Hieros Gamos

The Biomystical meaning of the Holy Wedding


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Superman and Wonder Woman: Our modern images of gods and goddesses


Hieros Gamos: God and Goddess united in Holy Marriage


The Holy One is wholly one when God the Father and the Great Mother unite as One. Without this archetype of heavenly marriage of complimentary opposites, human beings seem to fixate on God as Power more so than Love. Without the Hierogamos concept humans see God as a strict Commander- in-Chief, a Top Alpha Male type, who rules the world with a "rod of iron", punishing his vassal humans when they disobey his orders and rewarding them with fiefdoms and wealth when they obey. Or so one would assume, but there is another problem with a war god as top god. That is schizophrenia. Even war gods know that some amount of wisdom is needed to run things right so here and there, hints of tolerance for human weaknesses and human stupidity show up from the Lord, but nothing to rely on when a schizophrenic god decides to throw a tantrum and send fire down from heaven for some human screw-up. Not exactly the kind of ethical behavior human beings need to see from the Highest Source. But the real God of All, the real Holy One knows this and has sent in the Corrective Upgrade for the New Millennium.

The Holy One wants human understanding of Itself as wholly one, a balanced harmony of all opposing forces. This is why the archetype of The Wedding is essential. Jesus invited all of us to that Wedding in the Wedding Parable. Biomystical Christianity invites all Christians to learn how Jesus' good Father learned His wisdom in marriage to Asherah, the Great Goddess face of the Holy One, the Tree of Life. Without the Feminine face of the Holy One recognized and given due appreciation, the feminine face of society is also suppressed and usually oppressed as well. The Patriarchs rule under the authority of God the Father. The men rule the family, men rule the organizations of faith, men rule the governing organizations of society, and men rule these with male traits emphasizing power and competition over and against love and cooperation. The organizing principle for leadership selection in patriarchal society is the animal behavioral pattern of top-dog rules the pack, top bull rules the herd. And that is why wars and warfare, fighting and killing become prominent themes of male-dominated societies and also why we are living in a fearful world where men with guns are out of control threatening social well-being on every level.

So come then to the Wedding of God and Goddess uniting to create the Holy One whole and wholesome in our hearts and minds. The Holy One is providing Jesus Christ with a suitable mate and together they shall sit on the right and left hand of God, Christ Jesus and Christ Josephine, balancing the Hieros gamos of EL and Asherah, and providing the heavenly model for human marriage and the Family, the basic unit of society. As the I Ching says, when the Family is in order, all social relationships become clear. Jesus was hard on the Family the first time around because his Family was Jewish and the model of exclusion of outsiders. He had to burst that Family apart in order that a new Family of loving relationships, not merely familial relationships, could be substituted for the Jewish Family exclusiveness. Also, Jesus was of the era that finalized the victory of the Spirit over the material world, so biological business wasn't given equality of importance with spiritual relationships. Patriarchal monotheism was at war with the Feminine but now the Feminine has returned with power to defeat the patriarchal monomaniacs. If Patriarchy can recognize God split into three, two males and a ghost, then holistic religion can recognize the Holy One as a composite Being, an "Us", a Mother-Father, as a permanent Wedding of All Dualities of time and space and beyond.


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