Spiritual Zionism and Jerusalem


The origin of the name "Jerusalem" was derived from the names "Ariel" and "Shalom/Salaam"

 The City of Peace, the City of the Evening Star, Venus Queen as Ishtar-Astarte

 and the City of the Lion of God


Jerusalem was the first place on Earth where Peace was worshipped as God united in holy marriage, Shalom and Shulamite, the twin aspects of the planet Venus, Morning and Evening Star representing humankind's attempt to mimic the Sun but given the identities of Activity and Rest, the Rest of the Day happening in the evening and symbolized by Shalom, the Evening Star. Jesus is the Morning Star which is why he is connected to Ishtar, ("Moon Star"), and Isis representing the Moon itself. The Song of Solomon in the Bible is Judah's false Ode to Solomon where Shulamite, the Feminine Goddess voice is obscured, almost obliterated, in order to maintain Judaism's false monotheistic claim. The same abandonment of the Divine Feminine is found in Pauline Christianity and Muhammad's Islam. These are male priesthoods that long ago took over what must be non-earthly spiritual instruction from God which reflects the totality of the Godhead as male and female, the ELohim led by EL Elyon, God Most High. The Abrahamic religions trashed and still trash the spiritual meaning of Jerusalem by polluting it with religious lies and liars working not for God at all but for their priesthood national ambitions for totalitarian control of society. This must and will end if there is to be Peace in the Holy Land.



The New Earth Prophesy for the Holy Land


A Holy Land Trust, a Sacred Land Trust, where a Covenant is made

promising no unnecessary violence, no unnecessary bloodshed

will happen within the borders of that land.


New Earth = the Kingdom of God where no blood sacrifice of any sort occurs.