My Communitarian Journey


My head hurts..


Below are chapter and page links to the new community visions I've had beginning in 1968 with the first Communiversity proposal and continuing on through the years working with communitarians and tribal people, working to bring these projects into being with varying degrees of success and failure over my 50+ years span as a social change and environmental protection activist. Expect unavoidable overlaps in this section with Communitarian Activism, Replenish the Earth and New Community Models topic pages.



bullet Eutopia or Bust
bullet Communiversities
bullet Lime Saddle Commune and Communities Magazine
bullet Communitarian Village Proposal
bullet Uncle Dad's Bread
bullet Communergy System
bullet World Community Land Trust Proposal
bullet Coupe de Ville
bullet South Fork Salmon Creek Land Trust
bullet California Kush Inc
bullet Religious Conversion Experience
bullet The Bridge
bullet Magnetic shoes and China
bullet First Prize winning legalization of Marijuana Essay
bullet Redwood Summer
bullet Sequoia County Initiative
bullet Gardenville
bullet Climax Corridors
bullet Sequoia County Museum
bullet E.P.I.C.
bullet Monterey Projects
bullet Divine Design Toy Company
bullet Tribal Truth Institute
bullet Headwaters and Heartlands
bullet Julia Butterfly
bullet Communikits
bullet The Paxcalibur Easter Miracle in Nazareth
bullet Heartlands Trust Company
bullet Evergreen
bullet Palco Community Corporation
bullet NACUA
bullet Pine Ridge
bullet Shamrock Eco-Community Plan
bullet Com-Cats
bullet Communergy Club