End Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity


Neuter male aggression in religious form to neutralize social violence


It is men who commit most crimes. And it is primarily men who engage in war. The statistics consistently show overwhelming evidence of social conflict, crimes and warfare, to be primarily a male problem. In our hunting and gathering past before developing agriculture and cities, males, being usually taller and with more upper body strength naturally fit into the hunting and gathering lifestyle's aggressive hunting behavior but that was for the hunt, not for the village. Women were recognized as natural buffers to offset male aggression and maintaining strong family ties was considered more important than making of war which more often than not was more ritualistic in performance than violently murderous. Village raiding parties were a norm though because through rape and child kidnapping these communities of human beings spread widely apart avoided in-breeding. This is how warfare came right along with humanity's advancing to "civilized" life.

City life elevated male aggression to new levels because now armies of men could be formed, masses of grain-fed men armed with more lethal weaponry like war horses and chariots, compound bows, organized battle strategies. Army commanders were made who saw with their legions behind them a natural opportunity for taking kingship positions and thus the Strong Man became the model of male dominated society. Only where worship of the Divine Feminine was the citizens' State-sanctioned religion and where Queens ruled did constant male warfare end. But even then as now, aggressive masculine behavior in women produced some societies ruled by women as fierce and violent as men. Royal families behaved then as now much like Mafia families where murderous succession plots were the norm. Queen Elizabeth I exemplifies this type as did Catherine the Great. Democracies toned down the ruthlessness but it always lurks there in ambitious women who know they must act like men to succeed in a male testosterone dominated world.


The Messianic Biomystical Code offsets aggressive Male behavior


The Bible does contain a "biomystical" code that actually addresses the source of male aggressive behavior: testosterone. I discovered this or more accurately, was led by God to find this biological pattern existing within Bible family stories starting off with Adam. In the normal course of genetic transmission in human beings, it is the firstborn child who receives the greater mental and physical ability which is why kingship or the family farm was inherited by the firstborn children in most societies, a rule still in force in many places. But in the Bible stories, it is often the last born child who receives God's blessing while the firstborn's life is cursed with failure. The Cain and Abel story starts this trend where Cain, Adam's firstborn son proves himself a murderer and is exiled for life, a cursed man.

When you've read the Biomystical Code section within my Original Biomystical Religious Experience report you will find that my Biomystical Christian theology holds that there is a pattern found in the Bible that relates directly to Alpha male rulership. In the Bible one finds a repeated theme of the oldest son being rejected as the spiritual inheritor in favor of the youngest son, a pattern that goes directly against the common wisdom that the firstborn is usually more capable than the later ones and the one who usually inherits the father's wealth and lands. Cain is rejected while younger Abel is chosen by God, Esau, firstborn twin, is rejected while second twin Jacob tricks his older brother and steals his inheritance, Moses, younger brother to Miriam leads the Habiru, giving them a new religious nationalism, David, a youngest son adopted by Saul becomes the Second King of the Israelites while Saul's firstborn son Jonathan is killed in battle. And all the while God gives commandments to the Hebrews to make sure the Least ones of the community are taken care of, the widows and orphans, the diseased and the ones possessed by demons, the ones in prison, and the strangers at the gate. Jesus says "the First shall be Last and the last shall be first" and that those who would rule must learn to serve and he makes the example of washing the feet of one of his disciples: a Sage King willing to humble himself in order to serve humanity as God desires. All this is contrary to biology or is it?

Biological fact is that the eldest of siblings usually does have more genetic and acquired abilities than those siblings who follow. The first child receives the most attention usually which also contributes to greater statistical evidence of firstborns being overly represented in leadership positions. So why does God pick the last to be first? Why does God send us a story of a firstborn Son, a man called the "Messiah", the "Son of God", "King of the Jews" and "King of Kings", a spiritual Alpha with spiritual powers above all other Avatars from God, an undisputed Alpha Male of highest power, the single most powerful individual influencing the course of Western Civilization for 2000 years, why does God kill this firstborn man Jesus and how did it work that Jesus' death overthrew the selfish tyrant Alpha leadership model and released the Spirit of Christ felt by billions now throughout the world?

God did it all by making Jesus into a hypnotic trigger, an Icon of icons, who's symbolic meaning when internalized, i.e.,. when thoroughly understood and accepted as part of one's own belief system, is capable of "short-circuiting" the otherwise self-centered and often mean-spirited tough Alpha male behavioral pattern found universally in leaders of nations, corporations, and the whole hierarchical sub-system of social organization. In Jesus, God gives all, males and females alike, an Alpha male model who reverses the usual Alpha male modus operandi. In Jesus' confrontation with established Roman Alpha authority in Pilate, Jesus doesn't play the Alpha male battle game in its trial setting--he refuses to defend himself and meekly goes to his execution. In the story, one is led to believe Jesus could have seized temporal power but refuses to do so, even if it means his death. He claims his victory in the spirit world and that victory is so great it spreads out from Jerusalem to all lands of earth. Jesus, as Alpha loser in man's world ends up winning so successfully future alpha rulers must acknowledge his divine rulership or find themselves ousted from social power positions in a world where Christianity rules.

It is unfortunate for all that Rome seized the Messianic Message and virtually nullified it through's Paul's overriding influence that reduced Jesus' radical respect for women to empty words, Christian societies promoting all male governing for centuries until finally secular democratic demand by women overthrew legal female exclusion from governing positions. Still, women today lag far behind men in positions of social authority and responsibility. This is another legacy from Abrahamic religions ruling societies for millennia, time enough to instill a lasting cultural war on the Divine Feminine and full elimination of female authority in government that begins in the family. Until the Divine Feminine is re-established in cultural spiritual consciousness, men will fight to retain control of everything important and women will suffer the consequences as will all minority groups lacking Abrahamic religious backing. Only overthrow of Abrahamic patriarchy will end female exclusion from top positions of social responsibility. Let's make that happen.