My Biomystic Journey


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I kept notes. I grouped them into the categories and topics posted below.

They became the visions, revelations and treatises of my Biomystic Journey.


My spiritual journey is a long and convoluted one spanning 44 years now as of this online publication in 2023. A lot needs to be explained right at the beginning of this online book in order to make sense of it and my spiritual work. For starters, the format here is not the way books are usually presented due to constraints of the web page software I use, Microsoft FrontPage, which is now an obsolete dinosaur system but one I've been using since 1995. Instead of book chapters you will have to use the chapter list below to go to chapters in the Biomystic Journey. The list below is in chronological order matching my spiritual experiences and acquisition of knowledge of what they meant.


Biomystic Journey



bullet Ariel Enters my life
bullet Climax Social Evolution Theory
bullet The Ariel Lome painting
bullet The Rainbow Bible Story
bullet The Homo Climaxus Revelation
bullet My Original Religious Conversion Experience
bullet Further Biomystical Notes
bullet Becoming Arielmessenger
bullet Finding the Gnostics
bullet Finding EL Elyon
bullet The Gospel of the Mateel
bullet EL Camino Real Revelations
bullet The Story of Paxcalibur
bullet The Canaan Peace Plan
bullet Paxcalibur Peace Challenge
bullet The Vision of Christ Josephine
bullet The Ariel Salome painting
bullet Stephen's Journal
bullet Father Jesus
bullet Climax Christianity
bullet The Gospel of Humanity
bullet The Christ Aquarius Revelation
bullet Aquariana Christianity
bullet Back to the Garden
bullet Golden Rule Christianity