The Paxcalibur Peace Challenge


"No man recognizes leadership without the challenge of combat."

from "Dune" by Frank Herbert


There will be civil theological and ethical debate carried out civilly--no violence allowed.

Those who break this rule disqualify themselves from spiritual advancement in becoming truly humane beings which is the goal of God and Humanity.



After receiving the Paxcalibur vision "update" that required a confrontation with the Muslim steward of the Dome of the Rock I began that confrontation on two Internet talkboard sites, one on Beliefnet. com, and the other a new Yahoo discussion group. Beliefnet soon shut down the Pax Peace Forum discussion and cancelled my membership as that particular Internet religious forum seems very much under the influence of those supporting Israel and Zionism. The Yahoo group proved too difficult to find for most people and it too has been discontinued. However, before the Bnet discussion was pulled, I did manage to open up a beginning dialogue with Muslims re the Pax Peace Forum. Also posted below is a report written after meeting with Shayhk Muhammad, the Muslim steward of the Dome of the Rock.


Opening Statement

I am a modern visionary Christian prophet of God and founder of two new gnostic Christian religions, one my personal spiritual path, Biomystical Christianity, and the other a universal Christian spirituality, Aquariana Christianity. But at the time of writing, Celestial Code Restored Christianity was years away. I was a Biomystic and I still am, always will be. In a powerful vision that began in 1989 I received a summons to create a new icon of peace for the Holy Land, Paxcalibur, the sword of peace, plus rituals that sanctified this new icon. A Peace Plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict also was part of the vision. I followed the vision steps which eventually took me to the Holy Land where a miracle of spiritual energy took place in Nazareth at Easter of last year. The vision requires that the icon of peace God has created through this vision is to be a gift that God desires to go within the Dome of the Rock, the site sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and the site under the stewardship of Muslims.

In order for the gift of Paxcalibur and a new Altar of Peace that it will rest upon to be accepted by the steward of the Dome of the Rock I must prove to the Muslim steward that this is a true request from God delivered by a true messenger of God. This means I must challenge one of the most basic of Islamic doctrines, the idea that God has stopped talking to the world with the death of Mohammed. This freezing of God's messages by non-recognition of God's messengers was attempted first by the Jews who claimed Malachai was the last prophet of God. This freezing of God's messengers was attempted by Pauline Christianity which claimed the Apostles were the last messengers of God. And so too, did Mohammed claim himself as the last messenger of God.

It seems God is resisting this idea as again a prophet in the tradition of Elijah has appeared again, this time spiritually condemning the last idolatry, Word Idolatry, i.e. the worship of God as no different from the worship of words and the men who wrote them in the Abrahamic faiths' holy books, the Torah, Tanach, Talmud, New Testament, and Quran. In short, I must prove God is God of the living and not the dead; that the spiritual instructions of God are different for each period of time because the conditions of the living are different. That is why the instructions given to Abraham are not those given to Isaac or Ishmael nor are the instructions given to Isaac in the Torah the same as the ones given to Jacob.

The instructions are different for each generation yet the continuity of God's will is not lost in the historical evolutionary process. Without periodic "upgrades" the spiritual messages of God become stagnant and do not fit the social conditions of advancing times. We are in such times and many traditional religions will fail to meet the demands of modern historical accuracy in holy book religious mythologies taken as historical facts, but most damaging, most traditional religions are failing to meet modern ethical standards that protect the individual from religious persecution and religious conformism that stutifies the individual's personal relationship with God.

So God has given the world a new Gnostic Solitary Path, the Biomystical Christian path as a model for individual recovery of personal relationship with God instead of religious mass conformity to the territorial agendas of ancient men. The whole set of new Biomystical Christian visions, revelations, tenets, and God-guided historical research is to be found within the pages of Biomystical Christianity, the faith that forms a spiritual bridge between Old and New World religious traditions.

Creating Climax Civilization gives my secular communitarian visions and philosophy of social and environmental change and the projects done to create the kingdom of God as new cooperative societies of men and women equal in authority and love in the eyes of God and the world. Everyone is invited to participate in the Paxcalibur Peace Forum whose details are found near the end of the Story of Paxcalibur. The Story of Paxcalibur is a beautiful story and one, hopefully, that will end with a true miracle of religious understanding.

peace, love and harmony,

from all of my generation,

Stephen (a.k.a. "Doncoyote" on Beliefnet talkboards)


From Internet Discussions:


It is inevitable that my Biomystical Christian religious beliefs confront Muhammad's Islam because I do claim a better theology.

Muslims are caught in the same mental enthrallment that all religionist are highly prone to, i.e., letting their emotional needs dictate their mental capacities. This manifests itself as is Word Idolatry and idolatry of men, e.g., Muslims idolizing the Quran and giving it unquestionable authority and Muslims idolizing Mohammed's place in the march of Abrahamic prophets through time. Instead of urging spiritual maturity, the past founders of Abrahamic faiths, Moses, Paul, and Mohammed commanded absolute obedience to their doctrines on command of death or damnation to everlasting hell for disbelievers. They all claimed for themselves alone the title of God's Official spokesmen. This tells the wise person all they need to know about the absolute truth of Judaism, Pauline Christianity, or Islam. Socrates is still the wisest of men for knowing he didn't know everything. The claims to inerrant knowledge of each religion are obviously false as each claims for itself alone the Final Vision and Word of God. Add to that the archeological research that proves these old timers were not infallible at all, making prophesies and claims that never were fulfilled and yet blind faith believers needing that Authority over them in order for them to believe anything, raise these old guys up as demi-gods incapable of uttering anything wrong. Their books become Word Idols worshipped just like stone or wood idols as the Inerrant Word of God that it is Taboo to question. And the Prophet and his men become like Caesars and Czars to which every knee must bend.

God has given many of us in these End Times of all religious paths that do not lead to the Holy One of Heaven & Earth the task of exposing the spiritual truth that God is God of the living, and not the dead. Historical research and new revelation have produced a new spiritual vision that supersedes Judaism, Pauline Christianity, and Islam. No longer will any single mono-cultural vision of society be acceptable because God is on the side of Democracy and individual relationship with God. God is fed up with mass religions that always, always, end up killing people one way or another. The organized mass religions have proven themselves incapable of securing lasting peace anywhere on earth that they are given political power. Muslims are in denial of history to think otherwise. The daily news shows us the folly of thinking Islam as it has been practiced in the past and as it is practiced today will ever be able to withstand fundamentalist interpretation that incite Muslims to war. Same for Judaism and fundamentalist Christianity. What must become known is the fact that organized mass religions share all the faults of religious cults. Group think never has led to goodwill between neighbors and God is directing us all now towards individual responsibility of our spiritual relationship with God. History shows that when human beings get into mass worship of anything reason and compassion soon are lost to emotional needs for the Authority figure to tell them what to do. It is time for us to grow up and not let ancient men play perpetual Father to us as if we were always to be children in spiritual understanding.

Mohammed is not the only Abrahamic prophet produced since the Apostles of Christ. Over the course of the last 25 years since my original religious conversion experience, I have received many visions and revelations, some powerful enough to match any Abrahmic prophet of God save Yeshu-Jesus who, being mostly mythological, is still without peer as an avatar of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. Yet I have not started an organized religion because one of the most important revelations I received from the very beginning is that Gnosis of God is strictly individual, One to one. I can reveal what God has shown to me but it is up to God what you do with the information I give--Biomystical Christianity condemns no one to hell for disbelief in B.C. doctrines because I am not God. I am a human being and as fallible as every human being. Every vision of God I have comes through my mental apparatus and is colored by my particular times and events in history. To inflict my 20th-21st Century notions as absolutes onto people in the future is something I could never do in good God-given conscience. It is one of the main reasons I accuse Moses, Paul, and Mohammed and their helping writers of immense egotism and authorship of false spiritual directions.



But you should always bear in mind that they are catching up Western countries in terms of education and technology very fast and then when they come to a certain level of intellectual development and spiritual maturity within a couple decades they will found true democracies by interpreting the main moral and spiritual principles of Islam most correctly.

Could you please tell me what these''doctrines of Prophet Muhammad'' are that you find wrong? I want to tell you that one day your prejudices towards Islam and Muslims will kill you. Islam is a religion which only orders to worship God alone and pay poor-due to its followers. Islam is a religion which preaches to the Muslim rulers to rule with justice and consult their people while taking important decisions which will affect the future of their own people. Islam preaches Muslims to healp each other and be tolerant and just towards the people from other faiths. How can such a religion be compared with totaliterian communist ideologies you have mentioned here in any way? Islam is a religion which aims to create a virtuous community with the voluntary efforts of its followers who obey the moral and spiritual principles clearly mentioned in the Qur'an. Could you please tell me how such an aim can't be accepted as the main philosophy behind democracy in fact?

In order to be able to invest their people countries need a perfect moral and spiritual system and this perfect moral and spiritual system exists within Islam and mentioned in the holy Qur'an only. That is why neither Nazis nor Communists nor any other ideology in the wold which don't have this perfect moral and spiritual system which exists in Islam failed and are doomed to fail.



The Jews give excuses for their satanic verses. The Pauline Christians give excuses for their satanic verses and here Muslims are giving excuses for their satanic verses.History accepts no such excuses because the bodies are there by the thousands giving proof to use that these verses have been put to in the past and present day, e.g. the continuing degradation of women by Nigerian Muslims. If you cannot practice the tenets of Islam without being accused of crimes against persons or crimes against humanity, what then are those beliefs you have taken from Mohammed as if he was you? Is it right to let an ancient man dictate his particular lifestyle, his particular language, his particular culture, for all modern men and women? Isn't that the height of arrogance and territorial ambition? To control the thoughts of millions from the grave? All the prophets were right for their times but God truly is God of the living, not the dead.

Truebeliever, it is not possible for you to win this debate with me because I judge established organized religions by their actual historical records and not their words of benign intention. Critical thinking requires this, otherwise one succumbs to religious propaganda and emotion in place of rationality needed to keep clear heads, especially in these times of massive social unrest.

It is very possible to believe firmly in the reality of God and the spiritual world underpinning our perceived world of the senses without losing one's self in organized group think that gives a false sense of identity and security of belief. All I ask is that we each examine the religions that we have chosen or fallen into by birth for their contributions to human misery more than human enlightenment. Something is drastically wrong when three major world religions each claiming the same God yet each one worshipping that same God in such different ways as to become reasons for horrible religious wars. We are in one right now between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

I am a religious conscientious objector to war and that too, is reason why I cannot excuse the founders of organized religions when their religious ideologies have led to war after war after war. It has to stop somewhere. Please help by beginning necessary Islamic Reformation because while I am a Biomystical Christian I see great hope in the goal of Islam, surrender to God as surrendering one's self to the demands of Peace.



"But back to the Dome of the Rock. In order to begin the new spiritual unification I was given a vision quest back in 1979  and founder of a new Christian religion. I carry the spirit of Elijah proclaiming the return of the Spirit of Christ, in a form prophesized in the earliest Christian heresy and forgotten since. It has led me now to the Dome of the Rock. I need to know if my life will be in danger if I follow my vision quest that God put into my mind way back in 1989 that has already taken me to Israel and the Occupied Territories and wants to take me back again to complete it--at the Dome of the Rock. Which is under Muslim stewardship."

so you would like to visit the Dome of the Rock? I personally know the guardian of the Dome of the Rock, Muhammad Jamal Rifa'i ash-Shadhuli, and i am now translating two books of his for him, which will hopefully be published by the end of June. If you would like his personal "protection," i can arrange that for you (although i don't feel it's necessary and again you're being paranoic), but i would be willing to talk to him for you in regards to this request...so you can see for yourself who we good Muslims are. just tell me the dates when you want to go there, and i'll do the rest.

"so to do the World Trade Center and the acts of gruesome revenge show the world that the Muslim world is a warlord's world from begining with Mohammed to ending with Osama or an Iman touting a gun."

so now Muhammad (asws) is responsible for the world trade center bombings? further proof why we dont take you seriously.

although i believe Osama did do it, to be fair and objective, we have yet to see the "mountain of evidence" of this act being perpetrated by him and his hooligans. if you actually KNEW something about what Prophet Muhammad (asws) taught, you would know that he specifically laid rules for Jihad, some of which are the following (and these are authentically recorded):

 "when you go in battle with your enemy, take care to not harm the women or the children or the aged. leave trees and animals alone in safety and peace. if you kill a man, you are forbidden by Allah to mutilate him, and the killing in the battle is enough. if you pass by monks in their churches, then leave them alone, for they remember/invoke God. Do not use fire as a weapon in your battles, for only Allah has the right to punish by fire."



Since my original three day religious conversion experience that happened at Easter of 1979, I have periodically received visions, revelations and God guided direction to confirming historical facts that all together over the last 25 years has produced a brand new yet very old form of Gnostic Christianity that I call "Biomystical Christianity". In 1989, one of my strongest visions led me to create the gift and the religious rituals that have santified it and gave it spiritual power, documented spiritual power. Its spiritual power was seen and acknowledged by over 500 Palestinian Christians last year at Easter in Nazareth during their annual Easter procession.

The gift now resides in the Church of St. Mary in Nazareth and awaits my taking it to Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock. But for that to happen a miracle of religious understanding must occur. God has told me the gift must be accepted by the stewards of the Dome of the Rock and all Islam for that matter. Hence, the inevitable religious confrontation. I have to prove my spiritual role. Because of the inherent hold of the animal behavioral pattern on men's minds, I have to prove my spiritual power in this Internet arena of religions, I have to establish Biomystical Christianity, God's model for the Solitary Path because organized religions have proven themselves incapable of withstanding abuse by violent men, as the worthy successor to the past Abrahamic faiths. Judaism, and Pauline Christianity will fall during these End Times of all religions that do not lead to discovery of the will of the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. Islam would be included except Islam has this hidden spiritual power going almost completely untapped--the Feminine power that Mohammed tried to bury but I saw with my own eyes how very strong it is radiating out of Mecca like an invisible beacon.

So you see, it will not be an easy thing to get me permission to go to the Dome of the Rock because of the gift I bear.

I would like to make this apology right here to all Muslim posters reading my stuff. I have a role that has been given me by God or so I believe which demands confrontation with religions and philosophies that historically have led people into violence and acts of war with their neighbors. In this role I appear much more negative than I personally would like. I am easy to get along with in person but the Spirit of Elijah will bring fire from heaven, i.e., judgment down hard upon those worshipping baals by any name or form.


FROM: Ibrahim Hakim
TO: Stephen, aka "doncoyote"

Ok Stephen, so you wanted me to speak with Shaykh Muhammad Jamal ar-Rifa'i, the present keeper and guardian of the Dome of the Rock, with whom i have been in contact with now for a number of years, and am working presently with him translating a number of his books. if you would like to read a short biography on him, you may go to:http://www.suficenter.org/Sidi/bio.html for a picture of him:

(From the website posted above)

"Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa‘id al-Jamal ar-Rifa‘i ash-Shadhuli, the Guide of the peace, the mercy, and the love to the way of Allah through the Sufi path a guide of the Shadhdhuliyyah Tariqah, founded by as-Shaykh Ali Abu-l-Hasan as-Shadhili in Egypt in the thirteenth century. The Shaykh is a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, through his ancestor, Shaykh Ahmad ar-Rifa‘i. He was born in Tulkum in the Holy Land in 1935. He is the spiritual inheritor through the Shadhili line from his Guide and Master, Shaykh ‘Abdu-r-Rahman Abu-r-Risah of Halab in the land of Syria, and is one who has kept Sufism alive and at work as an institution and a school of thought and spiritual knowledge. In 1997 he restored the 1000 year old Sufi Council that served in the Holy Land. He is the Head of this Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and has been a teacher and central figure at the Masjid al-Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock for many years.

The Shaykh has been living on the Mount of Olives in the Holy City of Jerusalem since the year 1959. The teaching from his spirit is very deep and for all those who have a heart and who listen with this heart. His teaching sheds an entirely new light on the reality of Sufism and the significance of carrying this message to everyone in this time.

For many years the Shaykh has been a teacher at the sacred sanctuary of al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, which is linked for all Muslims to the Holy House in Mecca in the tradition of the Night Journey (al-Mi‘raj) of the Prophet Muhammad from the Ka‘ba in Mecca to the al-Aqsa Mosque and from there to the heavens. He is well known to many people both in Palestine and in other countries in the world. Not only is he a teacher and counselor for all those who come to be at al-Aqsa, but he is also its custodian, for through his hand and leadership in these times this Sacred Precinct has been preserved, in the face of many efforts to destroy it, as a place of prayer for the Muslim people who come from all over the world to visit the Holy City of Jerusalem and to take the blessing of the praying in this Mosque. The Shaykh has students and followers in the Holy Land as well as in America and Europe, but it has only been since 1993 that the order came to his heart to travel to visit other countries. At the same time the order came from Allah for him to give teachings to all those in every part of the world who are sincerely seeking for the truth of their existence, the meaning of their life, and to heal their wounds. Up until then, the teaching had been reserved only for study in his Zawiyah in Jerusalem.

Shaykh Muhammad Sa‘id al-Jamal is a distinguished person of international stature. For forty years he has lived in the Holy City of Jerusalem and has worked consistently with great patience to keep the peace between the people there.

He began his career at a very young age as an uncompromising man of God, who had no fear of anyone but God, and because of this took a stand facing governments any time they tried to overlook God in their actions or disrespected people's right to worship God. Being a judge of the courts, he was a government employee, at the same time that he gave weekly sermons in al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. He has been the spiritual counselor to the people of the Holy Land and to all those who have visited over the past forty years and has given his life as a sacrifice to this work.

He makes monthly journeys all over the Holy Land to help the poor and to make sure that everyone has food and clothing. There are always lines of people at his home and at his office because they know that they can find real help from him.

The Shaykh opened a Sufi Center in an old building on the road to Jericho which holds the Prophet Moses' tomb, may the peace and blessings of God be with him. This center became the head of the Sufi operations of aid. It has also been used to rehabilitate drug users and dealers.

In 1994 he made his first visit to America and has continued to be invited here each year to give seminars and teachings at schools and centers across the United States. The Shaykh is not a teacher for a few following a spiritual path but opens his heart to help everyone from any country or nationality and he has helped people from all over the world. The real beloved of God works for all those who are suffering and who need food and clothes in all this world. He is a leader who helps to keep peace no matter what the cost and who serves humanity without prejudice."


Unfortunately, this might come as very disheartening news for you, but he is not willing to offer you any sort of support or even acceptance of your plan. he has a number of reasons, some of which ill list below:

1) how will a sword (turned into a plow) which was "baptized" in American rivers, being placed in the Dome of the Rock on display, solve the peace crises in Palestine/Israel?

2) he rejects the idea of you being a new prophet from God, as Muhammad (asws) was the last and final prophet sent, and he specifically said that no prophet will come after him.

3) if indeed, your mission has been directly given by God, you would not need his protection, for if the whole world were to come together against you, they would not be able to harm one hair on you if your prophethood and mission is true.

4) why specifically the Dome of the Rock, when the Holy Land has many holy religious sites?

5) he himself is also active (daily) in restoring and reviving peace in the Holy Land and serving the poor, so how will your efforts add to his? And how will you be willing to help him, since his goal is the same as yours (peace in the Holy Land)?

6) he wants to know the details of what you will attempt to carry out in your mission, and what exactly you will expect from him. otherwise, if you just plan to put some sword on display in the mosque like a museum and then command everyone to shake hands and hug and sing kumbaya, then it seems to him that you would just be using him for a deranged practical joke, and he doesnt have time for that.

7) he also wanted to know my opinion, and whether i was convinced you were a prophet (aside from the fact that there is no prophet after Muhammad asws according to us), and i told him "no, im not convinced at all." so he said, "ok then, i guess that deals with it."

8) if you would like to come as a guest and visit him, he will be happy and willing to host you, and that way you can talk to him directly.

so maybe i would suggest coming up with another idea or plan, or perhaps using the other "ibrahim" you mentioned.

good luck to ya, and again, sorry if this upsets you.

Ibrahim Hakim



No, it is the expected answer and shows me that neither one of you has even read the full story of Paxcalibur that explains in detail exactly what I plan to do and reasons why which are not answered. This is why I cautioned you not to rush to judgment but to watch and/or participate in an Internet religious debate on this issue because neither you or the steward of the Dome of the Rock can speak for a Christian prophet who has every right to bring a peace offering to that holy site.

You know, something I've noticed about Muslim answers to hard questions. They, exactly like fundamentalist Christians, resort to their book, repeating it's words like parrots as if these words were God's lasting answers when the real world passes them. Not everyone has been hypnotized by so-called holy books and their writers. You drive your car and communicate with me and others around the world on the Internet because somewhere along the line men bucked the Word of God and learned how God's real world works instead of using ancient men's faulty knowledge. And that includes faulty knowledge of human freedom that allows one or two men to make judgment calls for millions of believers. This is why God sent me to challenge this faulty religiously inspired spiritual tyranny.

I will wait for your response that shows you've at least read the Story of Paxcalibur, the Canaan Peace Plan, and perhaps some of my Biomystical Christian theology and works that show to anyone in the world my sincere and long lasting commitment to God and peace. I have not been idle in my support for Palestinian rights as the director of the Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem will verify. This goes for everything I've done and yet you aren't even asking for references. Please reconsider, take your time this time and please read my whole works before making judgments.

Oh, one thing, asked why God doesn't protect me with this mission, God certainly does as reading the story of Paxcalibur would inform you. God is deliberately calling attention to this religious challenge as a circumscribe event with rules that absolutely do not permit violence of any sort. If the steward wants to see Christian-Muslim violent challenge to each other's religion, look on the news of Iraq and Occupied Territories--God's not going for religious wars that kill people anymore. Only men driven by greed for power using ancient religious barbarisms to achieve it continue that sort of thinking. It has no place in today's world.

Ibrahim, I am grateful that you responded. But please do not make hasty decisions.

A thought occurs to me that Shaykh Muhammad Jamal ar-Rifa'i does not read English and so has not read the Story of Paxcalibur and has relied on your opinion. I have found an Arabic translation service but cannot afford their fees at this time. Please let me know if translation may be a problem here.



doncoyote wrote:

" A Peace Plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict also was part of the vision."

Well, don't be shy. Let's hear it.

The United Nations and the whole world have been wanting to stop that squabble since the '40's and haven't succeeded. If you can stop it, hey, that'll be one less thing for everyone to fight about.

But if it involves doing anything around the Dome of the Rock, you'll probably find yourself cooling your heels in a Palestinian police station. In that area they probably have special cells for prophets and visionaries like yourself - and a free one-way trip out of Jerusalem
. I am amazed that the BNET moderators allow again and again prosetelyzing on the Islam Debate. I request an answer and explanation from these moderators.



The Holy Land peace proposal can be found in Book I of the Biomystical Christianity index page. Please scroll down to the Canaan Peace Plan and open that link.

Homepage: http:www.biomystic.org       (2006 Update: link now is http:www.paxcalibur.org)

Zaizz, It's pretty hard to proselytize a religion of one. Not a single person in the world is asked to join. There is nothing to join. Biomystical Christianity is my personal religious path to the Holy One of Heaven & Earth. God does consider it important though, hence the spiritual and intellectual power it contains to bring out the will of God already planted in our human minds from the beginning.


From Crowhed

Hi Don,

I checked out some of your site and I wanted to ask you a question.

Do you realize that the office of 'prophet' is a leftover relic of word idolaters? You're reinventing a broken wheel.

Just call yourself a global social activist and knock off the Biomystical evangelism.



No can do, Crowhed. If intellectual effort alone could save the world, the rationalists would have done so but history has seen what happens when men try to make the Kingdom of God without spiritual guidance. It's as bad as those claiming to make the Kingdom of God a religious territory here on earth, as it seems, Muslims have done with God's holy spot underneath the Dome of the Rock. How can any man or group of men "own" what is God's?

Over the course of 25 years God has given me a whole set of new Biomystical Christian revelations and social visions but not a one of them is to be crammed down anyone's throat. God is intent on establishing democracy as a fundamental human right without which an honest relationship cannot be formed between individuals and God. The established Abrahamic religions are based on fear of God instead of familial love that excludes fear.

For 25 years God has guided my spiritual development and not a moment of that time have I ever felt I should fear this incredible Entity that is God because It has the power to arrange my whole world in such ways as to confirm with synchronicity events religious concepts God has previously put into my mind.


Meeting Sidi Shaykh Muhammad



We met Sidi Shaykh Muhammad at the Sufi Center in Northern California where he has an American Sufi following:

Shaykh Muhammad, the Sufi Muslim steward of the Dome of the Rock is about to be tested for spiritual authority re his stewardship of the most holy site of the Abrahamic religions.

God seems to be growing tired of man's prostitution of religion for territorial conquest and control which is what all this "master" business is about in the end; religionists using their religious beliefs as if this automatically conferred spiritual authority from God for territorial conquest and control, e.g. control of one's personal relationship with God which can only be One to one, e.g. control of the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock area of old Jerusalem, e.g., control of the Holy Land.

Until the Abrahamic religionists face the issue of spiritual authority vs. mental enslavement, believers are at the mercy of priests and rabbis, popes and pastors, imams and sheiks who may be super masters of their own spiritual paths but cannot say word one as "Master" about the path of another which God alone has set out. One only learns the "Masters" path if one bends to their will and that Master is not you so your relationship with God is second-hand at best.

While there may be good reason to seek spiritual advise from "professionals", the fact that historically there has been no separation of morality by such professional religionists, e.g. religious leaders in the past must be held responsible for the hideous trail of millions of dead bodies and miserable lives that have been sacrificed to the whims of religious leaders all claiming "God" is on their side. The "Master" relationship is only a minor step away from the "Fuhrer" relationship in terms of psychological enthrallment.


Bridgit and I, fellow Christians who are part of God's Paxcalibur mission (Bridgit did the 3rd Paxcalibur baptism ritual), went yesterday to deliver the message to Shaykh Muhammad, the steward of the Dome of the Rock, as he visits his Sufi followers here in Northern California.

We were graciously received by the Sufi members of his cult following but he himself, while smiling most of the time until angry, just heaped on Sufi platitudes of peace and love, and almost totally ignored what we had to say to him. Our message fell on an old man's ears deaf to recognizing anything spiritual coming from two unknowns when he himself was a big shot in charge of the most holy site.

He reiterated his credentials and all the good works he's done as if it were impossible that we ourselves never did good works or in Bridgit's case never ceased working for God every waking moment of her life. The old man was arrogant and closed-minded and hypocritical to the max. How Americans could not see the spiritual swindle amazes me and Bridgit but it seems Sufis go for idolizing men as gurus forgetting the '60's lessons when India sent guru after guru to milk American pockets and naivete.

The bottom line is that a Muslim sits on a site holy to Jews and Christians and refuses to acknowledge a Christian God-given vision that has proven its spiritual legitimacy. Is it any wonder we have religious warfare when a religious man of peace and love cannot recognize a new and much needed symbol of peace and love God has given to humanity to reinforce the Abrahamic commitment to peace at the spot where God as peace was first worshipped in the world, Mt. Moriah, the Dome of the Rock?

What does "Islam" stand for? Surrender to man's ever-present need to establish and control territory or surrender to God as peace? Muslims best learn the difference, otherwise their fate is no better than the old Roman Catholics and Communists, both of which thought totalitarian control of minds and politics was in society's best interest. The result? Millions of dead bodies and ruined lives of all those who got in the way of religiously inspired territorial ambition.


The Sufis at the Sufi Center were very nice to us, btw, however ones on talkboards were probably more honest in their reactions to the Pax story:


Internet talkboard Sufi Poster

I could only assume you were, yourself, the one who arrogantly proselytizes without listening, since it sounds like it was you who went to the Sufi mosque expecting to preach and convert without a challenge.

If I was wrong, then forgive me, but even after reading your posts again it still sounds like you were the ones in the wrong, but are still too deluded and self-righteous to realize it.

And it still sounds as if you criticize the Muslims for taking the Dome of the Rock, but ignore the same sinful motivations in the Jews and Christians that wish to take it themselves.

Anyhow, topics outside of Sufism should go to ISLAM DEBATE.



Keep your prejudices intact there geocarona because that's all you got to hang your beliefs on. We aren't in the business of lying to others or to ourselves about our work for God. Although knowing why genuine Christian teachings from Yeshu-Jesus are superior to those of Moses and the rabbis as well as Muhammad's, we aren't in the business of trying to convert Sufis or Muslims as only God will brings people their own spiritual paths. We aren't in the business of claiming to be big shots guarding a holy site. We're just two Christian pilgrims, one of whom was given a vision from God for the creation of a new icon of peace to go into God's holy site on Mt. Moriah to reinforce again God's proscription against male aggression as symbolized by first by the circumcision ritual and now by the circumcision of the sword, Paxcalibur.

Why a sword turned into a peace symbol? Because it symbolizes all weaponry used in male aggression and domination of society, the basic cause of wars and social injustice. Until the Abrahamic faiths face the problem of unbridled male domination of society in the patriarchal Abrahamic faiths, there will be only endless male territorial battling for control of both mental territory and physical territory, i.e. the history of the organized Abrahamic faiths for the past 2500 years.

God wants the prostitution of spirituality for territoriality stopped. God has given a vision that has created a new icon of peace that tells without words necessary in all languages throughout the world because such is the power of the Peace Symbol just what has to be done to end violence and constant fighting between people who supposedly all believe in the same God, who all believe in peace and mercy and social justice. The religious hypocrisy has to end and the beginning of the end of it has happened in Pope Valley where a Sufi Muslim spouting Peace Peace Peace refuses to even listen to messengers from God, refuses to budge from his territorial ambition as Owner and Controller of one of God's holy sites.

Shaykh Muhammad epitomizes everything wrong with Islam, everything wrong with traditional Abrahamic faiths that if they do not heed the call to major Reformation and advancement out of Dark Age religious fascism are doomed to becoming only museum relics without spiritual authority. We live in a new millennium and social templates from the 7th century or 1st are not appropriate for today's and tomorrow's social conditions. That is why God is said to be God of the living, not the dead. Spiritual instruction cannot be frozen by any man and hasn't been, e.g. Paxcalibur, the sword of peace that has been fully sanctified with proof of miraculous power and waits for the time that Muslims wake up to their moral and spiritual responsibility to promote God as peace and not God as territory.


Sufi poster

I can read between the lines and envision your exchange with the Sufi leader. You recount no details of his message, merely refering to it as "platitudes." So who had the deaf ear & blind eye? Who sought to dominate with his agenda? Who is the real cult tool?

Only God knows what is hubris--a book or a doctrine can't be trusted when it claims self-evidence. Both parties in your encounter may be misguided, but certainly at least one is. The odds of the narrow doctrine that fell into your lap being the Absolute Truth are very slim.

The bottom line is that a Muslim sits on a site holy to Jews and Christians and refuses to acknowledge a Christian God-given vision that has proven its spiritual legitimacy...

Millions of dead bodies and ruined lives of all those who got in the way of religiously inspired territorial ambition.

You have the gall to make the first statement, and then blame the tense situation of the second statement entirely on Muslims? What hypocrisy! Read what Jesus says about hypocrits. Read the commandment against coveting your neighbor's possesions.




When a person says the words "love" and "peace" over and over again only qualifying the words with "for the sick" and "needy" and then claims to follow Jesus as this Muslim leader so claimed several times to us then going further to claim that God gave him, not me, the meaning of my spiritual vision, and refusing to hear me, literally interrupting, raising his voice to drown me out and my friend too when she asked him to listen, all this showed us an arrogant close-minded spiritual fraud sitting in a very high political position.

It amazes me that Americans, Sufi cult followers of the good Shaykh Muhammad were being taken in by this charlatan after all the guru stupidities of the '60
s and '70's when India was sending guru after guru to America to milk and bilk believers who seem unable to find God on their own merits needing someone else to ride on.

This is not going to end with the Shaykh's dismissal of Paxcalibur as God seems intent on bringing Pax into the Dome of the Rock and giving the traditional Abrahamic religions the shake-up they are so sorely in need of. Because you don't know the full story of Paxcalibur you erroneously assume me to be defending Christianity when I point to the millions of dead bodies left in the wake of Abrahamic faithful. I am a Gnostic Christian and as such fully know the evil of traditional Pauline Christianity that the world has experienced. Gnostic Christians were the very first ones to be branded as targets for "Christian" persecution. Gnostic Christians have died by the tens of thousands in France as the Catholic Inquisition began to put down the Albigensian Cathars, a Manichaen gnostic Christian movement of huge numbers in Lanquedoc or half of modern France.

The rot at the base of the traditional Abrahamic faiths is why God has given the world the new Paxcalibur icon of peace. That a man who spouts "Peace" "Peace" "Peace" yet refuses to acknowledge a gift symbolizing Peace because it requires a sacrifice of territorial control shows us that Muslim claims to peace are just so much hot air, nothing behind the words but arrogant moral myopia.


The Paxcalibur Peace Challenge debate stopped when I was banished for posting "anti-Semitic" criticism of Zionism on the pro-Israel ABC-owned Beliefnet religious talkboard forum that hosted the discussion.