Electric Flying Object

Carplane Company




Ok, it's not a Tesla but heck, it doesn't need roads. Small electric fan motors propel the carplane the same way a drone flies but with more motors within the carplane's lower body to make the carplane very maneuverable. With new lightweight and strong battery storage material now possible that can form the entire body the EFO, this electric vehicle can have a long operating range before needing recharging. Solar panels could be built into the top surfaces of the battery body for constant recharging. To come in various sizes, two-person, four person, or bus size, all of which helps get rid of need for roads and thus freeing up useful land. Also, Less accidents with more airspace to avoid collisions.

People have been accused of seeing these things for over 70 years. Maybe they were just seeing the future. Anyway, order yours now and beat the rush. EFO sales won't make me another billionaire bozo because the company's employee owned and managed. Everyone gets their Fair Share. It's the Communitarian Way.