My Spiritual Authority




I paid $15 big bucks in 1983 to get the above mail order minister's license that legally empowers me to claim religious authority. Isn't that proof enough of my spiritual commission? No? Well, how about this:

"Because I say so."

This was the answer my dad used to give me when I got up the nerve to cross him and demand to know Why he was ordering me to do something or not do something that didn't make any sense. His Taurus answer drove Aquarian me nuts. Figuratively of course although literally certainly can't be ruled out. In the pathological grandiose narcissistic Abrahamic tradition "Because I say so" is the norm for Abrahamic religious leaders but that answer does not really fly in the New Age we are entering into. The Authoritarian Strong Man model goes down in flames with Aquarian Age demand for Truth, Co-operation (= Democracy) and Humanitarianism (= Human Rights observance).


The Abrahamic Pathological Grandiose Narcissists


Moses had Israelites killed, 5000 of them the Bible tells us, who dared question his leadership after he came down from Mt. Sinai with the Word of God chiseled in stone by G-d Itself tucked under his arm. Paul condemned to Hell any believer who questioned his commandment for Christians to kow tow to their established governors in direct contradiction to Jesus who gave his life rebelling against cruel Jewish and Roman law. Christians didn't listen to Jesus who never started any church being Jewish but Paul, he's a Church man, his words and acts those of a Gentile minister, not those of a rabbi. Christians listened to Paul, became Paul's disciples, not Jesus'. For proof, just see who is quoted more by Pauline Christians, Jesus or Paul, when asked about the New Testament teachings.

Paul, the "Jewish" foil of Rome, successfully brought in the new flock of Gentile Christians suckered into thinking they had joined the ancient Chosen Ones and their line of Prophets who were conveniently superseded by Gospel Jesus, the supposed Jew like Paul but both selling out fellow Jews to Rome and both telling naive Gentile Christians their Roman oppressors were actually good guys, really loyal to the Jewish God, as if...To Palestinian Jews who watched over 2000 0f their rebellious brethren crucified while the Romans did their conquering thing dropping Judaism and becoming Christians would be utterly absurd and unthinkable. Only gullible Gentiles went for the phony Gospel Story but there were a lot more of those gullible Gentiles than Jews and they successfully buried Jewish exposure of the New Testament as Rome's pacification religion meant to subvert and nullify Jewish resistance to Roman rule. Read Paul's Letter to the Roman's instructing Christians to kow-tow and obey their emperors Paul said were established by God and to oppose them was to oppose God and worthy of condemnation to Hell. It certainly worked. Pauline Christians have an unblemished history of obedience to their Pope, and their kings and queens, their presidents and prime ministers, their Fuhrer, their Trump and by obeying they became accomplices in the murder of millions in the name of Christ and Country.

Muhammad, not to be outdone by Jews with their Moses, in classic pathological grandiose narcissistic tradition, claimed to be the Seal of the Prophets (even though he wasn't even Jewish) and God's Only authorized Voice for All human beings for All time, and being a pathological grandiose narcissist Moses wannabe, he too ordered unbelievers to be killed. It really is a shame modern civilization has yet to recognize Abrahamic religions as manuals that institute and perpetuate nationalized pathological grandiose narcissism in every society these terrible religions are allowed to influence. Naturally pathological Abrahamic religions go to war with each other and of course the non-Abrahamics, so history is full of such wars between the pathological Abrahamic believers, each religion told it and it alone holds God's Truth.  Well, God sent me to Unseal the Prophets and expose the whole Abrahamic religious sham that has bamboozled the world for 2500 years with its Reign of Terror on unfortunate Believers as much as non-believers. I'm Jewish, a prophecy bearer, but I can't go there because it's not of God but of male territorial battling behavior that has been using God as cover for ages. It needs to become extinct.

Stephen, Hey! Wait a minute! That can't be me. Ok, sure, I got the Grandiose Visions and I think their absolutely Super and come direct from God but I can't make anyone else think what I think, do what I want them to do. A lot of people have Big Ideas and some act on them, some try to bring them into reality with various degrees of success, but your true pathological grandiose narcissist isn't going to let unsupportive critical thinking people get in their way, the true pathological narcissist is going step on, not over, such people to attain their goals. I can't do that. I've got too much respect for people to want to shove my own ideas down anyone's throat. But then I also have this Calling, I'm a Jewish Christian Prophecy bearer and I'm supposed to Do Something with these spiritual visions God gives me. So, I put my Big Ideas out there in the public Arena, they're all right here in this book, and let the chips fall where they may. God does the rest. The ideas either gain wings and fly or they fizzle and die, but each one must make their own choice or what's the point in any of us having freedom of religious choice? That said..


There is, however, a point to One Way vs. Many Ways


One Way is God's solution to the Tower of Babel syndrome of Too Many Voices equaling Too Many Choices which ends up each Path competing, fairly or unfairly, with all Other Paths. Truth gets lost in that process. With too many choices people fail at being able to see the Whole clearly or to see which one of the many Paths actually works and is of spiritual benefit and which ones are dead ends. Being social animals, human beings are hardwired for following leaders, be they good ones or bad. Only collective wisdom can tell the difference and for wisdom to prevail good leadership must establish it. Good leadership is not divided.


Because I say so

Back to that again..

No, because God ordained me in my original religious conversion experience


No human religious authority was involved and besides, being an atheist at the time I would never had accepted religious authority over my own negative appraisal of organized religions in the first place. And whether I wanted this prophecy bearing duty or not, whether it's grandiose narcissistic fantasy or joisting at windmills, I honestly do believe that I have been given spiritual authority as another one of God Most High's Jewish prophecy bearers sent to "make straight the Path of God". This Path of God is embedded within biblical Scriptures like a Golden Thread but it's buried beneath so much tribal and nationalized political agendas as to be rendered virtually useless. The histories of Abrahamic believers putting their religious instructions into practice in the real world shows the inability of those ancient Scripts to do much of anything but create conditions for reoccurring warfare and/or civil strife and for the making of miserable lives. It's no wonder that Abrahamic believers created social war wherever they went, that they still do wherever they go and manage to get political power. But that's what you get when you're following a schizoid Bible God who is good here and a virtual monster there, a god like YHWH'. YHWH Believers behave the same way: Good here, monsters there.


One Way

One Way: The Celestial Tauret Way. The Celestial Tauret Christian astrological code information simplifies the whole Judeo-Christian religious belief system of following God and the Messiah. The Book idolatry is taken away in order to restore the basic celestial teaching of where to seek the eternal Messianic Message, the spiritual information that isn't under any priesthood manipulation, why one must turn to the stars now where the Messianic Message is written in Hebrew mysticism that uses both Egyptian and Chaldean astro-theological code.


The Messianic Message


God's Message to Humanity is simply this: Follow the Humanitarian Archetype, follow the Messiah who follows the Humanity of God Most High who rules Creation with compassion and wisdom. The Humanitarian Archetype, unlike Yahweh, rules the heart and mind with wisdom and mercy. Humanitarian concern is the basis of the Golden Rule. The Israelite tribal war god, Yahweh, rules with force and fear as that is what war gods do: They are Commanders and they demand absolute obedience to their Commands. But that's not of God but is actually carry-over behavior from our past when wild animal behavior ruled human beings like it did all the rest of the animals.


I bring restoration of the Christian Message of Peace, Love, and Harmony

a message generated at the beginning by EL the Kindly One


I am here to restore EL Elyon back to God Most High position. Applause. Ok, I really do believe I am sent by God to restore spiritual integrity to the Christian quest for peace, love and harmony by beginning with the restoration of the true God Most High, EL Elyon and the spiritual reason for honoring the Sabbath Day as EL's Day. "EL" was the Canaanite name for the planet Saturn, the slowest of the Seven Planetary Rulers which is why this planet became symbolic of "Rest" not only to ancient Hebrews but other ancient Near Eastern religions. It's where Shalom comes from. Peace. And Love. Shalom represented the planet Venus, the Evening Star as the Goddess of Love. Jesus was the Bright and Morning Star as was Ishtar, Queen of Jerusalem before the Jewish monotheists seized control.




I am here as a Revelator, a Revealer

Some things I have revealed:



In the Gospel of Humanity I have revealed the identity of God and God's Plan for Humanity


In the End Times Warnings I have revealed the reasons why Abrahamic religions are passing away in the New Age


I have revealed who Jesus Christ's Heavenly Father was who was not Yahweh but EL Elyon, God Most High


I have revealed the Celestial Tauret instructions still hidden within Scriptures without which the Messianic Message is lost


I have revealed the Biomystical Code hidden within Scriptures that teaches how to overcome male territorial behavior


I have revealed Paxcalibur as the Sword of Peace as God's Sign of the Messiah and as the true Sword of Jihad


I have revealed the identity of the Return of the Messiah bearing the Spirit of Christ in Divine Feminine form


I have revealed the hidden Climax Social Evolution pattern found within the histories of the rise and fall of civilizations


I have revealed Homo Climaxus as new humankind with advanced bicameral brains evolving now among us


I have revealed the hidden world of fantastic Psychedelic imagery spanning cultures, time and space


I have revealed how to make Live and Let Live agreements with animals, even dangerous ones like rattlesnakes



God has given me regenerative Seed to restore new life to the Tree of Life, to the Messianic Message and that is what I am doing with my ministry.


The creation and sanctification of Paxcalibur


Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace, on its redwood burl base on the bank of the Jordan River


The first of six sanctification baptism rituals of Paxcalibur, Sword of Peace. This was done in 1979


The last sanctification baptism of Paxcalibur in the Jordan River in 2003


Paxcalibur in Nazareth


Paxcalibur was my first religious mission after being inspired by a spiritual vision that happened when I received the 900 A.D. English replica sword that the company who made it labeled "Excalibur" after King Arthur's famous sword. It's a great but long story and you can read all about it in the Story of Paxcalibur pages. After inspiring over 500 Palestinian Nazarene Christians (and Muslims too!) at the annual Easter Procession in Nazareth, Israel in 2003, Paxcalibur was placed in the special dignitary's meeting room in the home of Abuna Hatoum, the head priest of Nazareth, Israel's Greek Orthodox community. See the above photo. The Palestinian peace activist organization Tent of Nations outside of Bethlehem has adopted Paxcalibur as their organization's logo and has vowed to help in securing Paxcalibur's final home in Jerusalem.




As Messenger delivering the Vision of Christ Josephine


Don "Sparky" Brenard, spiritual leader of the Bear River Band and me in 2005


David Little Whiteman, me, and Don Brenard at Lame Deer, Montana in 2011


Don "Sparky" Brenard and I were partners working together on the Bear River tribe's Heartlands Project, a plan to recover over 60,000 acres of the tribe's lost ancestral lands. Sparky's former wife, Arnella Little Whiteman, joined our project briefly in 1997 and in 1998 I had a month long vision of a Native American spirit woman, one of the longest of my religious visions which actually still is active as you will discover reading about the Vision of Christ Josephine. The picture directly above shows Arnella's uncle, David Little Whiteman, accepting the Josephine Bundle from me in the second part of the Christ Josephine vision.


As Teacher of Biomystical and Aquariana Christianity


Unlike my Paxcalibur visionary work when I was nowhere near as fully aware of the astrological role playing that I was doing unconsciously, when I took the Josephine Bundle God inspired me to make back to the Northern Cheyenne and Lakota people it was intended for, this time I was conscious that I was doing Baptist work. Aquarian Baptist work. This was last year, 2011. In this year, 2012, I received the Celestial Christianity revelations to present to the world which you have now read if you've gotten to this page.

Now how does a person come to believe himself to be a genuine prophet of God? Why would my religious visions carry any greater spiritual authenticity than those of many other (thousands probably) self-proclaimed prophets of God? That's a question neither I or you or anyone living in my era can answer for certain. It will take time to pass for the actual results of my prophesy bearing work to show. But meanwhile here are a few indicators that I do have something special to offer believers in God and the Spirit of Christ.


Credentials for prophecy


Credential number one: I exist! While the existence of all the Jewish prophets including John the Baptist and Jesus Christ of the Gospels being literary characters are impossible to verify as reports of historically authentic individuals, I have my social security card and utility bills to prove I walk this earth. I have a documented record of both secular and spiritual activism. Verily, I tell you, that's got to mean something! Especially when all that sustains traditional religious beliefs are ancient Scriptures written by people about events and personages never seen on earth except in the story books themselves. My spiritual work has been recorded and documented for accurate historical reference, unlike Scriptures which record religious propaganda more than spiritual truth. That doesn't mean spiritual truth doesn't run through Scriptures like a hidden vein of gold for those willing to find it and dig it out. Nevertheless, jyou can't tell lies or believe in lies, or be stupid and claim to serve God.


Son of a Carpenter


Yes, my father was a carpenter. I grew up around construction sites. My son is a carpenter as well. Does this qualify me for prophesy bearing work? Seems like I'd need a few more items going for me than just this one association with Jesus Christ. Let's try the Jewish connection:


Jewish Christian


I am a Christian of Jewish descent through my mother's side of my family thus I am officially Jewish even though I was raised in a secular home environment with no Jewish culture, a fact that I am extremely grateful for. I believe that by not being exposed and conditioned to Jewish culture I have been able to see through Jewish religious propaganda that created Jewish culture. I can say the same for Christian religious propaganda too. Like my mother I was an atheist, at least until age 35 when I went through my original "biomystic" religious conversion experience that began my spiritual activist work. Maybe it's in my tiny traces of Sephardic genes but for whatever God's reasons, I've become a religious visionary in the fiery Old Time Jewish prophet tradition.

Does my Jewishness make a difference? I would not have thought so but the historical record shows that the Gentile prophets like Muhammad, Joseph Smith or Mary Baker Eddy, have not superseded the old Jewish prophets and their works, they've only exploited them, using them as foundation for their own revelations. "Salvation is of the Jews" seems to be still in effect. Even the new Spirit of Christ revelation in the Vision of Christ Josephine has a Jewish component besides yours truly as you will discover reading it.


Aquarian Agent


I am what's called a "double" Aquarian with sun in Aquarius and Aquarius rising in my Horus' scope. I know the Aquarius Sign very well as I am an archetypal representative myself. Grandiose narcissism aside God seems determined to use the Sign of Aquarius as the Zodiac's celestial Icon representing Humanity in the fullest sense of that word. Of all the Aquarian traits linked to this Sign it is the concern for Humanity that became God's reason why the whole Judeo-Christian tradition is about preserving and protecting the Man Face in the sky provided for our spiritual guidance here on earth below. Assuming you've read the topic pages of Celestial Christianity by now, you see that Aquarius is Key to understanding God's and Christianity's unspoken goal of evolving human beings into humane beings. The Humanitarian Archetype is found in the Sign of Aquarius which makes it the "One Way" to the Father, the one constellation of the Zodiac's twelve that is the Door way and Key to the spiritual relationship of humanity with God Most High.


Saturday's Child


Born on Saturn's Day I learned why I and every follower of the Christ Messiah pays homage to EL Elyon's planetary representative, Saturn, at the top of the Seven Heavens where God Most High is said to reside. You won't find this out reading the Bible because Judah priests and Paul with them buried EL Elyon's personal identity when Judah through their Moses and the Exodus fabrication pulled a Lucifer stunt and elevated the Israelite tribal god, Yahweh to EL's position as God Most High, a position Yahweh, even as the gussied up version, YHWH, was never fit to occupy. As Saturday's child I serve Saturn, "EL" being the Canaanite name for the planet Saturn. I do not serve Yahweh but as a Christian I do serve the Spirit of Christ as manifested in Yahweh's namesake, Jesus.


The New Age


I am a full veteran of the 1960's Cultural Revolution and even now a hippie in good standing if in the aging hippie category. Talking about my generation I am very proud of it. Our generation began the Aquarian Age transformation of world society. Every positive social and environmental value in the minds of most liberal intellectuals today were first formulated and promoted by my generation. Of course, being ahead of its time the transformation ball learning curve was dropped by the next generations and the generation after that. But still the cultural transformation of hip values spreading quietly through society continues on today. Eventually, as the Aquarian Age transformation continues, it can and will create a worldwide cooperative community of nations and peoples who have outlawed war including humankind's war against the natural world.


Child of Nature


Since I was young the world of animals and nature has always fascinated me. In another life perhaps I would have followed the Naturalist's Path and become the anthropology expert I first studied to be at U.C. Berkeley which has the best anthropology department on the West Coast. I've become something of an animal "whisperer" as I have the knack for establishing friendships with animals, regular pets and wild critters at times. I create a "peaceable kingdom" in my little household family of four-legs, six-legs, and winged members. I view animals as part and parcel of our human life and see no separation between God's love of the "least in the kingdom" and human responsibility for the life and well-being of all creatures living aboard this great space ship we call "Earth".


Unusual Experiences


Moonlight walks

When the moon was full I sometimes took walks late at night with my dog when I was around 7 and 8 years old. None of my friends did this. The night frightened them. Horned owls hooted and screech owls screamed. I loved it. We lived on the outskirts of town and there was plenty of open spaces, trees and fields, some horses too. Whitey, an old swayback horse, and Queenie, a fairly young and good-looking mare. These became my friends and I even slept by an old fallen oak tree with them standing beside me, never worrying about being stepped on. I rode Queenie bareback a few times and before we moved away I was surprised to learn why Queenie was put out to pasture. She had reared up and tried to stomp her former owner who didn't have the heart to put her down so they put her in the pasture with Whitey and both were my friends.



While living in Summerland when I was 12 years old, I accidentally ran a wild mustard plant stalk all the way through my palm when I had fallen on it while running down a hill with my friends. So I actually know a little about what Jesus went through physically in his crucifixion on the Cross. "Summerland" too has it's own spiritual association meaning.


Storms and Floods

I was a "latch key" child as both of my parents worked so I was often out on my own at an early age. I was born in Santa Barbara and lived several places near the beaches in the area. A large storm when I was seven years old washed away our beach and about a 10 mile stretch of southern California coastline with it. I watched it from the cliffs above and I think seeing how fast Nature could dramatically and jdrastically change the environment was a major lesson in ecology for me at an early age.

My next encounter with a severe weather was when I was married and our family was living in Ojai, California which experienced a great flood in 1969, one that killed nine people. Ojai was cut off from the outside world for nearly two weeks as the normally dry wash expanse of the Ventura River became a mile wide roiling monster of muddy water. I watched as a tiny seasonal creek became a thundering river of rock and gravel grinding out a new creek bed in a matter of minutes. Again I witnessed the power of Nature to drastically alter the environment in short order.

While living in Garberville I and an a friend saw something I've never heard of anyone else ever seeing. We both saw a diamond-shaped rainbow in the sky. A geologist friend with a book on rainbows found that while it's highly unusual to see there have been reports of diamond-shaped rainbows. No pictures of any taken but there was a drawing of one if memory serves. I don't understand the physics of it but I am convinced that the idea for the "God's Eye", those diamond-shaped rainbow colored yarn thingies we hippies made, comes originally from someone seeing what we saw.

My last encounter with the Storm God was just last year outside Ogalallah, Nebraska where we three Wise Men, no, make that two wise acres and one virgin queen, took ourselves on the Josephine Bundle vision quest to the Northern Cheyenne and Lakota as part of the prophesy of the Vision of Christ Josephine. The three of us, Don "Sparky" Brenard, spiritual leader of the Bear River tribe, Bridgit Aspen, Christian lay minister and healer, and myself went back to Montana and South Dakota to deliver the Josephine Bundle and news of Christ Josephine to the Northern Cheyenne and Lakota peoples. After wondrously finding a willing and proper Keeper for the Josephine Bundle we had finished our spiritual mission work early and thought we could just relax for a few days before returning home to California. But instead of relaxing we found ourselves in "tornado alley".

We were thrilled and when opportunity offered in the form of us spotting three tornado chasing cars, we went chasing after a tornado. I knew Sparky's shamanistic abilities to call on the Thunder Beings. He had previously demonstrated he could do so by beating his drum and calling on Them to split the radioactive storm cloud that came across the Pacific from Japan's fresh earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant destruction. Splitting the storm front cloud caused severe lightning that killed 20 Aleutian geese flying through. Sparky had brought me one. So I had some confidence in him when I asked Sparky to beat his drum and call on the Thunder Beings as we stood beside our rental car in the crossroads of two dirt country roads where we had followed the storm chaser cars looking for a tornado. The scene was actually very much like that seen in the movie "Twister". A large dark storm cloud was just sitting about two miles away from us, not moving but spitting out lightning and looking very much like a tornado in the making. Sparky beat his drum and within seconds, not minutes, but seconds, six or seven funnels dropped down from that storm cloud. Then they all slowly evaporated before touching ground. After a while we headed back to our motel room in town. The storm cloud followed us and at the motel TVs were blasting out tornado warnings every minute and telling people to seek shelter.



The storm cloud came right over us and you could look up into it and see a great circular cloud formation in which continuous lightning was happening, a phenomena that is the source of what is called "rolling thunder". It was an awesome sight and fortunately the tornado never developed. Of course I thought of whirlwinds in the Bible and about Elijah being taken up in one.

"Then I looked, and behold, a whirlwind was coming out of the north..."

--Ezekiel 1:4

"As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind."

--2 Kings 2:11


The next day we went to Bridgit's brother home in Kearney, Nebraska, and there after we had spent the night watching and listening intently to the storm outside, a tornado did touch down about 12 miles away from us wrecking a barn and silo.



Volcanoes and a Lake of Fire

 I have stood on the top of a volcano

wpe28.jpg (54730 bytes)

This one, Mt. Lassen, a fairly easy hike up a good trail. There were California Painted Lady butterflies swarming at the top.


Related image

I have been to the town of Ariel on the flank of Mt. St. Helens a year after it erupted.


I have stood at the edge of a lake of fire.

This one, Mauna Ulu, one of the Chain of Craters volcanoes which was erupting as a 50 foot geyser of lava within a small crater and lake of lava but not quite to the overflow stage of eruption. There was an observation platform built right on the edge of this lake of lava that had been fairly stable but the day following my first visit there the lava in the lake overran the top and burned up the observation platform. You couldn't get within a mile of the volcano after that. I went back as close as I could get about seven times. I was fascinated and awestruck at being in a place where the Earth was Alive! There was a pulse to the fountain of lava that was like a gigantic heart beating. Amazing experience. Pele Lives.

1973 - 1974 Mauna Ulu and Pauahi Crater

"Unlike the current eruption, where the active vent is in a remote location, the vent for the Mauna Ulu eruption was accessible. Park visitors could stand on the edge of the vent and peer into a lava lake. In April of 1973, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred on the island of Hawai`i. This earthquake apparently caused changes in the plumbing system of Kilauea Volcano. Lava drained from Mauna Ulu and an eruption began at Hi`iaka and Pauahi craters. Lava returned to Mauna Ulu two days later but activity was sluggish."


A few years ago as of this writing I was living about five miles away from an old volcano, Sutter Buttes that look like a little mountain range stuck in the middle of the Sacramento Valley but then you google map it (I wonder what readers in the future will make of "Google maps"), you see a distinctive volcanic circle outline of the supposed mountain "range". Sutter Buttes is sacred land to local tribes that so far hasn't been developed but there are European-Americans, not Native Americans living there, but so far just a few of them. Developers and realtors covet the range. At present, I live on an expanse of ancient lava flows. Crater Lake isn't too far away.



Living in California I've been in many earthquakes. Lot's of small ones and three 7+ pointers on the Richter Scale, one of them in Seattle back in 1949. I don't know for certain that these experiences have anything to do with my prophesy bearing but I think they do. I don't have any official religious titles or degrees. Don't belong to any church organization so I can't claim to be the heretic priest who goes off and starts his own religion. It's these things that are unusual, especially the synchronicity events in my life that really form my credentials and authority for being your prophet-at-large for God Most High and the Spirit of Christ. Lo, I am the earthquake that brings Abraham down, the California Big One, the unSeal of the Prophets


Feeding Ravens


Elijah was fed by ravens. I feed ravens to honor them. They are almost always the second smartest species found in our communities. I started feeding ravens on my daily walks and at one time I could just wave my hand to the flock of local ravens flying high above and bring them down to eat their table scraps and fig-bar tidbit treats. Ravens love fig-bars. I offered my services as a raven "whisperer" to the City Council of Sunnyvale that was having a "murder of crows" problem, too many flocking together downtown every afternoon. Sunnyvale decided to go with green lazar lights to scare the ravens away. They haven't contacted me.


Guided by Angels




It's not unusual for prophets to be guided by angelic beings. Gabriel gets around for sure in Abrahamic prophesy bearing and one hears a lot about Michael too. Personally, I've never actually "felt" Archangel Michael presence in my life like I do Ariel, the Angel of Peace.  Still, I do feel a spiritual connection and protection from Michael. Michael is my given middle name and my missionary aunt told me that when I was born and she there to welcome me, she called on Michael to protect me all my life. I'm still here at age 78 in reasonably good health and I've not lived a sheltered life. Far from it. I feel Michael's archetype as a spiritual warrior. I do not possess a milquetoast personality but have inherited a fairly aggressive nature. I don't mean I go around socking people in the nose but more like I will take risks others wouldn't and am not one to be intimidated by authority figures. Some would say a pushy Jew but one with a Christian nice guy veneer or so I'd like to believe....even if thousands don't. No, I'm an OK guy, just a little weird around the edges but I can pass for nearly normal and usually do. For example I could and did manage to become a paid environmental consultant for the largest corporate business in our county and yet get my boss, the CEO of the company to chauffeur me and my kids to a spot in the woods so I could complete one of the Paxcalibur sanctification baptism rituals.



I'm not going to write much here about Ariel because Ariel is so important Ariel gets several chapters devoted to this Archangel who slipped into my life in 1975. I wasn't aware of the psychic invasion and takeover until my spiritual awakening in 1979. See the Ariel Enters page in the My Biomystic Journey section. To see how angelic possession happens to a prophecy bearer, see the Arielmessenger pages.


God is Great


Let's remember that regardless of all those mirthless stories and uptight people that populate religious texts, God does have a sense of humor even perhaps somewhat warped. Why else create a cartoonist as the Aquarian Age prophet of God? What was He thinking? I'll let Muslims figure that one out, see if they can tell us if it's blasphemy when a cartoonist takes his prophecy bearing role with an appropriate sense of perspective..



Your Prophet-at-Large prepares for  work



at the Keyboard of Love