageddon. It has led to a level of xenophobic paranoia not found in Sephardic Jewish communities until they became Israeli Jews under the influence of the Askenazim European Jewish majority, descendants of Jewish converts.


July 11th, 2012

Set up Trust Fund for Josephine and Trust Funds for Paxcalibur and Ojai Missions.


July 25th, 2012

The year 2000 was when the Aquarian Age started for me. The year 2012 is when it starts worldwide. If astronomers and astrologers say the timing is hundreds of years off center, tell them God can't wait, the world still needs salvation, and the universal collective unconscious wants the Aquarian Age to happen now.


July 27, 2012

God favors Democracy

Social democracy spreads the human gene pool. That's one big reason why God and Nature favor this form of government. It makes for a healthier, stronger species, e.g. our European Neanderthal genes that helped boost our immune systems are being spread around the globe by European colonial imperialism that has introduced democracy to the non-European peoples whose lands invading Europeans have seized control of or have failed to do so. Either way, the idea of democracy is spreading along with Neanderthal genes throughout the human species making for a healthier homo sapiens.


August 2nd, 2012

Communitarian Revolution

Starting a Communitarian Revolution through the creation of Biomystic Inc. Put all my communitarian social and economic ideas into the structure of Biomystic Inc. Have Biomystic Inc. generate start-up capital by developing the lottery plans and most promising new product ideas such as Commandboard computer. Biomystic Inc. would develop all the major systems needed for community self-sufficiency through Communikits designs. Other major product and service development would include Solar Rail mass transit systems, robotics because who needs to do repetitive work best left to automation, Sat-Phones instead of cell-phones, energy systems, water supplies, everything needed to get communities off the corporate capitalist grid.


August 6th, 2012

"Picking and Choosing" is evolution in action. It is the only way of improvement and the only way to avoid stagnation and decline. You pick what works, what is appropriate to the circumstances and times. What doesn't work is retired but not thrown away. It is held in reserve.


September 13th, 2012

"Bathsheba" = Beth Sheba = "House of Sheba" = "the Seventh and earthly Kingdom of Shiva". Sabeans = Shibeans = Shiva worshippers. The Israel alliance with Sheba united the Semitic peoples of Yemen with the Semitic Palestinians.


December 9th, 2012

The Christ Aquarius Revelation.


December 15th, 2012

The Mantel of Aquarius = Elijah's Mantel = friends, companions who take on the Aquarian revolutionary cause: Humanitarian concern as the highest and best feature of a human being.


December 19th, 2012

The Aquariana Bridge

To get humankind out of the bondage of the end of the Age of Pisces where the Spirit of Christ suffers defeat after defeat, and into the Age of Aquarius where the Spirit of Christ will be exalted in His own House and in Her own time of Aquarius.


December 28th, 2012

The Year of the Snake means the year the Age of Aquarius begins. The Snake symbol is the symbol of Aquarius and of Water because snakes move like undulating waves of water. The association of snakes with healing power is due to water being the essence of Life. We are mostly water. Our blood is 92% water. Water and sunlight are essential to Life so early on intelligent humans led by inspiration, i.e., literally Spirit inspired, made sun and water important in the minds of their fellow beings by making sun gods and the Sign of Aquarius a virtual Water God.

Snakes as symbols of water and healing show up in the Caduceus, two snakes for the Greeks, one magical snake for Moses which Jesus commands Christian believers to raise up in their consciences to be worthy of entry into the Kingdom of God who is God Most High or Saturn which was considered by the ancients as the Ruler of the Sign of Aquarius. Two snakes = the Sign of Aquarius which comes from the Egyptian hieroglyph for Water, "Mu" in the ancient Egyptian language. Moses in Hebrew, "Moshe", means "drawn out of water" and "Moses" in Arabic is "Musa", much closer to the Egyptian root, "Mu". I suspect "Mu" hammad received some spiritual power too from Aquarius hence the spread of Islam like Mosaic Law before.


January 20th, 2013

After Jan 21st, 2013, issue the Aquariana Call, reasons for the Call, what the Call is. No debates - - those who hear the Call crossover the Aquariana Divide. Or be left behind.




Image result for moon and star symbol   >>>>


Febuary 5th, 2013

The Savior Way. It is a Way. It is not a command.



February 25th, 2013

The old religions have to die in order for their believer's souls which are pure to be reborn into a new universal spiritual mentality that replaces organized religiously inspired warfare. Abrahamic religions and past political ideologies. They were packhorses for the Humanitarian Christ carrying the spiritual goods to our New Age beginning.


March 7th, 2013

Biomystical Authority = biological and mystical knowledge of our future selves as God sending back instructions for evolving God for the good of Humanity.

The God Program = God's Cosmic Plan. The Aquariana Tauret guidelines for social harmony in the Age of Aquarius


March 10th, 2013

God's Cosmic Plan - - to evolve into God as the worthiest and most honorable goal of Humanity and therefore the goal of God as the successful outcome of this new holistic unification idea - - to unite all peoples together as Family of God members, no one left out.


March 20th, 2013

Neanderthals as Night People species. Live in caves during the day - - come out at night seeing better in the dark than homo sapiens. Shadow people to homo sapiens as Day People. Gave rise to night demons, trolls, our general fears of the dark.


March 28th, 2013

The astrological order in the New Testament reveals the Celestial Tauret influence, e.g. the Four Gospels = Cheribim, 12 Disciples = Zodiac and Sun cycle. 3 Days in Hell = the sun at the Horizon in Winter Solstice, appears not to move.

People with photographic memories should have their brains scanned as they read facts to see where the facts are being stored in such precision fashion. I, of course, have a photographic imagination...


May 25th, 2013

Paxcalibur is the Sword of Islam, the true Sword of Jihad.


June 4th, 2013

Stigmata on right hand. Fading 6/5/13


July 1st, 2013

Father says:

Supervisor job would bore me to tears and waste all those years. Don't do it, Stephen


November 6th, 2013

I prefer the Christian people's heaven over that of Revelation or any other religion's conceptions of the afterlife. The Christian people's heaven is HOME and filled with family and friends who have gone before. There is Family there.


November 11th, 2013

Bad Movies, bad Scripts: Pauline Christianity, Judaism, Muhammad's Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.


November 18th, 2013

The biology of belief: Religion and Rage - - Studies of brains of believers and religious trigger words.


December 30th, 2013

Sexually repressed people are easier to control. They seek relief in leaders who allow them to vent their sexual frustrations in acts of violence, expressing repressed anger.


January 28th, 2014

Jewish relationship as keepers and guardians of the Celestial Tauret is the same as the role of dragons protecting great treasure. Draco to Taurowet Constellations = the Crocodile on Taurowet's back = Fence around the Torah in Judaism.


February 21st, 2014

Ultimately, belief is truth.


February 19th, 2014

Tibetan Buddhism is a pure psychedelic religion - - its aim is to manifest the Buddha Mind (i.e., to get high) wise and compassionate in order to reach higher consciousness. Tibetan Buddhist art shows the psychedelic type manifesting universal imagery and complexity achieved by repetitive patterns.


February 22nd, 2014

I am the Keeper of the Celestial Tauret. It is the primary Job of the Jew.

Temple Beth ELohim of the Mateel is the right name for my church.


February 23rd, 2014

The pure Celestial Tauret purifies Judaism so it becomes purified Christianity.


March 3rd, 2014

Judaism is Judah, the material centered religion, pure and simple. It is not universally oriented as the name implies. JUD-aism. Spiritual Christianity is Christ centered and thus universal.


March 4th, 2014

God sent me to war against the god Mammon and the Mammonites.


March 7th, 2014

In the Age of Aquarius the sharing of water is an obligation of humanity. Everyone should have adequate water and no one should hoard water when water is scarce.

Everything I touch turns to gold; each idea becomes a super star...I wish..


March 8th, 2014

  Star of David = Yin/Yang, two equilateral triangles = Equilibrium = steady state = Peace?

Image result for images of two equilateral triangles make a diamond shape Two equilateral triangles = Diamond = Jews into diamonds. Diamonds are solid Carbon, a nucleus surrounded by 12 electrons = Zodiac = 12 Tribes of Israel.


March 17th, 2014

Brain scans show up areas of religiously inspired rage - - philosophies too although not so much. Brain scans could predict religious violence predispositions. Nonviolent religious and secular brains should be compared to Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, etc. to see shared patterns of thinking and reactions to stress and insults to beliefs.


March 19th, 2014

Real stars are spheres and round. Symbolic stars are pointed and sharp, all angles. They represent fangs of aggression often seen on military vehicles and airplanes as weapons in the sky - - and on flags of aggressive nations, e.g. U.S.A., Russia, China, all Muslim national flags, and on Israel's flag.


March 30th, 2014

Biomystic Theater online shows my selections plus virtual reality recreates a video store environment for browsing titles in their covers with instant previews of movies of interest. Video store browsing style where you can see other titles as you look at ones of interest is more user friendly than looking at single (and smaller) title pages of typical Netflix selections. Get Annette to run site.


April 8th, 2014

International Commercial Bank of China is my friend.(?)


July 2nd, 2014

(Father Jesus Voice) Abundant rain in 2015, "next year for sure". Beginning of climate change reversal and stabilization.

(2017 here wonders about this..)


July 24th, 2014

"The Meek shall inherit the earth" is code in warlord dominated societies and times standing for the prediction of the rise of worldwide democracy and social demand for protection of human rights.


July 27th, 2014

You pour water on the Sun God to cool him off. Otherwise, the Sun without water burns everything up. This is why baptism with the Man Sign Aquarius balances the Sun God, Leo the Ruler Sign.


Aquarius 0------------------------I-----------------------0 Leo


August 1st, 2014

Khazarian crooks

Muhammadan crooks

Evangelical crooks


Celestial Christianity

Celestial Christianity

Celestial Christianity


October 26th, 2014

Consciousness is the point of "play" in the Creation/Universe Recording. The Unified Field Theory = the Recording's unity as a set piece. Made by who and for what purpose Science continually explores while Religion claims to know the reason why which is the truly spiritual experience of it.


November 22nd, 2014

Spiritual Law: Good attracts evil. Evil attracts good. There is a spiritual flow between the two.


November 23rd, 2014

I am a holy man. I am here to give fuller meaning to the word "holy" as I think, envision and do things holistically. I am a polymath prophet of God, the first of my kind.


November 26th, 2014

There is no "living in the present moment" in the Buddhist sense. There is no present. There is the past meeting the future. Their point of meeting is what we call "the present". But by itself "the present" doesn't exist. Attempting to "live in the present moment" is illusory it that means shutting out thinking (processing the memories of the past for specific purpose in the future). That is purely artificial and in no way changes the basic fact: There is no way to live in the present moment. One lives the past meeting the future.


November 27th, 2014

I am a grand four star prophesy bearer - - bearing prophesies for four great religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesy. Two religious traditions are being united into one: Christianity and the White Buffalo Calf Woman spiritual traditions - - through the Vision of Christ Josephine.


December 2nd, 2014

Given: No killer's religious can enter the Promised Land. Judaism, Pauline Christianity, Muhammadanism cannot continue to dominate world religions as they produce wars.


March 26th, 2015

"Gnostic meaning is discovered or encountered spiritually."


April 4th, 2015

 = Crucifixion Cross of Death       = the Resurrection Cross of Life


April 5th, 2015      Easter

Aquarius is the Sign of the Baptist!


April 9th, 2015

"The God Project": Creating the God who created us."


April 21st, 2015

The Symbolism of the Crown:

Spread a crown's points out and you have a Star, a Sun symbol, a Flower, if the points are soft but aggressive if sharp and hard. A Crown therefore is actually a symbol of Peace, with sharp points pointed toward heaven, symbolizing a sacrifice of power and potential violence towards others, (horizontal vs. vertical).

"Prophet tears".


April 26th, 2015

Elijah must come first, because that's where the crime of deicide happened - - the erasure of EL to put Yahweh in His position as Most High God.

The Symbolism of the Merkabah

When man has tamed the wild bull to make his foundation as firm as an ox, when man has mastered his wild lion nature and become a Lion of God, when man has mounted the eagle, soared high above the earth, seen as far as anyone can, then the man of the air, the man with the Living Waters will be ready to do his job bringing Living Waters to pour upon the thirsty earth below and bring nourishment to all its people.


April 30th, 2015

Sign of Jonah that links to Noah is the dove: = land above the waters


June 30th, 2015

God is Love. Love transcends everything. It is the most amazing bonding mechanism there is - - nothing like it. Love is God.

What if we pass into pure Love when we pass away?

Celestial Christianity: The Religion of Peace, Love, and Harmony.


July 1st, 2015

If you're mirthless, you're superfluous. If you're merciless, you're superflous.


July 6th, 2015

When Aquarius is manifested in the Sign of Leo, the balance is right: Man/Lion = Humanitarian Ruler


August 8th, 2015

I teach eternal Christianity written in God's Sign Language. The Aquariana Key is Aquarius, the Man Sign and Sign of the Baptist.


August 15th, 2015

Coincidence, synchronicity events, are the Language of Miracles and the Language of God.


December 2nd, 2015

God Voice returns to tell me Colusa is Eutopia, is Shangri La, is replacement for Ojai. Real Eutopia vs. Hollywood image.

Colusa, the Heartland of Humanity.


December 24th, 2015

"The Pahana Papers" - - Native American self-sufficiency.

EL Elyon speaks like a great tribal leader.


December 26th, 2015

Trans-species: Animal species to human genetic modifications are probably being done (Now). "Leos" = transpecies.


December 25th, 2015

A Sign (to me it seems as no one else saw it). A rainbow ring around the special Christmas moon, largest since 1977. My friend Wayne was right beside me and did not see it. Rainbow Moon at Sun God death and rebirth. Connected to seeing the "Into the West" movie series about the Lakota and U.S. expansion into their territory. Medicine Wheel = Zodiac = sweat lodge = celestial Tauret knowledge.


January 10th, 2016

Celestial Tauret and not Torah

Musa and not Moshe

Elohim and not Yahweh

Jesus and not Yahweh

Jesus Christ and Christ Josephine


February 6th, 2016

Test of Judaism's inherent nationalism: "Which is more important to Jewish life - - the existence of Israel or world peace?"

Moon, Sun, Saturn, "Isis, RA, EL", vs. the Elohim, the Planetary Seven.

God evolves or more accurately, our perception of God evolves.

"Evolve God", I say, and we are..


March 3rd, 2016

Cleaning Up Christianity is the title of my book, The Aquariana Key. ???

The meaning of "Aquariana": The "Aquariana" is the term I use to describe the Age of Aquarius as being ruled spiritually by the Humanitarian Archetype, the one most spiritually manifested in Jesus Christ in the spiritual history of the world.


April 14th, 2016

Empathy = Agape love

Empathy is the essense of being a humane being. Empathetic network functioning is essential to humanity - - without it we have the animal world in human form.

Empathy and God consciousness are one and the same. God is the Source of empathy for all Life.


April 21st, 2017

"Christ dies for your sins" = the Humanitarian Savior is killed instead of honored as representing the mercy of God. Traditional Pauline belief of glorifying Christ's death is wrong. He stands as our Accuser - - accusing us of being less than human when we kill the good men and honor the bad.


July 16th, 2016

Formula that explains everything: The Theory of Everything:

God = Hunth means God = Humanity to the Nth degree.

Ω = Hu²

Omega Point= Humanity squared


Ω= H² = Humanity squared = Omega Point



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