Climax Christianity



My new personal relationship with Father Jesus has resulted in two separate religious ideologies that are not really separate at all, only the earlier one now becomes the foundation for the later one just like the Old Testament became the foundation for the New Testament.  Climax Christianity was the name I gave this upgrading in my Biomystical Christian theology but it wasn't to last. Climax Christianity had to give way and did to a superior spiritual revelation: The Christ Aquarius Revelation which forms the basis of Aquariana Christianity.

I guess that's the point of ladders--they take you to the top where you wished to go. Once there, if it is spiritual truth you find at the top, who would wish to climb back down? I know I don't.

I use the biological climax analogy for good reason in my theology because the biological definition of climax (ladder) establishes the truth of the final or climax stage as being one that is superior to the stages leading up to it because the final stage lasts and lasts and is not replaced until a natural event, often fire, sweeps the whole living community off the stage and the climax success pattern begins again--to establish a stable and self-perpetuating community. The stages leading up to the climax one are not stable in themselves so the ladder rung analogy of equal value to each rung is misleading--each rung conditions the development of the next, and so on, leading to the end result--the climax that is stable.


The End of Abraham


There is a well concealed catastrophic event that has befallen all the Abrahamic religions that most Abrahamic believers are quite unaware of--this is the rediscovery of the Abraham/Sarah=Brahma/Sarasvati connection that overthrows all the spiritual authority derived from worship of Abraham as the model of righteousness. When a polytheistic Vedic god claims to be a monotheistic believing "Hebrew" man surrendering to the will of another polytheistic God, (which EL was although it is hard to recognize EL the well-known to ancient Near East as the "Kindly One", a Source of goodness, in the god who demands the sacrifice of Abraham's son), then all bets are off spiritual authority-wise because of the absurdity of such a confusion of gods and goddesses. This is why the information I bring is needed to reestablish spiritual authority in the Christian tradition that is not derived from Abraham. To follow the teachings of spiritual leaders who derive their spiritual authority from Abraham is to be stuck on the lower rungs of spiritual awareness. See the End of Abraham chapter for more on this vital historical information to Abrahamic believers. This is the Age of Aquarius and it is time to move on up..


Climax Christianity brings us reason why the Garden of Eden produces Adam and Eve as First Man-First Woman Archetypes


The Garden of Eden is a Climax archetype of the Ideal Environment that produces intelligent Life, human beings, Homo sapiens. It takes a Garden of Eden environment where food was plentiful and predators few that allowed homo sapiens to Relax their guard and find time to Think and ponder their world, wonder at the starry Universe above and consider what it meant to be a human being within it.