The Fatal Flaws of Abrahamic Religions

Lying, Narcissism, Idolatry, & Racism


The Bible was history's first Fake News Channel

Religious authority based on historical lying is spiritually worthless


Judaism's rabbinical authority rests on a chain of religious lying by past rabbis and beginning with ancient priests of Judah, the ones who first wrote the Torah/Tanakh's myths of origin about ancient Israelites and Hebrews. Israeli archaeologists and historians have debunked these tall tales but they still are being used as institutionalized "history" upon which to base rabbinical authority. There was no Adam and Eve, no Noah and The Flood, No Abraham and Sarah, no Moses and the Exodus, no mighty kingdoms of David and Solomon, none of it anything more than ancient Judah priests creating a religious nation based on militant monotheistic replacement of polytheistic Hebrew worship. These ancient priests reworked still older pagan myths of their immediate neighbors, Egypt, Canaan, Mesopotamia, and ones farther away, like the Iranians and Brahmins. They eliminated multiple gods and inserted their own tribal god in their monotheistic war to overthrow polytheism. But in Judah's renditions and makeovers, the old pagan gods and ideas still can be found despite the monotheistic overlay. It makes Judaism's foundation not spiritual at all, purely political expediency in order to found a nation.

Pauline Christianity's still mysterious beginnings are also bogus "history", a Gentile Roman Empire serving pacifist religion meant to pacify Palestinian Jews that also could serve the Roman Empire in governing its citizens when public interest in the old polytheistic gods began to wane. Jews can easily see Rome's hand in crafting a "Jewish Messiah" whose legend completely obliterates Judaism's religious authority as it paganized the likely real story of Yeishu ben Pantera, a charismatic Jewish mystic and healer whose unauthorized teachings and activity came under fire from rabbinical authority and was killed for heresy. The Jewish way, he was stoned to death and his body hung in a tree. This guy's bio and yes indeed, rebellion against rabbinical authority's inability to really forgive a person's sins got reworked by unknown authors into a thoroughly paganized Jewish prophet, one born from a god mating with a human woman and birthing a demigod with super powers, one who preached breaking the Torah's Commandment not to make anything or anyone on Earth an idol as is the Jewish view of Father and Son relationship of Jesus Christ to God, one preached non-violence and friendship with Palestinian Jews' sworn enemies, Roman Centurions, the fellows who crucified thousands of Jewish resisters, many of whom bore the Hebrew name the New Testament spells "Jesus".

But still, the Gospels were packed full of Humanitarian instructions and that's why God let all the Romanized junk get a pass. Pauline Christianity still had an important Messianic Message to deliver which authentic believers still try to do: instilling Empathy for the Other Guy, teaching Forgiveness of Sin and the Golden Rule, universal spiritual teachings going beyond anything taught previously in Jewish religious tradition. But Paul, or more accurately, the "Pauls" stepped in and co-opted Jesus' rebellion against undeserved authority, Jewish for Yeishu, Roman and Jewish for Jesus Christ. Paul was Rome's man, it was Paul who literally commanded Christians kow-tow to Roman authority or face God's condemnation. This busted Jesus' whole glorious Sacrifice in order to defeat unworthy Authority. Insisting on historical status for the New Testament Gospels and their portrayal of Jesus Christ though dooms Pauline Christianity to its End Times when Christians find out blind faith belief in religious story-telling doesn't work in modern times where the science of history does extremely little to back up NT mythology.

Muhammad's Islam also is vulnerable to historical discovery as well as critical thinking and higher education. Poor Muslims are stuck fighting old religious turf battles between competing Christian sects within a time of conquering Arab armies. That who "Allah has no partners" business comes from these specific theological conflicts as does the Quran's insistence on Jesus faking death on the cross, that stemming directly from a Gnostic Gospel circulating at that particular time as part of the theological battle. The Quran's literary beginning is actually as mysterious as the New Testament Gospels but Muslims are taught there is an unbroken chain of evidence supporting the validity of the Quran. There isn't and sooner or later intellectual Muslims will have to face that fact. But Muhammad's Islam is as doomed as unquestioned Authority as is Judaism and Pauline Christianity. When the foundational Stories are revealed by historical science to be fabrications sold as "real history", well, there goes the ballgame. Only fanatics and uneducated will give Muhammad and the Quran their undivided loyalty. Others who think critically will move on.




Let's look the organized religion problem in the eye and see neurotic, even psychotic human behavior being glorified and given free reign to screw up every society where they've been allowed to rule. If organized religions were held to human standards of acceptable behavior we quickly see the Abrahamic religions are products of pathological narcissism. Take Judaism for example. We Jews supposedly virtually own God. It's our God, our HaShem, not yours. God loves us, not your kind. But being narcissists to the max, we don't even care about God as it's being JEWISH that matters. That's why atheist Jews are just as welcome as devout Jews in Jewish society. But not you Gentiles until you let us create Israel and let us into the banking world as equals. But facts are facts. Judaism is a racist religion. Pauline Christians won't tell you that because they count themselves heirs, (read supplanters) of Judaism and besides, Pauline Christianity's narcissistic-based racism has been far, far worse as history records how European Christians treated other races everywhere they invaded and stole non-European lands and wiped out the indigenous peoples. Muslims don't escape the charges of narcissism and racism. Without Muslim help in the African slave trade there wouldn't have been slaves in America. No Civil War.

Muslims have adopted this bizarre pathological grandiose narcissistic  idea one man on earth can dictate all religious and social beliefs for everyone else. And millions of Muslims, brainwashing themselves five times a day/seven days a week with only Muhammad's words telling them how to think, believe this is possible. In the 21st Century they believe one ancient man holds all significant information about God and everything important. While touting color blindness in Muhammad's Islam as proof of lack of racism Muslims fail to see the cultural racist imperialism of their religion. Muslims evidently think everyone must know Arabic and Arabic cultural values of Muhammad's time of fourteen centuries ago. Adhering to these ancient doctrines only insures Muslim believers will be continually at odds with modern social values and needs. Sadly, it's not the just the Abrahamics who keep the world at religious war somewhere in every year, every century. Every organized religion is failing to keep the peace. They claim God's blessing or a Buddha Mind but you just don't see it stopping religious believers from being at each other's throats as each organized religion takes its turn at collective religious pathological grandiose narcissism and social dysfunction.




It's ironic but true that Abrahamic religions with their railing against the worship of idols throughout their texts have themselves created more mass idol worship than any previous forms of pagan idolatry. It's just that the Abrahamic idols are not made of wood or stone, they're scrolls and books made of papyrus, parchment, paper and ink. But these scrolls and books with little black markings set in rows have the same power as all idols do; they're man-made Things standing as Spiritual Authority over human minds and the way people act towards each other. The telltale sign is the idol's ability to stop critical thinking in believers in God and then always, the Taboo, the idol's absolute demand no critical review of the idol's commands ever takes place. Exploiting the human need for authority organized religious priesthoods have created idol worship in its worst form because of being hidden and unrecognized within Scriptures. Nonetheless, organized religions have stopped or greatly hindered social progress towards peaceful coexistence of ethnic communities for thousands of years with believers mesmerized by their idols in Word of God form.




Judaism's blanket racism against Gentiles goes virtually unnoticed by Pauline Christian believers as their fundamentalist beliefs are tied to the Jewish biblical epic. But Judaism's racist beliefs against Gentiles or all non-Jews that is promoted within the Torah, Tanakh, Talmud scriptures are really no different from other forms of blanket racism like white supremacy's blanket racism against all non-whites.

Pauline Christianity should be free of racist attitudes one would think judging by the universal acceptance of all believers in Christ but as the religion was formulated and made a state religion in Rome it took Semitic Palestinian religious beliefs and white-washed them literally, remaking darker-skinned Palestinian Jews, especially Jesus, into a proper white European. Darker skinned Jews were edited out of formative Pauline Christianity, never to return it would seem as modern Israel resurrected Judaism's inherent ancient racial prejudice against Arabs. European Jews organized Zionism as their race war ideology to destroy Palestine identity and drive Palestinians from their homeland by force of arms and constant psychological torture of living in a dysfunction Palestinian society.

Muhammad's Islam claims to be free of racial prejudice because it accepts believers of all ethnic groups but what Muslims do not understand is that racism can be cultural prejudice and not just skin color bias. Muhammad's Islam seeks to impose 14th Century Arab language and culture on all Muslim believers and that is cultural racism, the attempt to destroy other ethnic languages and cultures so that Muhammad's Arabic one rules all. Why on earth should all people talk or think the same way as if we were all ants or bees all dressed alike with no individual identities allowed in our vast variety of human communities and cultures? Yes, universal agreement on peace, prosperity, universal rights and caretakership of Earth, but must we all speak and think like one ancient Arab leader long dead in his grave? Only Islamic idol worship keeps Muslims mesmerized by their Qurans from seeing the rational truth of placing all Authority in one man the one man's Arabic cultural ideas of human society composed of thousands of different ethnic and religious communities.