"Out of Egypt"

The Egyptian Connection


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Your intrepid prophet-at-large asks,

"Where do the pyramids point?"



Prayers are directed to God in the heavens where the Signs are located. The Pyramids point to the heavens where the Signs are located. We lift up Jesus skyward with his cross and now look further upwards, to the Man Sign of the Merkabah, the Chariot of God, which is the Constellation of Aquarius where the Son of Man with the Living Waters is eternally present to guide us to full humanity.


"Behold! He comes with clouds, and every eye shall see him,"


Moses and the Exodus Myth

 The Beginning of Judah's Torah myth-making of an ancient Israel that never existed



The Hyksos "Shepherd Kings" were actually Canaanite Israelites according to archeological findings showing ancient houses of the Hyksos in their capital city of Avaris in Lower Egypt were built on the same four-room floor plans as Hebrew-Israelite houses in Canaan. This means Josephus was right when he said the Hyksos were the ancestors of the Israelites. The so-called Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt was the Jewish revision of their history of being kicked out of Egypt around 1550 B.C. The idea they were slaves was another successful Jewish reinvention of their history.

Time periods:

Hyksos Period 1650-1550 B.C.

Ahkenaten 1353 BC 1336 B.C.

Moses 1392 BCE until 1272 B.C.



Stealing Akhenaton's monotheism


Ahkenaton's failed monotheistic revolt that attempted to eliminate all Egyptian gods except the Sun God RA was borrowed by those Hyksos-Israelites who had fled Egypt and returned to Canaan. They were perhaps joined by or accompanied by Akhenaton's priests who were also exiled after Akhenaton died and his monotheistic revolt squashed by Egyptian priests of Amun who re-installed their Hidden God of Gods as well as the full Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses. It would appear that Israelites created their semi-monotheistic religion by copying Ahknaton's monotheistic revolt. They needed a reason for setting up their Israelite religious empire and revolting against Canaanite polytheism gave them one. Judah priests declared religious war on polytheism with their Shema prayer. Only One Canaanite God was allowed and even then they substituted the Israelite tribal god, Yahweh, for EL Elyon's position as God Most High. Yahweh became the sole Jewish god, EL's former separate identity subsumed into Yahweh and both rolled into One "I AM" who is renamed and becomes YHWH at the Sinai Covenant.


Remaking Brahma into Abraham

Abraham is Abba Brahma, "Father Brahma", the Brahma of the South, the Brahma of Egypt - - the Saturn Brahma. Osiris is the Sun Brahma. Hindu Vedic merchants were trading spices and incense with Egypt and Canaan through the Yemen-Sabeans who are genetically, linguistically and culturally connected to Canaanite Hebrews. At some point ancient Hebrews picked up both Egyptian royalty racism and Vedic Brahmin racist ideas such as the whole "Priests of God" prejudice against Gentiles seen as inferior human beings just as Brahmins considered other castes less than human than themselves. The End of Abraham chapter tells more about how Jewish authors plagiarized Hindu Vedic religious personages, Brahma and Sarasvati, to create Abraham and Sarah.


Stealing Amun, the Egyptian Hidden God of Gods


Amun lives on in Judeo-Christian epic with every prayer dedicated with the cognate of his name, Amen.


The Hyksos-Israelites became quite familiar with Egyptian gods and religious ideas and when they left Egypt they incorporated the attributes of the Egyptian god Amun, Amen-Ra, into the Jewish conception of YHWH.

 "Amun who comes at the voice of the poor in distress, who gives breath to him who is wretched..You are Amun, the Lord of the silent, who comes at the voice of the poor; when I call to you in my distress You come and rescue me...Though the servant was disposed to do evil, the Lord is disposed to forgive. The Lord of Thebes spends not a whole day in anger; His wrath passes in a moment; none remains. His breath comes back to us in mercy..May your ka be kind; may you forgive; It shall not happen again."--from Wikipedia

For more about Amun whose name is repeated in most every Jewish and Christian prayer as "Amen", please go to the Amen reference page in the New Gnosis Library.



The Egyptian god Set is installed in the Jewish epic as Seth, the father of the Jewish line




Yet while in Avaris the Hyksos-Israelites themselves worshiped the Egyptian god Set, that weird aardvark-headed brother god of Osiris who represents the Dark Side, and actually the root conception of "Satan" ("Setan" an appellation of Set). It is Set who kills and dismembers Osiris, cutting him up into 14 pieces (= half a lunar month) in the Egyptian solar cycle religion while Isis (The Moon) rescues Osiris (the Sun) and puts his pieces back together again.


Hieroglyph of Draco mounting Taurowet mirroring their two constellations' positions


Set was represented in the heavens by the constellation of Draco the Dragon that sits next to the old Egyptian constellation of Taurowet which may be the astrological reason Jews thought they could take the Torah out of Egypt and subvert to their own ambitions. The author of John's Gospel has located the transfer of Set into the Jewish epic as the third son of Adam, Seth, who becomes the father of the whole special Jewish line.

"And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth:"

--Genesis 5:3,8


"Seth" is Set who Gospel Jesus gives as the negative identification of Set as the Devil:

"You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do.

He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father of it."

--John 8:44

Set who's name means "The Supplanter" was the main god of the Hyksos-Israelites in Egypt. The "Supplanter" identification shows up again in the Jewish makeover with Jacob's name also meaning "The Supplanter" so Israel is solidly associated with the Egyptian god Set in Judaism' myths of origin, reinforcing Judaism's connection to Egyptian religious ideas. When one also includes the Kenites or more exactly, "Cainites", who controlled the metallurgy science, while Abel, (= "Abba EL" or Father EL), is a shepherd, we see the Shepherd Kings war with Egyptian pharaohs who gained their power through the Nile's valley's prolific grain harvests that supplied food for large Egyptian populations.

But there is another side to this Set business which is Set's other identification according to Madam Blavatsky's research as Saturn which makes Set equivalent to EL Elyon, God Most High to the Canaanites and ancient Hebrew-Israelites. So somewhere along the line Set-Saturn-EL changed his godly tune to become the Source of Goodness in divine rulership, becoming a model of the Sage King vs. the Warrior King.



Stealing Egyptian religious ideas


Circumcision was an Egyptian religious ritual long before Jews incorporated it into their religion. The idea of a hidden God of Gods was an Egyptian idea long before YHWH was created. There are dozens of ancient Egyptian religious ideas found in the words of Jewish authors who took Egyptian polytheistic myths and with polemics against polytheism, remade the ancient myths like the Egyptian and Babylonian Creation myths, "monotheistic".


"Because he had done no wrongdoing neither was any deceit in his mouth."

--Isaiah 53:9

with Chapter 30 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

"I had done no wrongdoing neither was any deceit in my mouth."


Nun the Egyptian Water God and Joshua (= "Jesus") as the Son of Nun



Gnostic Christianity and the Egyptian connection


Gnosticism was centered in Alexandria, Egypt in the later centuries of the first millennium B.C. and early centuries of the first millennium A.D. Alexandria held a large Jewish exile community of Jews at that time who were driven out of Palestine by the Romans. Ancient Egypt was also the established center of magical knowledge in the Near East. Jesus went to Egypt as a child in the Gospel accounts. So too did Yeishu ben Pantera. Mark went to Egypt, John's Gospel contains lines directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead and his Lazarus (Eleazar= El-Osirus) story is a retelling of the Osirius resurrection mythos. I think there was an Egyptian esoteric knowledge beginning for Christianity with Jesus either being raised in Egypt and learning Egyptian resurrection magic or going there to learn such magic. The Talmud's anti-Christ reports of Yeishu ben Pantera tell of his returning to Judea armed with Egyptian magic and the Name of God sewn into his skin to hide it from Jewish authorities. The Talmud says "he led many astray" and records Yeishu's execution by stoning by the Jewish authorities. His body was later hung on a tree as per Jewish law which Paul records in Gal. 3-13.



 Christianity is a Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion that writes in Greek


Christianity in the form of the Gospels is a Gnostic Jewish-Egyptian Mystery Religion. Gnostic Jewish Christians used the Jewish epic characters and basic story line but transposes the Egyptian religion's basic concepts onto that Jewish story line, e.g. the "Father=Son" ("I and My Father are One") is straight out of the Horus-Osiris relationship of the Egyptian sun-gods. Christianity was meant to be an Osirus-type dying/resurrection Mystery Religion that uses Jesus for the believer's focus for eternal salvation of his soul through vicarious sin atonement of the Dying/resurrection God-Man. Jewish Christian Gospel authors used Jesus and His legendary life and death instead of Osirus or Mithra, two other similar dying/resurrection Sun god-men. Jesus combines many of the Horus/Osiris mythologies, e.g. the resurrection of Lazarus is actually a Hebrew or "Judaization" of the annual reenactment of the Egyptian myth of Osiris being resurrected from the dead by Isis, this event happening at the House of Annu.  "House" becomes "Beth" and "Annu" becomes "any" to form "Beth-any". I've read somewhere that Origin went looking for Bethany in his time, the 2nd century A.D. and couldn't find it.

The Gospels are fictions written by divinely inspired men who really did believe that they were writing down was them being divinely possessed by the Spirit of Christ. The "Word" of God had much more meaning for these people than it does for us today. The "Word" of God was what distinguished Judaism from Egyptian and most all other ancient pagan religions which were Image based religions, i.e., the Image, the idol, it's very form and all the oral history of it as cultural lore was how they worshiped the god or goddess in their religions. Moses comes along with stone tablets with the Word of God written on them. This marks a huge change in perspective on religion and society because once the Word of God was written in stone, it too became an idol, an idol that could not be challenged without dire consequences, and this time you had a rather large priesthood of literate men who could read the Word of God to interpret that Word of God for others who couldn't read. So God becomes identified with these learned men and their Books, their scrolls, with the Word of God written on them. Priests become the absolute intercessors between God and human beings because only they are literate and can read and interpret the Word of God.

In Jesus' time these learned men were the Pharisees ("the Separate Ones") and the Sadducees, priests of the Temple rituals necessitating knowledge of the written Torah. Jesus' whole ministry is based around direct communion between God and believer using himself as Spiritual intercessor, not a living human being but an eternal Spirit who allows direct access to God. God is "God the Father" which Jesus must affirm to reestablish the Father-Son spiritual unity found in the Egyptian religion and other astrologically based sun-god religions but lost in the Jewish one except as a hidden spiritual current which Gnostic Jewish writers rediscovered within the Torah as I too have now. The hidden current is the astrological connection between the purpose of the Torah and the Word of God's expectation of the Messiah.



The Egyptian connection in the Gospels


"There comes One after me who is mightier than I, whose sandal strap I am unworthy to stoop down and loose. I indeed baptize you with water, by He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

--Mark 1:7-8

John the Baptist: Sandal Strap reference is to the Egyptian Cross - - the Ankh


The Ankh is the same Egyptian word for "sandal strap". John the Baptist is not fit to loosen the sandal strap of Jesus.

The Ankh is the true spiritual cross of Jesus' you must bear to follow Him because it is the Ankh that has the handle to carry it with and it is the Ankh that is used as a Magic Wand to consecrate rulers and to resurrect the dead. There was an Egyptian mythos that loosening Isis' Knot is the magical act that gives one eternal life.




"Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."

--Mark 8:34

"And he who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me."

--Matthew 10:37

"And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple."

--Luke 14:27


Only a circus strong man or weightlifter could possibly carry a 250 pound Roman crucifixion cross but the Egyptian ankh is hand-sized for ease of carrying. When one discovers how much Egyptian theology has been incorporated into the Christian religion in coded form it would appear that even the Cross of Christianity may be something unexpected; instead of the Cross driven into the earth as a symbol of death, we may have a Cross just the opposite in spiritual meaning, the Cross of Life, the Ankh which turns out to be the Key to unlocking the Celestial Tauret.



"Out of Egypt I have called My Son."


Jesus, as either Jesus Christ of the Gospels or Yeishu ben Pantera of the Talmud, is like Moses in that he was a Hebrew who "came out of Egypt". Yeishu was killed as part of accusations of blasphemy for using Egyptian magic to heal Jews with. While the Jewish writers claimed up and down that Judaism was directly inspired by God, analysis of Jewish religious ideas and history show heavy borrowing of ancient Egyptian religious ideas, e.g. circumcision, the worship of a hidden, unnamable God of Gods, and the idea of the Torah itself, a cultural theft by Jews which has only gone unreported in the historical record because of Christianity's immense influence on all Western scholarship.







"Mary", "Beloved", is a name derived from Miriam which is a Jewish name that is itself derived from the Egyptian honorific "Meri" "Beloved", as in Meri-Amen-Ra, "Beloved of Amen-Ra", which when shortened became "Miriam". Mary's iconic picture of her with baby Jesus is an exact mirror of Isis with baby Horus. Only a sea goddess would be a fitting Mother for a Water God which Jesus as Aquarius represents besides representing the Sun, both primary astral objects being absolutely essential for life on earth and the welfare of humankind.


The Jesus/Isis connection


"I am the beginning and the end, the first and the last".


These are the words of Jesus in Revelation but they are also just what Isis was supposed to have said about herself, these words being inscribed in the Temple of Isis at ancient Sais, Egypt. The Gnostic Hymn, "The Thunder, Perfect Mind" is an ode to a gnostic Isis. And perhaps the name "Boanerges", meaning "Sons of Thunder" does not refer to rowdy behavior of the two fishermen Jesus recruits as disciples but to their allegiance to Isis worship. And then there is the funny name link between Jesus and Isis-Isa: "Isa" or "Essa" is the Arabic name for Jesus but "Esa" was also what Isis was called in Egyptian.


The John the Baptist/Anubus connection 


"The Egyptian baptismal rite has its origins in the Heliopolitan worship of the sun early in the Pyramid Age. The Egyptians believed that each morning the sun passed through the waters of the ocean before being reborn, emerging purified and revitalized. The ritual baptism of the pharaoh each morning symbolized this event and renewed life and vigor of the recipient."

            ~Dr. Richard A. Gabriel, Gods of the Fathers

"Although Anubis is depicted as a Jackal-headed deity, it's important to point out the fact that he was also portrayed as being human as well, which is an important fact when comparing to John the Baptist. Anubis is depicted as the son of Osiris' sister Nephthys. Thus, like John's mother, Elizabeth, who was the Virgin Mary's cousin, Anubis' mother, Nephthys, was related to Horus' mother, Isis. [1]

~Donald B. Redford, The Ancient Gods Speak: A Guide to Egyptian Religion



Anubis boat to ferry souls safely across death to eternal life


"The idea that the souls of the dead were ferried over to the land of the Blessed by a righteous ferryman passed from the Books of the Dead into the literature of the Christian Egyptians, or Copts. Thus St. John Chrysostom tells us that our Lord gave to John the Baptist a boat of gold, which he was to use in transporting the souls of the righteous over the river of fire in Amente. This boat was provided with oars, to which the lamps were attached. The oars, apparently, worked themselves under the direction of John the Baptist, and when the souls landed from the boat the lamps rekindled themselves and lighted the paths over the roads of darkness until John brought the souls to the Third Heaven."

~Dr. E.A. Wallis Budge, The Mummy: A Handbook of Egyptian Funerary Archaeology

Another interesting comparison between Anubis and John the Baptist, without the need of using baptism as the reason of connection, is the fact that Anubis was also known as the "Preparer of the Way of the Other World," whereas John was called the "preparer of the way of Christ." John was also seen as the "precursor," "forerunner" & "messenger," preceding the New Testament, whereas Anubis was also seen as the messenger of the gods.

~James Bonwick, Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought



The Astro-theology Connection


As I've only scratched the surface of the roots of Judeo-Christianity in Egypt I recommend for further information D.M. Murdock, a.k.a Acharya Sanning and her book, Christ in Egypt, a compendium of Egyptian astro-theology found embedded within the Gospel story of Jesus Christ.

The late Acharya Sanning and other scholars who have written about the astro-theology connections in religions all seem to have missed the importance of Aquarius in the formative roots of both Judaism and Christianity while concentrating on the sun-god correspondences. To see more about this go to the Christ Aquarius Revelation chapter.






"Lowly Dung Beetles Are Insect Astronomers"

Even the humble dung beetle, its life spent barely an inch above the ground, pushing balls of waste, steers by starlight."