Democratize the United Nations

to Strengthen it


By instituting full democratic representation and Majority Rule of the General Council in U.N. decision-making that must be done in order to

Overthrow U.N. Security Council Minority Rule


The United Nations is kept weak on purpose by the major powers through their control of the UN Security Council. These powerful nations, the U.S. Russia, China, India, United Kingdom-North Ireland make sure the UN is kept virtually toothless to keep the UN from interfering with these powerful states' periodic nefarious plans, ones that keep the world constantly dealing with wars. They go unchecked by world citizenry because the UN bylaws ensure the big powerful nations keep control of United Nations ability to act as an international governmental organization with legal jurisdiction and ability to enforce international laws. We must Democratize the Security Council so that all nations are represented equally no matter what their population size. One nation, one vote.

Everyone has a stake in keeping the world from war and in keeping everyone safe from diseases or environmental degradation due to crisis like Global Warming that ignores national borders. Only by uniting together as One Global Nation, a real uniting of all the nations on Earth will we achieve Peace and security from continuous warfare and injustices that presently follows our world community without world government.


Many United Nations


Every nation would benefit from following a fully Democratized United Nations Constitutional Model of Government, especially one that includes the United Nations Declaration of Protection of Human Rights. I urge every nation of significant size form United Nation Model of government. If they don't, they risk continuous turmoil from ethnic, religious, racial, and political conflict that can only be resolved by full democracy at national levels.


A United Nations of America

A United Nations of Canada

A United Nations of Mexico

A United Nations of Central America

A United Nations of South America

A United Nations of Europe

A United Nations of Russia

A United Nations of the Middle East

A United Nations of Africa

A United Nations of India

A United Nations of China

A United Nations of Australia