Climax Society Characteristics




Climax Civilization is composed of Climax Communities: Climax Society is the unification of communities of human beings with the natural plant and animal communities of Life. Experimental Climax - -  humans take the lead as dominate climax species instead of trees and grasses - - making way for the New Climax Community Development.


Climax Civilization is the worldwide (Earth) society of climax communities (traditional and experimental) which are actively pursuing the establishment and maintenance of a stable world eco-system.


Climax Civilization is composed of both traditional and experimental climax communities and various transition stages in between.


A "Climax Community" is defined by watersheds those living with watersheds are members of the climax community*.

* See Biozones.


New World Destiny = Natural Civilization

(Columbus reaches the New World in 1942, this revelation 500 years later on Columbus Day, October 12, 1992.)


Climax Growth - - to seed other planets: Must have our trip together - - which is the harmonious maximization of each species potential. Every social eco-nitch is to be valued.


Good that there's more people: More people = more shit for plant growth - - more personal care. The catch is changing human lifestyles to climax ones - - low consumption - - less things, more personal action and involvement.


Climax Consciousness: validation of the '60's Hippies protest movement will come with legalization of dope. Generation Gap is really the drug gap - - Marijuana vs. Alcohol, nicotine. Cancer is the result of humanity's unconscious attempts at gene-manipulation by altering their environments and environmental factors.


Social Ethics: Strongest in pre-Columbian Native American, European Protestant nations, tribal Asian, Australian, Polynesian societies. Weakest in Catholic, Russian, Greek Orthodox European nations and in Muslim, Hindu, African states. These societies use unchecked bribery for their secondary economic systems and often violence in political office seeking. The Mafia too relies on these methods, as do all criminal syndicates. It is a carry-over from feudal times which in turn carried over warlord tribal organization that had been going on for thousands of years where agriculture had lifted tribal societies out of their hunting and gathering lifestyle and allowed chieftains to amass power and armies.


Self-determination: "Self-determination is the right of any community no matter how small provided they conform to the basic harmony of the whole in which the smaller community is a component part." --Jack Vance c

Self-determination is the right of any group, two-thirds of whom want to be an incorporated entity.


Highest Quality Life Environments: Goal of social change. Slows population growth, creates better environmental health conditions with biologically advanced technology (= pre Climax Technology terminology)


(This is interesting..1975-83 ideas, still in the news today)

Space Colonies model what we need on Earth to reduce resource consumption and heat generation in eco-communities = Climax Civilization. Micro-miniaturization of basic mfg processes. We don't need space colonies though. Human beings belong on earth. Our genome has evolved through billions of years on Earth, not Mars, not the Moon, not Space.


Major Goal of Humanity through coordinated international effort should be establishing an asteroid impact protection system - - look at all the impact craters on the moon and the planets and their moons - - species killers must be stopped or diverted.


Political Lessons from the 1960's: We tried to form Outer Peace and failed. When Outer Peace is denied - - Inner Peace is sought (the 1970's Personal Growth movement & end of the Left's dominance of the '60's political actions). Still, there is only one major reason for social change: To create Outer Peace (harmony, love, respect between all groups).

One major reason social change failed in America was because of the Left's Organizer/Career people co-opting the new extended family relationships of cooperative groups by playing old male dominance competition games for control of these New Age communal families. Political organizers are often the most aggressive and least sensitive people who excel at political planning and actions but who often fail miserably at establishing honest, sincerely committed relationships with the people they lead.


Communitarian really means family sharing: To have a strong, healthy society, you must have a strong family life - - and that takes time commitment, hours dedicated for family life each day.

Real Simple Social Systems want to make everyone everywhere healthy and happy. Who really wants anything else? Says Ariel the Philosopher: "I have been chosen by God, ok, Fate for you atheists, to be one of the ones to give comprehension and understanding to our complex times. Carry on accordingly."


Climax Comprehension and Understanding: "Simplify!, simplify!, simplify!" Enlightenment = Enlightenment, wealth = health & happiness, status = doing a good job well, love = family, friends, and neighbors, security = home, food, clothes, transportation, communications, long-term stability.


Climax Revolution: You comprehend and understand the system and your place in it by the acts of changing it. Why is that? Because by excepting the system status quo you automatically except your role as cog in its more or less inhumane machinery. You cannot consciously comprehend the system because you are in it as an integral part. Only by existing outside of the system as a radical element can you begin to comprehend the system because being outside the system allows you to see it. But seeing is not enough. It's no secret. The System's dangerous to you personally and to the whole environment. For family and species survival only mass social change will bring human security.


Climax Civilization - - The recycling of dysfunctional civilization towards Climax Civilization. When the time arrives when older climax or "primitive" lifestyles resume their attractiveness in many respects even to our "civilized" minds, then the time has come for the recycling of our current civilization.


Climax Civilization: Dynamic equilibrium in bio-social organization. A steady-state eco-civilization where changes occur over the long term in natural response to changes in the environment and our adaptive capabilities.


Climax Civilization: Until the human community is not different from or apart from the community of plants and animals.