The Ojai Mission


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The Call from God to move back to Ojai:

From my Journal:

October 24th, 2008

I am to move to upper Ojai to build my church and live my last quarter century. Easter 2033 Good Bye.

I've been 40 years in the wilderness. It's time to come home-to upper Ojai.

I have been receiving spiritual visions on and off for the past 30 years. All of the visions prior to this one were gladly accepted, even the ones like the Paxcalibur pilgrimage that required real effort to fulfill. But when God told me that I need to move back to Ojai to fulfill my Mission there I was not at all happy to receive this news. My life's work, my family and friends, my support networks, all of these are here in Humboldt County where I've lived since 1975. I was shocked at the prospect of having to move away from here. Actually experienced panic attacks for two weeks after receiving this unwanted request by Father Jesus in October of last year. My Journal note for October marks the beginning of this new phase of my life which seems to be headed for Ojai where I and my first wife lived for a couple of years in the late '60's. My daughter was born in Ojai and I ran a hippie headshop there called Tripstone. We went through the '69 Flood in Ojai and then moved away to Oregon to start my life as a communitarian organizer.


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Your 1960's hippie couple: My wife and I in 1968 in front of our headshop next to the Park in downtown Ojai. The building is no longer there. The Park wall where hippies hung out was bombed. I received a couple of blackmail letters demanding money to keep silent. Had the worst migraine headache of my life when trying to leave the Ojai Valley.


October 24th, 2008

Promise from Father: "Tons of money" is directly connected to Ojai Valley*.

This is all very disturbing to me. Humboldt County feels like my place to be.

*Update: Met Vickie P. for the first time in Ojai on December 7th who when I told her I would need sponsorship in order to be able to live in Ojai to carry out my mission wanted to introduce me to her friends, one of whom she told me had "tons of money", her words that repeated what Father had told me previously. I was highly concerned that I wasn't being led astray by any devilish diversions ala Jesus' temptation in wilderness offering me financial gain but this is to be legitimate funding for Ojai is home for many  wealthier people with spiritual consciousness. The Ojai Mission will take some major funding to complete God's assignment.


Ojai, the Wellspring of Humanity


 December 9th, 2008

Ojai is the "wellspring of humanity". It is only comparable to Jerusalem, the city where peace was first worshiped.

Krishnamurti could not establish Ojai's potential as he was a foreigner bringing with him a foreign religion. Neither could Theosophists establish Ojai because of their reliance on India as a spiritual center. I am a native Californian, a Christian of Jewish descent, and I have been appointed to establish Ojai as the wellspring of humanity.

I am a native son, born in Santa Barbara where my brother James still lives. We grew up in various places in Santa Barbara County. God wants me to build the Ojai Mission in upper Ojai where the association of "Shangri La" is strongest, Shangri La being another "Vision of Eutopia", the Good Place.


December 14th, 2008

Stephen's Mission--not fellowship hall--for my church building.

A shelter for humanity.

I've been considering different design possibilities for the Ojai Mission. I want to keep the design in the Spanish architectural style but like the more free-form rural Mexican church styles. I envision a Mission compound with a larger meeting hall and smaller attached buildings around a central courtyard. My sister is involved with a paper-crete construction business so alternative (and less expensive) building methods will used as long as they are equally durable to stone and brick construction.


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A large A-frame type building was my first design for the Ojai Mission but I've rejected it in favor of more rounded building forms. Also rejected was the idea of having shelter stalls for animals included under the main building's roof eves. The idea was to include animals and plants under the shelter of God but it would soon get too smelly for comfort!


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Next I considered using my own arch form metal building design in conjunction with sandbags and earth for covering vegetation. The metal building part would be covered over with stone or bricks in front and back. Inside there would be beautiful wood construction done.


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I've become partial to rural Mexican church designs and have one design in mind (this church can be seen in the movie "The Magnificent Seven") where the main hall is in a breadbox form with architectural embellishments. The main thing is creating a very durable building that can withstand earthquakes, fires and floods for centuries. The Ojai Mission will be dedicated to service to humanity and will house all my Biomystical Christianity writings as well as other appropriate Christian and universal humanitarian works. There will be a gallery and cafeteria as well as apartments for those employed in the Ojai Mission project and Biomystic Institute.

The Ojai Mission is to be built in upper Ojai or on high ground in the Ojai valley. It will house the Biomystic Institute and will anchor the Gospel of Humanity to Ojai as well as help promote Ojai as the spiritual "Wellspring of Humanity".

Ojai will become known to the world as the spiritual center of Humanity just as Jerusalem is the spiritual center for God. Ojai is to become the world center of spiritual consciousness of humanity.

The Ojai Mission will take me out of Humboldt County where I've experienced the fate predicted for prophets in their own communities. Humboldt is still too much a spiritual wilderness for my work to be able to move forward. Actually, local politics and working on economic alternatives have swallowed up much of my time here and God wants me where I my work will be appreciated and preserved for future generations. My community here is beginning to die out as our counterculture generation who moved here during the '70's and '80's moves into senior citizen status. My first wife passed a few months ago and it's time for me to move on with my life. Humboldt County is no country for old men, the movie title that sits on my bookshelf as another synchronicity sign from God urging me on to complete my Ojai Mission.


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Krotona's old and unrealized plans for an expanded Krotona Theosophy university in Ojai


It's all off. At this point in my life, 73 and stuck here economically in 2017 in a rent-subsidized senior apt complex, there seems zero chance of my ever moving back to the Ojai Valley as the price of properties there is sky high.*



Heartland of Humanity


Then I found Colusa, or rather Colusa found me, Colusa, the miraculously sane and nice tiny city where America, the real America, still lives in peace and harmony with its variety of peoples. So I wasn't surprised when my God Voice on December 2nd, 2015 said this to me: Colusa is a eutopia, is a real Shangri La, and it can a replacement for Ojai. Real Eutopia vs. the Hollywood image. I am leaving up to God as to where I my permanent home will be. I'm happy in Colusa but I do work for God and will go where God sends me.

It's all off. May, 2018. I've been evicted from my rent-subsidized apt in Colusa and now writing this from Santa Barbara, the city where I was born. I don't know what to expect now re where I'm supposed to be.



* December, 2017 Update

The Thomas Fire


The largest fire in California's history hit the Upper Ojai Valley especially hard.

What would have happened to a Biomystic Institute situated there at that time in Upper Ojai?

My friend, Sophia, told me she felt Ojai was haunted, had bad vibes when she went there. Says it's cursed.

The Ojai Mission vision might be my temptation one, I don't know at this point.