The Coming

Revolt Against Monotheism


Abrahamic religions claim themselves to be monotheistic or based on the idea God is One and One Only. They say their one and only God is the real God, all other gods are phony. They say this is spiritual truth, that God is Singular, but their Scriptures describe God in patriarchal terms, "He" is "Father", but never "Mother", never "She". This singular God is supposedly beyond human comprehension but Scriptures describe a God who acts very much like some sort of Super General, a Commander, actually a Tyrant who demands loyalty above all else, above family, above country, above everything. Disloyalty to commands is to be severely punished in wayward believers, punished in this world and the next, especially the next where unending Eternal torment awaits the backslider and the unbeliever. Scary stuff and meant to be. How else get "believers" to "believe" your otherwise unbelievable supernatural Story but frighten them out of their wits with tales of God's Revenge of unending excruciating torture if they don't obey? How else to get them to obey your Special Holy Group, the self-described Intercessors, the Priests armed with their Holy Prophet stories in Holy Scrolls they wrote themselves authorizing themselves  to oversee their religious empires, making sure the tithing, taxes, booty and tribute money flows in while posing in impressive religious regalia or as plain dressed strict enforcers, men, always men, self-selecting themselves as God's officially appointed facilitators and judges of communion between God and believer.


Falsified Religious Foundations hiding Power and Wealth Opportunity for ambitious leaders seeking to build their own Empires

The Capitalist connection to Monotheistic religious formation

Believers as Paying Customers = Wealth for Rulers, wealth for Nation building


What if it were all phony baloney and what was really going on is plain old Greed for Power and Wealth by men driven to achieve recognition any way they could do so in the ancient world? What if somebody figured out how to obtain these things in the ancient world by creating an Organized Religion with Followers who are then commanded by God to Fight the Enemies of God to seize territory plus give Money as Tithes, as Taxes and revenue from Pilgrimages to Holy Sites where Holy Book Events and Characters supposedly did their miraculous deeds? What if we look at Abrahamic, perhaps all major Religions not as organized spiritual worship organizations but as deliberately created religious Empire building Big Money Making Machines by cabals of overly ambitious men? Polytheistic Mecca was an economic Gold Mine for the citizens of Mecca as pilgrims came spending money at vendors while worshiping one or more of the Gods with their Icons stationed there, their "Idols", so that believers would know which God was which. They all got along because Polytheism, unlike Monotheism, is not based on pathological grandiose narcissism and therefore had no need to be Number One in popularity, had no pathological need to hurt or harm others who disbelieve, there were plenty of gods to go around, therefore had no need to create nationalized religious warfare. The Gods answer the needs of the Many who were always diversified in cultural identities.

The Monotheist comes along declaring War against the Polytheists with Mecca a huge economic Prize worth battling for. But to get ALL the Wealth of Mecca for his army, his group, Muhammad believes he has to get rid of the competition, just as prior priests of Judah thought they had to get rid of their polytheistic competitors, in order to to gain control of Jerusalem, to be the Center of the Monotheistic God who is a jealous God that hates other gods and those who don't obey his Commandments. Looks like Religion, right? But as a spiritual visionary I don't see much Spirit in these Holy Stories, I see stories about a god who wants to be the Big Cheese god and gets mad at anyone who doesn't go along with this grandiose narcissistic pathology. But what I am seeing more clearly these days is God and Religion being used by ambitious men to create power and wealth producing Empires.


The Abrahamic Wizards of Oz Con Men


To overthrow polytheistic competition the Abrahamic monotheistic priesthoods chose to go to war against the polytheists of Canaan and Jerusalem. They wanted to recreate ancient polytheistic Ishtar and Venus worshiping, (Shalom, the Evening Star) worshiping Jerusalem as thee appointed City of the Monotheistic God and His Israelite worshipers. That way they established Jerusalem as the Center of Monotheism and a Holy Place to pilgrimage to - - and pay tithes and taxes, as an alternative to Mecca, Thebes, and Athens and a host of other polytheistic religious centers.  The Judah priests Abrahamic religion founders had to create Bad Guys as scapegoats, so it was "Gentiles", the cursed descendants of Ham, Egyptians and Arabs, then it became the Christians until Christians handed Jews Palestine in 1948 to take and make a new Israel out of, so of course, Palestinians became in the way of Zionist Israel pathological grandiose narcissists and they became Enemy No. 2 for Zionist Jews, right behind Iran, Enemy No. I because of challenging Israel for control of the whole Middle East. 

Early Christian opportunists formed Churches in opposition to temples and synagogues with Overseers or "Bishops" establishing their individual territories much like modern day franchises. These were money and social power enterprises with the reward of easy jobs and income from paying believers being conned by Church men into giving these guys power and money to rule them and all they had to do was produce authoritative Scrolls or a Book claiming divine revelation and with Rules to serve the priests with the Sacred Language, Hebrew for Jews, Latin for Christians, and the exclusive trappings of official connection to God.


Roman Empire Christians leaders saw their opportunity to steal God and the Messiah away from Jews and they took it


The New Testament writers writing as "Paul" created a New (Fake Jewish) Religion with its Center to be in Rome, not Palestine and therefore the New Testament tells Christians God's Authority has abandoned Jews and the Holy Land and has moved to Rome. Therefore, writes Paul, good Christians must obey their established Roman governors and pay their taxes like good citizens and forget all about Jesus' rebellion to the death against Roman and Jewish authority. "Pauline" Christianity was born and with Paul's Letters of instruction, Jesus' humanitarian teachings take a back seat to using Jesus as a Magic God-Man with a Get Out of Hell card for believing Christians.

Pauline Christianity found many scapegoats for Christians to take out their pacifist religious frustrations on. The first targets of Pauline Christian wrath were the Gnostics in the Roman Empire whose Christian beliefs recognized the missing Divine Feminine given spiritual authority and power and were thus totally unacceptable to the New Testament propagation which had Mary after all, the proper Silent Woman but important only as the Mother of God. Then Roman Christians went after the Jews in Rome, then after all the pagan worshipers in Europe, then all the pagans in the Americas, in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, everywhere indigenous peoples had their own religious beliefs and needed to convert to become proper Christian citizens paying their tithes and taxes to the quite racist Christian colonial invaders from Europe.


Arabs want in on Abrahamic religious empire building


It was "Unbelievers" for Muhammad's Muslims but behind the propaganda one sees as with Judah and Roman priests, religion being used as cover for territorial expansion and control of populations as well as financing the promoters and their promotion of the new intolerant monotheistic religion. The Many Gods and their followers had to go, peacefully if they agreed to the New Monotheistic Regime that hated them or to be killed if they didn't. Their family of gods had to be replaced by the Single God and his officially Appointed Intercessors who can tax believers and make money to support a Religious State which is what Judaism desires and now claims in modern Israel, what Rome through the Roman Catholic Church claimed, what Muhammad's Islam claims, all of them desirous of Believers Wealth to finance their pathological grandiose narcissistic visions that did not come from God but directly from the behavior of our animal past of violent male territorial conquering and control of society, the perennial ambition of pathological grandiose narcissistic men.


Democracy is Polytheistic

Monarchy, Autocracy is Monotheistic


Democracy is based on the idea that the People, the population of a nation that treasures Equality and Justice for All, will recognize that only a democratic form of government where all citizens are equally represented can insure this national goal. While claiming to be a Democracy since its inception the United States of America is not a true democracy; it is unfortunately now a Plutocracy where Big Money has bought control of the whole country via control of elections by financial control of politicians, via control of the major Media sources so that critics and political opponents of the 1% Plutocrats and the Corporations they own and control, are never given a national voice to inform the nation, never given the votes to turn the nation around. The Plutocrats will back anyone and anything that helps them make and keep more profit, more Wealth, and so they turn to the Rightwing, always a friend to Autocracy and wealthy elites who can be counted on to support More Profits, More Wealth for Plutocrats, the People be damned in the process. It's no accident America's Right embraces National Narcissism in the form of White Christian Nationalism, in the form of the Republican Party which has become the political tool of the country's Plutocrats to keep control of America, seemingly any way they can, even supporting a textbook case of pathological grandiose narcissism, Donald Trump, himself a sucker for other pathological narcissists like Russia's Vladimir Putin, like North Korea's Kim Jong, Like Israel's Netanyahu and all Zionists, and like Saudi Arabia's Mohammad bin Salmon.

Democracy is polytheistic society. It has to be to give Freedom and Justice to all citizens. Fundamentalists of each Abrahamic religion will hate Democracy because it guarantees even atheists have equal say in government. It guarantees even the people labeled evil in their Scriptures, people who don't conform to Monotheistic religious law, gay people for example, Native Americans for example. Jews used to value America's freedom of religion because it protected Jewish worship and Jewish lives that elsewhere were being persecuted. But that changed when Jews were handed over Palestine in 1948 by their former Christian persecutors as compensation for the European Jewish holocaust and past pogroms against Jews in Europe. Judaism was the Father of Abrahamic monotheism so naturally pathological grandiose narcissism was always lurking under the surface in Jewish communities and it found expression as Zionism, Judaism's racist and dangerously irrational goal of trying to recreate a Greater Israel that never existed in real history. And being pathological grandiose narcissists Zionist colonials from Europe, they had no empathy for the Palestinian people in their way. Did not their Holy Word of God tell them to genocide the original non-Jewish Canaanites to get rid of them and take their land? Ironically, Zionist Jews are repeating the Torah Story race war against the Canaanites which was never real history, only Fake News, Jewish religious myths of origin that only literary creations.


Monotheism is Pathological Grandiose Narcissism in religious form

It is Social Disease that causes wars and eventually destroys those societies that permit Monotheists to rule over everyone else.


History records the validity of diagnosing Abrahamic religious belief and believers as pathological grandiose narcissism in collective or nationalized form. Pathological narcissists have no empathy for others who fail to recognize the grandiose narcissistic claims and they will try to eliminate them to gain or retain social and political power. In other words, pathological narcissism with national ambitions will make war to attain their goals, they will kill others in their way and not think twice about their crimes. This is the truth behind all the religious wars of history and until we eliminate the reoccurring rise of pathological grandiose narcissists and nationalized narcissism, we will continue to have social conflicts and wars, all of which can be avoided by society by not obliging religious nationalized narcissism, by recognizing it as Social Disease.