The Aquariana Divide

A spiritual watershed event


The Aquariana Divide marks the Ending of Piscean Christianity and the Beginning of a new universal Aquarian Christian theology guiding humanity in the Age of Aquarius


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"Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left."

--Matthew 24:40


Two Witnesses = two Pisces Fishes = two different forms of Christianity.

But only one receives the Living Waters of Aquarius.


A Brand New Christianity


Piscean Christianity was a fairly successful plan to rewrite history to prove a god walked the earth. But it could never last as a deliberate fabrication even if it wasn't exactly a lie but more of a magical invocation by writers inspired by the Spirit of Christ to bring God down to earth. There will be a natural division occurring now within the worldwide Christian community. The Age of Piscean Christianity is over and the spiritual authority of Piscean Christian beliefs has been destroyed by both historical discovery and critical thinking. The Piscean Christian theology dominated by Paul's gospel of using Jesus Christ as a magic wand for escaping hellfire cannot withstand critical analysis. The whole idea of vicarious identification with a god-man's crucifixion death, unrecorded anywhere else but in later stories about the supposed event written by men no one knows to this day who they were, cannot be held unless one is willing to sacrifice critical thinking and accept blind faith in the words of ancient dead men. Blind faith can only lead people into the ditch of ignorance. Without spiritual guidance, guidance from ancient men cannot help one find God in our times because God has moved beyond the stories about God in Scriptures that have become in essence paper and ink idols with believers in their contained words becoming word idolaters.


Knowing the Truth


Aquariana Christianity is based on "knowing the truth" which sets one free, free of sin stemming from ignorance. Therefore the Gnostic path of "knowing" God through direct spiritual experience without reliance on any one else's words about their experiences is the spiritually correct way to reaching communion with God and the Spirit of Christ. Such authentic spiritual consciousness must supersede intercession by human beings, priesthoods or their books. Most Christian believers, in fact, most believers in God around the world gain their beliefs by simply accepting the traditions of their fathers without question. This was good enough in the Age of Pisces but not in our Age where truth is established by science and not by blind faith. Piscean Christianity, because it can only really be held through blind faith cannot answer today's questions about God and spiritual reality. It can only point backwards at the past words of unknown ancient men and their ideas and beliefs. This is of no real help to anyone who cares about what they are believing in. And as more and more intellectual Christians research the roots of their religious beliefs they find no help in the past religious record, nothing there to sustain intelligent belief in God or the Spirit of Christ, again, just words of ancient men without much knowledge at all of the world.

But now there's been something New added to our present day secular quandary. Unsolicited and totally unexpected new spiritual visions and revelations have come now to help believers in God in our New Age. A new prophesy bearer, an Aquarian Jewish Christian one bears spiritual Good News that continues the real spiritual lineage of God which has been thoroughly buried in Scriptures. It has been lost under layers and layers of fabricated Jewish histories and religiously structured national identification, i.e., the founding of the Jewish nation became the most important item of religious life for Jews instead of dedication to God's Plan for humanity. And thus God Itself was actually lost in the foundational process that allowed Jewish nationalism to trump spiritual consciousness. You had to believe one way or you couldn't be a member of the Jewish community. Christian Church men took this loyalty oath business into Christianity making it copy Judaism adding a new set of priests as earthly intercessors between God and human being. And this exploitation of believers by the Church priesthoods has been the basic history of Piscean Age Christianity, bound and controlled by Church men and their Books.


The Gnostic Path


For Christians in the Age of Aquarius where belief in God and the Spirit of Christ is based on personal gnosis, personal knowledge of God is derived from personal experience of God, not by swearing allegiance to the words of ancient dead men. Of course since God parcels out talents to human beings unevenly there exists those who are more spiritually receptive who historically reveal what God wants of humanity at different times in our past. It's been some 2000 years since a Jewish prophet produced a new universally accepted Gospel. That has now changed as this book and this writer has produced several new to the world revelations and visions and, yes, even a brand new Gospel. My spiritual activist work directs believers in God to see how God has followed through with spiritual guidance for over 3000 years of prophets on point duty, Jewish prophesy bearers like me pointing to where God can be found alive and well and active, all of us pointing to a straight line, a "straight highway in the wilderness" of spiritual direction guiding human beings into becoming truly humane beings, the goal of God's Plan.


Christ Aquarius puts out the Aquariana Call


Those with ears to hear will respond to the Good News of the Christ Aquarian Revelation. The Age of Aquarius hippie mythos will be reviewed and honored as it should be as precursor to Celestial (Aquarian) Christianity. Christ consciousness will purify hippie consciousness and gnosis and compassion will guarantee knowledge and not blind faith will lead the faithful to God. Peace, Love, and Harmony, the best of hippie values were always Aquarian Age values. Remember, you can't be "Born Again" in the Age of Aquarius without a change of heart. Repentance of inhumane ways in ourselves is essential if we want to see the Kingdom of God, the Realm of the Holy One, brought down to earth.



What to take from the past religious traditions into the Age of Aquarius

and what to leave behind


Leave Moses, Buddha, Paul, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, and all the leaders of organized religions behind. Take only the nuggets of spiritual Truth from the Golden Thread found embedded in each theology.