The Paxcalibur Peace Mission





bulletTo publish the Story of Paxcalibur in Arabic, Spanish as well as English.
bulletTo promote the image of Paxcalibur as the Sword of Peace around the world.
bulletTo broadcast to the world the Palestinian cause.
bulletTo find a permanent home in the Garden Tomb for Paxcalibur. (or the Dome of the Rock?)
bulletTo help the Garden Tomb Association
bulletTo help in Palestinian efforts to bring down the Apartheid Walls in the Holy Land.
bulletTo promote the Canaan Peace Plan.
bulletTo promote democracy and the protection of ethnic groups.
bulletTo broadcast the Tent of Nations plight.
bulletTo gold plate Paxcalibur.
bulletTo copyright and mfg. and distribute Paxcalibur promotion products to raise funds


      For the Holy Land Trust,

      the Tent of Nations,

      and the Paxcalibur Peace mission.


The Paxcalibur Peace Mission is meant to begin the reestablishment of spiritual truth in the Holy Land. Begun at Nazareth at Easter of 2003, the Mission will continue in Bethlehem, to arrive eventually at Jerusalem where Paxcalibur will have its permanent home. Only spiritual truth can re-sanctify Jerusalem and I believe my spiritual work carries the necessary spiritual truth.



Gold-plating Paxcalibur


I have been told by a gold-plating company here in California that they could gold-plate Paxcalibur for around $400.oo. But Pax is in Israel and so finding a gold-plating service there may or may not be as cheap to do. Dr. Rick, (Richard Martin) contributed $100.oo to the Paxcalibur Fund as of this date, August 28th, 2017. I've tried twice now to raise funds on online good cause crowd-funding sites to no response, strange to me but then again it matches the general lack of response to the plight of Palestinians in the American communities I've been living in. It's too bad Palestinians didn't create their own Hollywood like Jews did but that's the Muslim cultural grip on Palestinians that must be loosened if there is ever going to be a Palestinian nation and the sharing of the land of Canaan.



Plans for a Paxcalibur Mission for 2023


bulletGold-plating Paxcalibur in Jerusalem
bulletFinding a home in Bethlehem for Paxcalibur
bulletTent of Nations/Holy Land Trust transfer of Paxcalibur from Nazareth to Bethlehem
bulletPossible Canaan Center in Bethlehem or Jerusalem or Nazareth