Create a Model of Unification



Since human beings first lived collectively in villages as tribal peoples they have been in conflict with each other over who "owns" and controls the territory in which the villages are located. Territorial warfare is part and parcel of human ancestry so it must be addressed and managed before any real peace between peoples can happen. There are countless examples of where two or more tribes or ethnic or religious or political groups have been fighting over the same piece of land. A means to overcome the historical pattern of mild to intense warfare for territorial control must be developed by a strengthened United Nations to become a Model of Unification to resolve every territorial dispute around the globe. Since the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is almost always in the news one way or another, this is the Place to begin. The Canaan Peace Plan shows one such Model of Unification.


Use this Model of Unification that works by depriving organized ideological and religious groups domination of major social conflicts, to resolve the Israeli-Palestine Conflict, the Protestant North Ireland-Catholic Ireland Conflict, the Scotland-England Conflict, the Spain-Basque-Catalan Conflict,.... Go around the world using this Model of Unification to resolve all territorial conflict areas.