Use BDS, PR and Communitarian Socialist Replacement Strategy

 to change society


 You cannot use violence to achieve peace


Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions do work to overthrow bad governments. BDS brought down Apartheid South Afrika and BDS will bring down Israel despite Zionists desperate attempts to neutralize BDS with counter laws in countries where Zionist influence is strong, e.g., America. White Supremacy has always been America's civil problem as European colonization of non-European lands placed millions of these racist Europeans in America where they constantly attacked Native Americans while enslaving Africans to do most of the heavy work of creating civilization in the wilderness. Elsewhere throughout the European colonized world Europeans created racist governments for themselves, a situation that only Democracy for All could overcome, something fought against by racist white people tooth and nail.


The Partition of Palestine


1948 marked the last European racist colonization where native Arab Palestinians were driven out of their homes, farms and land by European Zionists. Zionism is the pathological grandiose narcissistic Jewish theology European Jewish convert descendants with zero historical ties to the Holy Land except conversion to Judaism somehow had a Right to remove native Palestinians from their homes and their land and take it for Jewish colonists to own and control - - by force that was provided Israelis by American money and weaponry always backing Israeli Jewish colonial racist regimes. Since the Trump phenomena anti-Arab racist right-wing American White Supremacists join with right-wing Israeli Zionists in promoting anti-Arab discrimination, in promoting criminalization of BDS campaigns in America, UK, Germany, and other countries sympathetic to Israel's anti-Semitic race war against Semitic Arab Palestinians.


Mammon will not Trump Humanitarian Concern


Bad actors in human rights violation always count on Big Money to keep their racist enterprises afloat by overwhelming host nations with publicity campaigns aimed at demonizing Palestinians and Islamic critics, especially Iranian ones, and keeping Israeli war crimes against humanity from being ever being prosecuted. This ploy is used by Zionists but it always fails when Truth about Palestine is allowed to be heard by audiences. So we must use Truth, historically researched and accurately presented to counter Zionist propaganda, along with BDS and positive PR, something Palestinians are dismally backward about just as they are about workable communitarian social organizing. We need to educate Pals and all Arabs about choices they could have where they think they have none at all. The Pals have the Good Cause and the Good Story. The Israelis have only chutzpah and their Nationalized Narcissism which are, truth be told, intrinsically vulnerable to public exposure.