Christ and Superman


The Spirit of Christ suffers in the Age of Pisces




Aquarius and the humanitarian Spirit of Christ is crushed by Leo the Tyrant Ruler in the Sign of Pisces



Love, marriage, family, are all out of the question for the Sun and Water-Air (=Clouds & Storm) God Jesus Christ in the Age of Pisces


The 1960's Cultural Revolution initiated a Spiritual Bridge

To the Age of Aquarius


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The stars our destination


Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock star, i.e., a stellar object, like a shooting star. Hollywood is filled with Stars and we should ask ourselves why are actors and actresses called that? Our attention is constantly being directed towards the Celestial Torah's Signs in the sky where the Humanitarian Archetype has been placed in the Sign of Aquarius.


Our American Flag filled with stars; it has more than any other national flag in the world.


That just has to mean something, right? I see heads shaking. I see readers laughing. I see future readers wondering what these ancient 21st century primitives were thinking..


Things are going to be different for the Spirit of Christ in the Age of Aquarius



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  Superman: America's Super-Christian Humanitarian Model       


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                                      Lois Lane as Wonder Woman and an Israeli Wonder Woman

(Jewish Hollywood won't promote a Palestinian Wonder Woman but maybe a future PALLYWOOD would)



Superman in the ten year long Smallville series on TV faced just about every moral issue possible. Superman models the Christ potential in us that will fulfill Jesus' prediction that we who follow him will have powers and abilities beyond even his, i.e., the powers of a Superman which to the ancients was the same thing as a god. Below Wonder Woman and Superman embrace. Even Lois Lane knows Superman's real mate must be another eternal being; she must be a goddess with super powers like his own.

The later Man of Steel movie Superman gets the formal instructions from his father, Jar-el, on his humanitarian Savior role in helping earth's people. This Superman is an only Savior Son of the House of EL saved by flight from exploding Krypton to Earth to save his people, now earthlings too since he's become one. He is age 30 to 33 in the movie, those being the sun god's winter solstice numbers. Superman's Krypton name is Cal-el and he is, like his father, a Son of EL from the House of EL, ("Beth-el"). Jarel in the movie is taken up by a tornado (whirlwind) as was Elijah.  "Cal-el", I like it, who wouldn't being a California native son and follower of Jesus Christ who followed EL Elyon, God Most High but while a tornado did threaten us intrepid wise acres on my Christ Josephine mission it didn't take me.



Superman is the physical embodiment of the Cardinal Signs

composing the Cheribim


* Superman has the inherent majesty and courage of a Lion (Leo), the ability to fly like an Eagle, (Scorpio), the strength of an ox, (Taurus) and the humanitarian concerns of a Man, (Aquarius).


* Superman = Christ Aquarius and the Archangel Michael combined.


* The Trickster is all through the Superman Smallville series. If problems aren't complex, you don't learn how to judge between right and wrong in real life situations.


* Superman reflects our 20th and 21st Century ideas of the Good Man, the Humanitarian Savior. Our ideas are not the same in every generation as our ethical awareness grows with increased knowledge.