Focus on the

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



Why? There are plenty of other conflict hotspots in the world. Why pick on Israel?



The Holy Land: God's Testing Ground


With the Paxcalibur event in Nazareth, Israel I became spiritually connected to the Holy Land so for me there's an overriding spiritual phenomena happening there that spills over into world politics. God is at work there. There's a reason why the Holy Land is in such a moral mess. With Israel, God is beginning the End Times of Abrahamic religions since they have all proven unable to stop human warfare or stop man's inhumanity to man in their 2500 years existence since Judaism began, Pauline Christianity beginning about 500 years, then Muhammad's Islam about 700 years after that. War after war followed the course of these Abrahamic religions, each claiming a Book said to be the unique and only Word of God yet each Book was different. God seems tired of the Abrahamic religious abuse of spiritual knowledge and truth about God and what God wants from human beings.


The Abrahamic Showdown in the Holy Land


The Holy Land is where all three Abrahamic religions are in conflict. Since it is actually the fundamentalists in each Abrahamic religion who control the fate of those religions, cooperative resolution of the I-P Conflict is impossible. Fundamentalist Jews against fundamentalist Muslims and Christian with fundamentalist Evangelical Christians in America supporting the fundamentalist Zionist Jews running their racist ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestinians. Until Abrahamic religions themselves are exposed as religious frauds, there will be no peace in the Middle East.


A Test for Humanity


God has set the Holy Land as a Test for Humanity to learn how two or more differing ethnic groups can share the same land together and live in peace and harmony. There are many areas in the world where such territorial conflicts exist and they all need a Model of (Non-violent) Unification. That model will come out of resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The Holy Land cannot be divided and still be called a holy and sacred land, not when it is physically partitioned in unequal parts and continually fought over by warring religious, ethnic, or nationalist groups. The Holy Land cannot be owned by anyone but God if it is to a real Holy Land and not just a tourist attraction name given a sort of ungodly Jewish Theme Park created by current invaders and occupiers.

Israel must be treated exactly the way Apartheid South Afrika was overthrown: Economic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions by world governments, plus constant pressure on the UN to redress the Palestinian Partition of 1948 to allow Palestinian national sovereignty that can never come about as long as racist Israel controls the whole of former Palestine. Israelis are proven race war proponents. Being nationalized pathological grandiose narcissists they have no empathy for Palestinians in their way of total occupation and absorption of Palestine to remake it all Jewish Israel. As such pathological narcissists always do, they will lie and connive all the way through in order to achieve their  goal. This is what Israel always does, only getting away with it because of Big Brother America's uncritical support of this racist regime.


Without America as Israel's tethered cash cow and weapons supplier, Israel would crumble


Israel existence is being financed by American money, public tax money and private investment - - and all of it is going for the Zionist pathological grandiose narcissistic goal of attempting a restore a grand Jewish religious mythical past, one that never existed outside of Stories written in the Jewish Bible. The Joshua genocidal Hebrew race wars against Canaanites was pure political propaganda, never happened as such, thank God, but as part of the non-historical Jewish Myths of Origin, it has become the Model for modern Israelis to emulate and follow. Modern Israelis are again warring against Canaanites, called Arab Palestinians this time around.


Greater Israel, the sick and twisted grandiose narcissistic Zionist wet dream


Israel's policy since Jewish colonists were gifted over half of Palestine in the Palestinian Partition in 1948 was one of claiming all of the Holy Land for themselves and then persistently trying to ethnically cleanse and destroy Palestine and Palestinian society. In a pathologically bizarre territorial fantasy, Zionists want to "re"create "Greater Israel", the Jewish grandiose narcissistic mythical past, their Dream Kingdom of King David and Solomon that never was. Ancient Hebrews, living as sheep and goat herding nomads in tents and their land without the vast rivers and fertile floodplains of their powerful neighbors in Mesopotamia and Egypt which gave these civilizations food to support large populations and large armies, could only fantasize about a powerful Jewish Kingdom, David and Solomon's Greater Israel. But it could and did only existed as a literary creation, the characters and events never being real. So they doubled down counting on time and Rome's created Pauline Christians to block any authenticating of the historical record according to the Jewish Bible. Muhammad, of course, had to do the same thing since his religion, like Pauline Christianity, also plagiarized the Jewish Bible.

Writing their Word of God lies about a Jewish Super State that in our modern times only uneducated Evangelicals take seriously as real history. Educated people relying on historical science know better. Some have read the work of Israeli archeologists who have discovered the historical truth of why nobody can find any traces of the supposed "Greater Israel", can find no historical traces of the Exodus, no traces of a King David or Solomon, no traces of Solomon's Temple, no traces of Hebrews in fact until after 700 B.C. with the fictitious events of "Hebrews" being actually composed around 500 to 300 B.C. Judah priests relied on the fact the events they created couldn't be disproved by Egyptian or Canaanite priesthoods because those priesthoods were long gone and there was no real historical science then.

Judah priests were the first Hollywood Script writers. They created a Jewish history that never was but now modern Israelis want to make the Middle East and the whole world believe their Jewish myths of origin are real history, a subterfuge being helped along by Evangelicals in America who have become ardent Zionist supporters. Muslims who should know better are themselves loathe to really question Hebrew mythology because Muhammad plagiarized it, using it as Word of God foundation for his own pathological grandiose narcissistic world domination goals in his Book, the Quran.


In order to keep themselves and the public ignorant of the real history of Jews Abrahamic religious leaders stick together


even when opposing each other in war. Their religions are based on pathological grandiose narcissism so they think themselves invulnerable to historical truth. And nations let them, universities let them, so many jobs at stack, who wants to rock the boat? And in this way the present historic war between Abrahamic religionists is allowed to flourish because Judaism, Pauline Christianity and Muhammad's Islam need the phony Word of God Stories to be believed to serve as foundations for each religion's pathological grandidose aggrandizement goals for the future. To stop the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict the Abrahamic religions themselves must be exposed as pathological theologies that never were about serving God so much as being about self-serving narcissists using God as cover to build religious empires, the desire for all of Canaan/Palestine for Zionist Jews, remaking the whole world for Pauline Christians and Muslims following Muhammad.


Without addressing the grandiose narcissistic pathology inherent in Abrahamic faiths, peace can never be achieved in the Holy Land.


Nothing has changed in the Jewish Zionist religious goal that requires race war to accomplish nor will it until the pathological grandiose narcissism core of Zionism is exposed and treated as the socially diseased mentality that it is. Zionism is an evil theology, pure and simple, because it is based on falsified history being used to justify a purely racially-motivated attack on Arab Palestinians. Zionism must be identified for what it is: a racist pathological grandiose narcissism in nation-state form. But American Evangelicals and Palestinian Muslims are enabling the situation as well, so they too must be stood to the test of religious war-mongering and unacceptable social conflict instigation.

With millions of believers in the Jewish Bible myths still running the world in 2022, we get no resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict because the main participants are being allowed to have ancient religious propaganda dictate modern Palestine's fate. People are dying again in the Holy Land by the thousands in a protracted race war because no one in authority is paying attention to the culturally and nationalistically entrenched Abrahamic pathological grandiose narcissistic religious dinosaurs still capable of ruling modern events instead of rationality and common sense. Who will stand up to them?

Mass Protest at the United Nations


We must Protest, Protest, and Protest more at the United Nation's stupendous historical and moral Error - - the infliction of a demonstrably pathological grandiose narcissistic, racist and territorially aggressive European Jewish colony smack in the middle of Middle East Arab nations, a catastrophe that has never been adequately addressed by the United Nations that created it. Zionism is the anti-Semitic racist Jewish Supremacy ideology which seeks to eliminate a whole ethnic population, Semitic Arab Palestinians and steal their land. Zionist Jews, in order to satisfy Judaism's inherent pathological grandiose narcissistic claims to Palestine, parade a completely false ancient Israel and European past for European Jewish converts who have no historical and no real genetic ties to ancient Israel. The world and UN allowed them this ruse because they felt sorry for European Jews who perished in the WW II Jewish holocaust. But it was actually European and European-American racist disregard for the Arab Palestinian peoples that allowed the horrible Partition of Palestine and the establishment of Israel, a proven rogue, international law-breaking race war conducting colonial government that continues the Zionist con-game that Israelis will ever cooperate with Palestinians they want to remove to take their land.

Pretending to be "Semites" European Jews are fooling the world and getting away with it because American Christians and Muslims everywhere will not address the historical lies that Zionism rests on as well as all three Abrahamic religious foundations. But genetic science, not from Jewish geneticists who are also falsifying genetic science to promote the Zionist fantasy but from unbiased Gentile genetic labs confirm the European Jewish claim to direct genetic ties to ancient Israel is wishful thinking, not genetic science. The scientific genetic truth is Ashkenazim Jews and Sephardic ones as well, are all Jewish Convert Descendants, none with direct ancestry to Palestine. Ironically, it is the Palestinians themselves who carry the authentic ancient Jewish ancestry, not the European Jewish convert colonizers. Jewish cries of "anti-Semitism" are all Orwellian Double Speak where the exact opposite is actually true. Israeli Jews attack true Semitic peoples, the Arab Palestinians. I am of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic heritage and had my DNA analyzed that showed lot's of Ashkenazim ancestry from all over Europe, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovakia, Austria-Hungary, but stopped at Uzbekistan in the direction of Palestine. Uzbekistan is in the heart of the old Khazar Kingdom that converted to Judaism in the 7th century in order to escape war with Christian and Muslim armies. My Sephardic heritage also doesn't show any Palestinian connection, only ancestry from North African Jewish communities in Libya and Tunisia. Ashkenazim have zero historical claim to Israel and so do most Sephardim who come from places that converted to Judaism long ago. Only Palestinian Jews who have never moved away have a real Right of Return to Palestine. All the others are of forged ancestry.


Repeal the Partition of Palestine


We need to confront the U.N. with scientific evidence of Zionist misinformation campaign on selling European Jews as "Semites" with ancestral ties to ancient Israel. We need to confront the United Nations General Assembly with professional psychologist assessment of nationalized grandiose narcissism in the continuing Zionist invasion and takeover of Palestine. We need to show how Israeli narcissistic pathology is present in all their narcissistic rage operations targeting Palestinian civilians. It demonstrates the characteristic narcissist signature of complete lack of empathy for anyone standing in their way. Demand U.N. accountability for installing a pathological religious group upon innocent Palestinians when the U.N. created Israel by eliminating more than half of Palestine in 1948. The U.N. is the responsible party that created the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and they need to know it and they need to do something about it to end the calamity they caused to the whole Middle East oil-rich region that affects the whole world.


Support a Single Democratic State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Do not support any Two-State solution. The Two-State solution just cements the crime of the UN establishing a Jewish Supremacy nation while destroying any Palestinian cohesive nationalization efforts with Gaza and the West Bank completely separated, Palestine cut in two. Support only a Democratic Single State solution that creates safe and secure Jewish, Christian and Muslim Palestinian communities within a single nation and does not create two separate nation-states fundamentally at religious war with each other.* Anything less guarantees future conflict. Zionist Judaism isn't the only Abrahamic religion based on pathological grandiose narcissistic claims. Pauline Christianity and Muhammad's Islam both rest upon the irrational idea one man has been given all the answers. This perversion of spiritual truth in all three Abrahamic faiths must be faced by all 21st Century peoples still enthralled by religious beliefs that historically been the root causes of immense social carnage - - hundreds of years of religious warfare and wars of religiously inspired colonial conquest killing millions of human beings in that process with no end in sight.

The secular versions of pathological grandiose narcissism in political state form were seen in the Communist and Nazi regimes that killed tens of millions of people. Every year produces a new crop of grandiose narcissists in conflict countries who are willing to use any means necessary to attain power. Until pathological grandiose narcissism becomes recognized as the social disease and the primary root of violent aggression in individuals and in national states there will be no peace. We cannot allow narcissists to use people for their selfish ends and this policy must include narcissistic behaving political states.

* See the Canaan Peace Plan.