Astrology = Ancient Holographic Cosmology



Astrology has been given a bad reputation by all three Abrahamic religions that condemned its use upon point of death actually. This anti-astrological stance originated with Judah priests who knew very well they themselves had ripped off a major astrological concept from ancient Egyptian religion - - Judah's plagiarizing of the Egyptian celestial Taurowet concept of the Order, Way, and Harmony of Creation, in order to create the Jewish Torah. To hide their religious theft Judah priests forbade Jews to learn astrology, especially so if they used astrology for fortune-telling, a query of human beings that has never abated. The Greeks, Judah's arch-rivals for ancient world intellectual and literary supremacy on the other hand allowed astrology and formulated most of the basic astrological information used in the Chaldean astrology system, the Chaldeans being the people from which Abraham supposedly came from. The Egyptian astrological system was different as it used the major constellations found in the ancient Egyptian astrological system dominated by one astrological "Sign" in particular - - Taurowet, the largest constellation in the Egyptian night sky.

Around the world astrological systems became the basis for humanity's first major advancement of organized knowledge, knowledge of the "wandering stars", the seven heavenly bodies whose paths through the night sky were traced against a more stable background of stars. Studying these movements of the "Seven Planetary Rulers" gave the ancient scholars knowledge of the future unavailable to the common man or woman. They used this astrological knowledge to become religious leaders of their peoples, learned priests, the most well known in the ancient world being the Magi. With the advent of Christ and Jewish Christianity coming into its own out from underneath the political power of Judah and Judaism, astrology was reintroduced to believers in God Most High although again Roman (Pauline) Christian priests, jealous of their knowledge base, forbade astrological interpretation of holy Scriptures. From the Church and Synagogue astrology was outlawed and this position was adopted by the early intellectual communities, all started by the Church or rabbinical authority. Scholars learned to scorn astrology as superstitious twaddle. Priesthood scholars said it was an affront to God. But still, everyone knew their Sign and many a national leader consulted the stars for important decisions of office or war strategy. Today, unknown to most people, astrology secretly spreads itself as the world's leading religion with millions upon millions of secret adherents reading their hor(us)-oscopes daily in most every major city on earth.

Why has astrology never really been defeated as an intellectual organizing system linking personalities and events to these stellar objects in motion? Some scientists will say it's all hokum and bunk but then others will disprove their studies and here you are reading the writings of an archetypal Aquarius acting out in real life most all the special interests Aquarians are noted for. So what do you think? I think that astrology is humanity's first intellectual organizing of what I'm calling "Holographic Cosmology", a science of studying the linkage between the initial and unique formulation of each individual and his or her relationship to all space and time. I think we will be finding more evidence with human beings traveling in space to other worlds that our unique "holographic cosmological" signature will be a great handicap in adapting to other world environments - - how our being is not a blank slate but carries all through life a structure designed for a particular place in time and space with no easy transitions possible. It may very well be the reason we find no Others in space. They have found out "what's the point" of space travel, colonizing other worlds when we can't really ever adapt to them with our bodies geared down to the atomic level on specific time and space locations. Astrology was humanity's way of learning about these celestial parameters than may restrict and condition human life and habitats in the Holographic Cosmology configurations found in primitive form in Astrology.

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