End the Abrahamic

Reign of Terror


2000 Years of non-stop Abrahamic War against

Non-Abrahamic religious believers

Each Other







Human Rights



Each Abrahamic faith seems to trade off through the centuries in contributing their share of bloody and thoroughly unnecessary social conflicts and wars in most every nation where they gain political control. Since Communism failed to transform the societies that embraced it it is no longer a serious ideological threat in the world today. Even Communist China has been forced to use capitalistic means to stay functional in the 21st Century and North Korea is a dinosaur joke of a Communist police state. With Nazism and Soviet Communism gone in Europe except for the current authoritarian fascist salute by European populists and American extremists in the GOP, our main threat to world peace in the 21st Century is consistently found in the Israel/Palestinian Conflict that exposes the way Abrahamic religious warfare creates needless wars, needless deaths, needless misery to millions by pitting Abrahamic religious believers against each other. Here's why this religious warfare happens: Pathological Grandiose Narcissism transmitted to believers through each Abrahamic religious text claiming absolute religious authority. They can't be each correct so they war against each other to "prove" who's right or more accurately, who's got the political and/or military power to force others to kneel to their authority.

In our world pathological grandiose narcissism is often rewarded in politics and finance with many leaders made for their ruthless roles because of possessing psychologically unbalanced mentalities. Dominated by male territorial battling gone psychopathic, grandiose narcissists turn humanity against humanity and thus foster and spread anti-social and inhumane treatment of people, especially ones that lack political power to defend themselves. For three primary examples point out the 20th Century's militant movements, Communism and Nazism, and then focus on the 2500 years of intermittent Abrahamic religious territorial wars.

Each one, Judaism, Pauline Christianity, Muhammad's Islam, is based on grandiose narcissism in theological form and each one has been promoting for millinnia a foundational pathological narcissistic social model for their followers to blindly accept or face a spectrum of unpleasant consequences for refusal to conform.




It's Grandiose claim is that one tribal group out of all peoples on earth virtually own God by exclusive claim to define who and what God is as well as to have God's special attention, love, and duty. The Book they wrote themselves proves it in grandiose narcissistic narrative. Exclusive claim to God is matched by blanket racial prejudice placing Jews above intermingling with non-Jews who are considered and to be treated as lesser human beings. Old Testament religious racism has been fully resurrected in modern Israel with Jewish hatred of Arab Amalek has been transposed to Israeli hatred of Arab Palestinians. Palestinians are made victims of Jewish grandiose narcissistic apartheid colonialization, repeating most all the European racist repression and annihilation of native peoples crimes against humanity in the six centuries long European colonial imperialist expansion in which Israel is the last example.


American Evangelical Christianity


American Evangelical "Christianity" is not really Christian at all as it consistently opposes applying the humanitarian teachings of Jesus Christ to all people as commanded by the Gospels. As an American mass movement it has consistently been at odds with America's democratic institutions demanding equality in governing social and political values and institutions. These people were always prone to use political force to insure their warped version of Pauline Christianity is America's Christianity when it thankfully never was. Not in the founding of our country and not in the 21st Century when Human Rights conflict with Evangelical grandiose narcissism that thinks America must kow-tow to their distorted Bible beliefs and only their beliefs. Giving lip-service but not really interested in following Jesus' teachings, they actually worship Mammon, wealthy people are like American Aristocracy to them, and they are not slow to take money when running for political office from corporate capitalists who delight in the stupidity of the Evangelical movement that never has really cared for the concerns of humanity or the health of the planet because all future vision for them is preparation for Heaven, Earth be damned, they don't care what happens to future generations. For them the Bible is their First Fake News Channel instilling ancient Jewish conspiracy theories, prejudices, phony historical events, and of course, pathological grandiose narcissism to be believed without question.


Muhammad's Islam


In terms of fanatical Abrahamic believer traditions, only Evangelicals pose more threat to democratic institutions than do followers of Muhammad. When in the minority in Western nations, Muslims behave as excellent citizens, but whenever and wherever they achieve majority status in their communities they begin to show their true colors which unfortunately include a willingness to violently impose Muhammad's Islam on everyone else. We in America see this happen in France where to criticize Muhammad brings violent retribution, Muslims willing to kill unbelievers who dare mock Muslim idol worship, supposedly religious men irrationally defending the reputation of their Idol, a man 1400 years dead in grave and far beyond any ability to feel insulted. Only narcissistic egotism of Muslim believers explains their willingness to use violence to defend slights to their Idol, their uncaring ego attachment to their religious leader, their inability to understand the simplest truth taught most all children in the West: "sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you." Without learning this wisdom, Muhammad's Islam produces mass pathological grandiose narcissists, some of whom are dangerously out of moral control.

Muslim idol worship of Muhammad, and by extension his book, the Quran, is actually a very primitive form of idol worship of the same kind seen for example when European Christian missionaries went into South Sea island native villages and accidentally or purposely knocked over Tiki idols causing the villagers to erupt in mob anger wanting to kill the violators of their sacred Idols. The recent Muslim attacks on the French cartoonists as of this writing is of similar primitive mob morality. Muhammad's Islam wants to make the whole world Muslim idol worshipers because that's what pathological grandiose narcissists desire with their insatiable appetites for self-aggrandizement and social control.

Without addressing Abrahamic pathological grandiose narcissism in each major Abrahamic religions, their mass movements create war and social disruption and corruption wherever they are allowed to gain political control. Separation of Church and State is absolutely necessary for ordinary citizens to gain protection of their fundamental human rights against the Abrahamic onslaught.


Hindus and Buddhists are not really any better


It seems organized religions, the big ones, are just not compatible with multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-religious community peaceful co-existence. Each religious community carries the pathological grandiose narcissistic claim to be The One and Only Truth which of course naturally produces intercommunity conflict. And wars. Even religions claiming to be peaceful such Buddhism fail to counter nationalized grandiose pathological narcissism when it counts.


Atheism isn't the answer


Atheistic militants, the dinosaur ones, the remaining Communists in China and North Korea, still exhibit the same pathological grandiose narcissist tendencies as do Abrahamic religions. Perhaps this was due to the most famous founder of militant socialism, Karl Marx, being Jewish, and thus recipient of a long tradition of pathological grandiose narcissistic religious belief. In any event, when atheists have achieved political control of their societies, e.g. the French Revolution where the heads of political opponents literally rolled off the guillotines, e.g. the USSR where millions of political opponents were sent to die in gulags, e.g., the Third Reich with Nazism a State religion with only token nods to Christianity and old Germanic pagan traditions where again millions of people were branded inferior human beings and sent off to die in concentration camps, e.g., North Korea where between periodic starvation and insane leaders citizens enjoy the irony of an Asian nation once Christianized turned into textbook pathological grandiose narcissism at the top. Spiritual, not religious, is the answer. It's actually the Gnostic Solitary Path that allows everyone his or her own unique relationship with God with no intermediaries necessary.


Abrahamic religions inflict Cultural Genocide

in every society they are given political power


Because each of the three main Abrahamic religions is based on territorial aggression we can be sure that whenever Judaism, or Pauline Christianity, or Muhammad's Islam is give opportunity to control a nation that nation will at some point try to expand its social and political territory by subverting the religious rights of others not of that particular faith. Judaism has always desired the land of Canaan and when given opportunity, first in by the Persian conqueror Cyrus in 539 B.C. releasing Jews to return to Jerusalem and re-establish fledgling Israel, then by America and the United Nations in 1948 in the Partition of Palestine that installed a fanatical colony of European Jewish convert descendants intent on obliterating Palestine and stealing all the land once given funding and weapons to do so by the obliging Evangelical Christian vote-controlled America used as Israel's cash cow. Two sets of Abrahamic nationalized narcissists teamed up together to subvert the U.N.'s own Protection of the Right of Self-determination mandate and use that newly formed world platform in order to allow the establishment of a European colony in the heart of the Middle East to control neighboring oil-rich Arab nations. One set were Evangelical Christians pushing their religious fantasy of Revelation's End Times that needed Israel to be historically re-established to make any religious sense at all.

The other set were European and American Jews seizing on European guilt for the European Jewish genocide by Hitler's Third Reich and seeing it as an opporunity to install Israel again by the racist rational that simply ignored the fact that Palestine was already inhabited by millions of Arab Palestinians. The world has allowed Palestinians and Palestinian society to be targeted for genocide because the U.N. does nothing to correct their horrible human rights violating error in establishing an aggressive religious racist colony in Palestine that was nothing but bad news from the start for Palestinians. But Palestine continually shoots its own self-determination efforts in the foot by allowing another set of Abrahamic cultural genociders to have control of Palestinian defense, the Muslim Hamas, who already clearly show their propensity for making war on Palestinian Christians as well as Israeli Jews once they achieve political power. This is how it will play out if the world allows these Abrahamic religionists to gain political control. European (White) Colonial Christians, Middle East Muslims, Jewish Zionists, Christian Right Republicans, they will inflict their religion's inherent cultural genocide agendas on every society they are allowed to gain political power.


Beware of Massing Abrahamic believers together


When their numbers are few compared to the religious believers of other faiths in any community, Abrahamic believers behave exemplary but when their numbers attain significant proportion to other faith believers, your Jewish community, your Evangelical community, your Muslim community will let their fundamentalist core beliefs surface which inevitably cause trouble because fundamentalist Abrahamic beliefs are just not acceptable in modern society. By facing backwards towards a fictitious past fundamentalist believers ignore this sociological truth and depend on the modern equivalent of mob rule, the social internet vendors, Facebook, Twitter, etc, to incite emotional commitment to fundamentalist violence and perversion of justice and truth to serve religious and secular lies and liars. Massing promotes fundamentalist core beliefs to attain prominence because the fundamentalist core believers are much more aggressive than moderate believers, always have been. It is they who start religious wars.

Jewish massing occurs in Israel and as per wisdom of above fundamentalist Judaism has been allowed to show its ugly, racist, intolerant, theology. Where Islam is the State religion we also see Abrahamic fundamentalist intolerance, e.g., Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, all showing the primitive anti-human rights inherent in Abrahamic fundamental religious core beliefs. Massing brings out the worst in religious or secular beliefs, another reason why churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples, never unite communities, their differing theologies and religious cultures only act to separate and divide their communities.