End NpN

Nationalized pathological Narcissism

Because it is the Number One Cause of all Wars and Social Conflict




What is "NpN", "Nationalized pathological Narcissism"? It is collective pathological grandiose narcissism taken to national level, i.e. it is the same pathological behavioral characteristics that a pathological grandiose narcissistic individual displays but in mass form. The Republican Party's advocacy of Donald Trump and Trump's political agenda offer Americans a prime example of Nationalized Narcissism. Donald Trump leads MAGA, his grassroots political organization which also displays the same arrogant misinformed mindset that claims leadership of the number one country in the world, a country known for championing Democracy. Nationalized narcissists will use any means to get their way including scrapping democracy when it no longer supports their efforts to install an autocrat waving the Bible in one hand and a Big Gun in the other along with authoritarian rule to replace democracy and punish critics and sane people as enemies of the State.


Pathological Grandiose Narcissists spawn Nationalized Narcissism

Pathological grandiose narcissists lead every criminal gang

They lead every invasion and takeover of another people's land

Their followers become their clones infected with the same social disease


Look at the historical record and see that almost every war was started as the result of someone's or some nation's aggression coming as a direct result of believing themselves and their way of life superior to any and all the people in their way of ambition to conquer and control other people's lives and land. When I first wrote the following words Hitler and Stalin were the last pathological grandiose narcissists in Europe causing millions of death, each one convinced they themselves and their political ideology was the Only One people needed to believe in. But at this time Russia's leader Putin also shows himself growing into such a role. Around the world pathological grandiose narcissists have been given powerful positions making our current world a staging ground for civil wars against civil government as well as territorial wars, i.e., life where Nationalized Narcissism rules the land happening as usual. Which is the problem.


Civilized life has yet to recognize Nationalized pathological Narcissism as a Social Disease


Unless we take steps to first Recognize Nationalized pathological Narcissism as a dangerous social disease requiring preventive and curative treatment, we continue to make our nation a staging ground for nationalized narcissists to rise to power and form nationalized narcissistic groups, secular, religious, governmental, that promote social conflict, even civil war, because as pathological grandiose narcissists they consider themselves above the Law and above the People, above Science, above any authority but their own. And Jesus and the Bible of course here in America, land where in God we trust is written right there on the money. Unless we do the nationwide education work necessary to counter false claims such nationalized narcissistic groups heavily armed with lots of money promote in order to "win" every political battle, the whole country is in danger of another Civil War down the road. Clear heads are need NOW, not later, when violence erupts and all rational dialogue ends that happens in every war.



A Nationalized pathological Narcissism Social Disease Control Center

is needed Now, not later


One of Western Civilization's and America's biggest cultural legacies is inheriting Abrahamic religions that are themselves based on nationalized pathological grandiose narcissism. Judaism teaches Jews as one ethnic group in all the thousands of such ethnic groups that humanity has produced are alone Special to God. One People, the Jewish People, count as human beings, the rest are second rate, second-class Gentiles, unworthy of respect or social intercourse. With this pathological grandiose narcissistic arrogant, egotistical mindset as your ethnic cultural identity, what do you think happens when such a group finds themselves a small minority within nations where the very awful people their religion tells them not to associate with are the majority of the people? The historical results? Pogrom after Pogrom as pissed off Gentiles retaliate against Jewish pathological grandiose narcissism given ethnic expression that ends up hurting, killing Jews. And the kicker, Jewish pathological grandiose narcissism blinds Jews from identifying their real enemy as they continue to promote their ego protection anti-social science idea of Goyim as inherently and insanely anti-Jewish.


Christian Nationalism


In steps another pathological grandiose nationalized narcissistic group, Christian Nationalists, to support their own pathological grandiose narcissist religious idea of Jews returning to Israel based on New Testament Scripture, i.e., fictional "eye-witness accounts" of a demi-god, Jesus Christ, half God, half Man with super powers, the offspring of unseen Sky Father and earthly female as of pagan myths of old. This Story becomes a hard sell in modern times where historical science informs those with wisdom to hear that the New Testament, like the Old one, is pure Story-telling, certainly not historical reporting. Pathological grandiose narcissism in fundamentalist Christian form does not care. They Believe..truth be damned in the process.


Nationalized Jewish Narcissism welcomes Nationalized Christian Narcissism

United under the same racist European colonial ideological banner


Without any hesitation at all American Evangelical Christians abandon Palestinian Christians to join in supporting the very people who want Palestinians to vanish from Palestine, Palestine itself along with its indigenous Semitic population to vanish, its people to go elsewhere, anywhere but Israel, to be driven out by force when necessary, their lives to be made as miserable as possible if they stay. 74 years of this treatment and still Israel, land of Nationalized Narcissism in Zionist form, remains unpunished. Why? Because the world still does not recognize Nationalized Narcissism as a dangerous social disease that starts wars, that destroys nations, that kills people and harms them. Until Nationalized Narcissism is recognized, until its treated and cured, societies are vulnerable to enormous social conflict, even civil war.

The Israelis are only following Europe's 600 year colonial history where pathological grandiose narcissistic Europeans went everywhere around the globe imposing themselves and their way of life as superior by physically crushing indigenous cultures, wiping them out one way or another so that in end the end, European peoples control most of the physical world. America, the prime example of European takeover of non-European land, European-Americans rule the roost, non-European-Americans given second-class status, at least until around 2050 when non-European Americans become the majority of U.S. citizens. Oh Happy Day that will be! I tell you truthfully, we really must deal with collective pathological grandiose narcissism before it becomes a national problem, and deal with it now because it has become a national problem.


NpN Patriarchy is deathly afraid of the Divine Feminine


White Supremacy ideology was the basis of European colonial conquest as much as greed for land and wealth. As narcissists do NpN blinds itself to empathy for anyone in the way so White Supremacy was and is racist and sexist, welcoming only a token number of people of color and welcoming women only if they are willing to sell out their own kind and join the Good Ol' Boys as Darlings of the oppressors. The European colonists had their Pocahontas and the current GOP has a string of sell-outs in order to camouflage their racism and misogyny. But the Divine Feminine has Returned and Patriarchy is running scared.



Homo Sauri


In America, in Iran, in Afghanistan, Patriarchy's Homo Sauri, our human dinosaurs, are busily zealously attacking Women's Equal Rights and Human Rights protection. The Homo Sauri include all Republicans, moderate Democrats, Evangelical "Christians", the RCC despite Pope Francis' attempts to mitigate it's abuses, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis, militant Muslims, CIA, Mossad and all spy services, all Armed Services, the Super Rich, Big Oil, Wall Street, NRA, Mafia, Cartels, arms dealers and human traffickers. Here in America the Divine Feminine exerts HER power and influence in the likes of Congresswomen Alexandria Octavia Cortez and Ilhan Omar, uppity women GOP Homo Sauri would like to exterminate but cannot. Time is against them, the asteroid's right around the corner with the Tsunami of Human Rights Protection is right behind it. And a Homo Saurus can't fly..

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