Near the headwaters of the Jordan River in 2003, a wet year

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The environment produces species forms adapted to it

August 11th, 2022


The Universal Garden of Eden environment produces "Adam & Eve" the Human type with Big Brains and Hands with opposable thumbs and ability to Walk Upright and Sit Still (no tails allowed) and Make Tools and with Survival, Hunting and War experience under many environmental conditions, such experience necessary to have the Courage to find Brave New Worlds to continue human evolution into finally becoming, evolving into God Themselves. 

The Universal Garden of Eden produces Human Type species at the Top of Food Chain but only really thrive in Garden of Eden environments. This explains why Rich people with the means to do so attempt to recreate Garden of Edens on their Home estates.

Goal of Homeworld-based Biomystical Christianity, is to recreate Garden of Eden environmental conditions wherever possible and sustainable.

Word of God Holy Books carry the Garden of Eden Archetype but so do polytheistic pagan myths.

The Garden of Eden Archetype is Key to human Longevity. Human beings will live longer in Garden of Eden environments.

So then, we have got to get


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