Heartlands Trust Company Proposal

(This is the Heartlands outline proposal we submitted for Evergreen/Chinese investor review.)


Our Chinese contact point was through Evergreen Pulp Inc., owned by Lee & Mann, one of China's leading cardboard container manufacturers. Evergreen Pulp's CEO David Tsang and V-P Sam Wong were advising us. Local Chinese trade expert Fred Chien also gave us advice. We threw in everything but the kitchen sink in terms of investment opportunities for Chinese investors. But in doing so, I think we give inspiration for what can happen if people are willing to cooperate instead of ruthlessly compete, and I'm not just talking about economic competition but political competition as well.

The Heartlands Trust Company
Palco Community Corporation
Organizational Table

Chinese Funding Sources for Heartlands & Palco Community economic development projects:
Lee & Man Mfg.
Chinese Investors
Bank of China
People's Bank of China

Heartlands Inter-tribal Sacred Sites & Ancestral Lands Restoration Lotteries:

1. Heartlands International Lottery

Cell phone-Satellite-Processing Center(s) system based on Tribal Trust land.
Uses state-of-the-art "smart phone" cell phone technology to bring Lottery daily updated Lottery prize information to each cell phone view-screen plus has slot for credit card activation to "point and click" retail purchase items.
Whole system requires no ticket outlets and does away with all the ticket outlet supporting systems making this new vastly simpler Cell phone-Satellite-Tribal Land Processing Center System much less expensive to set up and maintain.

2. Heartlands "Lotto-Card" Credit Card Lottery

Operates in conjunction with Heartlands Credit Card operation
Every time a purchase is made using the Heartlands Lotto-Card, Heartlands cardholders are automatically entered into the Heartlands Credit Card Lottery. 

3. Heartlands International Corporate Lottery--"Corpo-Lotto" (Fat Lottery) Lottery aimed only at corporations.

Good Cause lottery gives corporations good PR plus excellent lottery odds as far fewer corporate players are involved.
Lack of numbers (40,000 corporations worldwide) is offset by high ticket price to create mega jackpots.
Most corporations have a certain small percentage of profits set aside for charity contributions.
This would give corporations the same Good Cause PR benefits plus giving the lucky corporations big bonus return.

Heartlands Trust Co. Credit Card Operations

Only Credit Card in the world to offer automatic cardholder entry into ongoing Heartlands Credit Card Lottery & the Heartlands International Lottery*.

Heartland Nation-to-Nation Banking Operations

Using Tribal Trust land and Tribal Sovereignty rights to create a Duty-Freeport at the south end of Indian Island (the Samoa Bridge divides the island into cultural heritage restoration on the north end and commercial enterprise development on the south end).
Tariff-free, Duty-Free import/export of raw goods, cars and electronics, currency exchange, gold, silver, precious items import/export    

Heartlands Research & Development

Think Tank, New Product R&D, general problem-solving for both Heartlands Trust Co., local Tribes, and Palco Community Corporation businesses.
Think Tank for universal community problem solving working in cooperation with Chinese to develop truly sustainable economies that do not gobble up the world's limited resources as well as working to offset global warming and global environmental pollution.

Heartlands Marketing

Each of the various components of both the Heartlands Trust Company divisions and the United Palco Inc. divisions will need professional business plans in order for investors to risk investment. Heartlands marketing division will coordinate this task for both businesses.
Heartlands Marketing will be the lead division for the Heartlands Trust Co. project as basic marketing planning is needed to initiate the project.

Heartlands Tribal Enterprise Development

Funding Tribal Economic Development Projects such as:
A Bear River tribal game ranch where elk, possibly buffalo are raised
Traditional medicine production
Tribal histories, tribal lore books

Heartlands Medical Center

Holistic Medicine approach
A key element in the Palco Community Corporation & Palco Plan*
In partnership with Indian Health Services

Heartlands Cultural Renaissance Center

Oversees Native American Cultural activities at the Heartlands Cultural Renaissance Center to be located within the Bear River ancestral land acquisition from Scotia Pacific (Palco)


Palco Community Corporation


in partnership with Heartlands Trust Company

Heartlands Trust Co. held to begin with, then going to full Employee Owned as soon as basic corporate infrastructure is in place and employees become confident of successful ownership and management. Palco Community Corporation divisions are either independent affiliates or divisions of parent company. All affiliates funnel certain percentages into the main Palco Community Corporation trust account for cutting operational costs of each component as well as strengthening their overall financial leverage power.

Pacific Community Corporation (formerly Pacific Lumber Company)

Saw log sales
Pulp sales
Tree farm-tree seedlings sales (especially to treeless China)
Basic finished wood products (e.g. fence posts, etc.)


Community Self-Sufficiency Kits for setting up basic community service facilities for 3rd World nations and/or Disaster Area Relief efforts.
Palco Cottage Kits, Palco Cabin Kits, commercial building kits, all kinds of community service building kits, school kits, medical clinic kits, etc.
Palco Redwood Miniature Victorian house Kits
Palco Interior home Kits--kitchen kits, bathroom kits, bedroom kits, etc.
"Down-Home" Kits: insulated Tents made like thin sleeping bags sewn together to form tent walls. Could have made a difference in saving lives in the Central Asia earthquake disaster.

Palco Aluma-wood Palco-Kits and Palco Furniture

Wedding aluminum stripping, T-bars, H-bars, with fine wood stripping giving the strength of metal with the warm and beauty of wood.
Aluminum flanges on wood/metal sandwich boards gives ways to attach kit components together.

Kaiser Aluminum (?)

It would be convenient to have Maxxam's 60% share of Kaiser Aluminum in order to accomplish the above wedding of aluminum with wood to create a new dimension in house kits and furniture.

Custom Cardboard Company: In partnership with Evergreen/Lee & Man

Egg-crate design cardboard insulation modules made to fit existing building frameworks, e.g., 16" centered wall studs, etc. Treated cardboard to provide the same or better R-insulation values than fiberglass insulation at much cheaper prices plus being easier and safer to use.

A wild idea yes, but maybe not so crazy- a new use for cardboard construction. Custom "Cardboards"- new Surfboard concept where treated and sealed absolutely waterproof cardboard made samarai sword fashion, i.e., corrugated cardboard folded multiple times) forms the surfboard innards replacing more expensive plastic foam boards. Gives Cardboards the speed of non-flexing fiberglass covered foam boards with the flexibility of poly-urethane-skin foam boards. "Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 2 of Hearts" etc, surfboard print designs and logos.  

The Palco Emporium

Fortuna site for a Palco Big Box-Winco Type all-in-one Mall. Using Tribal sovereignty and Chinese capital to successfully compete with volume-discount stores like Walmart. This concept should follow the Dollar Store and Winco store models success stories.

Palco Industrial Park

Using Palco's currently idle Carlotta site for an Industrial Park with Heartlands Trust Co. new business incubator funding.
Start-up help plus promotion of local finished wood product businesses.

Palco Ark Parks

Under the new Palco Community Corporation timber management plan environmental protection of the life of the land takes advantage of the Heartlands Lottery&;s profitability to save old growth trees and set aside critical endangered species habitat for eco-system restoration. Palco Ark Parks will be areas set aside specifically as endangered species recovery zones where various indigenous endangered species are protected and helped along in their species recovery with our species help. Palco Ark Parks envisions the development of a learning school for those endangered species that have a hard time adjusting to human society and vice versa, e.g., bears and wolves, once native to the area. There are people who have the ability to communicate with wild animals like horse whisperers do and since Palco Owns such extensive forest lands hosting many wild species it seems an appropriate part of Palco's overall sustainable forestry operation.

The Palco Plan  

The Palco Plan will be a very comprehensive health and retirement benefits program that will exceed prior Murphy family PL benefits or any other local business work benefits packages.


By following the traditional Company Town example of Scotia, we will create "Palcovilles" for all employees where home ownership will be part of the employee pay package. Retirement benefits costs will be reduced through cooperative living and healthcare programs in conjunction with the Heartlands Medical Center. Everybody, doctors and other high pay workers will trade off high salaries for higher quality worker and retirement community living, thus keeping the system less expensive for local employees and their families than any existing US healthcare system.

Palco Farms and Pharmaceuticals

Key elements for reducing living costs for all Palco employees. Healthy food and inexpensively produced vital drugs as part of the Palco Plan.
Utilizes non-forested Palco lands and/or leased bottomlands currently underutilized for farming potential.

The Scotia Inn

I worked as a night auditor for the Benbow Inn for seven years. At one time I seriously considered applying for general manager position there. With a Scotia Studios next door and no more Palco negative timber harvesting publicity, with all the things to see in Humboldt County, the Scotia Inn can again become a real working hotel with a glorious history and promising future.


Scotia Studios-Heartlands Films
Utilizing the Mill A buildings for Studio Sound Stages and the strong interest in film-making in Humboldt County. (We have a Humboldt County Film Commission). I studied filmmaking in college and actually made a short experimental animation film that showed twice at the Cinema Theatre in Hollywood as part of an experimental film series. I have a great abiding interest in films and this is where I want to do most of my creative work for the Palco Community Corporation. While working for Pacific Lumber Co. in 1991, I attempted to enlist PL and EPIC's joint cooperation on a watershed and stream restoration documentary film. EPIC expressed no interest and PL didn't want to do it otherwise.
While working with the Bear River tribe my Heartlands partner Sparky and I found a Hollywood producer and film company interested in doing a film about the Indian Island Massacre. (See Qualawaloo below).

Potentially lucrative films planned for Scotia Studios, Heartlands Films include:

"Qualawaloo" or "The Indian Island Story"- film about the Indian Island massacre period and how it affected local Native Americans using Sparky's life story as the modern Indian man facing a white-man's world when his tribal culture has been all but destroyed. Sparky is one of the most pure blood Native Americans around and he is a direct descendent of Indian Island survivors. We have a script for this film as it was a story that one of the producers for Ted Turner's Native American series, Eileen Kahn and her then current employer, Cabin Fever Entertainment (famous for TV comedy series Northern Exposure), wanted make into a movie. About two months into the project Cabin Fever pulled out support saying they decided against doing any more ethnic films. Jack Hanrahan, who teaches a screenwriting class at HSU, was our project advisor.

"The 5th World"- an epic Sci-Fi film set in the not-so-distant future where the Native American version of Utopia has come about and what America (United Nations of America) and world society looks like in that Native American vision of our future.

"Word"- Sci-Fi thriller with a plot that revolves around a new software program called "Word" that reads millions of texts where it is discovered that the future can be predicted using fluidics analogy word flow charting. Words are counted from past records, periodicals and fiction to show patterns emerging predicting future social responses, e.g. when the word "war" becomes more and more frequently in the press and novels until war actually breaks out. Once the program is known to work, every major government on earth wants it so the plot has protagonists fleeing for their lives from gov't secret services, crime syndicates and other assorted madmen greedy for power to predict and control the future.

"Yeishu ben Pantera"- based on the Jewish Talmud's negative story of the man we call "Jesus Christ". This movie would be next to impossible to make in Hollywood as it will be even more controversial than Mel Gibson's "Passion" and certain to offend Jewish interests controlling that film capital. Few beyond a small circle of scholars know about the Talmudic accounts of Yeishu ben Pantera yet his story formed the basis for the New Testament gospels of Jesus Christ. Yeishu is someone every Christian should know about but most have no idea a historical Jesus, different yet the same, made his mark on ancient Jewish religious history long before the Gospels were written.

"The Story of Paxcalibur"- true life vision quest story with a real magic sword that has proven itself by working wonders both here in Humboldt County and in Israel where it became honored in 2003 by over 500 Palestinian Christians in the courtyard of the Crusader built Basilica of the Enunciation in Nazareth, the site where the angel Gabriel was said to have told Mary of the coming birth of Jesus.

"The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" - Sparky's favorite sci-fi series that would make an excellent movies series.

Palco Toys Specializing in low tech educational toys

I worked on forming a toy company for nearly a year as I have invented and designed over 20 toy concepts starting when I was 16 and invented "Water Totters" or "Sea-Saws", plastic foam or inflatable soft teeter totters for kids to use in the ocean, lakes, or swimming pools. It was among my first toy ideas. The creator and owner of DoodleTop, a new toy company success story in Monterey about a decade ago, was my advisor. I was unsuccessful in attracting start-up funding.

Partial list of toy concepts include:

"Witch Sticks" (or &;Rainbow Rods&;)- miniature water dowsing rods  that really work. Truly. They are Kid tested (don't work as well for adults because most have lost their psychic abilities). This toy has potential to be a big seller due to magic being of popular interest to kids since the Harry Potter series appeared.

"Stick-n-Stack Blocks"- Velcro-covered wood or soft foam toy-building blocks.

"Rainbow Alphabet Book"- felt letters in a felt rainbow book for toddlers to learn alphabet. It happens to work perfectly that seven felt pages in the seven colors of the rainbow folded over into book format creates 26 interior pages, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Letter Dolls-A, B, C, characters for kids to get acquainted with the alphabet by making it "friendly" like the Rainbow Alphabet Book does the same above.

"Whaleship" solar balloons shaped like blue whales and other endangered whales. Trapped hot air makes the balloons rise in the air. (Same principle could make a Solar Blimp work as well!)

Stuffed Toy line: "Fwows", "Catapillows", Betty Bears, Pocket Thesauruses, Zebracorns, etc. etc..
Games: "Rainbow Rummy", "Rainbow Ring Toss", "Nerdball". Palco Toys would provide an outlet for many local people&;s toy ideas to become realities.

Palco Publishing Co.

Expanding Palco Printing into a Humboldt publishing house for local authors. I myself have four books ready to publish:

"Creating Climax Civilization"--a new holistic social evolution theory based on the biological climax succession pattern

"Biomystical Christianity"--a new radical Gnostic Christian theology

"The Story of Paxcalibur" and "Paxcalibur and the Religion of Peace"--a real life magic sword is created, one that becomes the Sign of the return of the Messiah

"EL & Asherah, from ancient Canaan to modern times"--a true "fairy tale" of how ancient Canaanite deities are still being worshiped every year in modern Christian homes

"Radically Wrong"--why radical politics consistently fails to reach mainstream American core values or solve existing social problems.
Specialty printing: Art prints, calendars, Humboldt postcards, posters, textile printing, and Humboldt stamps- starting a new stamp collectors edition of "community stamps" that identify specific communities.

Scotia Video College*

New concept in higher education and trade schools. Best teachers in every popular subject create video instruction tapes for home students anywhere to rent, purchase, or download. SVC provides an inexpensive way to complete college degrees or earn trade school certification by learning from the best teachers in the various fields of expertise.

* See the Mateel Video College proposal page for the model for this idea

Divine Design

Unique designer items utilizing local artists' designing talents for all sorts of items, from textile design to unique furniture designs, such as these few of mine listed below:

Nest beds, foam filled or inflatable beds shaped like oval nests-the high-sided shape keeps out cold draughts and makes bed making super easy.

"Tie-dye Tents"-hippie style hemp-cloth tents.

Fine wood or "textured rock" enclosures for stereo equipment.

"Gold Leaves", gold plated pot leaves for collectors, mementos of Humboldt County.

"Perfect Pipes", for our pipe smoking population

"Cap & Hat" lampshades, new idea for lampshades in shape of caps and hats one can change at will.

Tribal Stamps (see community stamps above), Tribal Flags, custom ceramic plates for collectors.
Palco-Soft-Software Educational concepts such as the Environment of Truth game, I Ching program, environmental music created from natural patterns.

Heartlands Trust Company/Palco Community Corporation Investment Opportunities:

Income Projects with high potential earnings on investments:

(Market studies will determine profit potentials for new products)

*  Inter-Tribal Lotteries (our old Heartlands California statewide lottery was estimated to potentially bring in 1.5 billion by G-Tech, California's current Lottery system management company.


*  Pacific Lumber Co. timber harvesting-$130,000,000 annual sales


Inter-Tribal Banking operations including: Heartlands Lotto-Card Credit Card business, currency exchange, commodities exchange, tariff and duty free-port for import of electronics, vehicles, etc. Only completed business plans with market studies can determine what these enterprises can potentially earn.


*  Palco Emporium at Fortuna site


*  Custom Cardboard Co.-insulation sales. Nearly every construction project needs insulation. Potential sales could be very high if our product is cheaper, easier to work with while having all the R values and longevity of fiberglass insulation.


*  Scotia Studios-New movie studio with 5 films listed above for investor consideration. Successful movies make tens of millions.


*  "Commandboard": new computer keyboard/filing system that greatly reduces steps necessary to locate files on your computer. Two computer systems experts thought this idea has potential and every pc user would be a potential customer. Huge potential moneymaker.


*  "Fleximotion": signs in motion technology using LCD's for car back-window signs, signs on caps and T-shirts, all in motion scrolling whatever you want others to read using programmable scrolling message technology combined with LCDs. Practical use is for tourists who could use programmed language signs on their hats or shirts for communicating in foreign countries. Also for speech impaired and other disabled people.


*  Scotia Video College.


*  Kaiser Aluminum??--3 billion annual sales and a great asset for our aluma-wood product business.