Not Religious


Revenge of the Introverts of the Solitary Path



Did you really think our ancient organized religions could survive the Age of Science? Intelligent people in the 21st Century are to believe the Pauline Christian Story that God mated with a human woman to produce a Son of God as a demi-god with magical super powers? That all human beings are descended from two original human beings supposedly living about 6000 years ago along with a brand new Earth itself and all life forms, all existence created without any evolutionary past or future? That within human history a gigantic flood covered the whole world including not only Mt. Ararat but even Mt. Everest by inference, wiping out all life on earth except for Utnapishtim, er, make that Noah and his kids and his homemade ark full of two of all the species we know of today? That an Israelite named Moses parted the Red Sea, that Hebrew Jesus walked on water and turned water into wine, that he rose bodily from the dead? Come on now, those are of elements of ancient myths, not facts from our world, certainly not our real human history.

Inevitably, it had to end when science was allowed free inquiry after centuries of religious repression. It had to end when we counted all the believers through all the centuries who ended up dead because of religious warfare. It had to end when we grew up and overthrew ancient religion's bad ideas that end up killing or mentally enslaving people for no rational reason other than conforming to ancient pathological grandiose narcissistic religious fabrications with very little basis in reality.

Organized religious mythologies have lost their credibility to intellectuals but not the common people who still believe the ancient religious mythologies are real history. So religious repression of science is weakening but it hasn't ended. The religious zealots are still foisting their dinosaur beliefs on the rest of us and causing all kinds of unnecessary social conflict even now here in the 21st Century. Nations are being held ransom for these idiotic religious mythologies and backward social beliefs being dragged into the modern world where they do not belong, where they only foul the waters of peaceful coexistence. It's time to end 2500+ years of religious warfare that has killed literally millions of human beings swindled by their cultures into allegiance with the Devil, not God, the Devil being inherent in humankind's capacity for inhumanity, for oppression, for torture, for creating ungodly misery to generations of human beings. The pathological grandiose narcissistic religions that foster their self-centered authoritarian and aggressive territorial control agendas must come to an end.


Your religion


If it has more than two members, if it is organized with an Authoritative Book and membership rules, it is spiritually corrupt. This is the Gnostic Solitary Path Truth about organized religions.


Mesmerized by gold and glitter


Organized religions use people's fascination with gold and glitter to entice and hold their memberships. Catholics are among the worst to exploit this unspiritual behavior, closely followed by Hindus and Buddhists. It's really Mammon worship, the worship of Wealth that organized religions gladly dip into despite all vows of poverty pretense. Small wonder casinos stepped in and took up the gold and glitter mantle when church attendance started falling.


The Gnostic Solitary Path is Spiritual, not religious


Spiritual, not religious. It's the only way to go if you really want to connect with God and spiritual consciousness. Organized beliefs long ago killed the Spirit that first inspired them when priesthoods took over the spiritual vision and politicized it for the benefit of priesthood social and political power. That's when spiritual truth became of secondary importance.


All that said, Rituals are Good


So where are the rituals in the Gnostic Solitary Path that help people bind together and get through life's difficulties of which there are many? Rituals are proven to relieve anxiety and help people face their problems because they aren't facing them alone. Organized religions supply such rituals so that makes it OK to be an extrovert and like schmoozing with people. Introverts will bravely face the Peace & Quiet of the forest park, the stream, the ocean beach, the mountain vista alone for the sake of humanity.

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