California Kush Inc.


Always too far ahead of my times, I incorporated California Kush in January of 1979 which became California Kush Inc., America's oldest cannabis corporation. In 1978 my partner and I went through the first of the multi-drug agencies task force raid on our homestead community of about 18 families and individuals. We had our 100% pure documented cannabis indica 9th generation Afghani seed Kush crop confiscated by the cops. A few weeks later a old pot case came to court where the defendant, also growing 100% cannabis indica, used what was then called the "Species Defense" argument that cannabis indica is not specifically outlawed by California marijuana prohibition law while cannabis sativa is outlawed. The defendant won the case and for about two months in 1979 cannabis indica was legal in Humboldt County.

I incorporated California Kush Inc. early in January, ready for legalization of marijuana in California to spread. My partner (who later became my wife) and I were preparing to sue the State of California and the Feds to get compensation for our crop taken illegally according to Humboldt County court decision. We had three lawyers behind us at one point but our main lawyer told us to hold off while still another Species Defense case came up before the 9th Circuit Court in 1980. That Court ruled it was the "intention of the California law to cover all species of marijuana and this set the precedent for continued prosecution of marijuana growers and forced us to put our Cal-Kush corporation on the shelf for decades. Now that's all changing with recent decriminalization laws that have been passed with more coming.

I've been in the process of organized a potential California Kush Inc company with experienced and knowledgeable friends and we're currently preparing a crowd-funder pitch to cannabis investors and waiting for funds to move ahead.

Uh oh, early months of 2018 and trouble for cannabis corporations in California. Non-profits are acceptable under current California cannabis laws but not-for-profit corporations. This is bound to change, if for no other reason than greed and someone's going to bring up Constitutional rights for doing business. So we wait for now..






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