The Celestial meaning

 of the Crucifixion



"Jesus died for our sins"


The saying wasn't about glorifying Jesus and using belief in him as a some sort of magic wand for escaping death. It was about exposing the inhumane behavior of human beings that seeks to kill the Good Man (or Woman) and protect the Terrorists, the Archons who govern through use of terror. It was an accusation against believers who let the Good be crucified under the cruelty of those who rule through use of terror of anyone who tries to buck the system and reinstitute Goodness as the prime directive from God Most High.

Pauline Christians have been bamboozled ever since Rome got their priesthood hands on the Christ Cult legend that developed from the healing work of Yeishu ben Pantera, the historical "Jesus Christ" of the Gospels. Familiar with Greco-Roman Mystery Religions which were very popular throughout the Roman Empire, Church Fathers wrote their Scripts for turning Jewish Jesus into another dying/resurrection God-Man similar to Mithra and other god men. Religious belief in the "salvational" qualities of these god men followed the Mystery Religion practice of using such sun-gods and grain god avatars as magical beings for whom those believing in them and their travails of agony and death and resurrection. Why introduce complex foreign Jewish beliefs to Gentile Roman Empire audiences when they were already familiar with the Mystery Religion belief system? So Jesus was made into a Gentile dying/resurrection god-man and thus the accusation against society of allowing the Strong to slaughter the Meek was essentially lost in Pauline Christianity. This is being corrected with the resurrection of the lost Celestial Tauret theology that restores the original purpose of Divine Intervention of the Humanitarian Archetype, Yeishu ben Pantera a.k.a. Jesus Christ.

When will we stop killing the Good Man? This is the Question Jesus' Crucifixion story really asks us*. It doesn't ask us to save ourselves and let the Strong kill the Meek and get away with it forever. No honorable person respects those who would let an innocent person take the punishment for guilty culprits which they would otherwise rightly deserve but the whole of Pauline Christianity teaches "Christians" to become dishonorable by using Jesus Christ as a scapegoat for their sins so they won't have to pay for them. This is not spiritual consciousness at all but moral cowardice being taught all Pauline Christians so that they never question WHY Jesus was crucified, WHY the Strong need terrorism to rule, WHY good men and women fail in so many societies ruled by the Authoritarians, the Archons, and not the Humanitarians. Christianity, true Christianity, is all about honoring the Humanitarian Archetype, the Christ Messiah, as God's real model for establishing goodness as a universal human behavioral pattern.


* Also see the Biomystical meaning of Jesus' Crucifixion to get a fuller picture of why God would establish the world's most psychologically powerful icon of self-sacrifice.